Friday, January 22, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Booktubers

Hey, y'all! This is the seventh post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

So, originally, I was going to only have one list that was unranked, but I got into this list and was having a ton of trouble ranking them. So once again, I have a list of favorites, this time separated out into 3 different sections-- lower, middle, and top tiers. While I love a lot more booktubers, these are just the ones that I tend to watch the most regularly.

Lower Tier Baes

Max, also known as WellDoneBooks, is a pretty recent fave. We tend to reach for very different genres and types of books, but I really like his personality and discussions, as well as his non-book videos, such as a recent one about his favorite podcasts (some of which have now become my favorite podcasts).


I've been watching Christine regularly for about a year and a half. Sometimes, her personality is a bit too much, but she's always a lot of fun and has a good variety of videos. She tends to read mostly books that are really popular, which means that she tends to have reviews on books that I'm interested in reading. 

Riley Marie

Riley is another more recent favorite. I started watching her earlier this year, and she's become somewhat of a staple in my booktube viewing. We have somewhat similar tastes, but it's really her personality that keeps me watching.

Middle Tier Baes
Elisabeth Paige

I first discovered Elisabeth through Regan (from PeruseProject) when she had less than a thousand subscribers, and she's been a favorite ever since. I also subscribe to her second channel, which is mostly vlogs devoted to her writing. I just really like her personality and a lot of the books she reads.


I've been watching Raeleen for about two years at this point, but she's only recently risen to one of my favorites. It's really interesting to follow her reading challenge each year as she does it, and I feel like she reads a really interesting variety of books. Even though we don't always have the same taste in books, I do tend to really trust her reviews, and I have really enjoyed watching her videos lately. 


Jesse was one of the first booktubers that I watched, and I've watched him regularly ever since. I watch him mostly for his personality. While we do enjoy some of the same books, a lot of the genres/books that he actively seeks out aren't really my favorite things, and we often have differing opinions on the books that we do read. That being said, I still really enjoy his videos just because of how sweet and fun he is. His videos are always just really fun to watch.

Top Tier Baes
Lindsey Rey

I've actually only been watching Lindsey since the beginning of 2015, but she's become one of my absolute favorites very quickly. I'm constantly impressed by the sheer number of books that she's able to read, and I generally really trust her reviews. On top of that, the vast majority of videos that she makes are ones that really interest me. There are a lot of books that have been added to my TBR because of her.

Ermahgerd Berks

I'm so glad that these two have begun making videos again. I missed them so much in 2015. Jeff is possibly my most-trusted reviewer on booktube. While I definitely read a lot of books that aren't his thing, I know that if he reads a book and really enjoys it, I'm also going to really love it. Technically, it is Jamie's channel, and I do love her solo videos, but I just love the dynamic between the two of them.


Kat was my entryway to booktube (as, I think, she was for most people!) and she remains a favorite for me. She's always really in the know and up to date on upcoming releases and I really trust her reviews. She also just makes interesting content. Whenever one of her videos pops up in my sub box, I know it's one I'm going to really enjoy. She just has really cool and interesting ideas and I love her personality.


And finally, last but not least, Regan from PeruseProject! I've been watching her for about two years, so she's another of the long-term faves. Not all of the books that she reads are my thing, but she reads some really cool fantasy, much of which has been added to my TBR because of her. This goes without saying, given that she's in my top-tier, but she's another of my most trusted reviewers. If she reads a book that sounds interesting to me and she really enjoys it, it will almost certainly be added to my TBR.

So, those are my absolute favorite booktubers! I definitely watch more, but these are the ones that I tend to watch most regularly. Which booktubers are your favorites? Let me know down in the comments?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Top 9 Favorite Youtubers [Non-Booktube]

Hey, y'all! This is the sixth post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

So, originally, I was going to only have one list that was unranked, but I got into this list and was having a ton of trouble ranking them. So once again, I have a list of favorites, with a few distinguished as my ultimate favorites (which will be at the end of the list). The rest are in alphabetical order. It's been a while (a whole year!) since I've ranked these, and there are a ton of newcomers and a ton that have slipped off the list, so this list is very different from the ones that have come before it.

