Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stuck on Repeat: May 2018

Somehow, another month has already come and gone, and it's once again time for me to list my most played songs of May. I think I say that this list is tricky every single month, but I found it especially difficult this month (another thing I think I say every month), because most of my listening was restricted to podcasts and VIXX title tracks. However, I was listening to those title tracks for a ranking video that I posted last week, and I really didn't want this video to be a complete re-hash of that list. So, I excluded VIXX tracks from the list, and found it pretty difficult to figure out where to go from there. But, I eventually pulled it together, so here they are-- my 10 most played songs of May.

Call Call Call by Seventeen

Starting out with the song that essentially dominated my listening in May-- Seventeen's Japanese debut. I always have trouble keeping up with groups' Japanese activities. I'm not sure whether they're just not  this was being released until a few days before, and TBH, waking up to this song was better than waking up to presents on Christmas morning. Clap was the song that made me stan Seventeen, and ever since its release, it's been my uncontested favorite song by them. Call Call Call put itself up there with Clap immediately. Even two weeks later, I'm still not sure which one I like better. It's seriously such an awesome song. I still haven't seen the songwriting credits on it, but I'm just going to logically assume Woozi wrote it and therefore scream Woozi's praises into the endless void. This song is perfection from start to finish, and it's probably my favorite song of the year so far (District 9 gives it a run for its money tho... it's one of the 2).


Long story short, Hani was one of the first idols I knew about. I've already shared the story of how I got into KPop (here), but what I didn't mention in that post was that alongside watching The Genius, I was also watching Crime Scene Season 2, and one of the cast members on there was Hani. I found her so quirky and fun and endearing that I wanted to check out her music, and EXID's Up & Down was one of the first KPop songs that I fell in love with. However, as was common at the time, a first listen of EXID's other material was pretty meh to me and I therefore didn't really end up checking out their fall comeback. However, recently I've found myself circling back to EXID's music and really enjoying their sound. I had a few other of their songs on a loop this month (one that missed the list was Lady), but this one is definitely a standout and has gotten stuck in my head quite a bit lately.

Hero by Monsta X

Hero was one of the first KPop songs that I fell in love with, and although it took me a while to return to Monsta X and fully stan them, this song has been in rotation on my phone for quite a while. It fell off the radar a bit when I was starting to stan them (because I was listening to new-to-me stuff, rather than stuff I'd already heard a thousand times), but this month I kinda re-discovered my love for it. It's such a bop. I'm hoping to rank Monsta X's title tracks soon... once I can determine what to count and what to not count lol.

You and I by Dreamcatcher

Apart from my top 4 groups (my 3 ults-- Got7, Day6, & Infinite + Pentagon), this was the comeback I was most excited to see this year. Despite a pretty scant discography to date, all of their music has been incredibly solid. While they have this rock sound, their album tracks are really diverse and it's something I really appreciate about them. I haven't listened to the new mini as much as I intended to, but You and I is fantastic, Dami's magic trick is still impressive, and the album track Scar is another fave. TL;DR: Dreamcatcher are my queens, and they can do no wrong.

Black or White by Cross Gene

Someone mentioned/recommended this song on my video talking about my favorite KPop genres and concepts, and I immediately fell in love. I'm really bummed I couldn't include the normal MV in either this post or my video (won't embed for the former, video flags as inappropriate for the latter), because the song and MV combined create what I believe to be a real masterpiece. The song is so intense and fantastic and the strings are stunning. I promptly found myself going back and listening to more of Cross Gene's music, and while this is still a standout for me, I'm really liking what I've heard from them.

Cheer Up by Twice

I can't remember if or when I've mentioned this, but when I was first getting into KPop, the two things I was listening to were 1- Infinite's discography, & 2- Cheer Up by Twice. It's weird-- this song was such a major influence on my introduction into KPop that I almost dissociate it with Twice altogether. Not purposefully, mind you-- IDK how to describe it, it's almost as if they just don't seem connected in my mind. It's weird. Either way, this song is forever one of my favorite KPop songs, and I've been rediscovering my love of it recently, much like with Hero.

