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End of the Year TBR!

Hey, y'all! So, I've been seeing some people post videos and pictures about the books that they want to read by the end of the year, so I decided to go ahead and do the same since I have a complete list of the books that I want to read before the new year. I'll also do them in the order that I plan on reading them. Let's jump right into it!

The Bone Season
by Samantha Shannon

When I started working on this post, I had just started this book. However, I have now finished it, so it's no longer on my TBR. Sometime in the next few days/ in the next week I plan to get a discussion up for this, so stay tuned because I have a lot of strong feelings about this book and need the next book NOW.

The Bane Chronicles
by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson

This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, because I love Magnus Bane A LOT. I planned to start this right after finishing The Bone Season, but I'm having a book hangover and I'm not sure how long it'll be until I start it. I just want more of The Bone Season, but there isn't any more yet and I'M DYING OVER HERE. Anyway, I'm really excited about this and this is what I'll be reading next.

The Chaos Walking Trilogy
Book 1- The Knife of Never Letting Go
Book 2- The Ask and the Answer
Book 3- Monsters of Men
by Patrick Ness

I picked these up last month with the intent of reading them before the end of the year. And that's what I intend to do! I plan to start the trilogy after finishing The Bane Chronicles (which shouldn't take too long). This sounds like exactly what I'll love- a sci-fi dystopian. The only thing that would be better is a fantasy dystopian, but that still isn't that far off from this. They're big books, but once I get into the plot and characters, I should just fly through this.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
Book 1- The Hunger Games
Book 2- Catching Fire
Book 3- Mockingjay
by Suzanne Collins

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll be familiar with the fact that I have not read this trilogy. And yes, I realize how incredibly shocking that is. Especially given my love of dystopians. I was told about the first book and how good it was long before the hype, but brushed it off, because I didn't trust the opinions of the person suggesting it to me because they weren't super booky and I assumed they didn't really know my taste. Then everything got so hyped and I was being hipster and avoiding because it was popular and then it just got to the point where it was ridiculous that I hadn't read it... and now we're here. But that's not the only reason I haven't read them. I also heard that Mockingjay isn't that great. BUT, I saw the first movie for a second time when it was on TV and it reminded me how much I liked the movie the first time and so I decided that I really needed to give it a try. If I'm to believe most people, these really shouldn't take too long to get through. 

The Rook
by Daniel O'Malley

Lately I've just really been in the mood for adult fantasy, and that's what this is. It's another fantasy dystopian, which is partially what drew me to it. After reading Ready Player One, I had the worst book hangover and wanted to read something exactly like it. But of course, the book is just so unique that it's impossible to find something similar enough. But I went to one of those "What should I read next?" generators, and this was like the first result. And Goodreads also told me to read it. I read the synopsis and knew immediately that I needed to read it. 

The Name of the Wind
by Patrick Rothfuss

Like I've said a few times in the past, I've been really into adult fantasy lately. And I've heard nothing but good things about this book. I thought it was a stand-alone, but apparently it's a series, which is actually even better. The second book is already out, so I may need to read the second one before the end of the year too!

OK, so that's it for the books that I want to read by the end of the year! I plan on doing a ranking of every book I've read this year (excluding re-reads), so you can look forward to that next month!

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Top 5 Books Over 500 Pages| Top 5 Wednesday [Video]

Hey, y'all! So, I recently started trying my hand at Booktubing, so I decided to go ahead and post yesterday's video to my blog. There's a series within Booktube that's called Top 5 Wednesday, with a different topic every week. This week, it was Top 5 Books Over 500 Pages. Since I LOVE big books, I decided to get in on the action. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October/November Book Haul [Book Haul #5]

Hey, y'all! So remember how I said I would see you in December? Oops, I lied. Not on purpose, of course, but I just didn't think about the fact that I'd be doing my book haul soon. My bad. This will probably be my last book haul of the year, because there's only one other book I want to read by the end of the year that I don't have. Also, since there are only 9 books in this haul, I'm not going to divide by sections. I'm just going to go book by book.

