Thursday, August 1, 2013

Construction on From Kristen's Brain...

Hey, y'all! Just wanted to quickly update you on some changes that will be going on later. These aren't going to effect your ability to read my blog in any way, BUT it should improve your experience on my blog. I decided that I need to fiddle around with colors and layouts, because, in my opinion, there's a bit too much black. Which makes sense, because I love me some black! But, I digress. Today, the blog is going to have a major overhaul, and hopefully it'll look totally different tomorrow when you read my Project Runway review.


OK, pseudo blogging schedule for the next few weeks.

MONDAYS: Whodunnit? review. I believe we have 3 episodes left, so it should get interesting!
THURSDAYS: This will *hopefully* be when I post my weekly Project Runway designers list. I'm working on the first one now, and it'll be done probably by Saturday, so I'll probably post the first one this Saturday, but every one after that will be on Thursdays.
FRIDAYS: Project Runway review. It'll be on time from now on :)

I also write a blog called "The CDs On My Shelf," which is basically a review of all the CDs I own. I've never set a schedule for this, but I do plan on setting one. Most likely, once I get back to school, I'll get a schedule for this one, since I'll have a better idea on when I will and won't be able to write blogs. If you want to check out The CDs On My Shelf, just click here. I have a pretty interesting and odd taste in music, so you never know what might pop up on there.

Once Whodunnit? finishes for the season (and possibly forever, if it has continued not getting many viewers), Mondays will probably be dedicated to random posts that I've been wanting to do. Currently, I'm working on a laundry list review of all the horror movies I've seen. It'll probably have to be broken up into a few posts.

Also, once Project Runway wraps for the season (a few months from now, I know!), would anyone like to see me review past seasons? I posted about this the other day and didn't get any feedback. I love comments, I promise! It gives me this warm fuzzy feeling when I know someone likes what I'm doing!!!

So, that's my little mini update for today. Check back tomorrow for my review of Project Runway Season 12's 3rd episode! Looks like it's going to be a fun, crazy, unconventional episode, full of more of Timothy's favorite UNICORNS! See y'all tomorrow!

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