Latata by (G)-IDLE

Alright, Cube, you got me. I saw that Cube was debuting a new girl group, and when I saw the name (G)-IDLE, my immediate response was "OMG you've got to be kidding me, why is this another weird KPop group name?! How is that even pronounced?!" but that immediate frustration was what intrigued me. When they debuted, I figured I had to check out this girl group with the weird name. And TBH I really liked it. I feel like people have been quick to jump on the "overhyped" bandwagon, but I don't think it is. The song is really interesting and the members have really interesting timbres to their voice. I also have this ongoing frustration with the way girl groups are promoted/marketed/etc, because they often fall into infantilizing cute concepts or overly sexual (IMO, objectifying) concepts (or a heavier hip hop sound, which isn't necessarily my thing), so when I come across a girl group song that I like and that doesn't fall into one of those categories, I latch on. And that's what happened here.

(BTW, IDK how it's officially being pronounced in English, but the Korean spelling is (여자)아이들. 여자 means woman in Korean, but can also mean girl in the case of the word girlfriend (which is also GFriend's Korean name: 여자친구) so given that GFriend=Girlfriend, I'm assuming that (G)I-DLE is supposed to be pronounced Girl Idol. Seems a bit cheesy to me, but hey-- I didn't come up with it lol)

Night Rather Than Day by EXID

Whenever I've heard EXID's music in passing (AKA before actively seeking it out), this has always been the song that's stood out to me the most. My love of funk-inspired KPop is well documented at this point, and it's got a bit of a light funk influence. It's really catchy and fun, and it might be my favorite EXID song apart from Up & Down... but don't quote me on that.

Bad by Infinite

I'm not sure I really have anything to say about this song that I haven't already said lol. This is my most played KPop song of all time. It's my favorite Infinite song, and I think it's fantastic. I don't listen to Infinite as obsessively as I used to, so sometimes when I return to my favorite songs by them, it's like I'm falling in love with them all over again, and that happened to me with Bad this month. Every time that synth fades in and those strings start, it just does something to my poor heart that I can't control. It's amazing from start to finish and I could listen to it a thousand times on repeat and never get sick of it.

Fake Love by BTS

Admittedly, my very first listen of this song, I wasn't sold. I liked it for sure, but I think (per usual) I was wanting something more up tempo or hype and I got something that, while mega intense, was not quite what I was wanting. That said, upon subsequent listens, I've only enjoyed it more and more. I've said thousands of times that if you put a crunchy guitar into a song, I'm happy. And that's what BTS has done (2018 is the year of the crunchy rock guitar in KPop, y'all, and I'm SO HERE FOR IT). I have the full album and I've listened to it, but not quite enough to have fully formed opinions on all of the songs. I think my favorites are pretty definitively The Truth Untold, Pluto, Airplane pt. 2, and So What, but from the few listens I've given the album, it's pretty solid across the board. 

On to last month's predictions-- I correctly predicted that I'd be listening to BTS & Dreamcatcher's comebacks & doing a deeper dive into the music of one of my bias groups (VIXX-- I ranked their title tracks), but I do need to still do what I mentioned and listen to Monsta X & Seventeen's discographies more actively. I mentioned that I wasn't really sure where I'd be going with my music listening this month, and that's definitely true. I found it really hard to create this list because I was either listening to Call Call Call, or some completely random playlist 99% of the time. 

As for next month, I feel like I have a clearer direction forward... kinda. Within the past week, I've been starting to delve deeper into some groups that I've been meaning to listen to. Someone suggested a BAP song to me, and ever since then, I've been making my way through their discography because I'm obsessed with their sound. I've also been listening to GFriend (Navillera & Me Gustas Tu were close to making it on this list) and a bit of Sistar as well. But, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that unless something really wild happens, by this point next month, I will be obsessed with BAP's music and potentially stanning them. I can already tell you my bias is either Yongguk or Youngjae. Probably Yongguk. 

Anyway, that's it for this post. I always ramble way too much at the end of these. Let me know which KPop songs (or just any songs in general tbh) you've been listening to on a constant loop!

