Monday, August 12, 2013

Whodunnit? Episode 8: Frost Nixin

I don't even know what to think of this episode.

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Honestly, I'm just ready to see the finale and figure out what on Earth is going on here. But let's jump into this confusing episode.

Once again we get a bit of a recap of all of their spa treatments, and I had to laugh at how annoyed one of the maids looked. Maybe the maid did it? Once again, we see Ronnie get blasted into the air and into the pool. There's a lot of what seems to be steam coming off of the pool.

Back inside, Giles reminds them that 2 more are scheduled to die, and one is the killer. He also says that this time, there are 4 areas to search: the crime scene (the hot tub/pool), last known whereabouts (the library), the morgue, and a mystery area. Only ONE person can enter the mystery area. This person also gets 3 minutes to look at one of the other areas as well. Giles says that they have to stab each other for it. Er... stab ice for it. They each have to stab a huge block of ice to get to a box in the middle of it. It seems like Melina is going to get it, when Kam splits his apart and pulls out the box, which I believe has the key to the secret area inside.

Kam chooses to go to the crime scene. Out of the 3 left, each has to choose a different location. Melina and Lindsey both want to go to the last known whereabouts and won't budge, causing a huge argument. Finally, because no one will choose, each girl is given an envelope. Lindsey receives the last known whereabouts, Melina get the morgue, and Cris gets the crime scene.

At the crime scene, Cris finds ice in the pool and the hot tub. Beside the hot tub is what appears to be frozen hot coffee. She thinks that there must have been a huge blast of cold, but can't really piece anything else together.

At the last known whereabouts, Lindsey finds some letters on the library desk. It seems lie Ronnie wrote a note to Giles about who the killer is but the names have been marked out. She also finds a tray with a tea pot, cream, and a bowl of a grainy white powder.

At the morgue, Melina finds Ronnie is very frozen. There is ice all over him, plus what appears to be burn marks. She finds a foamy powder in his mouth, as well as some blue discoloration. She thinks he must have been drinking something. She finds a thermometer and takes his temperature. She assumes he will be very cold, but he's actually 105 degrees! She thinks that whatever he drank made him pass out.

Kam's mystery area is in the attic, where the surveillance TV is still set up. This time it shows Ronnie in the library, and then in the hot tub. It appears that he falls asleep before being blown in the air. Kam then goes to the crime scene and finds.... nothing. He just complains about wishing he had chosen the morgue.

At this point, I'm kinda thinking that it's something with dry ice and salt. Because Melina found what appears to be burn marks, and if you've seen the salt and ice challenge on Youtube, you know that the combination of those, though very cold, will actually burn you.

After the investigation, the cool kids chat about needing the morgue information. We get a really interesting sequence where Melina seems to use her information she got at the morgue to piece together the other locations. She knows Ronnie likes to write notes, so she thinks that's what he was doing in the last known whereabouts. She thinks Cris must have found some sort of drink, because Ronnie appeared to have drank something. I'd also like to note that since she's my prime suspect, I think it's really odd that she just happens to be able to figure things out for herself now that she's on her own. Before, she depended on everyone, and now suddenly she's practically a genius? To me, it seems like the producers, knowing she's the killer, needed some way to make it seem like she had figured things out and could stay in the game, so they turned her into a genius. She then goes downstairs and basically tells everyone what was at their locations, and she's right. I also find it interesting that Kam was suspicious of her, but that the confrontation turned his suspicions away. I also thought it was interesting that Melina said this: "One of you might be the killer and two of you are fighting for your lives." Hmm.. One of you MIGHT be the killer? And two ARE fighting for your lives? If Melina isn't the killer, wouldn't she have said "One of you IS the killer, and two ARE fighting for your lives?" I just think it's odd that she said one might be the killer.Could just be bad wording.

