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McFly- Motion In The Ocean

Hello, again! Did you miss me? First of all, you may have noticed that this blog has been moved to a new account. YES, it is still me! This is simply my normal account. Putting it on my main account makes it easier for me to get it written. And I can cross-promote my blogs easier as well ^-^ 

Release Date: November 6, 2006
Genre: pop rock, pop punk
Track Listing
  1. We Are The Young
  2. Star Girl
  3. Please Please
  4. Sorry's Not Good Enough
  5. Bubble Wrap
  6. Transylvania
  7. Lonely
  8. Little Joanna
  9. Friday Night
  10. Walk In The Sun
  11. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  12. Silence Is A Scary Sound (Hidden Track)
McFly is:
Tom Fletcher- lead vocals, guitar, keyboard, piano, ukulele
Danny Jones- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, producer
Dougie Poynter- bass guitar, vocals, guitar
Harry Judd- drums, percussion

About McFly: A lot of this is copied from my post about their Greatest Hits album. They were formed in 2003, and have had the same lineup for a decade. They've released 5 studio albums: Room On The 3rd Floor (2004), Wonderland (2005), Motion In The Ocean (2006), Radio:ACTIVE (2008), and Above The Noise (2010). Their other albums are soundtracks, live, and compilations. Each of their CDs has a distinct sound. Room On The 3rd Floor, their debut album, actually broke a Beatles record in 2004. McFly became the youngest band whose debut CD debuted at #1 on the UK charts. A little obscure and seemingly unimportant, but it's a small victory. This album definitely has a Beach Boys vibe. 2005's Wonderland is definitely a lot more orchestral, and actually includes an orchestral piece composed by Tom. 2006's Motion In The Ocean & 2008's Radio:ACTIVE are the most similar of their albums, and are my personal favorites (Radio:ACTIVE is my personal favorite album ever). These two definitely showcase the band's rock side. Above The Noise, their 2010 release, is more of an electropop album, and the weakest, in my opinion.

My Opinion about McFly: (Once again, mostly copied from the last one) As I said on my last post, they're my absolute favorite band. Not many Americans know about them, but I love them. I actually first saw them when they were in Just My Luck. I forgot about them and then in 2007 (my Jo Bro obsession time) I was watching an interview with the JoBros where Nick said his favorite song was Transylvania by McFly. I watched the video and thought it was weird, and again, I forgot about them. (Transylvania is now among my all-time favorite McFly songs!). It wasn't until I discovered that the Jonas Brothers got their song, Year 3000, from the band Busted that I actually started listening to McFly. The Busted guys are close friends with McFly, which is how I really discovered McFly. And when I realized that they were the band in Just My Luck, everything really clicked. Anyway, long story long, it was a weird winding road to discovering them, but I really love them, and I love all of the members. Tom is my favorite, though. Yes, Tom of the wedding speech fame. I've told everyone for years that Tom is perfect, and now people understand. McFly is also the exception to the dumb blonde rule. Tom, the only natural blonde, is the brain, and Danny, the only one who's been brunette for 99% of the time he's been in the band, is the lovably dim-witted front-man. (OK, he's not really dumb, but it IS a running joke that he's the slow one... Because he thought an egg was a vegetable. Poor boy)

 About the CD:  It was released in 2006, just a year after they released Wonderland and the soundtrack to Just My Luck. Motion in the Ocean shows a relatively large change from the sound of Wonderland. In my opinion, the Motion in the Ocean sound is the one that they held onto the longest, and the one that I consider to be "their sound." Both this CD and their 2008 CD, Radio:ACTIVE, have more of a rock sound than either of the ones before or after.   

IMHO: It's my second favorite McFly CD, after Radio:ACTIVE. I do, however, feel that it has some really high highs, and some pretty low lows. For example, of the 12 songs, 4 of them are among my top 15 (if you want the breakdown, 2 of them are in my top 5, 1 is in 6-10, and 1 is in the 11-15 range). HOWEVER, about 3 of them find themselves among my all-time least favorite McFly songs... which still isn't a bad place to be, since I love all of their songs, but there is quite a distinct range there.

Favorite songs: Sorry's Not Good enough and Transylvania are both in my top 5 McFly songs ever ('Sorry' finds itself at #2, and Transylvania is #4). Star Girl is either 6 or 7. Bubble Wrap falls somewhere between 11 and 15, but I can't remember where. All four of those are just amazing. 

Other gems: I absolutely LOVE Little Joanna. Friday Night is also a fun one. I also like Please, Please and We Are The Young.


Sorry's Not Good Enough music video

Transylvania music video

Rating: 9.5/10. This is one of my all time favorite CDs. Some of my all-time favorite songs are on it, and it's just overall really awesome. Even the worst songs on the CD are really good.

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Blogging Project Runway... oldies?

OK, I need some opinions on an idea. I kinda want to write blogs about older Project Runway episodes- giving my thoughts, review, and opinion. Would anyone be interested in that? I watch old seasons a lot, so I can only assume that other people do too. Any opinions one way or the other would be appreciated. Would you read it?

Also, tomorrow I'll be making a Project Runway announcement, and hopefully Project Runway fans will find it interesting and want to read, so make sure and check back tomorrow at NOON central time, because that's when I have it set to post!

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Whodunnit? Episode 6: All The World's A Stage

First of all, yay, I got this out the day after the episode aired! I actually wrote most of it while watching and just left a bit of editing for during the post. Before I start, I kinda missed the puns this week. It took a while before Giles started on the puns. Also, is this not the absolute CREEPIEST episode of Whodunnit? yet?! Giles was being totally creepy! I almost started suspecting Giles! There was something every wrong about this episode.

So, we get a mini recap from last week. We once again see everyone sitting in their rooms. Ronnie and Kam are both reading. We can't see what magazine Ronnie is reading, but we do see that Kam is reading a book by Brian Greene called "The Hidden Reality." Is this some sort of hint or clue? It's a book about parallel universes, but the title does seem to be some sort of hint. Maybe. Anyway, once again, odd music starts playing, and he finds Sasha and Dana frozen at the piano. Everyone runs downstairs and doesn't realize they’re dead. They think they're just standing there.

Giles comes in really quietlly, and then he and a maid start dancing! CREEPY! He seems really giddy and happy and is joking around! Only a killer would joke about that!

This time, rather than having a scene of the crime, there are 2 last known whereabouts and the morgue. And apparently it’s really cold.

Geno and Lindsey go to Sasha’s bedroom. They're allowed to check out the hallway leading to her and Dana's rooms. In this hall, there is a rug with big Converse shoeprints, as well as small barefoot prints and tire tracks. The barefoot prints in the hall are also in Sasha’s room. Lindsey points out that Geno’s foot is the same size as the Converse prints. In Sasha's room, there is also a washcloth with what appears to be lipstick prints, as if Sasha was smothered/ knocked out. They also noticed that the tire tracks are darker when leaving, indicating that the cart was carrying something. Probably Sasha's body. They then discover blood in  the hall, and find an elevator only a few feet away.