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ranking VIXX's Title Tracks / Singles

It's been a minute since the last time I ranked any KPop groups' title tracks (or songs in general), so I'm finally back again to rank all of the title tracks by KPop's concept kings, VIXX. I don't want to get to into my backstory with VIXX, but I've listened to them casually since last fall, and got really serious about delving into their non-Korean material & their album tracks at the beginning of 2018. Either way, I've fallen completely in love with their music and think they have an incredibly solid discography. Because their discography and their title tracks are so solid, I just decided that I would rank all of them both in video form and on the blog post (versus just on the blog post). As always, please remember that this is just my opinion-- we're allowed to have different opinions without yelling at people. Also, I'm ranking all 22 of these songs because I love them enough that I don't want to leave any out. So basically there's no reason to get mad at me for this lol. Let's just go ahead and jump into this.

22) Destiny Love

FYI, I'm trying to keep these sections as short as possible, since I tend to ramble. Anyway, like I said, I don't dislike this song by any means, I just think that it's a bit forgettable when compared to their other title tracks. It's a nice, lighthearted track, but I think that it comes off as more "basic" compared to some of their more unique songs.

21) The Closer

TBH, I was very surprised when I realized that I'd put The Closer this far down on the list. Full disclosure, I really considered moving it up a slot and swapping it with the next song, but the chorus of that song really sold me on placing it higher. Anyway, you'll probably quickly notice a pattern with which eras and sounds I tend to favor, and this more recent sound that is more atmospheric than melodic is really enjoyable in its own right, but isn't my favorite when compared to some of their other sounds.

20) Love Equation

This is ranked near the bottom less because of an aversion to VIXX doing cute concepts than just due to my own ambivalence toward cute concepts in general. They're really hit or miss for me, and while this is definitely more of a hit than a miss, I don't find myself enjoying it as much as some of their other songs. That said, the chorus is really bright and fun and even if it isn't quintessential VIXX, it's nice to see a different side of them.

19) Scientist

I've found that I have had a really bad track record with my favorite groups' comebacks since I've been stanning. What I mean by this is that with nearly all of the groups I stan, all of their releases since I started stanning them have felt kinda mediocre in comparison to their overall discography. Examples are Got7's 2 most recent title tracks (great songs, but on the lower end of my Got7 rankings), Infinite's Tell Me (again, great song, low on my Infinite rankings), Day6's last 3 title tracks of 2017, etc. And I found VIXX falling into that same unfortunate trapping. IDK why this keeps happening to me, but either way I've diverted from the point of this paragraph. I like the song, but I like many of their other songs a lot better and I prefer some of their other sounds to this more atmospheric, less melodic sound.

18) Hana-Kaze (Wind Flower)

I say this at least once every single time I do one of these rankings, but slower, ballad-y songs, are not immediately my thing. They often have to grow on me to really love them. And while Hana-Kaze hasn't totally done that, I do enjoy it quite a bit more than many songs of its type. The chorus is really beautiful and I love the instrumental. Like I said in the past, if you throw actual instruments (especially strings) into a song, I eat it up.

17) Super Hero

Although this is pretty low on the ranking, I don't want y'all to get the impression that I therefore dislike VIXX's early-career music, because that's 100% not the case. In fact, we've moved up to the next tier of songs in my ranking. (For reference, Destiny Love is in a tier of its own-- nothing against it, it's just definitively the lowest-- and then 18-21 were in their own tier). I think this is a really fun bop, but it's not quite my favorite sound from VIXX. I don't want to call it generic, because it's not-- but it's certainly generic when compared to some of their more conceptual work.

16) Rock Ur Body

To be perfectly honest, there's not a huge difference between Rock Ur Body and Super Hero for me. I enjoy both of them, but they're rather similar songs. That said, I do find Rock Ur Body a bit more catchy and more enjoyable, so it gets the higher spot. Seriously, when I was watching back my full video, it took me a solid 5 seconds to realize that we'd moved on from Super Hero. The songs have very similar sounds, so they find themselves back to back on the list. 

15) La La La Aiwo Arigatou
(LaLaLa Thank You for Your Love)

I like that Thank You for Your Love is lighthearted without being overly cute. Even when VIXX isn't doing their horror concepts, they generally still keep everything on the darker, more conceptual side, so it's nice to see a different side of them. Plus, I always enjoy these types of choruses on lighthearted songs where the whole group is singing together rather than trading off. IDK, just something I personally tend to enjoy. 