Game Theory
[first time on the list]

I've been subscribed to Game Theory for quite a while, but didn't really watch anything but their FNAF theories until about March, when I started to really get into gaming videos. I really like a bunch of their videos, and have seen almost all of the Game Theory series. I also really got into their GTLive streams, especially when they were doing the Until Dawn series. They were definitely one of my most-watched channels in 2015, so it had to be on the list.

[first time on the list]

Because it's been almost an entire year since making a list of my favorite YouTubers, I forget that this is the first time that many of my current stand-by favorites have been on the list. That's the case with Jack/Sean. I first started watching him almost a year ago, after beginning to watch Markiplier. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I've since fallen in love with his personality and his commentary style. He definitely isn't one of those YouTubers where I watch every single video that he posts (because he posts 2 videos a day-- many of which are part of long-running series) but whenever I notice that he's played a game I'm interested in, I know I have to watch it. 

[first time on the list]

Just like Jack, I forgot that Mark had never been on this list before, because of how much of a standard his channel is in my life now. I first discovered him like many people- because of his FNAF videos, and it was a good six months before I bothered to watch any of his other content. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I had already started watching him when I made last year's list, I just hadn't gotten super into him yet. But he became a quick favorite and I think that he's just genuinely a great guy on top of having a fun personality and sense of humor.

PBS Game/Show
[first time on the list]

Now, you're probably wondering why TWO channels on this list are devoted to gaming analysis/criticism. But PBS Game Channel and Game Theory are two very different channels. Game Theory tends to focus on the logistics of a game, whereas PBS Game Channel tends to look at the outside implications of the game, such as social repercussions and influences (feminism, race issues, sexuality, etc). This is why I tend to slightly prefer PBS Game Channel- I love all of the social discussions that go on, especially the feminism discussions. Either way, this has quickly become one of my favorite channels, and I'm always quick to click on a new video when it pops up in my subscription box.

PBS Idea Channel
[2nd time on the list. #5 last year]

This may only be its second time on the list, but I've been watching Idea Channel for over a year and a half. Mike Rugnetta, the host, is one of my absolute favorite humans. He's hilarious, witty, sarcastic, and super smart, on top of being geeky, musical, and just all-around super cool. His discussions are always really interesting and typically based in pop culture, which is one of my favorite things. So yeah, I really enjoy Mike's stuff.

Smosh Games/ Smosh Franchise
[5th time on the list. #2 last time]

While I took a bit of time away from Smosh this year, I always find my way back again, and this was no exception. I have watched Ian and Anthony since way back in 2007, and while I used to love their sketches, I tend to prefer the stuff where it's just them and their actual personalities (AKA the content on Smosh 2nd Channel and Smosh Games). Typically, my favorite of their channels is Smosh Games (big surprise, given the rest of this list), and my favorite series is Game Bang.

[4th time on the list. #1 (tie) last time]

I love these two. Like a lot. They've clearly fallen from my top spot, but they're still right up there near the top. The thing is that their channel tends to go through periods of really awesome videos, followed by slumps. And lately, I feel like they've been in a bit of a slump. I haven't been as excited by the videos popping up in my sub box, and I'm not sure whether that's because I'm not in the mood for it (always possible) or because their content isn't as exciting lately. Either way, slumpiness aside, I love these two and they're adorable and are right up there near the top.

[3rd time on the list. Not ranked last time]

I've been watching WatchMojo for quite a while, and even though they fell off the list last year, they got right back on, because I've been watching them a lot throughout 2015. It's one of those channels where I don't realize how much I watch (because it's on so many different topics) but then when I take a step back, I realize that I watch this channel a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Ultimate bae:
Dan/Danisnotonfire and Phil/AmazingPhil!
[5th time on the list, #1 (tie) last time]

Just like last time, I've combined these two into a single slot because they're basically a package deal. On top of that, the videos that I most look forward to from them are their DanAndPhilGames videos. I especially love Dan over Phil, but my favorite videos are absolutely the ones that they do together. I love the dynamic that they have going, and I get excited whenever I see one of their videos pop up in my subscription box. Their friendship is adorable, and I love them.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things [UPDATE]

