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30 Day Book Challenge

It's been a while since I did anything other than a ranking or list on here, so I thought it would be fun to do something that used to be a regular series on here-- an entire 30 day tumblr challenge in a single post! AKA: a One Day Tumblr Challenge. If you want to see more of these type of challenges, there's a page linked in the sidebar to the right with all of the One Day Tumblr Challenges I've done.

Back in 2014, I did a different 30 Day Book Challenge. Oddly, many of the questions are the same, but either way, that was quite a while back and my answers are going to be pretty different this time around (trust me, I checked!). If you do want to check that out though, you can do so by clicking here.

1) Best book you read last year

Seriously, this book was amazing. Generally, my all-time favorite books are series. When I think of my favorite books, the first ones to come to mind are always books from my favorite series. But this book rose well above everything else that I read in 2016. It was everything I could ever want in a book-- amazing world, complex characters, intriguing plot, plus a cool magic system. I found it so easy to sit down and binge read it, but it wasn't one of those books where its addictive quality was the only good thing about it. It was just overall awesome. 

2) A book that you've read more than 3 times

Although I really enjoy re-reading books, this question actually made me realize that there aren't a ton of books that I've read more than 3 times. I wanted to choose something that wasn't obvious (AKA Harry Potter & And Then There Were None). So, I ended up going with All-American Girl by Meg Cabot. This is one that I first read back in elementary school, before even reading Harry Potter. This quickly became my favorite book and I read it over and over. It's been a while since the last time I re-read it, but I've probably read All American Girl upwards of 20 times.

3) Your favorite series

I wasn't going to go for the obvious, but I found that (for once) my second-favorite series was getting a lot of love on this list, so for the sake of variety I decided to talk about Harry Potter. It is, has been, and will always be my favorite book series. It's sheer perfection in every way and holds a very special place in my heart. 

4) Favorite book of your favorite series

Piggybacking off of the last question, I have a tie for my favorite book in the series. When forced to choose, I often say Half Blood Prince is my favorite, but occasionally Deathly Hallows wins out. They're just both really amazing in different ways. HBP gives so much backstory to Voldemort and it just enriches the entire world and story and Deathly Hallows follows an entirely new and unique structure from the other books. They're just both absolutely phenomenal. 

5) A book that makes you happy

This entire book is just really cute. I'm not necessarily saying that the ending made me happy (it might have, or it might not have-- no spoilers here!) but pretty much the entire way through, I found myself smiling at everything from the characters, to the plot, to Simon's voice. Overall, the book was just fun and happy throughout. 

6) A book that makes you sad

Once again, no spoilers for the ending-- I'm not trying to tell you whether or not the ending made me happy or sad. But this is just one of the most emotional stories I've read. The entire premise of the story is that our MC, Naho, is trying to save her new friend Kakeru from a seemingly negative fate. So, the entire story is full of emotional low points, tears, and just generally emotional people. I considered putting this in the happy field because a lot of the tears were happy tears throughout, but despite the fact that it's generally a heartwarming story, there are some really low, low, emotional points that can hit home in very sad ways. So I put it here. 

7) Most underrated book

I considered several books for this one, but settled on Coda because it had the least reviews/ratings on Goodreads. This is a dystopian novel in a world where the only legal music is addictive, government-sanctioned music. But, our MC, Anthem, is in a band and regularly performs and creates illegal music. It's just a really interesting plot and a really intriguing world on top of that. Some other criminally underrated dystopian novels that I considered mentioning here were The Chimes by Anna Smaill (long-listed for the Manbooker, and also dealing heavily with music), as well as The Body Electric by Beth Revis (a sci-fi dystopian that personally gives me Lunar Chronicles vibes).

8) Most overrated book

OK, hear me out. I considered listing several popular YA trilogies here, but the majority of them were series where I've seen many people with dissenting opinions. Series like The Selection (which many people do dislike), Divergent (I think we all hate book 3), and Shatter Me (which has pretty mixed reviews across the board) are all ones I considered. But everyone loves The Hunger Games and my general opinion toward it can be summed up by: *shrug*. I did enjoy hunger games, but it goes downhill from there. I didn't hate it by any means, but I just didn't see why everyone loves it so much. And I think most people have mixed or negative feelings about Mockingjay. The series is fine, but if you want a Hunger Games-esque story, check out Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, which did it both first and better. 

