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Project Runway Season 10 Episode 6- Fix My Friend!

Fix My Friend!

I’m baaaack! First of all, sorry I’ve been gone for the last 2 episodes. Everything has been CRAZY trying to get moved into my dorm and start my college classes.

Anyway, on to this HUUUUGE episode… sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Be prepared for a lot of Gunnar praising and overenthusiastic Ven bashing!

Dmitry says he really wants to win a challenge. Usually, when an episode begins this way, it’s a strong indication that this designer will be in the top, or perhaps even win.

Heidi tells them that they have new clients for them. Before Heidi even says “Well…” I can tell that they will not be designing for the people standing on the runway. There are both men and women on the runway, and since the designers always *HATE* designing menswear, they wouldn’t make it unevenly difficult for the designers. That would cause a plus-sized problem. But I am a bit confused as to why these people were out on the runway. Generally, they try to trick the designers into thinking that they are designing for the people on the runway, have them pick, and then, SURPRISE! they’re not actually designing for them. But they didn’t even get to choose who they designed for. So the people on the runway were actually kinda pointless until the actual judging.

The designers meet with their clients about what they want to look like. Right off the bat, Ven the shapeless seems to be very rude to his client. He asks good questions, but then talks about how shocked and disappointed he is. Ut oh… Even if he’s really friendly to his client while talking to her, I’m not sure it will stay this formal.
It seems like Nathan is in trouble right off the bat too, because his client is very opinionated and wants something very outside of his comfort zone. Fabio’s client doesn’t like wearing dresses, but Fabio is pretty edgy so he should be able to give her a dress she will like.

Gunnar is a total sweetie pie to his client and her friend. He realizes how realistic this challenge is and knows how important it is to design for real women. And when his client starts crying he hugs her and is totally nice to her. I can tell this is going to go well. Yay Gunnar! Nathan’s client wants a sexy, not overly sexed up dress. Oh no.

The designers go to mood and Tim reminds them how important it is to choose great fabrics. Ut oh… I can totally see this being brought up later in judging! Fabio is going for 4 shades of grey. I wonder if that was alluding to the book Shades of Grey that has suddenly become really popular recently. Dmitry understands that they have real clients and have to tone themselves down. Ven disses fabrics and his client’s figure. Here we go…

 Ven is very blunt and rude, even when talking to the hair stylist about his client’s hair. And immediately after the hair consultations, Ven talks about something that I actually think is a bit of a good point, although somewhat rude. He asks why some designers get models with figures that aren’t too far off from the models they usually use, while other designers have women with fuller figures and much different proportions. To be extremely honest, I have to agree with him somewhat. These designers make outfits every day for women who could wear almost anything. But when they have to make designs for women that don’t have the “modelesque” figures, they have to figure out how to make an outfit look really flattering on a woman, because it’s much easier to make them look heavier and shorter than they really are. When designing for a woman with a slimmer and taller form, they have a much easier task. I’m not at all saying that Ven handed ANYTHING in this episode correctly, but I think he (and some other designers) were given harder tasks, and he decided not to rise to the occasion. He decided to sit in the corner and pout and whine and make his client feel bad.

ANYWAY! Back to the challenge.

Gunnar opens up a bit about the fact that his brother is in the army, and how he misses him so much. Fabio catches up with his boyfriend on the computer (btw, why are all the cute guys gay?!)

Tim: “How is her figure?” Nathan: “A pear shape, but she’s a shapely pear shape.” 
Nathan: “And it’s not like your old regular hooker mesh” Tim: “We hate that regular hooker mesh.”

And now, the size 30 Ven is attacking my Gunnar, saying he's not ready for this competition. Shut up, you plus-sized, talentless douche nugget! Anyway... Sonjia’s dress looks really pretty on the mannequin but looks a bit short.
And now Tim meets with Ven. He talks about how he was in shock when he met with his model, saying she’s a size 14 *cut to Christopher shaking his head* He says his client has no shape, she isn’t fashion forward, and has no fashion sense whatsoever. He calls her before picture a nightmare. Every other designer seems horrified at the way Ven is talking about his model. Every season, there’s that one designer that doesn’t want to give their “real woman” what she really wants. And this season, it was Ven’s client. Tim reminds Ven that, as a designer, he should be able to make something flattering on her body, and at the very least, make her look like she has a great figure. AND THEN, Ven goes after her age! He complains that she’s ALMOST 40. Is there anything good about this woman in his mind? News flash, people get older!

Fabio’s client looks awesome and the dress seems to be going really great. I see good things in their future.

