Friday, August 16, 2013

My Favorite Youtubers!

Hey, y'all! I figured that since I've been doing this blogging thing for a while, and quite a few people have read my blog, it might be cool to let you know a bit more about me and stuff that I like. This is the second post in what I believe will probably be a Saturday series.

Edit (Feb. 2014): I now have an updated list! If you're interested, you'll want to go ahead and read this (I don't go into detail about returning favorites in the update) and then I'll link the update post at the bottom!

I, like many other people my age, spend quite a bit of time on Youtube. Ok, I probably spend more time than most people, but I just don't want to focus on a full movie or TV show. Plus, there are quite a few people on Youtube who I just LOVE to watch!

There are 23 people on this list. Yes, I know that's a weird number, but it's actually like that mostly because I didn't shoot for any specific number! I just scrolled down my subscriptions, and every one that popped up that I watch all the time, I wrote down. Once I got into my top 10, I couldn't really figure out which I liked best, because they're often in videos together!

First off, let's get this one out of the way:
Tom Fletcher

I count him as a Youtuber, but most people wouldn't, so I excluded him from the countdown. He's one of the lead singers of my favorite band (as well as my favorite member of the band) and he's my biggest celeb crush.... of pretty much all-time. And he makes lots of great and funny videos, including covering songs, singing McFly songs, and OF COURSE, the wedding speech, which had me sobbing solely because I'm not Giovanna. So... I say he counts, but he's not on the list because he's a legit musician.

My Top 23 Youtubers!

#23: MattG124

I just recently discovered Matt, and that's mostly why he's all the way down here. I haven't watched a ton of his videos, but the more I see, the more I love him. Plus I find him super attractive. Although I'm not sure the green was a good choice. Maybe red... or blue... green just looks like snot. Also, he knows Jack Barakat from All Time Low and makes videos with him. Which is kinda amazing. 

#22: ThatcherJoe

In case you didn't know, he's a British youtuber, and is sister is Zoey/ Zoella on Youtube. While I find Joe really funny, I actually don't always watch his videos. I always watch if he's doing a collab with another youtuber, but it's hit or miss with him.

#21: Caspar Lee

I like Caspar. He's from South Africa, but currently lives in England. He's just too much sometimes. I know a lot of the stupid, annoying, and rude stuff he does and says is usually just him playing a character, and he isn't really a moody little jerk, but sometimes the funny annoying turns into actual annoying and I'm like, OK Caspar. Chill pill time.

#20: Jenna Marbles

OK, we all know Jenna Marbles. You're probably surprised that I like her, but don't like her that much. I think she's funny, but once again, her videos are hit or miss for me. Just sometimes, they don't interest me! I actually usually like her older stuff better than newer. Although I did like What are this? 

#19: Pleated-Jeans

He isn't extremely well known, but I never miss a video! He's so funny! Even though he only uploads once a week and it's a 2 minute video, I really think that once more people discover him, he'll become big. But if you want to go check him out, make sure you go to Pleated-Jeans, NOT PleatedJeans. He had to move to a new channel for a lot of different reasons, and PleatedJeans is the old/original one.

#18: Quirkology

Richard Wiseman (in the picture above) is a psychologist who specializes in the more quirky, odd aspects of human thinking. He's the author of several books, including Quirkology, which is what his youtube channel is named after (or vice-versa. I'm not sure which came first). The channel is devoted to different videos about illusions and tricking the mind. It's like those videos where you'll be told to watch and see how many times a team passes a ball, but you'll miss the gorilla walking around in the background. He also lets you see the behind the scenes of how his "tricks" work. They're all really clever! The only thing I don't like is that he doesn't really upload much. I've watched all of his videos and haven't seen a new one fro a while. I actually have the book Quirkology and I've read a bit of it, and it's also pretty interesting!

#17: JacksGap

Although Jack and Finn are probably the most popular of the British youtubers on my list, they just aren't my favorite! There are many videos by them that I really love, but sometimes they just aren't as interesting. I have a feeling that girls only watch them because they're attractive. And while, yes, they're very attractive (Finn more so than Jack!) they aren't as funny as some other youtubers that I like. I really like Ask Jack 2, their challenges, and their collabs!