9) A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

If I don't think I'll like a book, I typically just don't read it. Life's too short to read books you aren't interested in. So for this one, I turned to a re-read. I loved the Pendragon series, but this book, the finale, was a major disappointment the first time through. So, when I re-read the series, I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it. But the second time through, I really loved it as a conclusion. I'm not sure what changed between the reads-- maybe I was just more mentally prepared given that I already knew some of the explanations. But overall, the re-read really took it from a disappointing conclusion to a book that I gave 5 stars. 

10) Favorite classic book

Once again, I wanted to avoid the obvious (And Then There Were None). I don't read a ton of classics, but when I do, I read dystopia. It was a hard choice between 1984 and Brave New World, but I chose 1984 because the world terrifies me even more. Every single thought and word are monitored by Big Brother. It's just a terrifying reality to think of, and the book explored this world in such an interesting way. It's really awesome. 

11) A book you hated

Hate is a really strong word, and I'm hesitant to use it to describe books. But ugh, I really don't like this book. I hated the characters. Alaska was a manic pixie dream girl stereotype and I was not here for it. I thought that the book was pretty predictable and I honestly can't think of a single thing that I actually liked about it. Even though I liked The Fault in our Stars, Looking for Alaska has dissuaded me from picking up any more John Green books. 

12) A book you used to love but don't anymore

I mean, I'd have to go back and re-read it to be sure, but I think all of us have dealt with a huge shift in opinions when it comes to this book and series. Bella is such a pathetic character, and HOW did I not think that Edward was creepy to watch her sleep? I still totally recognize the inherent addictive quality to these books, but I think that's really the only good thing about it. That being said, I really do want to go back and re-read the series to see what my opinions are now. I mean, the books are super easy to find at used bookstores for $2, so maybe that'll happen. 

13) Your favorite writer

I picked up my first book by Brandon Sanderson almost 2 years ago, and I've never looked back. I've enjoyed every single one of his books that I've read so far, and many of them are among my favorite books that I've ever read. His magic systems and worlds are always so interesting and complex, his writing is well-done but easy to read, and I always find it difficult to put his books down. I've read 9 of his books so far, but I still have so many more that I still need to get to, because the guy publishes multiple books every year. It's just so impressive and overall, he's definitely become my favorite author. 

14) Favorite book of your favorite writer
The Final Empire absolutely blew me away. Not only is it my favorite Brandon Sanderson book to date, but it's my favorite book that I've read (for the first time) since discovering BookTube. Everything about it just really clicked with me and I fell in love with both Sanderson as a writer and with this book and series. Everything from the characters, to the world, to the magic system impressed me. It's such a good book and I really want to re-read the series sometime in the near future. 

15) Favorite male character

Per usual, I decided not to go with the obvious (Fred Weasley), so I went with my second favorite, Magnus Bane. Magnus is such a fun, snarky, sassy character who makes me laugh every time he pops up in a Cassandra Clare book. I haven't read the Dark Artifices yet, so I don't know if he's in that series, but he's popped up in all of the other Shadowhunter books I've read, and that's always one of the most fun aspects of Shadowhunter novels for me. 

16) Favorite female character

Once again, avoiding the obvious (Hermione Granger). I had such a tough time with this one, because I have a lot of female characters that I really like, but don't necessarily consider to be my favorites. I have some beef with the way female characters are written sometimes. However, eventually I landed on Paige from The Bone Season series. Paige is such a strong female character, but she has a lot of depth to her as well. I love her voice within the series, and I just think she's overall a really awesome character. 

17) Favorite quote from your favorite book

It's not my favorite book ever, but my favorite book quote ever is from my favorite series so I'll let it slide. And that quote is:
"Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here."- Albus Dumbledore
Not just that one line, but the entire scene surrounding it. This happens in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the opening feast. The school sings the school song, with each student singing at their own tempo until only the Weasley twins are left, singing at a funeral march tempo, and Dumbledore conducts them. It's just such a wonderful moment, and that quote perfectly book-ends it. 