“This is the first time I see Elena is actually being nice to someone. So, it’s about time.”- Dmitry

Gunnar is still being super nice to his client. He’s doing a great job at this challenge, and I can tell that he really likes this challenge.

When Ven’s client comes in, he says how great her hair looked. When it cuts to his interview and he says “Her hair looked…” I was dead sure he was going to say that it looked terrible (Regina George style) but he actually does say that her hair looked good! Yay he found a good thing about her! And then comes “black is very slimming” to her. Oh no… And then the belt is too small… and Christopher send him the “cut it out” signal but Ven ignores him, saying he can ask for a bigger belt. Then Gunnar says how rude Ven is being, especially since this woman is his client! Ven just won’t drop the “you’re too big” thing!

Ven, who has no fashion sense, complains to his roommates about his woman. I mean, holy crap, does he ever stop?

They get to the workroom and I got a laugh out of them asking why nothing was done and saying: “Where were those elves last night?!”

Ven, the fashion backward, is talking about the outfit being slimming, and saying she WILL look beautiful and goes back to talking about wanting a bigger belt. She says it’s embarrassing, and he pretends like he’s not trying to make her seem fat. WHAT. A. JERK. Of course mister plus-sized designer was trying to make his client feel fat! Obviously his client is upset. And every other designer is saying how inappropriate he’s acting. Ven gives a half-hearted apology and says he wants her to feel special. Oh, sorry, did I say half- hearted? Oops. There was NO heart in his apology. And then, when he’s ‘trying’ to make his model feel better, he says he was surprised how beautiful she looked with the new hair. OUCH! Completely insensitive and RUDE. Her friend says she would wear it to a funeral! Haha way to fight back, friend!

“Treat her like a queen”- Gunnar (To the hair/makeup people). See, he is really nice!!!


Nathan: oh dear! short, tight, and shiny. Not a good combo!
Elena: model looks happy, design looks pretty boring!

Melissa: I don’t think it looks that great, and the model’s walk doesn’t help!

Gunnar: his model was hilarious and the dress looked great!
Alicia: good color for the model, but not extremely well done, and totally not her!

Christopher: The dress was really pretty, but I’m sad you couldn’t see the jacket more! Poor Chris!
Plus-sized Ven: She does NOT look polished and sophisticated! It makes it look like she’s trying to hide her body!

Dmitry: The dress is cute, but I’m not a fan of the hair. I liked it better before!
Fabio: She looks GREAT! It totally fits her personality and is really cute!

Sonjia: makes her look a little chubby… it’s too short!


Melissa, Christopher, Elena, and Alicia are declared in.

“I literally wanna do a toe touch cartwheel round-off back handspring. I’m happy!”- Christopher

Heidi announces that the top 3 are Gunnar, Dmitry, and Fabio, and the bottom 3 are Sonjia, Nathan, and Ven. Hey, Ven! Remember how you were saying Gunnar wasn’t ready for this competition? Well look where you are, and look where he is, Mister plus-sized bottom 3 resident! (Sorry, I’m really mad at him.)

Oh wait, here he goes dogging his model even when he was told he was in the bottom. Douche Nugget.


Dmitry: They think it is sexy, not slutty, and a great color. They think the styling is great as well.
Fabio: They think the client is really cool, and they think the dress is really edgy and cool and perfect for an artist. Tonight’s Korsism: “It took a boy in a dress to get you into a dress!”

Gunnar: Personally, I think the chest looks a little wonky (the seam under the chest looks a tad lopsided, and the boobs look a little lopsided as well). However, she had a lot of fun with it, and the dress looks really good on her.


Sonjia: They think the knot didn’t work, and that the skirt was too short. They say that the proportions are off and it’s too far away from who she was.
Ven, the fashion senseless: And here we go, dogging real-sized women. Terri says she was not happy at all.  And here Ven goes talking about ‘real women’ and Heidi can’t see this woman wearing this. Terri’s friend talks about how special Terri is, and I feel really sorry for them, because Ven is so rude. The judges like Terri, say it’s Ven’s fault, and don’t like his outfit.

Nathan: The client wants it tighter. Heidi thinks it looks cheap and that the client looks like a hoochi mama. It looks like a mess, doesn’t fit, is too short, etc. And Nina asks if the client chose the fabric. AHA! See, it did pop up in judging!

The winner of the challenge is… FABIO! I think he did a good job. I just still wish my Dmitry and Gunnar would win a challenge already.

Heidi says that one OR MORE of you may be out. Nathan is quickly declared to be OUT. Which leaves us to sit here and wonder whether or not he is gay. Sonjia is in, leaving only Ven on the runway. He is declared IN. I really wish they would’ve just eliminated him, but I guess he’s a good enough designer that they let him hang around a bit longer. Obviously they did this just to scare him but it didn’t work too well because immediately after returning to the other designers, he says there were other people who deserved to be in the bottom.