14) Shangri-La

Shangri-la is my favorite of their more atmospheric songs, but it definitely had to grow on me a little bit, compared to many songs on this list that I loved on first listen. That said, the music video is stunning and while working on this list, I've gotten the chorus stuck in my head CONSTANTLY.

13) G.R.8.U

I'm not sure exactly why my brain does this, but it lumps GR8U, Super Hero, and Rock Ur Body together into an "era" even though they aren't really, and GR8U is definitely my favorite of those (TBH I downloaded it at the same time as the Voodoo album and just found myself lumping this in with the lighter title tracks that appeared on that album). Anyway, Nick at The Bias List said it really well when he said that GR8U marries a lighter sound with the intensity of their darker material, and that's something I really enjoy and appreciate. He ranks the song much higher than I do (I think he has it at #2?), but I still definitely appreciate that specific description.

12) Milky Way

Milky Way is another one that I didn't love on first listen for some reason, but after setting it aside for a little while, I returned to it and loved it. TBH, I'm not sure why I didn't love it the first time, because the melody in the chorus is really great and super catchy. It's not as dramatic as many of their other songs, and it injects a bit of a throwback, funky vibe, and we all know how much I love a funky vibe.

11) Only U

Another song with a really solid, somewhat throwback vibe. I've always had a hard time pegging the influences for this song. I always return to thinking it's some sort of Latin influence but that doesn't quite seem accurate. And while that's frustrating for me trying to peg the reference, it makes it a really interesting song to listen to. Plus, the guitar throughout the song is really fantastic.

10) Can't Say

I heard the Korean album track version before realizing that it was also one of their Japanese title tracks, and even then when I first heard it, it quickly became one of my favorite songs on the Chained Up album. It's a bit like GR8U where it has a bit of the intensity of their darker material (not quite as much), but taken with a lighter sound and tone. 

9) Depend on Me

I'm not sure if this is typical of most KPop fans (I assume it is), but when getting into a group, I start with their Korean title tracks and then branch out into the album tracks and the (harder to find) non-Korean songs. I don't do this for any specific reason-- it's really just due to the prominence of the various mediums. Anyway, I say this in order to point out that Depend on Me was therefore one of the VIXX songs I got into later than the others, but it quickly rose very high on my list of favorites. Non-Korean title tracks can often be very different from a group's main material, due to different companies managing/producing the music, so sometimes there's a disconnect there. And while Depend on Me is a bit different for VIXX (at least, for 2016 VIXX) I really love that about it. It's intense and super cool.

8) Eternity

If you're familiar with VIXX songs, you'll be well aware that we've entered the dark zone. Except for a couple songs in this top 8, I've ranked all of their dark songs at the top. Eternity was one of the first VIXX songs I really loved, and while it's not all the way at the top of the list, it's still one of my absolute favorites. I'll try not to say that everything is dark and intense from this point forward, but... it is. lol.

7) Error

I'm pretty certain that this is considered blasphemy on some level. Like this might be enough to get me crucified. #SorryNotSorry. I know that Error is like... everyone's favorite VIXX song (not even title track specific), but there are 6 other title tracks I prefer. I'll get to the reason for that in a minute, but I would like to point out that I have nothing negative to say about Error. We're just about to the god-tier songs, and the only reason it's not higher is because I love the songs ahead of it that much. It's a fantastic song.

OK, so I added this note into the video, and figured I needed to add it here for context as well. But basically, in terms of this top 6, it's pretty up in the air. This is the god-tier. I love all 6 of these songs a lot, and I found it nearly impossible to put them in an order. If anything, I guess I would say that it can be divided in half with 1-3 being basically equal and 4-6 basically equal, but I have settled on a determined order... but still, take it with a grain of salt because they're all amazing.

6) On and On

I went back and forth between this one and the next one as to which deserved to be higher, and I eventually decided that On and On would be in 6th. The music video is absolutely stunning. The song is incredibly catchy. I honestly don't even know what to say about how much I love this song. 