Also, as a side note, this is possibly the most excited I've ever been about a book haul. And I'm not saying that because I want you to get pumped or to try to get you to read on. I'm genuinely really excited about all of these books. I bought almost all of these with the intent to read them by the end of the year, so they're all ones that I'm really wanting to read. And there are a couple that I've already read.

Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn

This is one of the books that I've already read. If you'd like to read my thoughts about it, you can click here to see my discussion post.

There was just so much buzz surrounding the movie and I really like mysteries/ psychological thrillers, so I was really interested in reading it. And it was definitely an interesting read.

The Rook
by Daniel O'Malley

After reading Ready Player One, I had a major book hangover. Like, bigtime. I wanted to read something exactly like it. Every time I looked on a website for similar books, this one popped up. I wasn't totally sure since it was more of an adult novel and I usually go for YA (not that I'm afraid of adult-- my brain just defaulted to looking for books that fit my typical genre rather than branching out). However, upon realizing that this was both a fantasy and a dystopian and after reading the very intriguing blurb, I was very interested. And also, because of my interest in a certain book (which pops up later in this haul), I've gotten really interested in adult fantasy. 

The Chaos Walking Trilogy:
The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Ask and the Answer
Monsters of Men
by Patrick Ness

I've had my eye on these books for a while, and when deciding to get the first book, I just decided to buy the trilogy in matching covers. These covers are really pretty (especially The Knife of Never Letting Go) and I also love the spines.

This trilogy is a science fiction dystopian (oh look, my fave word!) and it just sounds insanely interesting. I know that when I read the first, I'll want to continue immediately. The only concern I have with these is that their binding is really tight. They almost seem like they're British binding and I'm not excited about that because I hate breaking spines, especially really pretty ones like these. I just want them to loosen to that I can actually open them without being scared of cracking the spine.

A Clash of Kings
by George R.R. Martin

I had both the first and the third book in this series, and I want to start it sometime near the beginning of next year, so I decided to go ahead and get the second book. I really like the big, floppy, trade paperback copies, so that's what I went for. I found this used online, so it was pretty inexpensive. So now I can marathon the first three books and hopefully the rest of the series once I buy them!

The Bane Chronicles
by Cassandra Clare

Y'all. This was like my most anticipated book of the year other than City of Heavenly Fire. I absolutely love Magnus Bane. He's possibly my favorite character in the Shadowhunter world. He's just so snarky and sassy  and sarcastic and I love him. The cover is gorgeous, and I could not be more excited about getting to read even more about him. This is my next read after the one I'm reading right now.

The Diviners
by Libba Bray

This is the other book in the haul that I've already read. I discussed it in the same post as my Gone Girl discussion, so you can click here if you want to check out my discussion about The Diviners as well. I won't go into too much detail here, but let's just say that I enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting the second book in the series (trilogy?). Going into it, I'd heard many really great things, but wasn't certain about how much I'd like it. So I was cautiously optimistic. But I ended up really enjoying it!

The Bone Season
by Samantha Shannon

This is actually the book that I'm reading right now. I watched a book haul that Regan (PeruseProject on Youtube) did, and in it, she hauled this book. When she said fantasy and dystopian within the same breath, my interest was peaked. And when she explained what it was about, I immediately went and found a used copy online and ordered it because it just sounded so incredibly interesting. I love both genres and it's set in England, and it's going to be a series, and it just seems to be everything I really like in books. So far, I'm really loving it.

So there you go, that's all for my October/November Book Haul! Like I said at the beginning of the post, this will probably be the last book haul of the year. I have all but one of the books that I want to read by the end of the year, so I shouldn't be buying any more after that one. Maybe.

I'll be back in a few days with my TBR for the rest of the year, which might be outdated by the time I get it up, because I might have finished The Bone Season by then. Either way, I do plan to get that up later this week.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quick Update Post!

Hey y'all!