Hey, y'all! So I planned to have a post ready for today, but alas, I didn't. I got several prepared in advance and then haven't had the time (or honestly, wanted to take the time) to work on this while in England. I'll post the final 5 at some point upon my arrival back in the states, but for right now, I'm busy exploring Oxford!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top 9 Favorite Songs

Hey, y'all! This is the fifth post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

This is the only list that is unranked. I've never attempted a favorite list for songs before because of how ridiculously impossible it is. Ranking bands or albums is a bit easier because there are less of them that you listen to on a daily basis, but there are so many songs that you know and love that it's hard to narrow it down at all. However, there are a few songs that are like the ULTIMATE faves, which I'll save for last. The rest of the songs are listed in alphabetical order.

Also, last thing before I jump into the list, this was originally going to be a top 10 list, but I just simply couldn't figure out what song to put in the 10th slot. Not that I didn't have a stack of about 20 songs lined up to consider- it's just that each of them was too this or too that, and none of them were ones I could make a definitive decision on. So in lieu of those slots, I have an honorable mentions list before jumping into the official top 9.

Honorable Mentions:
Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots (love it, but too recent)
Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots (again, love it but too recent)
Thrift Shop by Macklemore (love it but can't quite commit. Not sure why)
Playing God by Paramore (again, love it but can't commit for some reason)

Black Mamba by The Academy Is...

This has been my favorite song by The Academy Is... for quite a while, and I've counted it among my favorite songs for quite a while, but it wasn't until I narrowed down this list that I realized how much I really love this song. It was written in response to some negative reviews of TAI's debut EP and is essentially saying "who cares, I didn't write this music for you" and I love that about it.

Here's To The Zeros by Marianas Trench

When I first heard this song, I liked it, but I didn't think it was anything special. But over the past year, it's grown on me like crazy. Right now, it's my ultimate jam song. Whenever I really want to just turn on a song and drive and sing along, this is the one that I go to. Is it super deep? Nah. But it's a great anthem and I love it.

Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute

Now, I'm not super sappy and don't really connect too much to the meaning behind the lyrics, but when the song begins to play and I hear those opening piano notes, my heart swells and I immediately fall in love with it all over again. I love the way that the music and lyrics sound together, but I don't necessarily care about the meaning behind the lyrics, if that makes sense. But don't allow that to downgrade my love of the song, because I do absolutely love it a lot.

Lies by McFly

This is super straight-forward. It's my favorite song by my favorite band. It's an awesome song, and I love everything about it. That's basically the long and short of it. It's great.

On My Way Home by Pentatonix

I'll never forget the first time I heard this song. It was a few days before PTX Vol. III was released, and I was trying to find leaked versions of the songs (I know, I'm awful, but I love PTX and I wanted to listen to it so badly and I'd already pre-ordered the EP so I didn't feel bad). And this was the one I came across. I started listening and was somewhere in between frozen enthrallment and heart-pumping excitement. I was obsessed. I fell completely in love with it. And I'm still in love with it. It's beautiful.

So Long Soldier by All Time Low

When I first listened to Don't Panic, this one was actually one of my least favorite songs on the album. And then I gave it some more chances and it grew on me. It quickly became my favorite song on the album, and one of my favorite songs of all time. It's got some awesome music combined with some awesome lines and I love it.

Ultimate Favorites
(Also in alphabetical order... I can't rank these)

Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars

I've long called this one my second favorite song, but like I said, I really can't rank them at this point. I absolutely love the music and the lyrics and the way they combine into this beautiful, beautiful song, And I really like the music video too. This is another one that I just like to blast when driving. 

In One Ear by Cage The Elephant

When I thought of making this list, this was the first song that came to mind. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite song, but it is definitely one of the ones that I think of the quickest when thinking of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics. A lot. The meaning behind them is super cool, and I love the pseudo rap style of it. And I love the big instrumental chunks as well. It's a really cool combo of sing-along-ability and more complex music.