Riddle time. Giles wants to do an experiment. The maids are holding containers of what appears to be liquid nitrogen. I'm sure most people probably wouldn't immediately draw that conclusion, but I've seen a lot of Top Chef in my time, as it's one of my favorite shows. If you've seen that show, you've probably heard of my favorite chef-testant, Richard Blais. He does crazy cool (no pun intended) dishes with liquid nitrogen and he uses a TON of that. So I have a pretty good grasp of what that looks like. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that before. Anyway, I digress. A LOT. Sorry.

Anyway, the maid poured the container into the podium, and it explodes, sending ping pong balls flying everywhere. The riddle said to follow the balls with clues and go where you're told on the chosen few. Melina is the first to discover that some say kitchen on them. She runs to the kitchen, where there are huge barrels of beans. The others soon follow. They have to dig in the barrels and pull out a container. Inside, Melina finds a word search. The directions are that you can't go somewhere until it's circled. Melina decides to circle multiple things and then go looking. Kam is the last to find the word search, and goes to the pool table, as the clue said something about angles. Melina finishes all the words and starts looking. Kam finally finds "pool equipment" at an awkward angle in the puzzle. He runs over there and finds liquid nitrogen hooked to the water tank for the hot tub. The bell goes ding and the riddle is over.

Kam now thinks that Lindsey is the killer. He also has a theory that Ronnie was poisoned with ryson, which is apparently a poison made from the same beans they dug through in the kitchen. As the three of them are discussing their theories, Melina eavesdrops from inside and gets a few snippets of information.

When they go and state their cases, the all seem to be pretty logical, although a couple seem to miss details. Lindsey accuses Cris. Kam accuses Lindsey. Melina accuses Cris. Cris accuses Lindsey.

At dinner, they find glass tombstones with their faces on them. Creepy and unnecessary, if you ask me!

Kam is declared as spared! Giles then explains the murder. In the library, Ronnie wrote a letter to Giles. claiming to know who killer is, but the killer was watching. Killer sent the maid to the library with a tray of tea. Knowing that Ronnie prefers powdered cream, the killer replaced actual cream with the poison ryson. The killer also left a book of toxins peeking out of shelf, which apparently, Lindsey missed. When Ronnie went into tub, the killer went to the desk and marked his/her name out on Ronnie's letter. Ronnie got into the hot tub and turned on the jets, triggering the liquid nitrogen timer. The ryson raised his temperature to 105, which is what killed him. The nitrogen then blew him out of hot tub.

Melina is the first to open her card and is scared. Lindsey follows and is also scared. Cris opens hers and is spared!

The next morning, Kam and Cris go downstairs to play pool. Melina walks in, and seems to be convinced that not seeing Lindsey is a good thing. But then Lindsey comes down. If I'm not mistaken, that's the same dress she wore to dinner. Odd. And she's also acting really odd, which is what caused me to think she was about to die. BUT, not so! Giles enters and tells them to go to a limo waiting outside. In the limo, they get boxes with champagne flutes inside. They're in the limo, enjoying their champagne, when all of a sudden, the limo whips around, nearly runs off the cliff, and heads straight back to Rue Manor. Immediately, all four are worried about Giles. They run inside and find a huge TV screen in the living room. It turns on and they see Giles tied up with guns pointing at him and what appear to be wires all over the place. They are told that the final task is going to be to solve the mystery of Giles' disappearance. Then, the room starts to fill with fog, and Melina goes missing.

In the promo for next week, the cool kids don't seem to believe that Melina is dead, which I definitely agree with. I'm with Kam- unless I see the body, she isn't dead! I'm also seeing what seems to be another And Then There Were None reference. While I'll admit, I'm not still standing behind my theory from last week about Ronnie and faking his death (though it IS entirely possible!), this is just one more reference that is too hard to ignore. In And Then There Were None, when only 4 people remain alive, one of the characters goes missing. The other 3 believe he is sneaking around and plotting to kill him, when really, the real killer has faked his own death and has killed the missing character as well. Since I'm realizing they aren't going to do anything the same as And Then There Were None, this gave me an idea. What if the missing person actually IS the killer? I don't know, and I'm still confused by the ending, but don't count Melina out just yet!

