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Ranking BTS's Title Tracks/ Singles

Here I am again, ranking the title tracks by another KPop group! I should probably slow down on these, because I'm running out of groups that I can actually do this with-- many of my favorite groups are new enough that they don't have a ton of title tracks to rank, and I don't stan a ton of groups yet. But, I guess I'll just slow down when I'm forced to. Today, I'm going to be ranking the title tracks by the KPop group that has recently been taking the United States by storm...

I also did a video ranking my top 10, so if you want to see this in video form, that video is embedded below!

BTS is a group that I've been listening to for quite a while now. I think that for a lot of people, they're the group that got them into KPop, but that's not the case for me. They were probably the third group where I actively began to seek out their music and learn the members (after Infinite & Got7) and they were the 4th that I began stanning (after the aforementioned 2 & Day6). I don't want to get into the reasons why I stan them, but in general, I really like the members as well as their music-- especially the title tracks. 

As always with these rankings, I want to give my little disclaimer before jumping into the list. This ranking is based solely on my personal opinion, not on how much the fandom likes it or on general popularity. You might not personally agree with where I've placed a song, and that's alright-- we can agree to disagree. I respect your opinion, and I ask that you do the same thing for me by not getting mad at me in the comments if we disagree. In general, I like all of BTS's songs. If I didn't like BTS, I wouldn't be doing this ranking. Aight, let's jump into the list.

20) N.O

When I first started making this list, I didn't expect N.O to be all the way at the bottom of this list. It's never been my favorite BTS song, but I certainly didn't expect it in last place. But, when listening to all of them in the quick succession that I do when making these lists, every single other song had a little something that propelled it slightly higher than N.O. A slightly catchier chorus, a slightly more interesting verse, etc. Personally, it just doesn't grab me as much as any of the others do.

19) Miss Right

I really love the chorus of Miss Right. It's so soft and cute. I know the song came under some criticism for its lyrics at the same time as Converse High and War of Hormone, but from the translations I've seen, I don't see anything misogynistic and I'm usually rather quick to yell sexism. Unrealistic body standards? A bit. Too much body-praising for my liking? Absolutely. In my interpretation, the narrator of the song is speaking to & praising his girlfriend, not talking about women in general. So, while the lyrics aren't my personal favorite, I don't find them problematic. A bit too much rambling there, but in general the lyrics aren't necessarily my fave, and I don't love the music quite enough to get it higher on the list. 

18) Epilogue: Young Forever

This is the first time I've said this in this post, and about the thousandth time I've said this on my blog, but I tend to naturally gravitate toward and prefer more hype, up-tempo songs over slower songs. Per usual, I like the chorus. I really enjoy J-Hope's rap right before the chorus and the brief silence before the chorus. And in general, I really enjoy the overall vibe of the song. And the lyrics are great as well. Obviously, I enjoy the song. I just prefer their more hype songs. 

17) Attack on Bangtan

I don't have too much to say about Attack on Bangtan. It's super hype, super in-your-face, and it's just a lot of fun. The chorus is great-- total jam song. The real distinguishing factor for me is just that this era of BTS's music isn't my favorite. I still like it, but just not as much as music from their later eras.

16) We Are Bulletproof Pt 2

Still not my favorite BTS era, but I prefer the music of We Are Bulletproof, and I like the lyrics more. I struggle with these first couple title tracks, because I really enjoy the lyrics-- they're not about love and relationships, they talk about how hard they work to achieve their dreams. It's a breath of fresh air. But like I said, this era isn't my fave musically, so it winds up here.

15) I Need U

IMO, we've reached the second tier of BTS songs. From here on out, these are the songs (aside from the newest releases) that I was the most aware of when getting into KPop. It took me months to realize that some of the songs lower on this list even existed. But these 15, these are the ones I saw and heard over and over and over, and therefore were the ones I most grew to love. That said, I'm pretty sure that placing I Need U at 15 is mega controversial. I'm not super aware of the fandom's general ranking of songs, but a reviewer I follow ranked it as the #1 BTS title track. The chorus is certainly one of their most iconic, and I like the rap verses (mainly RM's), but it just hasn't ever grabbed me the same way the songs higher have. Possibly because it's one of their more musically chill songs. 

14) Save Me

Yep, I'm predictable. It's not as hype, it's more chill, and therefore I simply just prefer other songs. Save Me and I Need U are mostly tied for me, and I prefer the chorus of I Need U. But I love the synths in the background of Save Me, as well as how soft the vocals are. Oddly, it's softer and more chill than I Need U, but I prefer it because of that. IDK, I'm weird. 