This feels kinda weird after being away for a good two weeks. After blogging regularly for a year, and then taking a break, it seems like this blog is a long lost friend. But unfortunately, I won't be back for long. I won't be gone for long either. But I'm just posting this really quickly and then peace-ing out again. 

Long story short, I decided (very last-minute) to do NaNoWriMo. I actually decided to do it ON November 1st. Fortunately, I already had a story plot in place, so I just went for it. And with the time I'm spending writing for NaNo, I haven't been able to devote time to my blog. 

Anyway, I just wanted to get this up on my blog to explain why I've been MIA for the past couple weeks. I will be back once November is over... although I'll have finals, so just bear that in mind. But I just wanted to let y'all know that I didn't just disappear never to be heard from again. I'll be back. And not in the horror movie way where they say "I'll be back" and then they die and are never heard from again. I'll actually be back. Promise. 

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm going to go back to writing because I'm currently behind by a lot.

See you in December!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Secret Lightning Scar Chapter 12 [A Harry Potter Fanfic]

“But why do they have to be so obvious about it?” Ron complained under his breath, glancing over to the opposite side of the common room, where Harry and Ginny were intertwined in a large chair, snogging. In the week and a half since the quidditch game, that was almost all they did anymore.

“Honestly, Ronald, you did the exact same thing a few years ago,” Hermione replied, her eyes fixed on her homework. When she finally looked up and saw the canoodling couple, she grimaced. “Although it is still rather unpleasant,” she conceded before returning to her work.

“You’re upset about this, right, Carrie?” Ron asked.

“Well I’d rather not see them snogging constantly, but I don’t mind the relationship. I even told him that he should ask her out. It was a bit of a surprise when I saw them that first time though,” I replied with a shrug.

“You told him that he should ask her out? Are you mental?!” Ron said a bit too loudly. I glanced over to see if they had overheard, but they were clearly too wrapped up in each other to notice anything else.

“He and Ginny seemed to be pretty serious about each other when they dated a couple years ago, so I said that he should ask her out if he still had feelings for her. He didn’t seem too interested when I said it, but I guess he changed his mind,” I replied.

“Have you talked to him yet?” Ron asked. I shook my head.

“I haven’t talked to him since our fight. He’s been too uh… busy,” I replied, looking back to the chair. Ron rolled his eyes.

“This is the longest you two have gone without talking. Aren’t you the slightest bit concerned?” Hermione said, once again without looking up from her work.

“He was upset with me for putting my boyfriend before my best friend, so if he’s going to do the same thing with Ginny, I’m not going to bother,” I replied.

“Carrie, he’s your best friend-”

“Yeah, and he acted like a total jerk and hasn’t even attempted to talk to me since, so until he decides to apologize or even acknowledge that I exist, I’m not going to bother,” I retorted, cutting Hermione off. In the time since the argument, my frustration had become anger, which had turned into fury. Harry didn’t seem to be even the slightest bit upset about how we had left things last time we had spoken, and that made things even worse.

Within minutes of our fight, when I was still upset and wanting to fix things, he was perfectly content to start making out with my sister. In any normal circumstance, I would have been glad for him to finally go out with Ginny. But not immediately after the biggest fight we’d ever had. He made it very clear that he couldn’t care less about any emotional pain he had caused me, so there was no way I was going to let him see how much he’d hurt me.

“It works both ways, Carrie. Maybe he’s waiting for you to talk to him,” Hermione said.

“But he’s the one in the wrong here!” I replied.

“He probably feels the same way about you,” Hermione said quietly. I frowned, knowing that there was probably at least a little truth to that statement, but there was no way I’d go and try to fix things with Harry after a week of getting ignored.

“It’s almost dinnertime. Can we go get some food?” Ron said as his stomach growled right on cue.

“That’s alright with me. I’m at a stopping point,” Hermione replied. “Carrie?”

“I can’t. It’s mine and Draco’s two month anniversary, and he wanted to do something for dinner. I’m meeting him in about half an hour,” I replied.

“Oh, alright,” Ron replied. “Hermione, can we go ahead and go then?”