I'm actually really curious as to how this next episode is going to unfold. Here are my ideas:
1- Melina is actually dead, and the reason she "disappeared" is because the final mystery to solve is the disappearance of Giles, NOT the death of the most recent victim.
2- Melina is actually the killer, and has disappeared to make it look like she's dead.

All throughout the season, they've said that in the end, there will be a winner, a loser, and a killer. In my mind, I think we still have 4 people left, so someone has got to go! Unless, of course, Melina is actually dead. In which case, we're down to the final 3 already. I'm just confused. Am I only holding onto this theory because I think Melina is the killer?

And finally, my LAST killer suspicions!

Cris: At this point, I'm strongly in the "Cris is not the killer" camp. I believe that she and Kam are going to be the final 2 legitimate contestants and I'm crossing my fingers that she comes in a close second.

Kam: Again, I believe Kam is not the killer. Even though he was a bit of a jerk at some times, I'm hoping that he ends up winning the whole thing.

Lindsey: If Lindsey, Kam, and Cris really are the final 3, then I firmly believe that Lindsey is the killer. I've been suspicious of her all throughout the show.

Melina: As previously stated, Melina isn't dead until I see the body. So as far as I'm concerned, she's still in the running, and she's the killer. But if she's really dead, and isn't the killer, I've really enjoyed seeing her as a contestant, and think she seems like a really sweet girl

Ronnie: I still haven't completely given up on my theory from last week, although I do think it's extremely far-fetched. However, during the preview where all the dead contestants come out, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember seeing Ronnie. Maybe he's not actually dead. Maybe he's the killer.

So, there you go, mortals! What did you think of my latest Whodunnit? blog? I'm toying with posting times. Is this earlier time better? How excited are you for the finale next week?! Hopefully, I will be able to get my post out quickly. Next weekend is going to be CRAZY. I'm moving back into the dorms at my college, so I'll be leaving Thursday and moving in Saturday, so hopefully, my TV will be set up by Sunday evening. Crossing fingers! If not, I'll just watch online. Just my luck that the finale is move-in weekend. Leave me lots of comments, especially if you're loving my Whodunnit? reviews. See you next week, mortals!


  1. I too believe Melina is the killer. I looked on YouTube and there was video that said there was a clue. This was during the first episode in the foyer when Sheri dropped the champagne glass. She mentioned the iron maiden.The picture on the wall looked like Melina and I still feel that Melina being a flight attendant would be the only female able to move Geno's large frame without getting hurt, but to really make you think I did a complete reference of everything to do with iron maiden..and a character from the marvel comic books came up named iron maiden she was the arch enemy of the black widow and the iron maiden just happened to be a mastered assassin and skilled in numerous things...and guess what the iron maiden first name was...Melina...look it up and see for yourself.

    1. I had heard that there was a clue during the champagne toast, and had thought about the iron maiden, but couldn't figure out what exactly the clue was about. I think I actually talked about it on my Whodunnit? Killer Update post here:

      I feel like that could definitely be the hint that the killer's twitter was talking about. I think what seals it for me is that Sherri is the one who pointed it out. Since she was instructed by the producers what to do (such as dropping the champagne glass) I feel like her pointing out the iron maiden could definitely be it. I guess we'll see for sure next week!

  2. I had the same thoughts about the weird Melina character change and thought that Cam's "Melina's incredibly suspicious detective turnaround convinces me that she can't possibly be the killer" speech was baffling. I can only imagine he was coached by producers into saying that. The editing of Melina seemed very clumsy and I'll be super disappointed when she is undoubtedly the killer. I still love the show and hope it comes back with some kinks ironed out though. I found your recap through google and kudos to you for writing the only recap/review on the show that seems to have actual opinions. It was really well written and thorough! Can't wait for the finale!