13) DNA

This was my first comeback as an ARMY and I had super mixed feelings about DNA upon first listen. I'd already fallen in love with the whistle motive, and across the board I really enjoyed the song, but I was surprised at how poppy it was for them. Out of all of their title tracks, it's probably one that's gotten the most replay for me since it's pretty new. Definitely a song I really enjoy, just not quite up to the level of my all-time favorites. 

12) Just One Day

Despite my general apathy toward slower songs, what I really love about Just One Day is how soft the chorus is. Generally, slower songs aren't quite as catchy, and that's probably why I enjoy them slightly less, but the chorus of Just One Day gets stuck in your head super quickly. The verses lose me just a tiny bit because despite the softness of the rapping, it seems to not quite fit the way I would like to. IDK what I would do to change that, though. We're at the point where it's just little tiny things that make me like a song less than the ones above it. 

11) Run

Run was one of the later BTS title tracks that I listened to, after already falling in love with most of the songs higher on this list. And that's likely the only reason that it falls just outside of the top 10. I love the rap verses a lot-- the rhythm paired with the rhythm of the music is really great. And I love the choreo in the chorus, and obviously the chorus is great as well. It's just a really fun song. 

10) Spring Day

Not even kidding, I could watch RM's opening verse in the MV on a constant loop and never get sick of it. The boy looks freakin' gorgeous and his voice is perfection. Spring Day is just beautiful. I love the way Tae's voice sounds on it as well, especially in the bridge ("You know it all, you're my best friend"-- gives me chills). It's by far my favorite of their slower, more emotional songs.

9) Mic Drop

IDK the general fandom sentiment, but for me, the original version of Mic Drop will always be my favorite. I like the Steve Aoki remix alright, but the one feat. Desiigner isn't my fave. So I guess technically despite the fact that I have the Steve Aoki remix embedded here, I'm putting the original version of Mic Drop in this slot. Anyway, I don't even know what to say about this song. The whole thing absolutely destroys me. Especially RM's verse. 

8) Fire

Of all of BTS's title tracks, Fire is probably the one that I would deem the most in-your-face. I mean, the chorus is literally the group yelling FIRE and bow wow wow haha. There's not too much I can say about it. It's a super fun, hype song and it's one that may not be the most musically interesting song in the world but it's really fun to just absolutely blast and jam out to.

7) No More Dream

I'm honestly surprised that I love this one as much as I do-- it's a fantastic song, but it's not the type of song that I gravitate toward. It's probably the most hip-hop skewed title track they've released, and yet I absolutely love it. RM's repetitive "Hey what's your dream" is a motive that I really enjoy, and I'm a big fan of the chorus as well. Plus the lyrics are some of my favorites-- I'm a sucker for songs that urge you to pursue your dreams. 

6) Dope

This was one of the first songs that got me interested in BTS. At the time, I think it was the most viewed of their music videos, so I decided to listen to that one when checking them out, and I really liked it. This was, of course, before I thought to turn on subtitles, so I didn't know that it also had fantastic lyrics accompanying it (probably my favorite BTS lyrics???). Anyway, I'm a big fan of brass instruments in pop music, so those synths mimicking brass instruments are the highlight of the song for me. The chorus is really fantastic, and the rap verses are really well done. It's pretty dope. 

5) War of Hormone

This song. I was extremely conflicted on where to put it on this list. Listening to it without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, it was my favorite BTS song. Hands down. It's honestly not even close. The prominent guitar and drums, the brass instruments... it's exactly what I love, and Tae's gravelly voice is pure perfection with it. But the lyrics... they're so problematic. If you haven't gone and read through them, please do. Plain and simple, the lyrics objectify women, from over-sexualization to calling women a present. They're not the most overtly horrible lyrics I've ever heard in my life, but they do make me uncomfortable, and they are sexist. So, given my opinion on the lyrics, how on earth could I have it this high on the list? Because I'm weak. Plain and simple. Because I don't speak Korean and can easily listen to the song and not think about the meaning behind the sounds I hear their mouths making. It's a lame excuse, and I should probably put it down at the very bottom of this list, but the music is so fantastic that I couldn't bring myself to do so. 

(Note: The members have admitted to some of their past lyrics being problematic, so if you're rushing to defend them, please don't, because they have already recognized their missteps and are taking steps to correct those mistakes going forward. I'm not here to call BTS sexist, I'm just saying that the lyrics of this particular song are. I really respect them for their ability to admit to their mistakes and try not make them again in the future.)