Weightless by All Time Low

For the longest time, I called this my favorite song, but once again, I can no longer actually rank these. I love the music, and I love the lyrics, and I love the music video. It's another one that's great to blast and sing along to. I just really love it.

So, those are my top 9 favorite songs of all time. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the songs on this list, and what some of your all-time favorite songs are!

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Albums

Hey, y'all! This is the fourth post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

If this list looks familiar, it's probably because it is. Somehow, my list of my favorite albums didn't change over the past year, so I essentially copied and pasted my list from last year. I wish I had something to change here, but I really don't.

#10: The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

I'm a big fan of concept albums, and this one is really great. Although there are a couple songs I'm not a huge fan of, the majority of them are really great, and overall it's just a really great and unique album.

#9: Hold on Tight by Hey Monday

Hey Monday's one and only full-length CD is most of the reason that I count it as one of my favorite bands-- they just barely missed out on my top 10. There are so many really great songs on this CD, and I just love Cassadee Pope's voice. I really wish the band had stayed together, because this is a really solid debut.

#8: Controversy Loves Company by The Audition

Another outstanding debut album! The Audition is another band with consistently good music, but this is the first and best of their CDs. Even my least favorite song on this CD is one of their better songs. This is just a really solid album, and I absolutely love it. 

#7: Almost Here by The Academy Is...

Oh, look! Another awesome debut! There are a couple songs I don't love on here, but I still really enjoy them and love the CD overall. Some of The Academy Is..'s strongest songs are on this CD, and it's especially impressive because this CD was released when most of the band were under 20. 

#6: American Idiot by Green Day

This one is kinda a given, right? It's a concept album, which is obviously a plus for me. It has some amazing songs on it, especially the full 10 minute long songs like Jesus of Suburbia. It has some of the strongest Green Day songs, and I could listen to it over and over and over and over. There's a reason why it's their most well-known album. 

#5: Ever After by Marianas Trench

Hey, look! Another concept album! This CD is based around a fantasy story that Josh Ramsay wrote. It's one long seamless song, divided into several tracks. And it's fantastic. Just like with their first concept album, Masterpiece Theatre, the last song is a mashup that samples all of the previous songs on the album, and it's amazing. This CD is just too great. 

#4: Losing Sleep by Parachute

Guess what? Another amazing debut! I love every single song on this CD. I used to fall asleep to this CD most nights (ironic, since it's called losing sleep) because it's just so chill. Parachute's whole vibe is just really awesome, and this CD is just the epitome of their vibe. It's so great.

#3: PTX, Vol. III by Pentatonix

This is the newest release on this list, as it was released only back in October. There are only 7 songs on this CD (technically EP, but whatever), but it's perfection. It's flawless. All of the songs are amazing, and there have been several times where I just listened to this EP over and over and over in one sitting and didn't get sick of it at all. Some of the songs on the EP are already among my top 25 most played. It's that good.

#2: Don't Panic by All Time Low

When this CD came out back in 2012, I don't think I stopped listening to it on repeat until halfway through 2013. This is one of the only albums I've ever listened to where I had to struggle to find a weak point. I'm usually really good at ranking songs from favorite to least favorite, but I found that impossible with this CD. It'll be a long-time fave for sure.

#1: Radio:ACTIVE by McFly

And, of course, my all-time favorite CD is by my all-time favorite band. This CD... it's just perfection. I've listened to it on repeat SO. MANY. TIMES. since its release in 2008, and I'm nowhere near tired of it. My list of favorite McFly songs is absolutely dominated by this CD. Up until I reset my iTunes, every single song on this CD was in my top 25 most played. That's 13/25. I love this CD. 

So, those are my top 15 favorite TV shows of all time. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the shows on this list, and what some of your all-time favorite TV shows are!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top 15 Favorite Bands/Musicians

Hey, y'all! This is the third post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

Last year, my list of favorite bands was only 10 slots instead of 15, so a handful of the musicians on the list have been "top 15" favorites for a while but didn't make the list last year due to it being only 10 bands. In that case, I'll note it for that band, because there are a couple total newcomers to the list

#15: Hey Monday
[Not on the list last year]

Hey Monday has been a long-standing favorite of mine, and last time I made a top 15 list, they were actually somewhere around #11. They have fallen a little bit due to the fact that they only had one full CD and a couple EPs and have been on hiatus for 4 years (honestly, they've essentially broken up at this point), but I still really enjoy the music that they did make before they broke up.