“Sure,” she replied, standing up and setting her books down. “See you later, Carrie,” she said as the two left the common room.

I was left with a few random students and the snogging couple, so I gathered my things and went up to the girls’ dormitory. Once up there, I decided to change into regular clothes for the date, so I pulled on jeans and a tank top and threw on a button-up plaid shirt. I made sure to only leave the top couple of buttons undone to make sure that my scar didn’t accidentally make an appearance. That would require explanations that I really didn’t feel like dealing with.

With ten minutes left before I was supposed to meet Draco, I left the dormitory. Fortunately, Harry and Ginny seemed to have gone to dinner as well, because their usual chair was empty. I left the common room and made my way to the Room of Requirement, where Draco had requested that I meet him. He was already waiting for me when I arrived, leaning against the blank wall. When he saw me coming, he paced in front of the wall and a door appeared on it.

He walked inside and held the door open for me. When I walked inside, I found that we were in the same small room that we went to last time. Once again, he had decided to cook dinner. “No creativity, I see,” I joked as he closed the door.

Draco’s face fell. “Really?” he asked. “I thought you’d like it.”

“I’m kidding. I love it,” I replied, giving him a peck on the cheek. He grinned and hurried to put food on the plates. 

For the next half hour, we sat at the table, eating and laughing, enjoying every second of each other’s company. Finally, he stood up and grabbed both of our plates and took them over to the kitchen. I found myself wanting somewhere more comfortable to sit, and when I glanced over to the fireplace, saw that a couch had appeared beside it. I moved over to the couch and Draco joined me a few seconds later, wrapping his arm around me as I leaned into his chest. For a short while, we just sat there, content to be together, without the need to speak to fill a void.

“Carrie?” Draco finally said.


“I really did mean it when I said that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said. I made a noise of disbelief, somewhere between a chuckle and a scoff. “I’m serious,” he said, sitting straight up and turning to face me. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been, and it’s because of you.”

“I’m glad you’re happy,” I said with a smile. “I am too.”

“I love you,” Draco suddenly blurted out. He seemed to immediately regret saying it, because his face turned bright red and he said, “I’m sorry, that was really sudden. But I’ve been wanting to say it for a while now and it just seemed like the right time. I know you probably think I’m being really cheesy, right now but-”

“No I don’t,” I interrupted him. His outburst hadn’t surprised me; I was actually surprised that he hadn’t said it sooner. I could tell that he’d thought about saying it several times over the last couple of weeks, because I’d felt the same way for a while as well. “I love you too,” I said, softly placing my hand on his cheek.

“You don’t mean that. You’re just saying it to make me feel better about blurting it out,” he said, looking almost hurt.

“Yes I do,” I replied. “I’ve wanted to say it so many times, but I was worried about saying it too soon and messing something up. Draco, I love you.”
Something in his eyes changed, and I could tell he finally believed me. “Carrie, you didn’t need to worry about saying it too soon. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you,” he said.

“OK, now you’re being really cheesy,” I laughed.

“I really don’t care,” Draco replied, pulling me toward him. Our lips met and I wrapped my arms around him, holding him as closely to me as possible. He moved his hand from my waist and began to undo the buttons of my shirt. I was so wrapped up in the kiss that I didn’t think about what was going on until he was on the last button. My mind suddenly went into panic mode, realizing that he was mere seconds from seeing the scar on my shoulder.  

“Draco, slow down,” I said, pulling slightly away from him and trying to push his hand from the last button. It was as if he hadn’t heard me, because he undid the last button anyway. His hand returned to my waist and with his other hand, the one behind my head, he pulled his lips back to mine. I pushed him back, worried about where he was going with this, and not wanting to take it any further. “Draco, seriously, stop it,” I told him, but when I looked into his eyes, they didn’t seem very focused, as if he wasn’t even seeing me. The hand he had behind my head trailed down my neck to my left shoulder and began pushing my shirt down my arm, revealing my scar.

