Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on My Favorite Youtubers!

Back in August, I wrote a post about my favorite Youtube channels, and it's been one of the most popular posts on my blog by far. Since then, I've discovered even more youtubers who have become a part of my everyday routine, so I decided to give you an updated list. Click here if you'd like to see the original list.

I'm first going to tell you about the new youtubers, and then do the updated list, just so I don't barrage you with the exact same pictures as the last list. Also, I'm going to be talking about channels specifically, not just people. For example, I had Smosh on my last list, but I've recently begun watching one of their offshoot channels more, which is one of the channels on this list. So both the additions and the new list will be based off channels, not the actual people on them. Anyway, enough intro. Here we go.


 Superfruit is made up of 2/5 of the a capella group Pentatonix. (I did a 30 day challenge about Pentatonix, and if you wanna see it/ learn more info about these guys, click HERE). Mitch Grassi (the brunette) and Scott Hoying (the blonde) have been best friends since they were 10 and within the past year they have moved in together, started a youtube channel, and adopted a sphynx cat (named Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying). These two are absolutely hilarious and I have seen every single one of their videos more times than I can count and just absolutely love them.


Emily is the only beauty guru that I watch on a regular basis, but I totally love her reviews. She's so nice and does really great reviews. Although only a fraction of her videos are ones I'm really interested in, she has over 900 videos, so there are a ton for me to still sift through and discover. I watch her all the time!


While I certainly don't watch Dmiti's videos for sheer entertainment, they definitely help me fall asleep and I listen to ASMR every single night as I fall asleep. 90% of the time, I choose one of Dmitri's videos, because he's honestly the best ASMRtist I've seen. There are some others I like, but he's the only one I come back to time and time again.

Smosh Games

I've been subscribed to Smosh Games for a very long time, but it was mostly just as a gesture of support toward Smosh. Since the beginning of my fall semester, I've begun watching their videos on a regular basis and actually really love it. My favorite series are Game Bang (where they all play a game and compete against each other), Why We're Single, and Top 5 Friday. And I love Jovenshire and Sohinki. They're great.

WatchMojo does top 10 entertainment lists, such as "top 10 rock bands of all time" or "top ten romantic comedies" and so I really enjoy several of their lists. Some of them don't interest me as much, but they post at least one video a day, so I usually really enjoy them.


This is the vlog channel of Matthew Lush (the one with the blue hair) and his boyfriend, Nick Laws (with the brown hair). Matthew has been a youtuber for a while on his channel GayGod, and Nick has recently created his own channel, NickaLaws. They do some cool challenges and vlog their life and their relationship, and I've seen most of their videos.


I know I said that EmilyNoel83 was the only beauty guru I watch, but I take that back. I watch Grav3yard girl all the time, and she's super cool and unique. Seriously, she shows you that you should be 100% true to yourself. She's such a unique person!

OK, so now onto the list. I've changed it to 25 rather than 23 because I like going by 5s, I just couldn't think of more last time I did this. OK, so here you go!

#25: Jenna Marbles: I watch her videos weekly, but they're not as good as the others on this list.
#24: Pleated-Jeans: His videos lately have been short and not very good. Not sure what's going on with that.
#23: Quirkology: They never upload anymore... It's sad. But I love the videos that are on there and the ones they upload.
#22: MassageASMR: Like I said, I fall asleep to him every night.
#21: Grav3yardGirl: She's so fun to watch!
#20: Connor Franta: I like his videos, but some other people have pushed him back.
#19: Tyler Oakley: Once again, other youtubers have pushed him back a bit.
#18: AmazingPhil: Is it just me, or has he not posted things in a while? The last I remember is Phil Is Not On Fire...
#17: Lush: I watch almost every video they post!
#16: EmilyNoel83: Like I said, she's my favorite guru.
#15: Sawyer Hartman: I especially love his collabs.
#14: Smosh: They hold a special place in my heard, and have for quite a while.
#13: Their videos are really entertaining.
#12: MattG124: He's just perfect. His hair, his personality, just everything!
#11: Nick Foti (SoundlyAwake, StillSoundlyAwake): I love Nick and Kevin and Warden so much!
#10: Shane Dawson: His collabs are great, but I watch him almost every day.
#9: The Fine Bros: I haven't missed any of their videos in quite a while. They're all great.
#8: Marcus Butler: He's hilarious, and I watch his videos regularly.
#7: Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog): My favorite British youtuber. He's really cool, and I make sure to never miss a video.
#6: Smosh Games: I love to binge watch their videos. They're great!
#5: JacksFilms: Your Grammar Sucks is so perfect, and he's super cool.
#4: Joey Graceffa: His new series, Storytellers, is really great, and I love his vlogs.
#3: Rhett And Link: I watch Good Mythical Morning every single day, and I love them!
#2: Superfruit: Mitch and Scott are just so perfect and I absolutely love them.
#1: Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire): I love him. He's me in male form, basically. He's just so cool.

So, there's my list. If you saw my first list, you've probably realized that I have left off some people who were on my original list. These people are listed below, along with the number they originally placed at, and the reason they didn't make the list this time.

#22: ThatcherJoe: I never really watched him very regularly, but rather when he did collabs with my favorite youtubers.
#21: Caspar Lee: I really liked him at first, but I'm just not a fan of his humor.
#17: JacksGap: I just don't even watch them anymore.
#16: Michael Buckley: I loved watching him on MyIsh's weekly IshList, but they stopped doing that months ago, and I haven't watched any of his stuff since then.
#11: Sam Pepper: I really liked his vlogs, but lately he's just been doing the pranks and while I don't dislike those, prank videos typically just aren't my thing. 

There you go, my update on my favorite youtubers! What did you think of the list? Of the new youtubers? Of the changes? Let me know in the comments! See you tomorrow, y'all!


  1. I miss pleated-jeans a lot. He is so underrated and I wonder why he hasn't uploaded in a while. However, I hope he makes misheard lyrics 2014 edition, theres so many this year!! :D

    1. Yeah, his videos used to be really clever, but now they're barely 2 minutes long and not that funny. I love the misheard lyrics series too!


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