18) A book that disappointed you

The first book that came to mind was Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse. I was so excited about this book that I drove to Barnes and Noble (which at the time was a 30 minute drive) and bought it at full price. But in the end, I was really underwhelmed. The book is a collection of short stories that progress through the future, but for me everything remained at surface level and never got deep into anything. There were some other books I considered, like The Leveller by Julia Durango or Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, but with those books I'd already considered the possibility of disliking them. This one came out of left field. 

19) Favorite book turned into a movie

So this question is a bit vague to me. Is it my favorite book that has a movie adaptation, regardless of the quality of the adaptation? Or my favorite movie that is an adaptation, regardless of whether or not I liked the book? Or a book-to-movie adaptation where I loved both? You see my dilemma here, right? So, because of that, I've gone with the easiest answer. Harry Potter. Specifically, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I'll be doing a ranking of the movies in the series soon, so I don't want to spoil that, but when considering both the book at the movie and averaging everything together, this one typically comes out on top for me. Not sure that'll be the case in my actual ranking (there are a couple others that are really high up there), but that one wins out today. 

20) Favorite romance book

I don't really read "romance" romance books... if that makes sense. But as far as books where the central plot is a romance (AKA YA contemporary), my definite favorite is I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. There are multiple other plots going on within the book, but the romance is always the one that stands out in my mind. Another book that came to mind was The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols, but this one is definitely higher on my favorites lists and stands out more to me in the romance department. 

21) Favorite book from your childhood

Once again circumventing the obvious, I'm going with the Charlie Bone series. This is a series that I really enjoyed as a kid. It combined the dark tone and quirkiness of the Series of Unfortunate Events with the magic school intrigue of Harry Potter and it was just a really interesting and unique series. It's probably for kids around the age of 10, but this is a series that I really want to go back and re-read and finish. I was reading it when the series was incomplete (by the time I caught up, I think that the 4th book had just been released), so I kept up with the series for the next couple books, but have yet to actually finish the series. It was popular at the time, but it's not a series I've heard many people talk about since then, so I definitely think it deserves a bit more attention, because it's really awesome. 

22) Favorite book you own

OK, so this is obviously the most vague question on this list, because I own almost every book on this list. So, I'm going to focus on my favorite copy of a book I own. The ones at the top of the list are my copies of HP 6&7 because I got them the day of their release, but next on the list is probably my copy of The Diviners. I bought a signed copy online, so it's not like I got to go to a signing and meet Libba Bray, but it's one of my favorite books and I have a signed copy of it, so that's probably my favorite. But I also have a signed copy of The Song Rising so I might have to go with that once I read it. 

23) A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven't

I think that one would have to be Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I've had it on my TBR since I first started watching BookTube, and it's still one that really intrigues me... and yet I still haven't read it. The more I think about it right now, the more intrigued I get to pick it up, so maybe I'll pick it up sometime soon. 

24) A book that you wish more people would've read

I feel like this is kinda similar to the "underrated book" question, but I'll throw another one out there for good measure. I'd have to go with The Body Electric by Beth Revis. Out of all the books that I've loved, this is the one that's not super well known that I think a lot of people would like. Especially YA readers, and especially people who really love the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I read this book first, and when I finally picked up Cinder, I found myself constantly seeing (good) similarities between the two. The stories are rather different, but the worlds are intriguingly similar. 

25) A character who you can relate to the most

The part of me that likes to see myself as a cool person reeeeally wants to say someone like Jace Wayland because I really like being snarky, sarcastic, and over humanity. However, realistically I think I'm some combination of Hermione Granger and Cath from Fangirl. I can be a huge know-it-all like Hermione, but I think that if anything, Cath is the one I relate to the most. She loves writing fanfiction and staying at home by herself and being on the internet all day. If that doesn't describe my life, I don't know what does. 

26) A book that changed your opinion about something

I really struggled with this one, because I don't think that I've had too many major changes in opinion because of a book. But the one that eventually came to mind was the Death Note manga series. I read my first comic series (Locke and Key) back in 2015. After that, I read a few more trade comics and was incredibly focused on the art style and colors, and less on the story. I generally enjoyed the trade comics but they never really hugely resonated with me. And then I picked up Death Note, and I fell in love. And it was in black and white, something that I didn't think I'd be interested in. Not every volume blew me away, but the series as a whole did, and it gave me a totally different perspective on visual books/storytelling as a whole. 

