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Whodunnit? Episode 7: Party Crasher

Another one bites the dust!

The numbers are waning and waning and waning! Seriously, just look at all these people who used to be here! Remember when we were all just sitting here getting annoyed by Adrianna?!

We begin once again as the power goes out. We hear the chandelier fall and everyone starts screaming as they realize Geno is dead. They turn on a flashlight and Giles reads a note from the killer. They aren't going to go directly into solving this, because they have to go to their rooms for the night. They're told that this is going to be the most difficult murder yet.

In the morning, as always, they get to choose where they want to investigate.
Kam and Ronnie go to the crime scene, even though Ronnie originally was going to go with Lindsey to the last known whereabouts. They realized that the rope was lowered down, not cut. There is a huge spread of blood, as well as something that appears to be glow in the dark on the ground. Something that I thought was odd was that we see a close up of Ronnie’s shoes for some reason. It’s kinda odd considering that we had the shoe print last time and his feet don’t look very big, so they could've been stuffed like the killer's shoes were last episode. Kam looked all over the room for a trigger for the trap. Ronnie thought something was in the blood, so he kept looking at the blood. Behind a bust, Kam saw a timer plugged into a power outlet. It appears to have been set to short circuit and turn off lights. Kam manages to keep this from Ronnie, so all that Ronnie gets out of it is that the chandelier didn’t kill Geno.

Lindsey is the only one to go to the last known whereabouts. She finds a necklace with big black shells with green paint and key rings. There is a note pad with a note ripped off. She does the little pencil rub trick and finds that the last note written said "steal Giles’ cell phone and you will be spared". And that's really all she found in there.

Melina and Cris go to the morgue. There is a huge wound in Geno's neck and his chest on the belly button. In the stomach wound, there appears to be a bullet. What seems to be the wound from the chandelier is on Geno's back. Cris wants Melina to leave Ronnie to die. They open bags and find Giles’ cell phone in Geno’s pant pocket.

Melina and Ronnie talk and Melina isn’t sure about staying on his side, because she doesn't seem to totally trust him. All seems to be good on the team cool kid front.

Riddle time! They find Giles sunbathing by the pool. The gist of the riddle is that they'd be blind and have to find something to see in the dark, and something about twisting a knob to focus. And then they're blindfolded. They're led into a pitch black room and begin looking around. Ronnie finds night vision goggles and is able to see the riddle on the wall. It says to look for the light at the end of tunnel. Ronnie finds a tunnel and crawls into it, while the other 4 are still blindly wandering around the room completely clueless. The next clue talks about a cold bed and a lei, so Ronnie runs straight to the morgue and finds the lei beads. There are letters on the beads that are only visible under blacklight. He arranges the beads under the blacklight. The cool kids finally figure out how to get out of the room and go outside rather than the morgue. Melina finally gets out of the room and has the same mindset as Ronnie. She catches up to him, and they begin to try and figure it out. Unfortunately for them, the Cool Kids quickly catch up and actually figure the word puzzle out before Melina and Ronnie can. It leads them to monkey statues with clues below them. Kam is the one to find the solution. He opens a drawer and finds a suppressed 9 mm handgun and nightvision goggles.

After the riddle, Giles is still chillin' by the pool. They are given a hint. Giles asks them "How did Geno crash the party?" and says that the answer to that question needs to be worked into their accusations. Kam tells his group about the stuff in the drawer. They think that because he didn’t wear the necklace, the killer had to resort to “plan B” which is killing him with a gun. Melina goes over to talk to the Cool Kids, but is refused info.
And then, possibly the most ridiculous thing I've heard... possibly all season? "Is it possible he had a trained monkey?" NO, RONNIE, it is NOT possible that there is a trained monkey!!!

They begin stating their cases, and everything seems to be going alright, since Ronnie seems to have decided that there was a gun in the drawer, but then... RONNIE WHY ARE YOU SAYING MONKEY?! IT’S NOT A MONKEY! He legitimately just said that he thought it was a monkey. Seriously.

At dinner, they have more comfort foods than fancy foods, and Ronnie actually tells them that he thinks it’s a trained monkey. Kam doesn't believe him because it's just so crazy, and I don't blame him! More on this in a minute...Ronnie finally tells them that he’s a detective/ bounty hunter. He's a bounty hunter AND HE STILL SAID MONKEY.