Favorite songs: Josey, Set Off, and Obvious

#14: Cage The Elephant
[Not on the list last year]

I have an interesting relationship with Cage The Elephant. Sometimes, I'm really in the mood for their music, and sometimes I'm really not. Their song, In One Ear, is one of my absolute favorite songs ever. I'm a bit behind, though- I haven't even gotten their newest CD yet for some reason.

Favorite songs: In One Ear, Free Love, Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

#13: Green Day
[Not on the list last year]

Given that I'm a pop punk fan, it would be inconceivable for me to leave them off of this list. I'm pretty sure that I have almost all of their CDs, and I just really enjoy their music. American Idiot is definitely my favorite Green Day CD, but I also really love a lot of their other CDs.

Favorite songs: Minority, Jesus of Suburbia, and FOD

#12: Busted
[#10 last year]

I first discovered Busted because of their song, Year 3000, that the Jonas Brothers covered. I didn't fall in love with them immediately, but their music is just so much fun, so cheeky, and really clever. I've loved them even more since the creation of McBusted, but overall, Busted is just a really fun band and I'm excited that they're back and recording new music.

Favorite Songs: She Wants To Be Me, Meet You There, and Nerdy

#11: Sleeping With Sirens
[#9 last year]

I discovered Sleeping With Sirens in my freshman year of college, and I've been hooked ever since. Kellin Quinn's voice is just super unique, and it gives their music a really interesting sound. 

Favorite Songs: Do It Now Remember It Later, Congratulations, and Kick Me

#10: Twenty One Pilots
[Not on the list last year]

I started listening to Twenty One Pilots back in August and absolutely fell in love. Their music is so interesting, and such a cool mix of genres, and weird in a beautiful way. I just think that their music is super cool and incredibly creative and I love the theatrical aspects that they add in with their music videos.

Favorite Songs: Lane Boy, Stressed Out, Car Radio, and Guns For Hands

#9: Andy Grammer
[Not on the list last year]

This list was changed from just my favorite bands to my favorite bands/musicians specifically because I wanted to include Andy Grammer on this list. I. LOVE. Andy Grammer. I'm pretty sure that I have all of his music, and I listen to a lot of it on a regular basis. His first album (self-titled) is still my fave, but his 2014 release, Magazines or Novels is also really great and gets a lot of play on my phone. And I recently got an alert that my most-played Pandora station of the year was my Andy Grammer station. I just really love him and his music. 

Favorite Songs: Fine By Me, Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), Honey I'm Good, and Crazy Beautiful

#8: Parachute
[#8 Last Year]

These guys used to be higher up on my list... like #3. Unfortunately, their 3rd album happened, and they wound up here. Their first CD is one of my all-time favorites (as you'll see later on this post), and their second CD was really great too. And then their third album went a bit too pop and I didn't like it much. I'm holding out hope that they'll have a better fourth CD, but until then, they get to chill at #8 and think about what they've done. I've grown to appreciate their 3rd album more over this past year (its vibe is kinda similar to Andy Grammer's music, which I've grown to appreciate), but it's still definitely my least favorite of their albums.

Favorite Songs: Kiss Me Slowly, Back Again, You & Me, and The New Year

#7: Paramore
[#7 Last Year]

Paramore was the first alternative band that I listened to, and they've been a consistent favorite. For a little while, they were my all-time favorite. They fell a bit during the 4.5 year span between their 3rd and 4th albums, but since their self-titled CD came out in 2013, they've moved right back up. They're consistently great! It's a bummer that Jeremy left the band, because he and Hayley were the last two founding members, but TBH it's kinda the Hayley show at this point, so it shouldn't make a huge difference.