Cris and Melina check out Dana’s bedroom, and are also allowed to search the same hallway. They find the blood first. They also see the barefoot prints and the converse prints in the hall. This time, however, Dana’s room is locked! They discover a metal device below the door, which has instructions for using it to unlock a door. They break into Dana's room. The tire tracks, shoe prints, and barefoot prints are in here as well. Back in the hall, they discover more blood spots, and also find the elevator. Several times, Cris tells Melina that the footprints are Geno-sized. But how does she know that? I mean, obviously, they look like the size of a male footprint, but there are 2 other men in the house. I don't even know what size shoes that my dad wears, so I'm not sure how she knows Geno's size after knowing him for what, a couple weeks?

That leaves Kam and Ronnie (my two favorites!) to go to the morgue. Kam is glad Sasha is dead, and last week he did say that he hoped it was time for Sasha to die. Both Sasha and Dana have gashes down their forearms. Sasha's is on her left arm, Dana's is on her right. Both noses have little bits of a rag or cloth inside of them. There are bags with Dana and Sasha's estate PJs inside. Dana's PJs have blood all over them, and it appears that there was a wound to her back, because there was a cut in her PJs, and blood running down her back and down her pants. Sasha’s pajamas appear perfect. They roll Dana over and find a huge wound on Dana’s back. They both agree, however, that this wound does NOT look like it could have killed her.
At the morgue, Ronnie and Kam agree to try to ice out Geno, although they have different ideas on how to do that. Kam wants to completely not tell him anything, but Ronnie wants to give him false info. I thought that they came to a decision. Melina agrees to not tell him anything, but at first feels like Ronnie is trying to mess her up as well. When giving his group info, Ronnie leaves out the stuff in their noses, gash on Dana's back, and the fact that Dana’s arm gash is on the right. As they go inside, Ronnie quickly writes/ draws a message for Melina and slips it to her by shaking it behind his back at her. I don't know if it's just me, but I found this little moment absolutely hilarious, because it seemed really obvious, but Geno totally missed it, and Melina seemed clueless. Poor Ronnie was having trouble holding it together, and seemed so anxious to help Melina. At least he's trying to say true to his agreement.

Riddle time again! They're taken to what is apparently the mansion's movie theater. Apparently, none of the contestants knew this existed until now. I find that kinda hard to believe. As they walk in, they have to stand behind really creepy fake wax figures of themselves. CREEPY. CREEPY. CREEPY.
They have to watch some sort of movie, which is their first riddle. I tried keeping up with it, but there were like 3 riddles, and when I tried typing and keeping up with the riddle, this is literally how the whole thing ended up, typos and all:
"Dopplegangers of siz I kill nad I kill til I get to one mind bending double snowmen lift of lid."
So yeah, that was a fail, and I stopped trying to keep up with the wording of the riddles. Basically, the most important part of the riddle was the double snowman and keys. Geno finally thinks of 88 keys, and is the first to do so. So, he goes to the piano and finds some scrolls under the lid. When he did this, I felt like a bit of a failure myself, because I'm a musician, and I play the piano... and I didn't even think of that at all for some reason. When I heard double snowmen, I thought of 88, but my mind went to how people get "88" tattoos to symbolize HH as in "Heil Hitler." Yeah, my brain has really random thoughts. The clue says something about performing surgery, and there is a scalpel in the parcel. Obviously, they are supposed to cut into the dummy. Geno tells Ronnie, which is not a good idea for him. He then goes to Melina, and soon all of them are cutting themselves open. FINALLY the Cool kids get the clue, and run to cut "themslves" open. They're a bit late to the party, but catch up quickly. Everyone is going to town on themselves.

Cris goes for the back because there was a cut on Dana's back. Inside, she finds a clue about a hidden door and cutting a heart out. Everyone dashes out as soon as they see the clue, and Cris is the only one who subconsciously takes her scalpel with her. The clue mentions to take the scalpel and Geno and Melina both have to go back to get theirs. I'm not usre that it was actually needed, though. The "door" didn't have to be cut, right?? Anyway, Cris is the first to get to the morgue and finds a hidden door behind a shelf. She goes through this orange tarp-type thing and finds what appears to be a torture chamber. The bell dings, and the other 5 are all in the movie theater, so it's blatantly obvious who solved the riddle. Cris finds a TON of info in the torture chamber. There are 2 operating tables, with a sink between them with a lot of blood around drain. She finds another washcloth, a 3 wheeled cart, a bottle of chloroform, a huge knife, and a pair of converse sneakers that had been stuffed. Cris says that she's gone back to suspecting Lindsey because the Geno-sized sneakers have been stuffed.

After the riddle, the non-cool kids try to figure out what to do. Geno tries to get info but fails. Ronnie goes up to the cool kids trying to get Kam to hold up his end of the deal, but Kam says that Ronnie broke the deal, so there is no deal, and refuses to give him any information. Apparently, Kam was only making the deal if Ronnie completely excluded Geno from ANY info. While this is definitely more likely to completely ice Geno out, I think Ronnie's idea is more strategic. What if Geno had solved the puzzle, and everyone else refused to talk to him? They'd ALL be in jeopardy. And Geno almost solved it. I'm kinda angry at Kam at this point, because Ronnie was trying to help get rid of Geno. And if Kam had told Ronnie info, he would've shared it with Melina, and Geno would be completely lost compared to the other five. At least Ronnie is nice enough to try to figure it out with Melina. I’m really scared for Ronnie.

They state their cases. All of the non-cool kids believe Kam is the killer, while Cris and Lindsey blame each other, and Kam still blames Geno.

Kam is the winner. He gives a thank you speech, which I thought was really funny.
Now, we get to see how the killer did it. The killer took the cart upstairs and unlocked Sasha's door. Sasha was taken first. The killer stuck a rag covered in chloroform on her face, and threw her on the cart. Then, the killer broke into Dana's room the same way and woke her up. The killer stuck a knife to her back and forced Dana to wheel Sasha down. The knife did wound her back, which is why there was a gash on her back. They went downstairs in the elevator, to the secret room in the morgue. Once there, the killer chloroformed Dana as well. He/She cut their wrists and drained their blood. They were re-dressed in fancy clothes and placed at the piano. He/She then put the A/C on full blast and waited for them to be found.

The cards are handed out and Ronnie and Geno are the only scared ones this time. Giles leaves and then he suddenly returns, saying that the killer has decided not to kill anyone, and that they're going to get laid... er, 'leied." Apparently, they're going to have a luau. Uh... WHAT? I was so confused at this point. They all go up to their rooms and get dressed in these weird hawaiian outfits, and Geno seems to totally believe Giles' assertion that no one is going to die, which I think will be detrimental. I didn't believe for one second that no one was going to die. We then see some suspicious shot of something left on Geno's bed. They go downstairs and the living room has been turned into a luau! Everyone is having this great time, and Giles is even limbo-ing, when suddenly, the lights switch off and there's a large crash. We see in the dark that it's Geno who lies dead underneath the chandelier. I'm still so confused about the whole luau thing, but I'm so relieved that it's Ronnie who survives rather than Geno.