4) Not Today

If Fire is their most bombastic song, Not Today is their most epic. The music video is epic, the choreo is epic, the lyrics are epic, the music is epic, everything is epic. The theme and lyrics are fantastic, and (something that's not super common for me), my favorite part of the song is probably the rap sections. Suga & RM's opening verse is probably my favorite part of the song, TBH. It just gets everything off to an awesome start. When I think about it, what's really cool about Not Today is that when I really think about what I love about the song... the music is almost an afterthought. The vocalists and the rappers are the focal point here, and they carry the song much, much more than the music does. That's super cool.

3) Danger

Ironically, I love Danger for the exact opposite reason I love Not Today. WoH was the first BTS song I ever really loved, but Danger was the first one that made me want to listen to more of their songs. Essentially, WoH was the introduction to BTS, and Danger was what sent me falling straight into the fandom. TBH, I just really, really enjoy the influences in their 2014 title tracks. It's by far my favorite BTS sound-- not only does it have the rock sound and electric guitar, but it often includes nods to 90s hip hop, which wasn't something I realized I loved until hearing it used in BTS's music (seriously, some of these songs give me major flashbacks to playing Tony Hawk games when I was younger. Their 2014 title tracks really make me think of the mix of punk rock and hip hop in the Tony Hawk soundtrack). Anyway, Danger is just such a cool song, from the opening beat boxing, to the rap verses, to the melody in the chorus. It was my favorite BTS song for quite a while as I was first listening to their music.

2) Boy in Luv

I feel like everything I need to say about Boy in Luv has already been said about Danger haha. The mix of rock and hip hop influences is my favorite BTS sound, and it's just so fantastic in Boy in Luv. That said, by far my favorite part of this song is Tae's part. His voice just fits so perfectly with this sound, and the fact that (after a brief intro) Tae's gravelly voice is what starts the song is just really fantastic. The first time I heard Boy in Luv, I loved it and it skyrocketed up my favorites list.

1) Blood Sweat & Tears

Well... I'm sure no one was expecting this, right...? Lol yep, I'm basic. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of ARMY name Blood Sweat & Tears as their favorite BTS song, but it's just so good. (that's probably an extreme exaggeration, but like... everyone loves this song.) Anyway, I find it impossible to talk about this song independent of its MV because IT. IS. A. FREAKING. MASTERPIECE. Everything about both the song and the MV is just beautiful. Jimin's voice at the beginning is basically magical. Also the "accidental" jacket thing. Honestly, I should just stop while I'm ahead because I'm about to describe everything in both the song and MV that I love and that's everything. So like... it's beautiful. Everything is beautiful. The end.

So, that's it for my BTS title track rankings. Like I said at the beginning, this is just my personal opinion, so please don't get angry at me in the comments if we disagree. 😊 But! please do let me know your favorite BTS title track down in the comments-- I'm always curious to see which ones are the ones most people love. 

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Goals/Resolutions for 2018

This is probably going to be pretty rambly, so... prepare yourselves? IDK. Work with me here. Anyway, I tend to make beginning of the year bookish resolutions, but this year I decided to make goals across the board. I plan to make a video sharing these as well, but I wanted to do a blog post explaining first, since I can't film for about another week.

So, a bit of explanation here: One major struggle that I've had this year is that I've accumulated a huge pile of hobbies and interests and things I want to do, and it's gotten big enough that I'm finding it difficult to split my focus on a regular basis. I'm finding myself working on one or two at a time, letting the others fall by the wayside, and I hate doing that. So, I wanted to make some year-long goals that I can work toward. Instead of making tons and tons, I've decided to make a single goal for each hobby. Something to reach for that is attainable, but still a little challenging. That way, I'm not pushing myself too hard in any one hobby.

Without any further ado, let's jump into the list.


I figured this was the best one to start with, given that it's the hobby where I give myself yearly goals every year. Usually, I give myself a challenge to read 50 books and to read 7 books with 500+ pages. And I'm not giving myself either of those this year, even though they're in the back of my mind because I do legitimately want to accomplish those this year. Instead, I've given myself a single goal to work toward year-long.

My 2016 goal was to get my TBR down from 45ish% to 35%, and I accomplished that. My goal for 2017 was to get it from 35% to 30%. And now, at the beginning of 2018, it's sitting at.... 39%. Yeah, I kinda screwed that up. BUT I believe in myself, and given that it's my singular reading goal for 2018, I think I've got this. 