5) Hyde

Like I said, choosing between Hyde and On and On was nearly impossible, but what ended up selling it for me was that I think that Hyde is objectively a slightly stronger song. Not by much-- and obviously objectivity when reviewing/discussing music is nearly impossible, but that's kinda where I'm at with this one. And while I think the On and On MV is more visually stunning, I like the concept of Hyde more, so that's yet another thing that I go back and forth on. Either way, amazing song, amazing concept, dark and intense in the best way. 

4) Chained Up

NGL, I feel a bit cheap putting Chained Up so high on the list. I've always kinda felt like Chained Up is that song that the casual fans love and the devoted fans are like "only the casuals are obsessed with that song." I have no idea where I got this perception from, because no Starlight has ever actually said this to me (it's probably a remnant of being upset at fellow All Time Low fans calling me a fake fan for my undying love of Weightless back in the day... and currently. But I digress). I guess maybe because it's their most popular song, I see it as the one that the casual fans love? IDK, either way, this was the first VIXX song that I reeeeeally loved and it's what made me fall down the fandom hole, so it's one I really love.

3) Dynamite

This was originally at #2 when I first ranked these, but I ended up swapping them... for some reason? IDK, these top 3 are basically tied for me. Anyway, I think my love of this song is pretty well documented. It's 80s, synth-y, and a bit funky. That's a sound that I always find myself gravitating toward. And Dynamite executes it perfectly.

2) Fantasy

If you'd asked me 6 months ago which VIXX song was my favorite, I probably would have quickly named Fantasy. Not necessarily because I loved it more than all of these other songs, but because it was one of the first ones I fell in love with. Chained Up started the spiral into the fandom, and when I discovered Fantasy, it was all over. The orchestration is stunning, the intensity is beautiful, and it just has this really epic feel to it. I personally think that it marries their darker, horror-y vibes and their atmospheric sound really well, and it's just absolutely stunning.

1) Voodoo Doll

I tried, y'all. I really did. I told myself not to just automatically put Voodoo Doll at the top, and after constantly comparing it to all of their other songs and scrutinizing where it belonged on this list, it still found its way here. Voodoo Doll was a slow burn for me. It wasn't one of the songs that was an immediate earworm for me, but it's gradually worked its way up to this top spot and it's been there for a while now. I'm not even going to try to claim that the stunning music video isn't partially to blame (it totally is) but even without it, Voodoo Doll is the standout for me. It's dark, it's intense, it's creepy, it's perfection. 

That's it for my VIXX title track rankings! Let me know in the comments which VIXX title tracks are your faves, and please remember to do so without getting angry or bashing anyone else's opinions, because we're all allowed to have different ones!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Stuck on Repeat: April 2018

Once again, we've found ourselves at the end of another month, and it's once again time for me to share the songs that I've been listening to throughout the month. Every month, I seem to have a different struggle when narrowing my list down to my 10-15 most-listened-to songs, and this month was... no different. lol. This month, my struggle was that there were two songs that completely dominated my listening time... and then I listened to like... the full discographies of 3 or 4 groups. So it was really hard to figure out what songs to use to fill out the list. Therefore, there are only 12 songs, versus the typical 15. Usually, these lists are a pretty good generalization of my listening over the month, but these are truly just the highlights. Without any further ado, let's jump into the list, beginning with the 2 songs I listened to non-stop.

Shine by Pentagon

Shine wins the award for my most-listened-to song of April and it's honestly not even close. Add in the number of live stages I've watched and we might be getting into obsessive territory. To be honest, the first time I heard the song, I wasn't totally sold yet because it's so different from everything they've done in the past. But after a few listens and after seeing how much fun the choreo is, I couldn't help but fall in love with it. It's still not my favorite Pentagon title track, but Pentagon has never released a bad song. They're literally all bops. You'll see more songs from this new mini on this list. 

District 9 by Stray Kids

While Shine might be my most played song of the month, District 9 is the song that's currently in the lead for potentially being my favorite KPop song of 2018 (so far). It's certainly my favorite title track of the year so far (actually, if we're counting Day6's Japanese single that might not be accurate, but w/e). It took me about a week post-release to actually appreciate this, simply because I wasn't blown away by Hellevator and hadn't kept up with them, but OMG THIS SONG. It combines so many amazing elements, the best of which is the rock guitar in the chorus. This song goes off and I love it so much.