OK, suspicion time!

Cris: At this point, I don't think she's the killer. She definitely has the intelligence and the cunning to be the killer, but I think Lindsey and Melina are WAY better suspects.

Geno: I was pretty sure he wasn't the killer, and I wasn't a huge fan of Geno, because of how he was trying to manipulate Kam's team. So, I'm glad to see him gone, and it's definitely better than Ronnie dying.

Kam: I suspect him more than Ronnie, but only because of the whole book thing. I might be READING too much into this, but it seemed like some sort of clue. I still don't think he's the killer, though.

Lindsey: Still my second suspect. She just seems to get overlooked by everyone. Except Cris and myself, of course.

Melina: At this point, she's my choice for the killer. She seems so innocent, and somehow just keeps squeaking by every single week. She's never been accused by anyone. That's suspicious to me.

Ronnie: I don't think he's the killer. Although, he also hasn't ever been accused either. I think I can trust him more than anyone else in the house.

Just to speak a bit about who has accused who, I found this on Wikipedia:

Cris' Accusations: I find it really interesting that she is accusing the same person 2 weeks in a row and then changes. For Adrianna, it make sense, since she died, but it just seems suspicious.
Kam's Accusations: I think that he seems to genuinely believe Geno is the killer, so I'm curious to see who he accuses next week.
Lindsey's Accusations: She seems to constantly choose Cris as the killer, even though they're on the same thing. I think that's odd.
Melina's Accusations: I find it kinda odd that she accused Cris over and over and then suddenly changed to Kam. Maybe it was one of those "If I accuse the same person every time, it'll look suspicious, so let's change it up." I dunno, it's just odd.
Ronnie's Accusations: I think it's funny that his first two accusations were the people who died that episode. Maybe he IS the killer, and the producers were like, "hey, your choices may look suspicious, just choose someone and say them for the rest of the show." Who knows?

It looks like next week they'll be immediately going into figuring out Geno's death, which is what happened on one murder in the book. So we'll see what happens. Can't wait to see it! See you next week, mortals!

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Project Runway Season 12 Episode 2: Million Dollar Runway

Welcome to my 2nd Project Runway Season 12 review! First off, sorry this review is so late. Again. But at least I'm doing it. I almost didn't actually write it. That being said, let's jump right in!

Check out all of my Project Runway Season 12 review posts HERE.

This episode begins with a huge van pulling up to Parsons and huge muscley men get out of it carrying cases. They come out to the runway, thoroughly confusing the designers. Heidi comes out with the velvet bag (oh no!) and then the models come out dripping in expensive jewelry. The designers then get to choose models one by one. For the most part, they seem to be choosing solely on the jewelry, which is the smartest decision in my opinion. I'm also REALLY glad that Timothy was the last one to choose, because he clearly didn't care what he got, because the jewelry didn't inspire him. So for once, everything is actually fair in Project Runway Land.

After admiring the jewelry and sketching a bit, the designers go to Mood, where they get the first chance to use their debit cards. I have yet to decide if I like this new change. It adds a bit more strategy to the competition, and has the potential to prove detrimental to a designer who over-spends. I do, however, like that they are told a suggested budget, because it gives them at least SOME guidance. If they didn't have that, they could completely over-spend every challenge and run out of money. More on the amount spent when I get to the runway. The only thing that happened at Mood that was of note was Timothy going through the scrap fabric and buying that. I actually really appreciate this, because he is really sticking to his "sustainable" fashion, but it's more logical than burning parachute fabric and completely denying her model any makeup or hair products.

The workroom is never really particularly interesting for me, but there were some points that were fairly important. First of all, Helen seemed to think that she had this challenge in the bag, because evening-wear is her forte. We'll see about that. Also, within the first approximately 15 minutes, I could tell who was going home. Last episode, Kahindo got little to no screen time. Basically, the only time we heard anything from her was when she introduced herself and when she sent her outfit down the runway. This episode, however, she's quite a big focus. When you decide to use a difficult to use fabric for the FIRST TIME on Project Runway, you should know you're in trouble.

Another major point was Sue and how, once again, she had trouble with the machine. What ever happened to each designer having their name on the machines? (Also, even then, they used each other's, and I definitely didn't understand that either) If they would just each have one dedicated machine, problems like this would be alleviated. Since Sue was using black thread, and either Dom or Kahindo re-threaded the machine to be green, Dom helped her re-thread it to black. All she got back, however, was Sue's wrath. I'm not so sure about putting Sue in the top now. She seems to be getting kinda rude, and doesn't know how to use the machines. That may cause a problem for her!

Timothy also had a bit of a problem with his garment. But seriously, who thinks that a rectangle covering the model's boobs looks cute and fashionable? After Tim's critique, he seemed to turn it around and get on a much better track, although he does seem to need to ask everyone in the workroom what he should do. Helen also was having a tough time, trying to make cups for the first time, as well as trying to execute an intricate design. Not smart.

Moving on to the Runway!
Alexander: Once again, I was impressed with what he made. I thought that it looked really cool, and definitely fit his avant-garde aesthetic. And that pop of yellow was really nice.
Alexandria: Although it's a style of dress that I've seen before, I thought it looked really well made, and really pretty. She did, however, spend about 50-75 dollars over budget. And I think that was the most that anyone went over the suggested budget.
Bradon: Once again, I was really impressed with Bradon's dress. I would probably say that it was my favorite look to walk the runway. I thought the little jacket took away from it, but it was SO pretty and looked beautifully crafted.
Dom: I wasn't as impressed as the judges seemed to be. It was just OK for me. And the styling seemed really off. That headband was not good.
Helen: This was definitely a mess. She tried to do too much and ended up failing. And her breakdown that caused the abrupt pause to the runway show just shows that she's not really as tough as the exterior that she puts up.
Jeremy: Once again, I was impressed with Jeremy's look. I loved the tulle at the bottom! 
Justin: The dress was really simple, but it looked beautiful. I really liked it.
Kahindo: While yes, the color complimented the model's hair color, it wasn't made to highlight the jewelry... which was the challenge. 
Karen: Once again, Karen seems to think that making baggy dresses is cute. It was boring, and something I've seen a thousand times. And the boob area didn't fit right.
Kate: Although I wanted Braden to win, I knew Kate was going to be the winner. It was SO well constructed, and looked like SO much time and energy had been put into it. 
Ken: I actually really liked his dress! And I was stunned at the price tag for his fabric. He only spent $75! SERIOUSLY. That's just a WOW. If any of the other designers were told that they had that budget, I think they would lose it.
Miranda: For me, it was too reminiscent of last challenge's dress. The shape seemed to be exactly the same, with the same little tummy hole.
Sandro: While I wasn't as impressed as the judges, it was a definite improvement on last week. 
Sue: It was ok. Nothing terribly interesting about it. 
Timothy: A million times better than the rectangle boob! And at least this time he actually used makeup. I'm glad he's still in.