In a panic, I reached out and slapped him across the face. This seemed to clear his head and bring his eyes back into focus, and I yanked my shirt back up to cover the scar. But the expression on his face was clear- he had seen the scar, and he had deduced what it meant.

“I’m leaving,” I said coldly as I stood up, trying to keep control of my emotions.

“Carrie, wait!” Draco said as I pushed past him to the door.
“Leave me alone, Draco!” I exclaimed, refusing to even look at him as I hurried out the door and slammed it behind me.

I didn’t even know how to think straight. Draco knew. He knew. Someone knew. It was more terrifying than I had ever imagined. On top of that, he had completely ignored me when I told him to stop. How could he do that to me, mere seconds after proclaiming his love for me? That sick, terrible git.

Somehow, through everything, I managed to find my way back to the Gryffindor common room. The portrait hole opened and I came face-to-face with the last (scratch that, second-to-last) person I wanted to see.

“Carrie?” Harry said, a look of sheer concern on his face. “What happened to you?”

“Nothing, I’m fine,” I said in an icy tone, trying to push past him. But he stretched his body out, blocking the entirety of the short corridor into the common room.

“You look absolutely traumatized,” he said. “You’re not fine.”

“Why would you care?” I responded.

“Because regardless of whether or not I’m mad at you, you’re my best friend, and I’ve never seen you like this,” he said. The sincerity in his eyes broke me. I collapsed against him and began sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder. Without a second’s hesitation, he said, “Let’s go somewhere a bit more private,” and scooped me up into his arms. He carried me up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory, since guys can’t go up to the girls’ dormitory. We entered the empty room and he set me down on his bed and I curled up into a ball as he went to close and lock the door so no one could come in. He then sat down next to me and held me as I cried. I don’t know how long it took for me to stop crying, but the entire time, he sat there right next to me without asking any questions. Eventually, my sobs became more sporadic, breathing became easier, and my tears began to dry up.

“Carrie,” Harry finally said, “You don’t have to tell me what happened if you don’t want to, but if someone did something to you, you need to tell me.”

“He found out,” I said incredulously, not wanting to believe that someone else knew about my scar, especially Malfoy.

“Who, Draco? Found what out?” Harry asked.

“Yes, Draco. He- he found out the thing that I’ve been hiding from everyone,” I answered. Harry looked confused. “You know, when I fell off my broom and told you I couldn’t tell you what had happened,” I clarified. It seemed to click with Harry.

“So he found out, and that’s what upset you?” Harry asked, still seeming somewhat confused.

“There’s more, but essentially yes, that’s the biggest thing,” I replied. I sighed. “I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I think it’s time I told you. You of all people deserve to know. Just please promise not to freak out.”

“I promise,” Harry replied, looking extremely concerned. I took a deep breath and slipped off the left shoulder of my shirt. It took Harry a second to recognize he was seeing. He touched a hand to his own scar and then looked at me with an expression of horror mixed with confusion. “I-I don’t understand ,” he said, although he seemed to just not want to believe what he’d just seen.

“My parents weren’t killed by a muggle intruder. Voldemort came looking for me, and the same thing happened to him when he tried to kill me. The ministry staged a cover-up, and managed to move my scar, and I’ve never been allowed to tell anyone,” I explained. “And because he tried to kill me because of the prophecy, it applies to me, too. I have to defeat him.”

“And- the day you fell off your broom?” Harry asked, clearly struggling to wrap his mind around all of this new information.

“My scar burned so badly that it made me black out. And when I blacked out, I saw Voldemort’s eyes. I talked to Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore’s painting, and they told me to tell you, Ron, and Hermione. But I just haven’t been able to bring myself to,” I replied.

“But you told Malfoy?” He asked, sounding annoyed.

“No, he saw my scar,” I replied.

“How did he--” Harry paused and his face went slightly red. “Oh.”

“I tried to stop him, because I didn’t want him to see it, but he wouldn’t listen to me,” I replied. Harry looked furious.