Favorite Songs: Playing God, Brick By Boring Brick, Ain't It Fun, and Born For This

#6: The Academy Is...
[#6 Last Year]

For a really long time, The Academy Is... was my favorite band. I loved their podcast that they did (TAITV!), I loved all of the members, and I obviously loved their music. Their 3rd CD was slightly disappointing, but nowhere near as disappointing as when they announced their breakup in 2011. I'm still sad about that. I was really bummed that I couldn't make their Almost Here reunion stuff, but I keep holding out hope that they will reunite because I love them SO MUCH.

Favorite Songs: Black Mamba, We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands, About a Girl, and The Phrase That Pays

#5: The Audition
[#5 Last Year]

I miss these guys. Officially they're not broken up, but they haven't done anything in a while, and even though Danny still has his Twitter handle as @auditiondanny, his Twitter bio says that he's the "Former Frontman of The Audition" so it doesn't sound good at all. There was something they posted last summer hinting at a new album, but I haven't heard anything else about that since then. The Audition is a fairly unknown band, but they're really great. Danny Stevens is a powerhouse vocalist and all of their CDs are really great. I really hope that new album happens, because I need more of The Audition in my life. 

Favorite Songs: You've Made Us Conscious, You Ruined This, My Temperature's Rising, Make It Rain, and Don't Be So Hard

#4: Marianas Trench

I've completely fallen in love with Marianas Trench over the past few years. I started listening to them casually a couple years ago, but I didn't really get into them until 2014. And I'm completely in love. Their second and third albums were concept albums, and they're super cool. Their music is really unique and actually really complex and layered. I can't wait to hear what they come up with next, because I'm sure it'll be amazing. 

Favorite Songs: Here's To The Zeros, Shake Tramp, No Place Like Home, Stutter, and Truth or Dare

#3: Pentatonix

These five are possibly the most talented musicians around right now. Each of them is so incredibly talented, from Avi's intense bass, to Kevin's beatboxing, to Mitch's 5 octave range. These five create the perfect combination of talent and vocal parts. They make amazing arrangements, and they just keep gaining momentum. They're perfection.

Favorite Songs: On My Way Home, Can't Hold Us, Aha!, Problem, and Sing

#2: All Time Low

These four... I love them. They were one of the first alternative bands that I discovered, and they've stuck around as a favorite ever since. They're just so consistently good. OK, Dirty Work wasn't amazing, but I won't hold that against them, because they released Don't Panic the next year. These four are just too great, and I'll be a fan 5EVER.

Favorite Songs: Weightless, So Long Soldier, Lost in Stereo, Poppin' Champagne, and Shameless

#1: McFly

These four are just perfect. I love my boys. Galaxy Defenders stay forever! They've made so much amazing music. I don't even know what all to say about them. I love them 5EVER and 5EVER. Perf.

Favorite Songs: Lies, Five Colours in Her Hair, Transylvania, The Last Song, and Love Is On the Radio

So, those are my top 15 favorite bands/musicians of all time. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the musicians on this list, and what some of your all-time favorite musicians are!

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top 15 Favorite TV Shows

Hey, y'all! This is the second post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

If you want to check out the other lists/posts in this series, you can check them out here:

Without any further stalling, here's my list of my top 15 favorite TV shows! They're ranked from 15-1 to save the best for last, and include last year's rankings for reference, as well as how much of the show I've seen!

15) America's Next Top Model
[#4 Last Year] 
I've seen: all of cycle 1, 3-5, 7, 9-21, and parts of all of the other cycles (2,6,8, and 22)

So, starting out the list with the show that I've probably seen the most episodes of, given that I've completed a whopping 18 cycles of it. So, if I've watched that many cycles of the show, why is it only at #15? Honestly, I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I used to binge-watch it and enjoy re-watching episodes, and I honestly can't even remember the last time I watched more than one episode at a time. I didn't even keep up with the most recent cycle when it was on. I still like it, and it'll probably make its way back up higher on this list, but this is where it finds itself right now.