Bottom 3:



While I'm not going to give lengthy explanations of the judges' opinions, I am kinda surprised Dom didn't win, solely because Heidi was pushing so hard for her. She said at least twice, both with the contestants on the runway, and during the time with just the judges and dress, that Dom's was her favorite. 

Kate is declared the winner. Seriously, if Dom or Sandro would've won, I would be annoyed. She deserved that.

Both Dom and Sandro are in. Helen is also in The bottom two is Timothy and Kahindo, but it is Kahindo who is declared out. Timothy needs to get out of the bottom two... not by getting out, but by making better clothing.

So, there you go, that's my review of Thursday's Project Runway episode! Is anyone else already ready to see Sandro storm off the set?

Also, I'll make a post just dedicated to this, but would anyone be interested in reading a blog about past Project Runway seasons? I've seen pretty much every episode 5 times, and re-watch constantly, so I could definitely blog a season at a time if anyone wanted to read it. Project Throwback, anyone? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my late review. I'll hopefully see you back here after Episode 3!

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Whodunnit?: Episode 5: Bum Ba Dee Da

Well, there goes my killer theory!

First of all, yay, I got this out the day after the episode aired! I actually wrote most of it while watching and just left a bit of editing for during the post. Before I start, I just wonder... where would this show be without all of the RIDICULOUS puns?! Seriously, we have to expect at least 2-3 every episode! Anyway, let's get into the episode!

As we saw last week, all the contestants are horseback riding in the woods. Suddenly, a flock of birds appear and spook the horses. In the chaos, we see Ulysses slumped over on his horse, riding away from the group. He falls off his horse and both he and his horse fall into a ditch.

As always, the contestants get to choose the morgue, last known whereabouts (the horse barn), and crime scene to investigate. Since they're out in the woods, the morgue is a makeshift outside thing. While they decide where to go, Giles runs to go take a tinkle in the woods. And that's seriously how he said it. Tinkle. One thing that I thought was interesting was that Cris apparently grew up around horses, so she goes to the last known whereabouts.

Crime scene: Geno and Kam find a snake in the saddle bag. I know there are two types of snakes with this similar coloration. One is extremely poisonous, the other is harmless. I’m not sure which one this is. There is a trip wire connected to a bird cage. It seems like the horses were meant to trip the wire and release the birds to cause commotion.

Morgue: I find it really interesting Dana, Melina, Lindsey, who are my top suspects, all went here. There is a sign of poisonous and non-poisonous things: flowers, snakes, etc.- the snake we saw is under non-poisonous. And there is another one that is poisonous and similar. They see bite marks, and Dana sees one on the leg that she keeps a secret… Not sure why she thought this one was significant, but whatever.

Last known whereabouts: All horses except one are named after greek gods. The separate one is Oleander, which is also a flower. This flower was under the “poisonous” colemn that we just saw. These flowers are also coming through the window beside it. Ronnie finds something that appears to be that oleander flower that has been ground up.

During the lunchtime talk, Geno decides to come over and tries to get one of them to come over to the other side to make sure that the other two are scared. But no one goes. They all start talking about the flowers and snakes. Melina seems to be either purposely or accidentally misleading her team to think that the snake they found is poisonous, despite the fact that at least a couple of them knew the little rhyme about the snakes (red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow. Red touching black, you’re OK, Jack)

The riddle has them running all over the place. The riddle talks about the sky and says to go the right way. They have 3 trails that they could follow-red going right, white pointing upward, and sky blue pointing left. Kam takes the blue trail, Lindsey goes straight up, and Geno goes right. What I thought was interesting is that based on the clue, any of them could be correct. The puzzle said to go the RIGHT way, the sky is UP, and the left arrow was SKY blue. As it turns out, the left sky blue arrow was the correct one. It led them to a platform with several puzzles with maps. They have to use several pieces to "connect the dots" to figure out which X on the map that they need to go to next. Kam figures this out fairly quickly, and Cris follows suit. This map leads them to a shack. Only one person can go inside at a time, for 2 minutes. Kam goes inside and finds that it's filled with snakes. One by one, contestants go in in an attempt to find the weapon inside. They put anything they guess is the weapon onto a stool, and if the bell dings, they know they've found it and the riddle is over. I'm not sure if contestants were forced to finish the puzzle, or if they were allowed to follow their "teammates," but soon EVERYONE was lined up to go in. On Cris's second time in, she sees an odd floorboard sticking up. She pulls it out and finds two bloodstained nails. She places it onto the stool and the bell dings.

They go back to figure out their stories. At this point, Melina has seemingly convinced her group that the snake in the saddle bag is the poisonous one. Cris shares all of her information with her group, so team cool kids seem to be in a good place. Sasha tries to talk to Cris. Cris was very fair in my opinion. Geno only gave partial info last time, so all Cris tells them is that the info they need is in the last known whereabouts. Ronnie talks to team cool kids, and gets the same info from Cris. It seems like he might join up, because he stays with the cool kids until the bell dings. I really hope he does. I want him and Kam to be in the finale with the killer!

Time to state the case! Seems like team cool kids are in a good place. Based on what I see, it seems like Dana and Geno will be scared, because they believe it was a snake.
They gather around the campfire to recieve their cards.
Cris is declared spared! This is how the murder was committed. The killer concocted the oleander poison, put nails in a board, and put on the oleander. The trip wire with birds caused a distraction, and the killer stabbed Ulysses with oleander, and he fell off the horse. The Scarlet king snake was placed in the left satchel, but the right leg had the bite mark, which should have made it obvious that it was not a bite mark.

Sasha gets a scared card and yells at Melina about it, because she convinced all of them that the snake was poisonous. Dana got a scared card… and so did Geno. 3 Scared cards! I’m starting to think that because there was a double murder in the book, we might be up for a double murder. But I’ll see in a few minutes. I think it’ll be Geno and Sasha… since I think Dana is the killer. Also, GENO IS CRYING. I never thought I would see that!

Fast forward to the next day. Some odd music plays throughout the house, and it's Geno who runs downstairs and discovers Dana and Sasha at the piano, looking like wax figures, but clearly dead! Well, I called the double murder and the death of Sasha! It should be interesting to see them try to solve two murders next week!

OK, suspicion time!

Cris: She's in my top 3 for suspects. I'm not totally sure I trust her, even though I'm rooting for her team.

Dana:Well, my main suspect has met her fate. I'm actually really surprised that she died, but since she isn't actually the killer, I'm surprised she wasn't offed a few weeks back! I still haven't let go of the "red herring" theory that she may not really be dead... in terms of the show. Since, of course, we all know she isn't actually dead.

Geno: I'm fairly sure he isn't the killer. But I don't want him tostick around for much longer, because he's smart and figures things out quickly.

Kam: I'm still sure that he isn't the killer. But I don't think he should trust his team. Hopefully, he sticks around for a long time!

Lindsey: In my top 2 suspects. She's never been scared, even when she's been fairly clueless. Not saying the killer can't get a scared card, but I still think it's suspicious.