27) The most surprising plot twist or ending

Well that would just be really spoilery, so I'm not answering that. I hate when people even mention that there's a plot twist in a book because then I just find myself figuring out what's going to happen and looking for little hints dropped throughout the book to confirm my suspicions. So instead, I'm going to mention a series that constantly kept me guessing and on my toes. And that is the Mistborn trilogy. 

I've mentioned it already a few times in this post, but this trilogy (and honestly, all of Sanderson's books) gives you so many twists and turns that you didn't see coming. He keeps you constantly guessing as to what's about to happen, and often takes you in directions that you could never have guessed... ever. This is why I love both this trilogy and his books overall SO MUCH. 

28) Favorite title

I haven't really talked about it too much in this post, so I'm finally going to shout out my favorite standalone, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. The original title of the book was really awful-- if you didn't know, the original title included a racial slur that I'm definitely not going to repeat here. However, I love the title And Then There Were None. It captures the mood of the book so well and is just overall a really cool and foreboding title. Definitely my favorite title ever. 

29) A book everyone hated but you liked

I've said this a few times, but typically if everyone hates a book, I also dislike it. Not because I'm trying to agree with everyone, but because if most people think a book isn't very good... the book probably isn't very good. However, when I was scrolling through Goodreads, I discovered that one of my favorite books from last year has a rating of 3.4/5, which is embarrassingly low. Typically, even the most mediocre books fall somewhere around 3.6-3.75, so seeing such a beautiful book with such a low rating makes me sad. And that's why I typically don't think that this is a book for everyone. I think it requires a real appreciation and knowledge of music. Not that I think music novices wouldn't like it, but rather that the prose flows really simply and beautifully when you understand the musical terms that she's woven into the text as part of the language of the world. I dunno, I absolutely love this book and am sad to see that it has such a low rating on Goodreads. Both 3/5 and 4/5 are more common than 5/5 for The Chimes, which makes me sad. 

30) Your favorite book of all time

This one is super difficult. I typically try not to figure out my favorite book of all time, because it's so hard to compare a book in a series to a standalone. My favorite story of all time will always be the Harry Potter series. That's something that I find incredibly easy to say. But that's an entire 7 book series that spans thousands of pages. If I'm being honest with myself, my favorite book is probably:

Part of me really wants to declare a tie again, because realistically I always have trouble deciding between Deathly Hallows or Half Blood Prince when naming my favorite Harry Potter book. But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, Half Blood Prince feels like home every single time I pick up the book. Just reading the first few chapters brings me back to the first time I read it almost 12 years ago. The quote "Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home" always rings most true when I pick up Half Blood Prince.

So, that's it for this 30 Day Challenge! I had a lot of fun doing this again. I can't say that this is going to for sure be the return of the "One Day Tumblr Challenge" series, but I definitely do want to do some of these again, as well as some normal book tags, so keep an eye out for more of these in the future!  

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On Vlogging Preference & Reviving My Blog [AKA an Update]

I remember being pulled to blogging several years before actually beginning to blog. As someone who's always had the desire to be a writer and even briefly considered doing journalistic writing, there's always been something incredibly appealing about being able to curate my own space on the internet full of my own writings and musings in whichever form I want. Finally, in 2012, I went for it. I started this blog and started posting about Project Runway. I used it pretty casually throughout the end of high school all the way through the end of my freshman year of college.

And then, in the summer of 2013, I got serious. Without getting into too much detail, I lived with my parents over the summer in the small town they'd recently moved to, and I wasn't enjoying it. I didn't know anyone, I had a job in customer service that was kinda miserable, and also felt like I was regressing from "independent adult at college" to "kid at home with parents." Definitely not the best of times. And I found myself throwing basically all of my free time into blogging. I did a lot of fun 30 Day Challenges and CDs On My Shelf posts, and one of my rant-y posts about a scam company actually went semi-viral. Even today, when you search the company, it's near the top of the search results.

I kept this up for quite a while, posting as frequently as possible, and trying to get into a routine. And then, right at the end of 2013, I discovered BookTube. I've always been a huge reader, but in college, I hadn't really been making much time to leisure reading... but BookTube re-sparked that interest. It led to my blog taking a very book-heavy turn. I was essentially doing BookTube-esque videos, but in blog form. Wrap ups, book hauls, reading challenges, etc. But by mid- 2014, that wasn't quite enough for me anymore. I wanted to make BookTube videos. I wanted to reach a wider audience and talk about books with more people. I wanted to actually have a comment section and to interact with people about books instead of seeing a decent view count with zero comments.