HO! by Twice

"OMG, she's finally listening to girl group songs SHE LISTENED TO US!!!1!"
Yeah... no. Lately, people have been telling me in the comments of these videos that I "need to listen to girl groups." I understand the sentiment of promoting girl groups since boy groups tend to have the biggest fandoms and be the most well-represented on YouTube, etc. I get it. I promise. But if I see one more of these comments, I might physically ram my head into a wall, because A- telling people what they should and shouldn't listen to isn't cool IMO, & B- I do listen to girl groups. These videos/posts don't encompass everything that I listen to. Typically, new releases make up the majority of the list. I actively follow 4 girl groups- Red Velvet (had a mini-comeback earlier this year & was featured on the list), Twice (had a comeback this month & obvs is on the list), Blackpink (expected comeback...soon?), and my QUEENS, Dreamcatcher, who are coming back May 10. My point here is that the girl groups I follow haven't really had comebacks up to this point in the year and therefore probably aren't going to be on the list. Just like my favorite boy groups are typically on the list on months they have a comeback, while older songs by my recently-discovered faves finish out the list.  My point here, after rambling forever, is that I'm not just including these because of people's pressure (if anything, I'm more inclined to not include them), but rather because the girl groups I listen to are finally having comebacks. //endrant. 

ANYWAY, HO! is a total bop. I also really like DEJAVU, but HO! is the one that immediately stole my heart, and is also my favorite song on the mini. It's so retro and so much fun. That chorus is so lighthearted and bright that you can't help but bop to it. I'm listening to it while writing this and I just got mega distracted just listening and grooving. It's so fun. 

Let's Go Together by Pentagon

If Shine is my favorite song from Pentagon's new mini (I'm like 90% sure it is), Let's Go Together is definitely second. When I listened to the album teaser, it was the one that immediately stood out to me, and when I listened to the full mini, it was the first one I fell in love with. It's written by E'Dawn and Wooseok (but the members refer to it as E'Dawn's song) and I love that it shows a very different side to E'Dawn as a songwriter. He tends to write and produce the rap line's songs, which are very in-your-face and almost aggressive in a way, but this one is so laid back, kinda funky, and just has a really fun light-hearted vibe. I also don't know why I'm so obsessed with this, but I love Yuto's pre-chorus rap. I just really love it every time I hear it. It's really cool. This is just the exact type of album track I always love.

Starlight by VIXX
I've been pretty wordy on the last few, so I'll keep this one short and sweet. I was still working my way through VIXX's discography at the beginning of the month, and that's when I discovered and fell in love with what I believe is the B Side of their first single (I downloaded Voodoo and then filled in the gaps rather than downloading full single albums. ANYWAY...). This is just the exact type of VIXX song I love. It's pretty funky, it's got a really interesting beat, it's brassy, it's just really cool. They're... amazing. I love them.

What is Love? by Twice

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why I ended up listening to this so many times this month. I don't think it's one of Twice's stronger title tracks, but it's catchy and fun enough that I found myself wanting to listen to it. I will say, though, I really love the music video for this one. And it's not that I don't like the song-- I obviously do, since I listened to it a lot-- I'm just not totally sure why this is the Twice song that hooked me, when I've definitely enjoyed other songs by them more (lookin' at you, Cheer Up & Heart Shaker).

Candy (So Good) by The Rose

The 1975, is that you??? Lol but seriously though, when I realized The Rose was releasing new music, I got really hype. While I wish there were more new songs, the ones we got were really great. I love the title track, Baby, as well, but this is the one that I fell in love with and that I listened to on constant repeat. As I referenced at the beginning of this section, I immediately thought of The 1975. I haven't listened to them since like... their first album (I'm guessing they have more now...?) but this reminds me of Girls a lot, which was always my favorite song by The 1975. Either way, this song is a bop and Sammy's vocal inflection kills me 24/7.