Melina: Also in my top 2, because she seems so innocent. I think that her convincing her team that the snake was poisonous is really suspicious... but almost too suspicious. If she was the killer, I'm not sure they'd make her confusing them SO obvious. But she may be the killer! She's in my top suspects for sure!

Ronnie: My mom actually made me suspicious of him for the first time! She noticed that he was RIGHT next to Ulysses before the commotion. I don't think he was near him during the commotion, though. But I still trust him.

Sasha: I am so unbelievably happy that she's gone! I was certain she wasn't the killer, so I'm super happy that she died. She was so annoying and rude!

So, we've come to the end of my review! I can't wait until next week, as always. My way-too-early suspicion is that it has to do with an injection of formaldehyde... which should have some sort of smell to it. If Dana was still around, she would probably be able to figure that out, so we'll see how the other contestants will do without her medical knowledge! See you next week, mortals!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project Runway Season 12 PREMIERE: UNICORNS!

Ok, so maaaaaybe the episode wasn't titled UNICORNS! but it totally should've been. At the very least, it was our Project Runway word of the week.

So... I made a thing. I think it's clever, but I'm probably the only one.

Welcome to my Project Runway review! First off, sorry this review is so late. I meant to post this like 2 days ago. Anyway, I was so extremely excited for this season to finally get here. It's my favorite show, and during the summertime, I actually have time to watch it the night it's on! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up when school gets back, but for now, let's jump right in!

Rather than simply recap the "Road To The Runway" episode, I'll just briefly give my opinions about the designers. Before every season, I go onto the Project Runway site and go through every single designer's page and try to feel out who my favorites are going to be. Being my nerdy self, I actually have a scoring system for different aspects... mostly their personality. Upon doing that, my top scorers going into the episode were : Alexander, Alexandria, Angela, Justin, Miranda, Sandro, and Timothy. My opinions about everyone have changed slightly, so I'll go through them one by one.

Alexander: While I do like him about as much as I thought I would, right now he's just at the mid-top of the pack for me. He seems like a pretty cool guy, so I'll be interested to see where he eventually falls on my favorites list.

Alexandria: For me, she seems very contradictory. She seems very soft spoken, but also seemed to bash everyone in her confessionals! I don't get it! She seems really cool, though and I really love both her personal style and her aesthetic, so for now I like her. If we start getting a Gretchen personality, I will ditch her.

Angela: She seemed to show quite a bit of promise. On her page, she described her design as similar to Michelle, the winner of teams. I really liked Michelle's design, so that, plus the fact that she was in a rock band, really interested me!

Bradon: He seems to be pretty chill and really friendly. He's definitely among my favorites, because he seems to have a great personality, coupled with lots of talent! Right now, he seems pretty humble. Let's just hope he doesn't turn sour.

Dom: When I saw on her page that she loved Jay from season 1 and my boy Jeffrey from season 3, I got excited. But I'm not so sure right now. I have yet to fully grasp her aesthetic, as well as her personality. So, we'll see!

Helen: When I first saw her, I thought Helen would be my girl. Edgy, tattooed, recipe for cool designer, right? (at least, in the eyes of me, the girl who ADORES Seth Aaron Henderson). But when I watched her tour videos, she seemed way timid. Then, on the show, she was totally BAM, in your face catty. I'm so confused. Time will tell if she ends up being someone I support.

Jeremy: I didn't have much of an opinion on him when I first sat down to watch, and I actually spent way too much time trying to figure out where his accent is from. I don't know if it's the accent, but something intrigued me, and although he's middle of the pack for me right now, I'd say he's more on the likeable side.

Justin: He had one of my highest scores going into the show, and he certainly didn't disappoint. I could talk on and on about how he's an inspiration (because he truly is), but I feel like no one with any sort of physical disability really wants to be coddled and patted on the back for doing something in life. And he seems to have a great sense of humor about it, joking that if people are bothering him, he can simply just shut everyone off. That being said, I think it's really cool to see technology like that in action. I've seen videos of people getting to hear for the first time using those and I find it so interesting that even though they speak English, the first words they hear probably don't actually make sense, because they've never heard them. Anyway, I TOTALLY digress. I think he's a really talented designer, and I can't wait to see more of him.

Kahindo: She's probably the most middle of the line designer for me. I don't like her, I don't dislike her, I just kinda have a meh feeling toward her.

Karen: I think I'm going to end up liking her, but it seems like she can get annoying. She seems very happy and genuine and down to earth, but maybe a bit TOO happy smiley rainbows for me.

Ken: He scored pretty low before the show, but I'm not so sure about that. I just don't know yet. We didn't get to see a lot of him.

Miranda: She actually scored highest on my pre-show scoring. Now, it was by only a single point, and there wasn't a ton of deviation, but I do like her. I think she's going to do really well in the competition.

Sandro: At first, he seemed interesting, but by the end of the premiere, I wanted to get rid of him. It seems like they're trying to make him this season's Casanova. But he's not anywhere near as likeable as Casanova... Really, he isn't likeable at all.

Sue: At first, I wasn't so sure about her, but immediately upon seeing her aesthetic, I started warming up to her. By the end of the premiere, I decided that I like her. Hopefully, she turns out some great work!

Timothy: I think Timothy is absolutely ridiculous. So far, he doesn't seem like a great designer, and his "sustainable clothing" thing is going to get old really... wait. It has already gotten old. But I don't want him to ever go away. He brought such a humor to the first episode! Even when the skydivers jumped from the plane and he exclaimed that they were puppies falling from the sky!(At that point, I thought he was precious, not craycray... but he's definitely the latter) I don't expect him to last long, but he MIGHT, just because although HE is cuckoo crazy, his designs don't seem to be.

OK, so since our first episode was so insanely long with Road To The Runway, I'm going to try to keep this short. On Road To The Runway, I loved getting to see some of my all time fave designers, like Anthony Ryan and Mondo- as well as Mr. Verreos, of course! While I didn't watch a TON of season 11 (busy college student!) I did watch enough to decide that I like Michelle's aesthetic, so it was nice to hear her feedback as well.

This season, we have some new twists, which were gradually introduced to us throughout the show.
-During the runway shows, the judges do not know who designed each look. They don't find out until scores are tabulated. This is probably to keep it fair and unbiased.
-Tim will be present, but not judging, at the runway show.
-After the runway show and the initial judging, the judges get a close up look at the top and bottom looks.
-A single time in the season, Tim is allowed to save a designer if he feels the judges made an incorrect decision. This is done after the contestant has been eliminated and has returned to the designers lounge. So basically, Tim can either give them their usual hug goodbye and tell them to head to the workroom to clean up their space, or he can save them at that point.
-The prize package has practically quadrupled. I don't remember all the details, but they get more than 500,000 worth of stuff. I was seriously wondering when Heidi's laundry list of prizes was going to end!