So, I started a BookTube channel. I posted a couple videos in the summer of 2014, and then began posting regularly at the end of 2014. And that's been my main focus ever since. Video was never my primary desired form of communication-- it's so much easier to say exactly what you mean when you can type and edit-- but I've enjoyed vlogging for the 2.5 years I've been doing it. I don't have a huge audience, but most of my videos get comments, and I do actually get to interact with people and get feedback. And as that's been going on, I've been less and less devoted to this blog.

Obviously, it hasn't been inactive. At least, not completely. Most of the time, I still post once or twice a month, but my post count has continually gone down over the past 2.5 years, and especially since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. I think I posted a grand total of 12 blogs throughout the school year. And the main reason for that... is my vlogging preference.

What I mean by this is that, since I reach a wider audience on YouTube and I get to interact with people more often on there, whenever I get a good idea for a topic to talk about, it almost always gets put on the "vlog" list rather than the "blog" list. I always think "no, this is a topic I want to talk to people about, and that'll work better on my YouTube," and end up putting almost every idea down in the "vlog" column, delegating only my obscure TV show rankings to my blog. Because apparently, everything else is "too good" for my blog. I've had so many ideas that would probably be communicated better in blog form that I've posted on YouTube instead simply because I can converse with more people about it and reach a wider audience on there. That's obviously not an invalid reason, but I hate that I've turned this blog into something deserving of only my most niche, obscure interests and nothing else.

So, what's my point? My point is that you should prepare yourself for more diverse content. I'm hoping to do 30 Day Challenges again, and to post some discussions and just general updates. Maybe even favorites posts. And definitely some book reviews once I get around to it. I'm still definitely going to be doing my niche rankings posts because I freakin' love them, but I want to do more interesting stuff on here, and I want it to be more than just the spill-over from my YouTube. I want it to contain lots of different, diverse things. After all, it IS supposed to be the diverse and random thoughts in my brain.

Also, I say this at the end of every post, but please, make sure to comment on stuff! One of the most motivating things ever is seeing someone interacting with something I've posted. I love fangirling over my favorite topics, so feel free to join me.

That's about all I wanted to say in this post. The summertime is always when I have the most spare time, so I always feel really inspired and motivated to get creative and write/blog/vlog a lot, so I hope to be really active on here over the next three months (and the future too, but grad school is hard, y'all)!

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A Definitive Ranking of the Cycles of America's Next Top Model

In conjunction with a video posted on my YouTube channel today, I'm going to be ranking the first 22 cycles of America's Next Top Model. I'll embed the video down below if you'd prefer to hear me explain my rankings, but I definitely go a bit more in depth into my feelings in this post.

My rankings are based on several different factors, which will be described as I talk about each cycle, but the main points are personal enjoyment, quality of the models, quality of the photoshoots, and quality of the drama (AKA fun & interesting vs mean drama).

Per usual, these are just my personal opinions. I'm aware of the fan favorite seasons & I honestly couldn't care less about which ones people love and which ones people don't. These are just my personal opinions- you have yours, I have mine, and we can all get along without yelling at each other or berating each other for disagreeing.

22) Cycle 20

I think most people were pretty excited about getting a season with both male and female models, but then we got... cycle 20. There were very few likable people this cycle. I personally liked Nina, and I think that the entirety of the fandom loved Cory, but other than that we had.... Mike? For the eye candy? But seriously though, because it was the first mixed-gender season, there was such an emphasis on showmances, and the people in them were utterly unbearable. Marvin was painful. I personally kinda liked Phil (I like the rocker guys) but pretty much all the guys on this season were unbearable. And so were the girls. Also, Cory didn't win. So just a fail all around.

21) Cycle 2

I know that there are people who really like this season, but this season has always been pretty forgettable for me. There are certainly standout moments, but every season has those. That being said, we do get the iconic moment of Shandi's phone call with her boyfriend as well as Camille's famous "This is my signature walk, and this is is the walk that's going to make me famous" quote. I mean, I guess it kinda rang true. We also got a pretty strong winner in Yoanna. But apart from those things... what??? Nothing more than the petty drama we see every other season.