14) Community
[#6 Last Year]
I've seen: Most of season 1 and all of seasons 2-4

I started watching Community in high school, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. However, I have a really weird relationship with it. I love the episodes I've watched, but I typically am really bad at keeping up with newer episodes. I didn't watch season 4 until at least a year after it aired, even though I was re-watching seasons 2 and 3 pretty regularly. And like with ANTM, I just haven't watched this one in quite a while. There are just so many other shows that I have wanted to watch that this one has gotten pushed aside recently.

13) Hell's Kitchen
[Not on the list last year]
I've seen: all of Seasons 1-4 & 7, parts of seasons 5, 6, and most of season 10

This one is a slightly more recent addition to the list. I first started watching it about a year and a half ago, and ended up binge watching the first 4 seasons in one fell swoop. Since then, I've watched off and on, especially recently. I'll probably end up watching even more pretty soon, which is why it's found itself slightly higher than some long running favorites. This is one that is really easy to watch while working, so that makes it ideal for watching while I'm working. And I just really like Gordon Ramsay. 

12) American Horror Story
[#10 Last Year]
I've seen: all of Murder House, most of Freak Show, half of Asylum, and an episode apiece of Coven and Hotel

As you can see, I'm all over the place with this show. I really enjoyed Murder House, and moved immediately on to Asylum, but stopped halfway through the season. I watched almost all of Freak show when it was on, but I was on break at my parents' house when the last few episodes aired and I just forgot to keep up. I watched the first episode of Hotel and really liked it, so I keep meaning to catch up, and I just keep not catching up. Hopefully, I can do that though, because it's giving me major "The Shining" vibes, and that's one of my favorite movies. Either way, this is a really interesting and creative show and I hope to finish off my un-watched episodes soon.

11) Supernatural
[#9 Last Year]
I've seen: all of Season 1 and half of season 2

It makes me really sad to see how little of this show I've actually watched. And I love everything that I've watched. The problem is that it's one of those shows that you actually have to watch and pay close attention to so that you don't miss anything, and I am a serial multi-tasker. I typically can't just sit and watch something without doing something else at the same time, and that's honestly why I haven't made more headway with this show. And that makes me really sad, because I love the characters, and it's a really interesting premise and world and plot. I just really enjoy it.

10) Say Yes to the Dress (all versions)
[Not on the list last year]
I've seen: A lot of episodes, but I'm not sure how much of specific seasons I've seen. 

I have to admit, Bride Day Friday is definitely a thing I look forward to on a regular basis. Lately, they haven't really been doing that anymore, but it's been on Sunday afternoons, so I take what I can get. My favorites of the shows are definitely the ones set in Atlanta (Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids) but I also really love the original show and Randy Knows Best. I've seen SO MANY EPISODES of this show that it's pretty ridiculous, but I love it nonetheless.

9) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[Not on the list last year]
I've seen: all of Seasons 1&2, part of season 3

This is another recent addition. I started watching this at the beginning of the summer at the suggestion of my roommate, Sarah. This is one of her favorites, and she's re-watched it several times, and I can totally see why. I fell in love with it almost immediately, and binge-watched the first two seasons in about a week. And I kinda binged myself out, because similarly to Supernatural, this is one of those that packs so much stuff into an episode that you feel like you've run a marathon by the time the hour is up. Since then, I haven't returned to it, because I haven't really been in the mood to watch it, but I hope to get back to it pretty soon so that I can watch the rest of the show. 

8) Big Brother
[Not on the list last year]
I've seen: all of Seasons 15&16, half apiece of 14 & 17

This is probably the most recent addition to the list, as well as possibly my most quickly binged show ever. I started watching it this summer, starting with season 17, which was the current season. And then I caught up to season 17 and started watching season 16... which was 40 episodes long. Took me 5 days. And then I binged on season 15, and got halfway through season 14 before I binged myself out. That was also about the halfway point of season 17 as well, so I didn't end up finishing that either. But I really enjoy the concept of the show and really want to finish up those seasons and get to the older seasons. Just... at a slower pace this time. Because I ended up binge watching over 100 episodes of the show, plus listening to a podcast about it, all in a very short span of time. Did I mention I was also working full time? Kristen be cray.