#16: Michael Buckley

I've watched Michael Buckley since before my freshman year of high school (5 years ago, just BTW). Back then, I watched What The Buck all the time. Now, however, I usually just watch him on the MyIsh channel doing the weekly IshList, where he has a 7 item long list like "7 most popular Draw my life videos" or "Top 7 summer songs of 2013" and he's just so funny and over the top. I love him.

#15: Connor Franta

Connor is a fairly well known youtuber, but not quite as well known as some of his more popular friends (Like Joey Graceffa). I really like his videos, though. He's really funny and I love how goofy and silly he is in all of his videos. He's also extremely random, and I especially love when he collabs with other youtubers. 

#14: Tyler Oakley

He's just too funny and such a fangirl. I love watching all his collabs with British youtubers. Plus just his normal videos. I also love seeing him fill in for Michael Buckley on the IshList!

#13: AmazingPhil

If you didn't know, Phil is another British youtuber. He's just so precious, and just seems so innocent and adorable. I really love him and his videos, especially when he's with Danisnotonfire. But even when it's just Phil, I love watching him and seeing how awkward he is and hearing all of his embarrassing and awkward childhood stories.

#12: Sawyer Hartman

Sawyer is one of my more recent discoveries, but I have fallen in love with him... and his adorable puppy Hitch!!! I mostly love watching his challenges/collabs, but he's a really talented film-maker! I also think it's really funny that even though he's such a prettyboy and has a girly dog, he thinks he's totally gangster. It's adorable.

#11: Sam Pepper

Sam is such a unique and shameless guy! He's insanely funny and his pranks are just so clever and hilarious! I also really love that he seems like this totally edgy dude and in reality, he's a total straight-edge who doesn't even drink at all. He makes really cool videos (Like the things we do... videos) and he's just absolutely precious!

#10: Smosh/ IanH/ Their other channels

I'm pretty sure that Smosh was the first channel I was subscribed to back in 2007 when I made my youtube account. And although I still really like their videos, the only main channel videos I really watch anymore are the old-school ones and Food Battle. I actually REEEEALLY like lunchtime with Smosh... I just haven't watched in a while. Last summer, I went CRAZY with Lunchtime with Smosh. I watched like 200 episodes and stayed up all night. It was bad. But I love them. They crack me up!

Before I go any further:

2-9 were literally the hardest thing to rank on this list. I almost just said "OK, I don't know how these youtubers rank because I love all 8 of them so much that I just couldn't decide, so here they are in alphabetical order." But I decided that was a cop-out. So I did rank them (SOMEHOW) but just keep in mind that these are the youtubers whose videos I never miss. I love them all almost equally.

#9: Nick Foti (SoundlyAwake, StillSoundlyAwake)

(Nick is in the striped shirt, btw) He and Ken (the one waving) do daily vlogs on StillSoundlyAwake, while Nick does comedy videos on SoundlyAwake. I like the SoundlyAwake videos, and watch almost all of them, but I watch the daily vlogs (or as they call them, the "DITLO"- Day In The Life Of) almost every day. Nick has a unique sense of humor, and I love it. I can't really even figure out how to explain it...Sometimes he says things in an odd way like one I just found: "The link is in the description, so you can click it with you finger... skins." and sometimes he'll be like "what words was I trying to say with my voice box?" and "You can check out the link below in the description box... in the below region of this video..." It's funnier when he actually says it, but seriously, he's just so hilarious.

#8: Shane Dawson

Fun fact, when I first subscribed to Shane Dawson's main channel back in 2008, he was just 20 and had about 15,000 subscribers. I think he had maybe... oh goodness... I wanna say 15 videos, but that doesn't sound like enough. I don't know. But, I've been there since practically the beginning, and I just love him. I don't watch main channel videos much anymore, because I love his daily videos way too much. But I have to have at least a little ShaneyShane in my day every day!