20) Cycle 19

Ugh. This was the cycle where the horrid scoring system was introduced. We'll get to the fatal flaw of the scoring system a bit further down the line, but I think that we all agree that it was awful. On top of this, the judges panel wasn't so great this season. My 3 favorite people on the show (Mr. Jay, Miss J, and Nigel Barker) got the axe for some unknown reason...? Maybe they were too reasonable for Tyra or something. I actually kinda like Kelly, but I wasn't a huge fan of Bryanboy or Rob Evans. Some of the contestants were also pretty unbearable as well. The best part of the season was Victoria and her quirks, but even then she was one of those love/hate characters. It was just a messy season all around.

19) Cycle 3

I know that cycle 3 is a fan-favorite, but I don't like it quite so much and it's not very memorable for me. I think it was that I found most of the models pretty unlikable. Yaya was a strong model, Toccara was great, and Norelle was fun, but otherwise I disliked most of the cast. The only real standout moments for me were the brownie mutilation and fact that Amanda was going blind.

18) Cycle 22

This season was... alright. The scoring system... ugh. The best part about the season was some of the models. Nyle and Lacey were super likable. I personally really liked Devin, and Mikey was entertaining to watch despite some of his shortcomings in the personality department. And then there were entertaining characters like Bello. But other than that, not much really stands out to me about this season. The only real standout moment is the music video challenge, which was simultaneously the most ridiculous and the most fun thing ANTM has ever done. While working on this post and the accompanying video, I re-looked up the video and it's still so silly and the song got stuck in my head despite the fact that it's pretty crap. I guess you win, Tyra.

17) Cycle 1

Ah, the cycle that started it all. Competition-wise, this is definitely the weakest season. The format was still really finding its footing. The judging always seemed a bit wonky, the call-outs weren't quite streamlined yet, and they were still trying to figure out what needed to be included in the show and what didn't. I see this as a fun quirk to the first season, but it also gives it a slightly unpolished feel. Like, we regularly saw the contestants with a personal trainer, and for some reason, loved ones were able to just come over and visit? That was the weirdest thing to me-- I guess they hadn't fully nailed down the isolation thing yet. There were some really interesting controversies like the Christians vs Ebony and Elyse and the nude photoshoot, and I like the season a lot better than some of the earlier seasons but entertainment-wise, I don't think it quite stacks up to some of the later seasons.

16) Cycle 21

This is definitely my favorite iteration of the guys and girls cycles. The contestants this season were the most memorable guys/girls cast and oh boy do I love Will a whole lot, and he was the instigator for some really important discussions about gender between the contestants. That being said, I still absolutely hate the scoring system, and I think that this season has the perfect example for why it's so terrible. One episode, Tyra decides to give Lenox a score of a 1, simply because she was disappointed, and Lennox would've been eliminated without Tyra deciding to do a non-elim. Perfect example of how flawed this system is. Any judge can completely tank any contestant at any time for any reason. Not cool.

15) Cycle 15

This was a perfectly fine season of ANTM. I enjoyed that it was the high fashion season, and I thought that as it got closer to the end, we ended up with some really strong models. But, if anyone said that they were even vaguely unsure of who would win from like episode 3, I'd be shocked. There were some fun moments along the way, and some really awesome photoshoots like the one where they models had to pose as designers, but the outcome was obvious from the beginning.

14) Cycle 4

The infamous season where Tyra screamed at Tiffany. Obviously, that's the most famous moment in the history of Top Model. This was also the season of the horrifying flesh eating disease, the one where a model fainted in the middle of judging, and where Kahlen did a photoshoot in a coffin immediately after her friend's death. And there were some really strong models, namely Kahlen and Naima. Plus some strong personalities, like Tiffany and Brandy. That being said, I think that I personally didn't connect with this season as much as with other seasons. There's certainly nothing wrong with this season, I just like a lot of cycles much better.