Did I forget anything? It seemed like there were so many changes! So, the episode begins at a small airport. The designers gather together with Heidi and Tim and are told that a past designer will be joining them. The fans got to vote between 3: R'amon from season 6, Valerie from season 8, or Kate from season 11. I definitely support Valerie the most of those, and I liked R'amon as well, even though he seemed like a random choice. Although I watched little of season 11, I knew Kate was the rude one, so I was hoping it wouldn't be her. I knew R'amon wouldn't get it. Season 6 was far too forgettable and he didn't last THAT long. While I felt it was between Kate and Val, I knew it was much more likely that Kate would get it, since she was on the show most recently. Unfortunately, I was right. She popped out of the airplane and joined her fellow designers.

The designers find out that they are supposed to make an outfit out of parachute fabric, and make a mad dash to get the parachute they want. I thought it was absolutely hilarious when Kate totally wiped out! I won't bore you with workroom details, but I will touch on Timothy. I'm sure he made his model feel completely uncomfortable by asking her how she felt about acting. Then he spent a super long time coaching her on how he wanted her to... walk?... down the runway. He wanted it to be like she was being pulled by the handcuffs that bound her hands together. Then, in hair and makeup, he basically told them not to use any styling products at all, be it a straightener or hairspray. So they just braided her hair and were done. And for makeup, he didn't have them do... ANYTHING! The best part for me was that the model didn't even do the crazy moves down the runway! She just posed like one of the moves he coached her on. I'm sure he wasn't happy about that. Also, can we mention how crazy high his heels were? SERIOUSLY. And his model was barefoot. Oh, and he talked about unicorns constantly. I'm legitimately concerned that he believes that unicorns are real.

Moving on to the Runway!
Alexander: I really liked his design, but the fact that it was riding up in the front probably kept him from being in the top. I actually forgot his was parachute!
Alexandria: I thought hers was OK. There was certainly no reason for her to be so cocky, though!
Angela: This was just really unfortunate. It was really ill fitting and just looked like some huge, cheap raincoat.
Bradon:I really loved this. It was probably my favorite thing that walked the runway.
Dom: I'm surprised this avoided the bottom. It was boring and unflattering. Hoodies usually aren't PR material.
Helen: I liked her dress. I wasn't wowed, but it was OK. I was kinda confused though, because the whole dress was white and blue, but there was this hint of reddish brown on the chest. On purpose? Accident? Who knows!
Jeremy: I actually really liked his look! I liked the contrast of the really busy pant and the basic white top.
Justin: I thought his dress was really cute. It was as if she was wearing a tie!
Kahindo: I wasn't sure of the point of the pleats, but I liked her color blocking. 
Karen: I would have liked this... if it had fit! It was way huge and like a bag on her model! The unfortunate thing is that I think she meant to do that! She seems to like things that are too baggy. That concerns me!
Kate: I thought it was cute. Simple, and not the most original thing I've ever seen, but cute.
Ken: His construction of that collar was fabulous. I'm not sure it was a good idea to have two ruffles though. The inner one didn't seem as wow. He's clearly really talented though!
Miranda: I'm actually not totally sure why this wound up in the top in the first place. It wasn't THAT great. Sure, it was well made, and OK, but not a wow. And she broke the rules quite a bit.
Sandro: His poor model had to use those random ropes he threw on her JUST to cover up her good china, since it was completely popping out of the bathing suit! I'm having flashbacks to season 7's "hardwear" (see my pun there?) challenge and Emilio's washer and string bathing suit. Just NO.
Sue: That rouching was really great, and the color and the way that the dress fell were also amazing. 
Timothy: I thought that bits and pieces of both the back and front were good, but it was like they were two different dresses!



Sue: The judges loved her rouching and the effortless-looking draping
Bradon: The judges loved the train in the back, and although a couple questioned the strings in the front, they showered praise on him.

Miranda: At first, Miranda was in the top, but when the judges realized how little of her fabric was actually parachute fabric (but really, how did they not realize this earlier?), they decided to make an example of her and put her in the bottom for not really following the instructions.

Bottom 3:

Timothy: They didn't understand any of his reasoning, and thought he was contradicting himself.
Angela: They also thought it seemed like some sad, ill fitting coat.
Sandro: They felt like although the taste just WAS NOT there, that the construction skills were. Because although it showed the good china, it was intricately designed.

Bradon is declared the winner. With as much as they praised him, it would be ridiculous for them to give the win to anyone else.

Sue is in. Miranda is given a slap on the wrist, but is safe. To my annoyance, Sandro is also in. The bottom two is Timothy and Angela, but it is Angela who is declared out.

Just for fun, I figured I would give y'all my ridiculously early predictions for order of elimination. Although my own bias will probably play a small part, the majority of this will be how talented they appear to be/ their character.

15-Karen- because her baggy dress was SO bad
14-Kahindo- because so far, she seems pretty forgetable
13-Timothy- because he has a big personality, but that can't get him far
12-Sandro- because eventually, bad taste catches up with you
11-Helen- because the mean girl never wins. And she doesn't seem that great
10-Dom- because she doesn't seem as unique and at top 10, that will become obvious

This gap represents the talent gap that I believe exists between those above and below...

9-Alexander- because I like him, but I'm not sure the judges will.
8-Alexandria- because she's over-confident, without QUITE the chops to back it up
7-Justin- because of potential sympathy card, fairly ok designer. I want him to go further though.
6-Kate- because the comeback kid never wins
5-Jeremy- because he seems talented, but not quite finale material
4-Ken- because of his amazing construction skills and drive to win
3-Sue- because of her talent, construction, and aesthetic
2-Bradon- because he's proved to be a force to be reckoned with, but remained humble
1-Miranda- because she has a strong point of view and pushes boundaries.

Honestly, in my opinion, anyone between 3-9 could be shaken up and moved around. But I feel like those in 10-15 need to be weeded out. Also, I think either Bradon or Miranda could win. Or even someone else from 9 down. And I actually just realized that I chose this episode's top 3 as my 3 finalists. WOW haha! Anyway, I don't think this is necessarily who I WANT it to be. I really like Bradon and Miranda, but I think I'd rather see Justin in the finale than Sue. But that's just because he's really funny and seems to be a great guy. But I also am liking Jeremy and Sue. Ken wouldn't be anywhere near as high if I was ranking solely on where I want people to land. Also, Timothy would be a lot higher, because I want to laugh at him for as long as possible!

Also, I'll make a post just dedicated to this, but would anyone be interested in reading a blog about past Project Runway seasons? I've seen pretty much every episode 5 times, and re-watch constantly, so I could definitely blog a season at a time if anyone wanted to read it. Project Throwback, anyone? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my super-late review. I'll hopefully see you back here MUCH sooner after Episode 2!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whodunnit? Book. * MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!*

Ok, so two nights ago, I finished the Whodunnit? book. And about halfway through the book, I *kinda* predicted the ending, but mostly due to who I liked. Let me explain, though.

I'll say this as a warning to anyone reading on their Kindle. Don't push that X-Ray button! Don't do it! I don't use my Kindle much. If I find a book that's significantly cheaper on Kindle, I'll buy it on there, read it, and then put it aside. While reading this book, I played around with buttons and discovered the point of the X-Ray button. WORST TIME EVER. If you didn't know, this shows you where a character pops up in the book. For example, if a character only appears at the beginning, and then fades out, you'd see a really dark bar, and then some kinda spaced out lines until they're no longer mentioned. So when reading Whodunnit?, after a person dies and their murder is analyzed, they aren't really going to pop up anymore. So basically, accidentally pushing this button mapped out almost the entire death order for me. Oops. I still enjoyed the book nonetheless.