    1. I'm not so sure about the coaching, as contestants shouldn't know who the killer is until the end, or else they would have too much information. I definitely agree that something funky was going on with Melina and the editing.

      I too am extremely hopeful to see a second season (Giles included, of course!). I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog, and I'm actually really surprised no one else has blogged about it, but all I've seen are online journals. Also, I'm not sure if you've seen my other Whodunnit? recaps (link in the right sidebar to all of those, btw) but in a couple of them, I've mentioned a Whodunnit? podcast that I listen to, "Rob Has A Podcast." If you haven't checked him out, I'd suggest that you do, because his podcasts are really interesting. You can find them at

      Hope you check back next week! I can't wait for the finale!

  3. For the Killer Guesses on ABC's website (since removed), it said "We know that Melina is not the killer after she was killed off at the end of the episode." So I think Melina is toast.

    I enjoyed your comparisons to And Then There Were None. Great book!

    I still think Cris is the killer. With her pageant/actress/host background, ABC could trust her to keep a straight face as the killer. I think she was specifically cast for the role. Lindsay and Kam (as far as I can tell) have real jobs.

    Do you have any thoughts about the line in Ronnie's letter that said go back to the slingshot? From ABC's recap, "The number “1317” is inscribed on the key along with two crowns. This leads several guests to a Bible verse. Ronnie the bounty hunter realizes the key unlocks a trunk outside where a slingshot and crowbar are found."

    I don't remember what became of the Bible Verse but is a crown like a pageant crown? I'm sure there's a clue in there to be deciphered.

    Glad you like Rob Has a Podcast! Are you a Survivor fan as well?

    1. Hmmm... I'm not totally sure I trust the assertion that Melina is definitely dead. ABC could just be messing with our minds. Plus, they have yet to cross her picture out with an X like all eliminated contestants before her!

      And Then There Were None is one of my absolute favorites. I've read it at least 10 times!

      Yeah, I definitely would suspect her more than Kam, but I still think she's innocent.

      I had forgotten about that line... Did it just say go back to the slingshot? The crowns stood for the bible book 2nd Kings, and the 1317 was chapter 13, verse 17. If I were to relate this to a contestant, I think it would be Lindsey, since she's a preacher's daughter!

      I've actually never watched Survivor! I didn't discover Rob Has A Podcast until Whodunnit? came on TV.

  4. Melina's statement that "one of you might be the killer" jumped out at me as well. For an innocent guest, the ONLY logical statement would have been, "one of you IS the killer," as in, "I am not the killer, so one of you must be the killer." I think this slip reveals her identity.

    Melina also spoke of how much she knew about Ronnie's habits (he didn't read books, he wrote notes, they didn't have his favorite alcohol, etc.), as did the killer (who knew he'd take powdered creamer).

    Regarding the "Killer Guesses," the original statement had exactly the same wording as all the previous deaths. They have since revised the website (8/13) to remove the statement about Melina: "Lindsey and Cris have the most accusations this week. Who do you think is the killer?" I think this is actually far more incriminating for Melina, and they should have left it alone until they reveal her as the killer.

  5. Yeah, I definitely agree. That jumped out at me immediately when she said it.

    That's actually a great point that I didn't think of! Even more incriminating for Melina!

    I wish I would've seen that before it was removed! I feel like that's definitely an important hint. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if Melina turned out to be the killer. In fact, I'll be surprised if she isn't!

  6. Looks like I was right! I think ABC just jumped the gun on spoiling Melina's death. They probably made a last minute decision to keep her death a surprise until the beginning of the finale and forgot to make sure it wasn't spoiled on the Killer Guesses Blog.

    Cris took a lot of time to answer questions on her Twitter about the show which is really good if you want to check it out.

    Looking forward to your review of the Finale!

    1. Just now got my review finished up and posted, if you want to check it out! It seems like ABC was playing up everyone's suspicion of Melina as well.

      I'll definitely be checking out Cris's twitter. I'm glad you mentioned that!


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