13) Cycle 13

There are a lot of things that I enjoyed about this season. I absolutely loved Erin. She was both a fun character and a really great model. In fact, I really liked a lot of the models. Nicole, Laura, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, and Rae were all people who I enjoyed. And I thought that Bianca was also a really fun character when she was on. But this season was pretty marred by the cattiness of people like Ashley and Lulu, and apart from that there weren't really any stand-out moments that make the season distinct. I can remember a lot of the photoshoots, but the only moments that I remember that weren't directly challenge-related were people getting mad at Erin about the race & general cattiness but no specific moments. Sometimes the themes that Tyra does can be a bit forced, and that's how I feel about the petite theme. She just drove it into the freakin' ground and that got a bit tiring.

12) Cycle 14

This is one of the cycles where I re-watch the beginning frequently, but have only seen the end of the season once because there are a lot of great aspects of the season, but the negatives tend to get in the way. There are a lot of interesting, dynamic things happening at the beginning of the cycle, but once it gets to the middle, there are just so many mean, catty people fighting that it can bring the mood down quite a lot. It was almost like Big Brother- two different sides of the house developed, and they just kept lashing out at each other. Raina is definitely one of my favorite models in the history of the show, but apart from her there was just a lot of negativity on the cycle.

11) Cycle 6

OK, hear me out. I know that this is a major fan-favorite cycle. But this was one of the last cycles I watched, and because of that it's not quite as memorable for me. I think that there were some really awesome models on cycle 6. The final 2 of Danielle and Joanie was incredibly strong. There were also some really stand-out moments, like the high heels challenge, the racism controversy, and everything dealing with Jade and Furonda.  We're at the point here where I don't really have a problem with any of these cycles, I just personally liked some of them more than others. That being said, Gina drove me absolutely crazy. If I had to put up with her for a single episode longer, I might've screamed.

10) Cycle 9

This was one of the first cycles that I watched, and there were a lot of really dynamic things about the cycle that I loved, and I found myself watching the entire marathon all day long. Ebony quitting was one of the major moments, and Bianca was just such a major character, as was Heather. I personally really liked Jenah and Chantal and wish that one of them would've won over Saleisha. Speaking of Saleisha, her win was super controversial because on top of the fact that she already knew Tyra, she was technically breaking one of the competition's rules by having prior national modeling experience. That being said, I don't think that her win ruins a cycle that was otherwise really interesting with some really great models and dramatic events.

9) Cycle 16

This was the first cycle that I watched as it was airing. I absolutely love the top four of this cycle. I thought that the best four models definitely made it to the end of the cycle. Brittani and Molly were total stand-outs for me throughout the season, so I was really glad to see them as the final two. I thought that some of the concepts for the photoshoots this season were really cool and I really enjoyed Alexandria as a villain. This season produced several models that I thought were really strong, but there were also a handful that I definitely wasn't impressed by, like Monique.

7) Cycle 12

Ah, the cycle that Allison lost. Which is basically all that anyone cares about in this cycle. Cycle 12 holds a special place in my heart as the first cycle that I ever watched. I found a marathon of the cycle on one day and ended up sitting down and watching it almost the entire day. Allison, Fo, and Celia are still two of my absolute favorite models in the history of the show. It might not be the most dynamic season of the competition, but it's one of the most memorable for me. The moment with Celia in judging is a big standout moment, as well as all of the drama caused by both Sandra and Natalie. Overall, it's a season that I personally really enjoy, despite my firm belief that although Teyona was great, Allison absolutely deserved the win.

8) Cycle 11

This cycle was a really strong group of models. There were certainly some unlikable or weak people at the beginning of the cycle, like Clark or Hannah, but even the entirety of the final 8 were all really strong. Not only was it a really strong group of models, but they were also really interesting personalities and backstories. Almost all of them had something really unique going on. It just made for a season with interesting personalities and really great modelling. And of course, those personalities also often clashed which caused really interesting drama. This was just a super strong season all around, and I have a lot of favorites from the cycle.

6) Cycle 17

I feel like most people have a slightly lower opinion on All-Stars, but I enjoyed the season overall. I liked seeing the interactions between some of my favorite (or least favorite) models from seasons past and seeing how well all of these incredibly strong models did when compared to some of the best models in the history of the show. The ending of this season was super weird, and I think we're all still really disappointed that we have never gotten an Allison win. The music video challenge is one that still stands out to me, as well as the Michael Jackson photoshoot. Overall, I just really enjoyed this season despite the fact that the worst phrase on the planet, "pot ledom" was coined this season. Seriously, burn the phrase and bury the ashes.