So based on what I saw on X Ray, I discovered that the last four alive appeared to be Darrel, Thomas, Bryce, and Jacqueline. All throughout the book, I was rooting for Bryce to make it out alive. I couldn't tell from X-Ray whether Darrel or Thomas died first, but it was clear that Bryce and Jacqueline were there 'til the end. So about halfway through the book, when I discovered the X-Ray button, I had my mind made up that Jacqueline was the killer, and that Bryce was the winner. And I was right.

More importantly, I'm interested in the implications that this has on the show. I'm not sure if this makes Dana fall under suspicion more or less. Jacqueline, like Dana, is a nurse, and uses that to her advantage. Personally, it kinda confirms my Dana suspicion, since the book's purpose is for viewers to understand the killer and the show more. But I'm still not sure that it would be THAT obvious.

I also like that, even though the killer in the book and show are different, the killer employs many of the same techniques. Make it look like a mountain lion killed Don, when really it was cyanide vs. make it look like Frank died by being stabbed by a swordfish, when really he was poisoned. Also, along those lines, if they were trying to draw a parallel between Don and Frank, they didn't do a good job. Don was far more likeable and pleasant. Frank was just a grumpy old man.

Overall, I liked the storyline of the book. (obviously, cause it's exactly the same as the show...) However, I can tell that it's written by an idea guy rather than an execution guy. What I mean is that the story is interesting and the deaths are clever, but it's not the best quality of writing. There is literally NO suspense with the Spared/Scared cards. Some of the dialogue doesn't seem realistic, and there were many times when I felt like Zuiker needed to word something better. Also, I'm not sure if he wrote so many stereotypical characters intentionally, or if it just ended up that way, but some of the characters were just too flat.

That aside, I really did enjoy the book. I'd say that in each sitting, I read about 1/4 of the book, so it's a quick read. Any other Whodunnit? fans who have read the book? What did you think? Comments/opinions are always welcome! See you (hopefully) on Monday with my Whodunnit? review, mortals!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blogging Project Runway?

I haven't blogged Project Runway in a good long while, and I also haven't ever been able to finish a season. (I know, I'm terrible) But I might blog this new one. Not for sure. I'll definitely be watching it, as it's my favorite show, and I might blog the first episode just to see how long it's going to take... but I'm not sure if I want to make it an on-going thing. Any takers?

Whodunnit? Episode 4: Mountain Lyin

First of all, I apologize for getting this out on Wednesday even though the episode was on Sunday. I think this is the second week I've done this so, seriously, I'm sorry. Secondly, thanks for all the comments! I got on today to write this and my total comments had like tripled in number, so thanks a lot! I'll definitely be checking back more frequently now that I know that people are actually reading and enjoying my blogs!!!

This week, we actually get a bit more of a recap! We see everyone come down to breakfast, and then see Don and Dana realize that they are the only two with uncooked meat. Once again, Don goes into the kitchen, disregarding Ronnie's protesting. We then see him preparing his meal, and a mountain lion being released into the kitchen, seemingly tearing him to pieces. The guests all scream and follow Giles, who is wielding a tranquilizer gun, to the kitchen. The doors open, and the guests all scream. A lot of people give the contestants flack for freaking out even though they know these murders are fake, but honestly, what would you do if you saw a huge mountain lion in front of you?

They are informed that Don is dead (as if they couldn't figure that one out) and once again separate to go to their different areas. Kam is definitely at the point where he doesn't trust Lindsey, so he basically chaperoned her at the crime scene. This time, the contestants are told that there is a new area to search. Since the last known whereabouts would either be the dining room- where they were all eating- or the kitchen- which is the crime scene, there is now the option to search the mountain lion.

At the crime scene: They all notice that there isn't a ton of blood, which seems very odd. One thing that I was personally waiting for them to notice was the mat in front of the stove. In the pseudo-replay of Don's murder, it was clear to me that stepping on the mat was what opened the panel, but the contestants, of course, didn't get to see the replay. They did notice it pretty quickly, leading to one of the guys (I can't remember, was it Ronnie or Kam? I should go back and watch again) humorously pretending to be the mountain lion and hopping up onto the island and pretending to claw at Don. Ronnie also noticed that there seemed to be something inside the stove, like a trigger of some sort. 

At the Mountain Lion: There didn't seem to be a ton of information here. There were really only 2 clues. First, the fact that the mountain lion had the tag showing that it had been shipped to the mansion, rather than just wandering there... which honestly seems pretty obvious anyway. Also, they found chunks of Don's meat, which in the end proved to be more significant than I first thought.  

At the morgue: This seems to be the most significant place. They immediately notice that he has this pink coloration all over his skin, which they all seemed to be perplexed by. Even Dana. More on this later. They also notice that the Mountain Lion marks seem to be minimal, and definitely not enough to actually kill him. There's also a little bit of white powder.

Between the contestants analyzing the different areas and the riddle, the "non- cool kids" group (I really need a better name for these two groups, but it works) decides that it would be in their best interest for EVERYONE to team up against Lindsey and get her out of the game. From what we see, it appears that everyone agrees to this, but I'm not so sure about that later in the episode.

Riddle time! Contestants are given magnifying glasses and small pieces of papers with a clue leading them to the morgue. There is a tiny clue on the periodic table of elements, right across the two elements that compose cyanide. This leads them upstairs to a closet with clues on pieces of cloth. Geno discovers the clue in the library safe, showing the plans to rigging the stove to release cyanide. Right after he figures it out, Dana says that she figured out that it was cyanide, which explains both the white powder and the pink discoloration of the skin. I can't remember if this was mentioned in the episode, but this also explains the lack of lost blood, because if the cyanide killed him, he was dead before the mountain lion swiped at him, which would lead to less blood loss. (I've seen my fair share of Forensic Files...). Here's what I'm suspicious of. Dana was IN the morgue. She saw the body and the discoloration and the powder. And she mentioned something about her dad working with cyanide or something... but she didn't put ANYTHING together until after Geno solved the puzzle? Forget the dad stuff, Dana is a nurse! She should know what that kind of reaction looks like on skin, and clearly she knew all the stuff about what cyanide does to skin. So why did it take half a day? She should have recognized that immediately. Either she's trying to confuse people, or she's a really slow nurse.   

CORRECTION: Oops, just realized that Dana was at the crime scene and not the morgue, BUT her group did talk extensively about poison and the pink discoloration, so she still should've figured it out long before the end of the challenge.