“Are you telling me that he tried to force himself on you?” Harry fumed, balling his hands into fists.

“Kind of. OK, yes. But that’s not what’s most important right now. He saw my scar. He knows. He’s one of four people outside of the ministry who know, including myself. It’s just me, you, McGonagall, and Malfoy. He knows,” I said.

Harry still looked incredibly angry, but tried to move on with me. “I’m still trying to deal with the fact that Voldemort isn’t dead,” he said. “What did McGonagall and Dumbledore say to do?”

“Sit tight at let him make the first move,” I replied.

What?” Harry exclaimed. “The most evil dark wizard ever is coming after you, and they told you to sit tight?”

“What else would they tell me?” I asked.

“Anything!” Harry exclaimed. “There has to be something you could do. They can’t just tell you to do nothing. That’s practically inviting Voldemort to come after you.”

“I’m glad you’re concerned, Harry, but this isn’t your problem anymore,” I said.

“This absolutely is still my problem,” Harry replied. “If they’re going after my best friend, they’re going after me!” He released what sounded like a sigh of relief and looked over at me with possibly the most affectionate expression I’d ever seen on his face. “All this time, I felt so alone trying to defeat Voldemort, but I really had you the entire time,” he realized.

“I tried to empathize with you as much as possible without giving anything away,” I said. “I didn’t want you to feel like you were completely alone.”

“No wonder you were always so helpful,” Harry replied.

“Yeah, I basically had a special window into your mind. You have no idea how many times I wanted to tell you what was going on,” I replied.

“I understand why you didn’t tell me,” he said. “But that’s such a heavy load to carry. People at least had some idea about my situation and tried to help. But you’ve had to deal with this by yourself for all these years.”

“It wasn’t easy,” I agreed. Looking at Harry, I saw my own pain reflected in his eyes.

“Well, you’re not on your own anymore. You’ve got me, and I’m not going anywhere,” he said. My eyes brimmed with tear.

“Pinkie promise?” I said weakly.

“I promise,” he said with a small chuckle. “I’m not going to leave my best friend on her own.” With a smile, I leaned my head against his shoulder and wrapped my arms around them.

“Thank you,” I said softly. And for a few minutes more, the two of us simply sat there, enjoying the company of the only other person in the world who could understand what we were going through.  


I hope y'all enjoyed chapter 12 of The Secret Lightning Scar! 
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The Secret Lightning Scar main page: Click Here 

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October Horror Marathon Book Discussions!

Hey, y'all! As y'all may (or may not) know, back in June, I started a series of posts where I do short discussions about all of the stand-alone books that I read. The second post of that series is in the works (just one more book 'til victory!), but since I did a horror (or just generally creepy/suspenseful books) reading marathon in October, I decided it would be cool to do discussions on those books separately. These discussions will be entirely spoiler-free and fairly short. They're also in order of when I read them, in case anyone was curious.

by Grady Hendrix

I really love horror, whether it's in movie or book form, but it was the formatting that drew me in. For those of you that don't know, Horrorstor is a new novel (released Sept. 23!) that is formatted like a furniture catalog. The premise of the story is that our main character, Amy, works at a furniture store that's an Ikea knockoff (which everyone in the book actually acknowledges). Some odd things have been happening overnight, so her manager asks her and another employee to stay with him overnight and try to figure out what has been going on. And as you might guess, it's a lot worse than anyone might have guessed. I absolutely flew through this book. I was just too curious to know what happened. I started it before going to bed one night and then finished it the next day. It was really intriguing and fast-paced. I'd heard that it was a pretty typical horror novel, so I wasn't expecting a ton, but I was actually pretty impressed. Yes, there were certain aspects where I thought it fell on typical horror tropes, but in general, I thought it was pretty unique. It definitely wasn't perfect though. I thought that Hendrix could use a few pointers in how to write suspense. In the first half of the book, there were several times something was supposed to be suspenseful, and because of the way it was written, the suspense didn't translate. Overall, it wasn't amazing, but I did enjoy it.