#7: The Fine Bros

Their react videos are just so great. I don't always love Kids React, but I absolutely love the other 3. Their spoilers are just awesome and they seem like genuinely great guys and they love what they do. Also, this gif is just precious. I don't know why, but it is. Also, I love the little pattycake game they play at the end of all their spoiler videos! I love that two brothers are so close... Also am I the only one that thinks they look nothing alike? It's not just me, right?

#6: JacksFilms

Jack has a series called Your Grammar Sucks, where he reads youtube/facebook/etc. comments with terrible grammar. When I discovered it, it was like a little hole in my heart was filled. I watched all (at the time) 30something in a single night.  My biggest pet peeve is bad grammar, so finding this was like discovering the meaning of life. And on top of all that, he also minored in music theory in college, which is one of my favorite subjects. So basically, Jack Douglass is my spirit animal. 

#5: Marcus Butler

Marcus is just hilarious. First of all, look at this, and then look up at the Tom Fletcher gif. They basically look like brothers. It's kinda weird. Anyway, I especially love the video that this gif is from, because all of his "bad habits" in the video are things that are my terrible habits as well! His girl voice is also really funny, and I of course love his collabs... and just literally every video he makes. I don't think I've found one where I'm like "hmmm, I'm not sure that one looks as interesting." Any time I see him pop up under subscriptions, I just click. Plus, even though it's a single word, he has, hands down, one of the best youtube intros... ever. Heeee-eeeelooooooo!

#4: Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)

Speaking of great intros, I also love Alfie's! And he just happens to be Marcus Butler's best friend! Marcus and Alfie (or Malfie, as fans love to call them) have the best collab videos! I love watching them together, but I also love Alfie just a touch more than Marcus. I think it's really cool to see someone who's my age doing this and having such success, and he just cracks me up! And the topics for his videos are always really cool and interesting as well. 

#3: Joey Graceffa

Joey got 2 gifs because it's not possible to contain his adorableness in just one. From his silliness to his old man voice to his "Oh my goodness gracionious!" he's just precious. Plus, the Joey and Shane videos are just the best. Seriously, I don't even know how to put into words why I love him... If you've seen his videos, you get it. He's just one of those people who's a total sweetheart and probably gives great hugs. Just... LOVE.

#2: Rhett And Link

First off, I love how perfectly this captures their personalities. Link is just all excited and Rhett is like "what is he doing?" but you can tell he's giggling inside. If you don't know who these two are, they're so, so awesome. They did a show called Good Mythical Morning, and I've seen SO many of those 12-13 minute long episodes, plus their new show, The Mythical Show. I can literally just turn them on and be entertained. And in case you were wondering, yes, Rhett is my favorite.

And now, for #1...

#1: Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire)

Dan is just the coolest. Plus, best intro. Hello, internet! He's absolutely hilarious. Literally, the best sense of humor. Irony, sarcasm, annoyance at the same things that annoy me... for example:

But at the same time, he's literally one of the most lovably awkward and clumsy people ever...

And seriously, how could you deny this?

And I won't even get into Dan and Phil's friendship, because that'll take even more gifs... 

Ok, Ok, no more. The fangirling is about to get hardcore, and no one wants to see that. Basically, besides being totally precious, Dan is just hilarious and awkward and his videos always make my day much better. Plus, when I watched his Draw My Life video, I realized that we had a lot of similarities as teenagers... pretending to like Hollister to get people to like us, had dogs who died at like the same time, had an existential crisis, etc. All the important things of life. I seriously can't explain my feels. Plus, his birthday is the day after mine. It's fate.

So, there you go, all of my favorite youtubers! I think I did a great job of maintaining my sanity up until that last one! Hope you enjoyed this! If you did, let me know in the comments, and subscribe to get updates when I post!

Click HERE to see my updated Favorite Youtubers list!


  1. Good choosing! DAAN IS THE FUCKING BEESTT! Yaaayy! <3

  2. I wish jeff from pleated-jeans could appear on thefinebros for a future youtubers react video. In addition it would be awesome if they did youtubers react to misheard lyrics: 2013 edition for finebros

    1. Yeah, it would be really cool to see him on a react episode!


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