And then Giles comes in and announces that Lindsey won. Not Kam? Really? I figured he would have to win. 
The killer broke into Geno’s room, left him the necklace, and wrote him note to steal Giles' phone. (Also, I'm still not totally sure what Giles' phone had to do with anything?) He fell for it and stole the phone. Killer had already set blackout timer. The killer painted the crest with glow in the dark paint so it was visible in the dark, and they would know where the body would need to go to make it look like the chandelier killed him. Plan A was to strangle Geno, but he didn’t wear the lei to the luau. So, the killer had to improvise for plan B. Geno was shot with silencer, and then the killer released  the chandelier.

The spared/ scared cards are handed out and this time, it's only Ronnie and Melina who are scared.

And then, in my opinion, Giles delivered the game-changer. He said, "And then there were four." I'll explain why this made me freak out as soon as we get past the death.

So, the next morning, all 5 of them arrive to breakfast, and are told that they're going to be treated to a spa day, and everyone is telling Melina and Ronnie not to do it.
Melina gets a facial. Kam gets a royal massage. Lindsey gets a mani pedi. Ronnie gets the hot tub. Cris does yoga. The camera flashes back and forth between Melina and Ronnie, when suddenly, there's a huge boom and Ronnie is blasted out of the hot tub. He lands in the pool and the other contestants rush outside and find him.

OK, so back to Giles "And then there were four" comment. First off, I immediately knew that this was a reference to the book And Then There Were None. I've mentioned it before in my Whodunnit? blogs, and have compared it to this show quite a bit. For those of you who don't know, And Then There Were None is a classic mystery novel written in the 1930s by the "Queen of Mystery," Agatha Christie. The premise of the book is that 10 strangers are enticed to this island, believing that they are guests of the owners of the island and the huge mansion upon it. They then start dying one by one and realize that there is no owner, and that one of the guests is the killer. There's even a riddle! The only difference is that the riddle describes how they die one by one. Each stanza of the poem ends with "And then there were ____" and the blank gets filled in with whatever number of people are left. So, as I said, much like Whodunnit? because the killer is pretending to be one of them. 
This is where I'm going to throw up a *SPOILER ALERT* for anyone who has not read the book, but does not want the ending ruined. 
Basically, in the book, it gets down to five guests left. The "death poem," as I'll call it, mentions that the next death will be a red herring. The guy who dies in the pseudo 5th place in the book is actually the killer. He faked his own death so that he could throw suspicion off himself and be able to pull off the other murders easier. And that stanza ends with "And then there were four." So when Giles said that "And then there were four" line, I knew there was no way that was a coincidence. Now, it could just be a harmless little reference to And Then There Were None, since the two are obviously very similar. However, I find it extremely odd that Giles would choose to whip that one out just coincidentally on that specific death, rather than long before. And to add to my suspicion on this, Ronnie comes up with the most ridiculous theory about random monkeys on the episode he was eliminated on? Huh? Is it just me, or does it seem obvious that he totally made some really stupid statements and made up crap about monkeys JUST so that he could have this "red herring" death and pretend to be dead? I'm sorry, I may be reading into this way too much, but when Giles made that reference, that's immediately where my mind went. Of course, at that point, I was telling myself that the red herring death would be Melina, since I've thought she was the killer. Now, not so sure. I'll go straight into my opinions. Yay!

Cris: Once again, I don't think she's the killer. She definitely has the intelligence and the cunning to be the killer, but I think Lindsey and Melina are WAY better suspects.

Kam: I think that I've once again ruled him out as a suspect, but I almost feel like we can't rule anyone out.

Lindsey: I'm still suspicious of her. I did see something that was a great point: she's an engineer. And that rig with Don's death was definitely a pretty engineer-y thing to do.

Melina: If I'm going off of regular game rules, i still suspect Melina of being the killer. And finally, someone accused her! It took Geno dying to get Kam off his trail!

Ronnie: Until he got eliminated, I felt like I could trust him. Now, I'm not so sure. That shot with the feet- maybe that was to show us a small shoe size? And of course, the way he went out, with the And Then There Were None reference, and the crazy monkey theory... I don't know. But I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he showed up at the finale and they found out he was the killer.

So, there you go, mortals! What did you think of my latest Whodunnit? blog? Did you think the And Then There Were None reference was as important as I did, or am I way over-thinking things? Leave me lots of comments, especially if you're loving my Whodunnit? reviews. See you next week, mortals!

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  1. Good theory, the "And Then There Were None" reference (I still haven't watched the finale).

    If I'm not mistaken, Giles reveals during dinner that since Geno stole Giles's phone, he wasn't worthy to "live".

    Also, I read somewhere that Ronnie knew how ridiculous his theory was, and due to his lack of information regarding Geno's "death", he didn't think he would last much longer so he decided to (his words) "have some fun".


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