Jealousy by Monsta X

Admittedly, this is another new release by a group I stan that I had to warm up to just a bit. I started stanning them because of Dramarama and have since fallen in love with a lot of their other music (The Fighter is a masterpiece and I will FIGHT YOU on that), so I think I just had my expectations set way too high. Per usual when I feel kinda mediocre about a new release, I set it aside for a few days and then listened again. And it was great. The chorus is really great, and the rap sections really stand out as highlights of the song. Jooheon's rap in the 2nd verse is fantastic (but like... it always is lol).

Sad Ending by VIXX

OK I know it's only 3 songs long, but I think VIXX's Eternity single might be one of the strongest runs of 3 songs on an album ever??? Like it would be one thing if they were just all 3 solid songs, but like... Eternity is one of my favorite VIXX title tracks and the two B Sides (spoiler for later on the list) are some of the best songs they've ever released??? Like... Sad Ending is kinda funky and has such a cool groove and ugh I just love it so much.

Do It for Fun by Pentagon (Rap Unit)

Pentagon's rap unit songs have been very hit or miss for me so far. They're very different from the rest of Pentagon's songs-- as I mentioned earlier, they're very in-your-face and unrelenting. Some might describe them as bombastic. I generally either love or hate them. Get That Drink is one of my favorite Pentagon songs, while I would prefer to pretend that Pretty Girls doesn't exist except for Yuto's lazy "annyeonghaseyo" that I oddly love for some reason. 

Anyway, on to the actual song at hand, I LOOOVE it. It's basically entirely rapping, so it's not very melodic in any way, but the chorus is so much fun. I'm a big fan of group vocals/group chant, so I really love their breakdown after the last chorus. It's just a really fun, hype song and I love the quick lil reference to Get That Drink.

Good Night by Dreamcatcher

Y'ALL. I'm so excited for Dreamcatcher's comeback. I've loved them for quite a while, because... well, DUH. I love any sort of rock concept, but when it's a girl group that does rock music and horror themes, that just sets my heart aflutter. They don't have a huge discography of songs at this point, but I really love the different sounds they've explored in the B Sides (they have one, Wake Up, that leans pretty pop punk, which is right up my alley, but they also have some general KPop standards that are done in a not-so-standard way). These girls are by far my favorite girl group, and this is definitely my favorite song by them. I don't think I have a definite bias yet, because I really love them all. But based on my history, it'll probably be JiU, because I tend to bias leaders.

Love, LaLaLa by VIXX

This literally stole my heart right at the opening with the guitar. I'm a sucker for pop songs with actual instruments (vs synth), so hearing the brass and strings just warms my lil heart, even if they are electronically produced brass and strings. I don't even know what to say at this point-- it just has a ton of the things I love in kpop songs all mashed up into one beautiful song.

Aight, so on to last months' predictions and my predictions for next month. I thought I would be listening to more VIXX and EXO. Kinda dropped the ball on EXO. I mentioned Pentagon and VIXX's comebacks, and obvs, I loved Pentagon's. I'm not in love with The Scientist, hence it not being on here, but I did like their new album. It just wasn't in heavy rotation this month. I also mentioned the Monsta X comeback (yep!) and "the new Stray Kids single." Oh, how naive you were, young child. You did not yet realize that you would become obsessed.

Predictions for next month... that's difficult, fam. I'm at kinda a weird spot right now, where I'm not sure where to go next. It's either going to be returning to a group I stan and doing a deeper dive on their full discography (this would be any groups below Pentagon, Infinite, Got7, and Day6 on my bias list... I know those 4 groups' music inside and out, but I'm not quite as well versed in the little nooks and crannies of some groups I've only recently started stanning, like Monsta X or Seventeen), or getting into a new group. And I honestly don't know what that would be. Usually I have several kinda hovering around my awareness and then one of them starts screaming at me, and that's how I know. None of them are doing that, so I think everything is kinda just up in the air right now. That said, Dreamcatcher, BTS, and supposedly Blackpink all have comebacks in May, so I'll probably be listening to those.

Anyway, that's it for this post. I always ramble way too much at the end of these. Let me know which KPop songs (or just any songs in general tbh) you've been listening to on a constant loop!

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