I'm also doing a challenge based off of booksandlala's closet unhaul series, where I watch old hauls and have to read the books from them that are still on my TBR shelf. Technically, that's not a "goal" for the year, because either I read the books or I don't-- either way, books are probably getting unhauled. BUT, it does help me to accomplish this goal. So, win win. The first video in that series is embedded below!


One major change in 2017 is that I've started a second YouTube channel! My obsession with KPop that developed throughout the year led to the creation of a KPop-centric YouTube channel and many, many KPop videos. One of which got 100K+ views. Which is mind-blowing. My goal for the year is a pretty simple one..

Yes, that's 2 videos a week. Approximately.  Which sounds like a lot, and it is. But I love making videos, and that's only 1 video a week for each channel, and I've been doing 2 per channel for the past couple weeks with very little difficulty. This challenge allows me to split it up however I want, so if I'm at a point where I'm working on a particularly time-intensive KPop video, I could easily make up for that by having 2 bookish video in a week, which isn't difficult at all. Really, all this challenge forces me to do is to be consistent with each of the channels, since I'll probably get burnt out if I make 100 bookish videos or 100 KPop videos. 


At the beginning of 2017, I was sitting on a freshly-written 96K word first draft of Flirting With Fame, my NaNo project. I worked on character development and outlining sporadically throughout the year, and then in October, I started a new fanfic project, which I worked on during NaNo. And then, right at the end of the year, I finished character development and outlining and prepared to start a second draft of Flirting With Fame. So... two projects. Both of which I like. Only one goal makes sense...

Across the board, I really just want to finish A draft this year, regardless of the project, but I've decided that I want to restrict it to these two projects because I really shouldn't jump into another one until I've finished a draft of each. In reality, I would like to finish a draft of both of these, since I really love both of them, but I'm not going to give myself that huge of a challenge for the year. So, one draft. Of one of them. I think I'm going to begin with Flirting With Fame, but IDK for sure. I've been working on it, but not consistently. So, we'll see where that goes. I might need to set up some sort of writing schedule for myself but IDK for sure. 


Another new thing that happened this year is that I started learning Korean. TL;DR: I've been wanting to learn a second language for a long time, and I was working on Spanish because I took Spanish in high school and college and was pretty good at it. But, when I started getting into KPop, I switched to Korean instead and have been learning Korean on and off since May. Given that it's a language, it's hard to have a definitive goal, but the one I've decided on is...

I feel like I've simultaneously learned a lot and almost nothing at all with my Korean learning. It's incredibly frustrating. That said, I am able to understand some very basic phrases that I see popping up on posts, which I always love. But, I want to improve upon this. I'm less concerned about the conversing than with reading. Long-run, obviously I'd like to be fluent enough to be able to both speak and read the language, but obviously reading is going to be the easier one because conjugating is possibly the hardest thing about speaking a language. Anyway, my goal obviously isn't to be fluent by the end of the year, but I want to have a basic reading knowledge of the language by the end of the year. Maybe not to understand all of the conjugations or to be able to speak fluently, but I want to be able to understand enough that I don't have to tap the translate button on all of the things my favorite idols post.


It's hard for me to come up with a goal for my blog, since I mostly just post whatever I want on here, but I decided to give myself a pretty simple one...

A couple years ago, I did a ranking of all of the designers who'd ever been on Project Runway. It was a huge series, and it took forever. And I loved doing it. And I want to do another one. I mentioned this several times throughout 2017, but have yet to do one, so I think I need to finally do it in 2018. I've been planning on ranking my favorite RuPaul's Drag Race queens for at least a year at this point, so I think that once we get season 10, I'm going to do that. But IDK. I gotta do some sort of a big ranking. 


This is my Harry Potter analysis blog, linked at the top of this blog, where I analyze the series chapter by chapter. I started it in 2016 and have been severely, severely slacking on it, and I want to get back to working on it. I don't want it to be my priority throughout the year, but I do want to work on it. So, I'm giving myself a pretty simple goal...

I honestly don't remember how many chapters I've analyzed and how many I have left, but I think that if I do one per month, I can finish by the end of the year. So this isn't a big challenge that I'm giving myself. I just want to work on this blog in some form or fashion and not totally neglect it.

