Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whodunnit? FINALE

Sorry this is a bit late. I didn't get to watch it Sunday night and since then, everything has been really crazy with move-in and such.

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We get a little review of the season before the episode begins, as well as a recap of what happened at the end of last episode. They're in the limo, and suddenly turn around and head back to Rue Manor. Giles comes on the TV screen all tied up. He's hidden somewhere in the manor. Fog covers up everything and Melina disappears.

The tv then shows a creepy "dear mortals" message. It says welcome to last day,  and that the killer has vanished and two of them will die. It also says that when Sheri died, they got a three digit code. They have to remember or figure out that code. They go to the parlor, where the code was etched into the window sill, but it's no longer there. However, the killer set up different things with numbers (like the pool table has the 6,1, and 3 balls out, and the chess pieces are arranged to be 6,1, and 3. Kam figures it out first, and runs to where he saw some secret room, and Cris and Lindsey follow. They use the code to get into a secret room, and inside find all of the killer’s things. Kam called it an orgy of evidence, which I found kinda funny. They also find Melina on the floor with the Geno beads around her neck.

Kam starts questioning the two of them because he knows one is the killer. They start accusing each other and then we get little montages of each of their most shady moments. In Melina’s hand is a puzzle piece. The rhyme on it said to hang onto it.

They go back into the living room and find that their final challenge has been set up. There are 3 question mark shaped puzzles with video screens in front of them. The extra piece is Kam's advantage for winning last time. Giles pops up on the screen and talks to them. The killer voice comes on and says they had to dispose of Giles. They have to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, and then they'll be told to go to a room which is basically going to serve as the finish line for the winner. Then, suddenly all of the dead people start coming down the stairs. Each of the dead people have puzzle pieces. They have to solve riddles at each station to get the pieces. They’re told where to go from the screen. The puzzles all have to do with how that person died. If they get it right, they get the correct piece. They get it wrong, they get the wrong piece. They don't know whether they got the right or wrong piece until they put all of their pieces in and then light up their puzzle. Any correct pieces turn white, incorrect stay black. Each riddle has to do with that person's death. For the final piece, they have to go up to the attic. Kam is the first to make it to this point.

In the attic, Kam finds Giles untied. He explains that the killer made him tie himself up. Giles says to go downstairs to the bar and get his contract. The contestants have to read the contract, bring him the last page, and tell Giles, based on the contract, whether or not Giles is the killer/ responsible for the murders. After a montage of everyone running around, Kam is the first to light his puzzle. He has only two incorrect pieces, so he runs back to the stations he got incorrect. Cris also ends up having 2 incorrect. Lindsey ends up with only one incorrect, but is very far behind the other two. Kam is the first to finish, and is told to go to a secret room upstairs. Cris finishes next and is told to go to the same room. Lindsey finishes last and is given a riddle which leads her to the room where they found Melina dead. When Kam gets to the room upstairs, he finds that it has tons of evidence. To me, it looks like the rooms you see in crime shows when a person gets overly obsessed with a case and keeps all the evidence they can find. 

When Cris gets to the room, he talks to Cris about what's going on. He's confused, because from what he understood, this was the finish line. Then a TV comes on and they see Lindsey opening the door to the room downstairs. She walks in and then a wall swings around and she almost immediately gets shot in the throat with an arrow by a knight statue. Kam is shocked, and looks at Cris and accuses Cris of being the killer, to which she admits. She then tells him that he's the winner. Giles enters and gives Kam a pair of golden handcuffs to handcuff Cris. Then Giles hands Kam the money and takes him out to a limo and asks him where he wants to go. His response? HOME.

I must say, I wasn't completely surprised that Cris was the killer, but she certainly wasn't my first suspect. I was convinced it was either Lindsey or Melina. I was sure Kam wasn't the killer, and was hoping he would win, so I'm really glad he did win!

So, there we are, mortals! We've reached the end of the season, and have discovered Whodunnit! Do you think we'll get another season of Whodunnit? Do you WANT another season of Whodunnit? I know I do! Hope you enjoyed reading my Whodunnit reviews, because I know I'll really miss watching the show and being able to review it. Hopefully, I'll see you for another season, mortals!

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