5) Cycle 10

While the winner of this season is one of the worst, most disappointing winners, this is a season that really stands out to me. To start it off, Lauren is one of my favorite models in the history of the show, and I also absolutely loved Anya. This season, we get some moments that really stand out to me-- everything surrounding Allison is incredibly memorable. Plus, there's also Kimberly's quit. I really enjoyed the music-themed photoshoot and the paint photoshoot, and the commercial abroad is another standout (mostly because of how horrible everyone did). Plus, the makeovers were really great this cycle. Just overall, there were some really great models and some really cool photoshoots. It's just really unfortunate that Whitney was the eventual winner, because at the very least, Anya deserved it more.

4) Cycle 5

OK, now we're getting down to the nitty gritty. These top four are far and away above the other cycles, and we're starting at number 4 with cycle 5. This cycle has it all-- great models with interesting personalities, and drama, drama, drama. Cassandra and her hair debacle has become one of the most infamous moments in the history of the show, as is everything to do with Kim and her relationship with Sarah. Plus, there was the Red Bull/Granola bar controversy near the end of the cycle. And the models were so good too! The final two were both super strong models. Lisa ended up coming back and winning All-Stars. And then of course, there's Kim, who's one of my all-time favorites on the show. This was just overall a really stacked cycle.

3) Cycle 8

Once again, this is a cycle that ticks the box in every category. I think the biggest standouts for me are the models themselves. Not only was it a really entertaining group of models, but they were, on the whole, really strong as well. Jaslene was amazing right out of the gate, killing it pretty much the entire season. Jael was another stand-out for me, because her personality really popped. There were some really major moments this cycle, such as Jael getting pushed into the pool by 50 Cent, Brittany's meltdown after go-sees, Natasha's weird phone call with her husband, the death of Jael's friend, and many more. There was just a lot of stuff that went down this cycle. And on top of that, the photoshoots were, for me, some of the best in Top Model history. Starting with the first photoshoot after casting, those first 8ish photoshoots are some of my favorites in the history of the show. My personal favorite is probably the gender-swap because Raven (a drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race) was in the photoshoot, but the crime scene photoshoot is another one that was really awesome. Overall, this cycle was just the total package.

2) Cycle 18

Part of me thinks that I'm just biased because I love all things British, but this cycle is a real standout. First off, I love the makeovers this season. I think that Tyra got a little too hokey with the USA theme, but she went for funky colors like Sophie's pink hair, gave Laura the always-flawless ice blonde hair, shaved Alisha on one side, and gave Catherine some absolutely phenomenal magenta hair. And that's just a few of them. They were all fantastic. And there were some really great models this cycle. Azmarie is still one of my absolute favorite contestants, and I'm still mad at her idiotic elimination. Apart from Azmarie, we also had people like Laura and Sophie who were my other two favorites. But people like Alisha, Annaliese, Catherine, and Eboni were also really fantastic. There were also great challenges, the stand-out being the music video, where the British girls absolutely destroyed the Americans. And we got the now-infamous moment of Louise storming out of judging because she was mad at Kelly Cutrone. This was just a really stacked season, and it's definitely up there as one of my favorites.

1) Cycle 7

And here it is, my favorite cycle. Cycle 7. It's just a really awesome, iconic cycle. The models this season are some of the most memorable. Caridee and Melrose make up one of the strongest final 2 pairings in the history of the show. We also got really stand-out people like Anchal and the twins Michelle and Amanda. Monique was one of the weirdest, most out-there villains in the history of the show. And she gave us some great moments, like hogging the phone for hours and messing with Melrose. It was just really weird. And we also got some really cool photoshoots this season. The circus characters and celebrity impersonation photoshoots are still two of my absolute favorites. Overall, this is just definitely one of the most memorable cycles for me, and I've watched it over and over and over again at this point and it never gets old.

So, those are my rankings of cycles 1-22 of America's Next Top Model! As you can tell, I have way too much free time. I also really love reality TV and listing/ranking things, so peruse my blog for some other reality TV rankings, like my Project Runway designer rankings and my rankings of everything related to The Genius. More reality TV rankings to come, I promise!

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