And, I think for now... that's it. 6 hobbies. 6 goals. Hopefully all of them are achievable. There are other things I want to do throughout the year that I'm not making as specific goals (some TV shows/movies I want to watch, some other reading goals, etc), but these are the only firmly in-place goals. They seem pretty manageable, so here's to hoping that I can complete all 6 of them in 2018.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Top 10 Songs: December 2017

As usual, I'm back again to talk about the songs that I've been listening to on repeat all month. I think I say this every month, but this month was a weird one. December is always kinda weird for me, mostly because it's just so disjointed. At the beginning of the month, I was finishing finals and still on campus, so I was still listening to music most of the time, and then went on break. When I'm on break, I only really listen to music sporadically, because I'm mostly spending time watching TV and working on creative projects. So, TBH, apart from when we were driving to visit family, I haven't really listened to music as much as usual for the past couple weeks. And, when I did, I was mostly jumping around within playlists so that I could make my end of the year song ranking videos (Top 40 of 2017 & Top 50 Pre-2017).

So, there aren't really that many songs that I've been specifically listening to on repeat. And especially not many that haven't already been featured on one of these lists-- which certainly isn't a requirement, but I'd prefer not to have repeats if I can help it. So this was a particularly difficult list to put together, because I feel like there aren't really ANY songs that I've listened to on repeat the same way that I have for the past several months. That said, these are definitely some songs that I've been listening to quite a lot, and (as should be expected at this point) they're mostly from the same few groups. And, as always, the one that's been on replay the most is at the very end.

Aight, no more rambling-- on to the list!

O Sole Mio by SF9

SF9 has been steadily growing on me over the past month or so. Their debut song, Fanfare, was one of the first few KPop songs that I really enjoyed, but I hadn't ever taken the time to actually listen to their other songs. And then, when O Sole Mio was released, it re-ignited my interest in listening to them. It took a little while longer for me to actually start listening to the rest of their music, but O Sole Mio's release was really the instigator. And it's such an interesting song-- integrating a Spanish flair into a KPop song and mixing Korean with several other languages is something I haven't seen before. And it doesn't do it at the expense of catchiness, because the chorus is super catchy. It's not my favorite SF9 song, but it's one that I've listened to quite a bit.

Jungle Game by SF9

This song. is. so. catchy. I could listen to Jungle Game on constant repeat and never get sick of it. For a while, this was probably my favorite SF9 song. It's been just barely edged out, but it's a super cool song. Just like so many KPop songs that I love, it shifts from one catchy hook to another, never letting up for a single second. The verses are catchy, the pre-chorus is catchy, everything is catchy. The composer of this song knew exactly what they were doing, because this song gets stuck in your head and refuses to go away.

Easy Love by SF9

And here's the song that's replaced Jungle Game as my favorite SF9 song! This is really what sparked this most recent wave of listening to SF9. I stumbled across a song review for Easy Love that described it as similar to If You Do by God7 (er... Got7, ooops, what was I thinking? 😉), and my love of If You Do has been well-documented on every platform-- it's my favorite KPop song of all time. So, I had to check it out... and I really loved it. It was definitely one that had to grow on me, but it's become my favorite SF9 song. It's definitely not as good as If You Do (nothing really is) but it's really solid. And I've definitely been listening to it quite a bit lately.

Change Up by Seventeen

So, we're now moving on to the next group/section of the list, which is the Seventeen section. As I mentioned in my last post, their most recent title track, Clap, sparked my interest in listening to more of their music. While I'm not quite as obsessed with them as I thought I would be at this point, I've definitely listened to them quite a bit more and have watched a lot more videos of them and am finding myself falling deeper and deeper into the carat fandom. Anyway, of the Seventeen songs on this list, this is the only one that is a new discovery. I decided to start by listening to their most recent music, meaning that I started with Teen.Age. and this is the song from it that I loved the most... apart from Clap, of course. I'm still trying to solidify my bias for sure, but I'm pretty sure my biases are Woozi and S.Coups, so I love this leaders sub-unit. Either way, this is one that I really ended up liking, and I'm really finding myself liking the sub-unit songs.

Boom Boom by Seventeen

Like I said on the last one, it's not like I just discovered Boom Boom this month. In fact, it was probably one of the earliest KPop songs that I downloaded this summer when discovering music. It was definitely one of the early ones that I really enjoyed, and it's one of the Seventeen songs that has been on repeat the most this month. I love that it keeps their signature funk, while combining it with other sounds and therefore making it slightly less overtly funky. I didn't explain that well at all, but basically they're doing something a bit different but staying true to their sound, which I really enjoy. And that chorus... I could listen to it on constant repeat and never get sick of it.