7) The Taste
[#5 Last Year]
I've seen: Every episode [Seasons 1-3]

This is the first show on the list where I've seen every episode. Unfortunately, I have officially seen every episode that will air, because The Taste got cancelled after season 3 ended in 2015. That seriously almost broke my heart, because I think the format is really great and unique. It's basically like The Voice, but for food. The four coaches taste food blindly and create their teams and have to compete with their teams throughout the season. It's just a really cool show with an interesting concept and awesome coaches, and it will definitely be missed. 

6) Top Chef
[#3 Last Year]
I've seen: all of seasons 1-11, part of season 12. 
Caught up on current season (13).

This marks the spot where we get into my all-time favorite TV shows. This one and #5 are mostly tied, but this one got just slightly edged out because I've seen every episode of it and re-watch it more often than I re-watch Top Chef. Either way, this is the show I've been watching for longer than any other show on this list. Seasons 1-5 are my absolute faves, and I've seen all 5 more times than I can count. Unfortunately, I don't get Bravo on campus, so I have trouble keeping up with new episodes. But, this is a long-standing favorite and probably will remain that way for quite a while.

5) RuPaul's Drag Race
[#7 Last Year]
I've seen: Every episode [Seasons 1-7]

My roommate and I re-watch this show ALL.THE.TIME. We both absolutely love this show, and even went to go see Bianca Del Rio's Rolodex of Hate a few weeks ago. I first started watching it back in my sophomore year of college, when she had already seen a few seasons, and I ended up binge watching a couple seasons in a row. Then, this time last year, even though we were in separate places, we watched episodes of the show together and texted back and forth. (If you hadn't noticed, we're kind of adorable). Anyway, our favorite season is season 6, and we watch it over and over, along with seasons 4&5 and Untucked. I just love Drag Race a lot and watch it over and over and over.

4) The Mole
[#8 Last Year]
I've Seen: Every episode [Seasons 1-5] and all of seasons 3-5 of the Australian version

THIS. SHOW. It's fairly unknown, but it's beautiful. The concept is that there is a group of contestants who compete together in challenges to win money for the group pot, which one of them will win at the end. However, one of the contestants is "The Mole," a saboteur planted by production whose sole goals are to keep the group from winning money and to keep their identity a secret. The contestants' goal is to figure out who is The Mole. At the end of each episode, they take a quiz that consists of questions about the Mole's identity, and whoever does the worst is eliminated. Seasons 3&4 were celebrity seasons, which weren't quite as good as the normal seasons, but I just think that this show has a really interesting concept and is just really cool. The first season is the best (not to mention that seasons 1&2 are hosted by Anderson Cooper), but it's just great overall. I love the show so much that I ended up watching a handful of Australian seasons. The only reason I didn't watch the rest of the Australian seasons was because I accidentally spoiled myself for the identity of the mole. I should probably stop rambling, but I could just talk about this show forever.

3) Sherlock
[Not on the list last year]
I've seen: Every episode [Seasons 1-3]

This is another show that I fell in love with this year, but I definitely fell harder for this one than for any of the other shows that I began watching this year. This show is just so clever. That's the best way that I can describe it. The plots are insanely smart, the humor is on point, and the effects/editing are really cleverly done. I love absolutely everything about this show, and am eagerly anticipating the special episode as well as season 4. It's just such a wonderful show and I can't say enough good things about it.

2) The Office
[#2 Last Year]
I've seen: Every episode [Seasons 1-9]

This is an incredibly long-standing favorite. I started watching The Office during my freshman year of high school. I actually used to rent the DVDs from Blockbuster, and that's how I made my way through most of the first few seasons. I just love everything about the show. The characters are great, the plot is awesome, and overall, it's just really great.

1) Project Runway
[#1 Last Year]
I've seen: all of Seasons 1-13, most of Season 14

Project Runway is my definitive favorite TV show of all time. I've watched the show SO MANY TIMES. I've ranked the designers from favorite to least favorite on several occasions, I've ranked the seasons, and I could probably list the elimination order of every designer in every season. It's an obsession of near-Harry Potter levels and I just absolutely love it

So, those are my top 15 favorite TV shows of all time. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the shows on this list, and what some of your all-time favorite TV shows are!

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