Also, one of the coolest aspects of the book is the way the chapters are presented. I don't want to spoil anything, but if you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about!

I'll give it 7.5 stars out of 10. 

172 Hours on the Moon
 by Johan Harstad

Let me start out with the fact that I enjoyed this book. There were definitely some things that I had problems with, but overall, I enjoyed it. The first thing that kinda bothered me about the book was how long it took before really getting interesting. It wasn't until around page 100 that we started to see creepy things going on, and even then, it wasn't incredibly exciting. Things got interesting when they got to the moon, but that was halfway through. Too much build-up for me. My second problem was the romance. I wouldn't exactly call it insta-love, but it didn't seem to serve a real purpose and felt just kinda thrown in.

This last problem I had is slightly harder to explain without spoiling, so I'll try my hardest. At a point near the end, there is a twist. To keep the reader in the dark about the twist, Harstad has a certain character do things that make literally no sense given what that character knows. Yes, it keeps the reader from discovering the twist until he reveals it, but once the reader finds out about the twist, they're like "oh, then why did that thing even happen?" Sorry to be so vague, but I don't want to spoil. If you want to know which moment I'm specifically talking about, feel free to ask!

However, excluding those problems, the book was enjoyable. It was very suspenseful, and until we discovered what was actually going on, I had no guesses as to what was really happening. Once the characters got to the moon, it became really fast-paced and I really didn't want to put it down. If you're wanting to read this, I'd tell you to power through the first 100 pages. It took me a few days to read the first half of the book, and a few hours to read the second half. It really picks up. I've complained about a lot of things in this book, but overall, I did like it.

In the end, I gave it 8 stars out of 10.

The Diviners 
by Libba Bray

When I started this book, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. All I knew was that it was set in New York City in the 1920s and that it was creepy and paranormal. It took me a little while to get into it. Adjusting to the slang of the time and remembering what was and wasn't acceptable in that time took a little while. But once I got into it, I was hooked. The fact that it was nice and long was really great for me, because it allowed me to actually get invested in the characters and the storyline. I really loved the pacing. The mixture of suspenseful, creepy scenes with the slower sleuthing scenes was really great. One aspect that I really appreciated was that for most of the book, a love triangle was alluded to, but it wasn't until close to the end that anything happened. However, I was really annoyed by which guy she went for. But supposedly, there are 3 more books coming, so that gives Evie three more books to fix her mistake. I actually didn't know until I got near the end of the book that it was going to be a series. I'd been reading it under the assumption that it was going to be just a stand-alone. I'm really excited to pick up the second book when it comes out, because I really, really enjoyed this one. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I thought it was great. 

Overall, I had to give it 9.8 stars out of 10. 

Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn

The first thing that I have to say about this is that it was very well-written. Gone Girl was very clever and kept me guessing for a very long time. The unfolding events that are crafted by the characters are very intricate and well done. It took me a very long time to figure out what the truth was and who to believe, and I really like that. I also really appreciated that we're not really supposed to completely like either Nick or Amy. We see even from the beginning that they both have their issues and that they're both flawed people, and I really like that.

One bit that I wasn't such a huge fan of was the ending. And by ending, I don't mean "Part 3" when everything begins to wrap itself up. I mean like the last 10 pages. I thought everything up to that point was really great. But those last 10 pages... nope. However, I do think it was appropriate for the book. For my own contentment, I wanted to change those pages. But they worked. In that sense, the ending reminded me of 1984.

I don't see this book becoming a long-standing favorite of mine that I re-read thousands of times. I think that my praise for the book is due to about 60% appreciation for the complexity of the book and how well-crafted it was, and 40% personal love. Yes, I did really like it, but my feelings toward it lean more toward admiration of a well-written novel than something that I feel extremely personally attached to.

I have to give it 9.5 stars out of 10. It's just incredibly well-crafted.

So there you go, those were my discussions for my October horror reads! I hope you enjoyed this post! I've got a lot of things planned for the near future, so just be ready for that!

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