Very Nice by Seventeen

Before Clap, this was my favorite Seventeen song, and it's still an extremely close second. It's so good. The brass. The funk. It's so much fun. It's so catchy. Woozi knew what he was doing with this one (then again, Woozi just knows what he's doing in general when composing and IDK how he does it). This was the first Seventeen song I ever heard, and what a way to be introduced to a group, right? I honestly think that it's up there among the top KPop songs of all time. It's so good. Plus, combine it with its iconic choreo and it's just actual perfection.

I Like You by Day6

And, of course, it's not one of these lists without some Day6, right? And we got THREE new Day6 songs this month instead of 2. And all 3 of them made it onto the list, because even though they're not my all time favorite Day6 songs, December was definitely one of their strongest months across the board during the EveryDay6 Project. I Like You isn't incredibly high on my list of Day6 title tracks, but all of their title tracks are perfect and it outdid the last few, so that's really not saying too much. The chorus is just so anthemic and the vocals are soaring and my heart soars every time Brian sings the chorus. It's so great. 

Better Better by Day6

I can't stress enough how rhythmically interesting this song is. The tempo and rhythm are constantly changing, varying between several different things. It's really fantastic. There's lots of syncopation going on, and I love that it's so rhythmically ambiguous that you never really find your footing in a specific tempo, especially in the chorus. It's really, really cool. I don't really know what else to say about it-- it's just super cool. 

I'll Try by Day6

I don't even know if I have words to talk about this song. It's beautiful. I know I didn't rank it super high on the Day6 album tracks, but it's an absolute masterpiece. If this is what a song composed by Wonpil sounds like, Wonpil needs to write songs for them more often. It's so different from anything else they've released, but in a really beautiful way. The piano solo is stunning and the subsequent a cappella section is breathtakingly perfect. Honestly when I first heard it, I spent half the time questioning whether Day6 is a rock band or a choir with piano accompaniment, because that's basically what this song is, and it's beautiful in every single way.

Heart Shaker by Twice

I don't have super strong opinions on Twice like the rest of the KPop-loving world seems to. I really like Cheer Up, some of their other title tracks are catchy, and Likey really grew on me when it was released a couple months ago, but I also agree that (from the admittedly few MR removed videos I've seen) they are a bit lacking in the vocal skill department. But I fell in love with Heart Shaker on first listen. IMO, Heart Shaker is the most immediately catchy song that Twice has ever released. There are probably a ton of people who would disagree with me on that, but of all of their songs, this is the only one that has really, really grabbed me immediately upon first listen. 

OK, so time to reflect on last month's predictions and make some more for the upcoming month. Last month, I thought I'd get more into Seventeen and that Wonwoo or Woozi was my bias, and maybe S.Coups, Joshua, and Vernon. At this point, I still don't know the members well enough to have a super definitive bias, but I'm fairly certain my biases are Woozi and S.Coups. Woozi is so freakin' talented when it comes to writing and composing music, and S.Coups is too and he's also so sweet and adorable??? But also like so cool at the same time??? He's really got that Jb/Jaebum thing going on a bit. I like Josh and Vernon as well but I don't feel confident enough to declare either of them my bias. Anyway, I predicted that I'd download more of their music, have a definitive bias, and that I'd like them more than BTS. I think at this point, I can confidently say that all 3 of those are pretty accurate. Also, I mentioned in my last post that Yeo One was my Pentagon bias, with Hongseok, E'Dawn, and Yuto right behind him. At this point, I think I've very firmly decided that both Yeo One and Hongseok are my bias, and E'Dawn and Yuto are my bias wreckers.

As far as next month, I'm really hesitant to make predictions. Infinite is having a comeback, so I know I'm going to be listening to their new album on constant repeat because they're my babies and I love them a whole lot. I think I'll be listening to Seventeen more (because I already am. Their 2 full albums have been on constant repeat all day today-- expect to see Healing on the January one...). As far as new groups, I'm not totally sure. I keep meaning to listen to more EXO and to pay more attention to SF9, Monsta X, Red Velvet, and Dreamcatcher, but I know better than to expect myself to get too into multiple groups at the same time. I think my main focus will probably be upon Seventeen and whichever groups I'm making videos about. Which might be BTS and Pentagon. And Got7, because I'm listing my favorite album tracks by them. So maybe some of those will be on here.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, so I'll stop. Thanks for reading my rambly thoughts! Let me know down in the comments what you think about the songs I've talked about today, and what songs you've had on a constant repeat lately. I hope everyone had a great New Year! Happy 2018! 

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