Meanwhile, everyone is accusing different people of solving the riddle. Everyone seems to think it was Lindsey, but it clearly wasn't. Geno pulls some people aside and tells them the truth. He then decides to give Kam and Cris the information in hopes of getting Ulysses and Lindsey scared cards. I'm not sure this was the smartest idea. If you're going to only share information with Kam and someone else on his team, that other person better be Ulysses! Kam and Ulysses have been tight since the beginning. You're not going to turn them against each other. Poor Ulysses had such a confused look on his face when he came into the room with Cris, Kam and Geno. Of course, immediately after, Kam tells his entire group what he had been told, even though I'm pretty sure Geno didn't tell them everything, and Kam only said "there was something in the stove". Either way, he tells Lindsey about everyone plotting against her and says that he's not going to keep anything from her. Then, everyone gets ready and goes to their accusation room. 

Time for dinner! Giles comes in and tells the contestants that Dana is the one who did the best. We pretty much know exactly what happened at this point, but here we go anyway. The stove was rigged to release cyanide when turned on. This killed Don. However, stepping on the pad in front of the stove also released a mountain lion, which swiped at him a couple times before eating his meat.  

It's time for the rest of the contestants to discover their fate. Kam and Ulysses are the ones who are scared. Then, Giles gets this really odd call from the killer. He answers and puts it on speakerphone, and we hear each of the "contestants" one by one admitting to being the killer. I'm not sure what to make of this. It's just odd. All of the contestants say that they didn't say it, but either they're just doing that for the tv audience, or it's just a mashed up collection of words they said. I'm betting on the latter.  

The next morning comes, and everyone is riding on horses. Kam and Ulysses are both alive.. but not for long. Ulysses' horse heads off some random direction, and although we don't know what happens, it's clear that he's dead. Also, it looked like there was something actually wrong with HIM before the horse even went off into the... was it a ditch? I'm not sure, but I guess we'll figure it out next week.

OK, suspicions time! As Iziezi said in the comments, "Giles" didn't know who the killer was throughout the show, and he was surprised. That's going to factor into my suspicions. I'm also at the point where I THINK i have one main suspect, but I do still have some lingering smaller suspects. Keep in mind, though, I watched The Mole (YEARS late, I might add) without reading up on who The Mole was, and on BOTH seasons that I watched, the person that I thought was The Mole was actually the person who won. Oops.

Cris: She's mostly flying under the radar right now. Sure, she's team cool kids, but everyone has been hating everyone else on her team, and not really her. I think she would surprise Giles if she was the killer. I'm a bit suspicious.

Dana: Dana is my main suspect. However, given the fact that she seems to be blatantly oblivious all the time, I'm not sure that's what the killer would do. And with that, I'm not sure how much Giles would be surprised by her being the killer, even though not many have accused her.

Geno: I don't think he's the killer, just because he seems so suspicious to everyone. But I don't really like him, and I'm ready for him to go. I think he's going to stick around for a while though.

Kam: I've eliminated him from suspicion. Giles wouldn't be surprised if Kam was the killer! He was the most accused! And editing accuses him! No way.

Lindsey: Still one of my main suspects. She seems so innocent and flies under the radar, and even though everyone's mad at her, NO ONE suspects her. And yet, she's gotten by with almost no information, and last week, she won even though she didn't have every single piece of evidence that Geno and Ronnie had.
Melina:  I think that anyone would be surprised if Melina was the killer. And she's totally flying under the radar. Who would suspect her? Uh... ME! I like her, and I personally don't think she's the killer, but seriously, she seems like the absolute least likely choice.

Ronnie: Fully trust Ronnie. And I love him to bits. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm rooting for a Ronnie/Kam/Killer finale.

Sasha: I would be surprised if she's the killer. That being said, if she's not the killer, she needs to GO. I'm getting really tired of her terrible personality and attitude. She's so rude. Just go. Pretty please.

Ulysses: Well, another of my favorites bites the dust. SUPER sad to see him go. I kinda wanted a Kam/Ulysses/ Killer finale, but oh well. Poor Ulysses!

Well, that's the end of my review. What did you think of my suspicions? Am I on track or totally confused? See you next week, mortals!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hawthorne Heights- Fragile Future

Release Date: August 5, 2008

Genre: Post-hardcore, Emo

Track Listing

1.       The Business Of Paper Stars

2.       Rescue Me

3.       Until The Judgement Day

4.       Somewhere In Between

5.       Sugar In The Engine

6.       Desperation

7.       Four Became One

8.       321

9.       Disaster

10.   Let Go Of Everything You Know

11.   Corps of Corpses

12.   Come Back Home (Reprised)

On this CD, Hawthorne Heights is:
JT Woodruff- vocals, guitar
Micah Carli- guitar
Matt Ridenour- bass, backup vocals
Eron Bucciarelli- drums

About Hawthorne Heights: I don't really know a ton about them, but there are some important things I should talk about. They released their first CD, The Silence In Black and White, in 2004. Their first single off of this CD is also probably their most well-known song, Ohio Is For Lovers. Then, in 2006, they released If Only You Were Lonely. Their third album, Fragile Future, was released in 2008. These are the only 3 CDs I have by them, although they have released 2 CDs since- Skeletons in 2010, and Zero last month. There was a very abrupt lineup change between albums 2 &3, which I'll talk about in the "About The CD" bit, because it had an impact on the CD.

My opinion about Hawthorne Heights: I’m not a huge Hawthorne Heights fan, although I have 3 of their CDs. It’s kinda odd, but the bands that are more mainstream, as in regular people who listen to top 40 stations (bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco) often aren’t ones I like A LOT. While I may enjoy their music, I’m usually not a devoted fan. I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post. It’s like this with Hawthorne Heights. While I like this CD and a lot of the songs on it, I only really like their singles on their other CDs.

About The CD: One thing that had a big effect on this CD was the sudden death of band member Casey Calvert. Casey did the guitar and unclean vocals for the band. While they were on tour in 2007, he was found dead in the tour bus. He died in his sleep of an accidental drug overdose. Two songs on the CD (Four Became One, Sugar In The Engine) were inspired by his death, and it brought the band closer together, and lead to this being, in my opinion, their best CD.

IMHO: This is my favorite CD by them. But it also holds a special place in my heart for another reason. I bought this CD back in 2009 when it was fairly new. When I opened the case, I realized that there was a second CD inside. This CD had a random selection of music videos by other artists on Victory Records (the label HH was on). I was really interested in listening to some new music, so I popped it into my DVD player. I really liked a lot of the songs, and still have a lot of them on my iPod now. These included “I Didn’t Mean To Interrupt…” by Jamies Elsewhere, a “Since U Been Gone” cover by A Day To Remember, “Still Dreaming” by Silverstein, and some songs by a band named 1997, a band that I never researched much further… but the songs on the CD are great! Anyway, among these songs, I found the music video for a song called “Warm Me Up” by The Audition. I had never heard of The Audition, but I really liked this song. The Audition is now one of my top 5 favorite bands ever, and I never would have found them without this CD.

Favorite Songs: Somewhere In Between is definitely my favorite song on the CD.

Other Gems: Sugar In The Engine, Desperation, Four Became One, 321

Music Video for Somewhere In Between
Four Became One
Rating: 7.5/10. There are a lot of songs on the CD that I really like, and the rest I just never really listen to.
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