I also loved Tim’s little jab about character, obviously a jab at Ven's plus-sized poor character that needs to get its fat butt sent home.
So, did you enjoy this episode? How did you like my big, fat, jabs at Ven? I'll be back next week (hopefully) with a normal, model-sized review!

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Ok, obviously I just blogged about the last episode, but I found a link that I definitely had to share. In this blog post, I predicted that Andrea and Elena would be the 2 designers to quit. Last night, on Project Runway, one of my 2 was confirmed. Melissa and Buffi find Andrea's bed empty, and her suitcase gone. I just found another article, that for some reason, I hadn't seen before. Click here to see it. Basically, a male contestant has a breakdown and quits! From the promo, it looks to be Kooan or Nathan, but it could easily be Christopher because he felt bad about causing Andrea to quit. Anyway, I'm putting my money on Kooan! Keep scrolling to see my latest blog!

Project Runway Season 10- Will You Be My Emmy Date?

Welcome to Episode 3! Quick Recap: Last Episode, Lantie was rightfully eliminated for her awful, non-unconventional dress, and Ven won for his stained-glass like dress. On to the episode!

We begin in the Atlas, as always. Raul talks about how he thinks Ven Is a one trick pony. Honestly, I couldn't agree more. I've said from the beginning, on both Road To The Runway and my Opinions on the Designers. (Click the links and find Ven to see what I said.)

Heidi tells the designers that they have to make a look that is red carpet ready. She says Tim and a special guest are waiting for them, so the designers skedaddle out to see what the details of their challege are, since they NEVER get the whole story from Heidi.

Tim meets them and tells them that this is the Lexus challenge. (I wasn't aware that we now HAVE a Lexus challenge. I guess it's another product placement ploy like the HP challenge is?) Their challenge is to make a red carpet gown for the Emmys. Tim says they are designing for someone who can empathize with them. Gunnar figures out that it’s either a past designer or each other. Like I said, he gets this! He also says that he thinks Heidi is a life size Barbie. The special guest is Brian Bolain. His only point is to talk about Lexus. Sometimes, I really wonder why we need special guests or Heidi at the beginning of the episode. They really don't do much. We all know Tim is the real star!

The designers are then given the news they never want to hear. This is a team challenge! *cue designers crapping their pants.* They’re paired up by picking keys, which also match them up with the cars they are supposed to be inspired by. For once, however, this inspiration doesn't seem to be a very big factor in the design. The teams are:

Nathan and Sonjia, Ven and Fabio, Dmitry and Melissa, Christopher and Andrea, Gunnar and Kooan, Raul and Alicia, and Buffi and Elena.

I gave a little fan-girl squeal when Dmity and Melissa were paired together. I love both of them and I think they will work amazingly together. Nathan and Sonjia and Christopher and Andrea seem to get along well! I gave a little gasp when Gunnar was paired with Kooan. I love my Gunnar, but Kooan’s aesthetic is definitely not one that I like at all. Buffi and Elena apparently don’t work too well together, and Ven was NOT happy to have Fabio. Boohoo bro, you have immunity. He should be the one complaining, because most designers don't take much seriously when they're given immunity, and if they end up on bottom, they're automatically the ones who get the Auf Wiedersehen. 

The designers go to meet their clients, who are all past Project Runway designers! (again, Gunnar called it.)

Nathan and Sonjia have Valerie from season 8.  I think this gives these two a really good shot of winning. Personally, I love Valerie and I think she's really sweet and easy to get along with. So she shouldn't be very hard to work with.
Ven and Fabio have Kenley from season 5 and All Stars. I know Ven is worried, and he probably should be. Kenley has a very strong aesthetic and we've all seen how she reacts when she's upset. But personally, I like her, so I was kinda sad she got the designers that she did.
Dmitry and Melissa have April from season 8 and All Stars. When I first saw her purple hair, I was like oh no, which past designer destroyed their hair?! (April, that is not a pretty shade of purple!) But when I realized who it was, I wasn't concerned. Her hair was already a purplish grey color. I suggest going back to blonde... Anyway, I think Dmitry and Melissa have the chance to score a home run. Their aesthetics work well with April's and they seem to be a great team. Personally, I'm not a huge April fan, but I think her aesthetic is cool.
Christopher and Andrea have Anya, winner of season 9. This should go well. Anya is a sweetheart and Christopher and Andrea seem to work well together. As long as Christopher can tone down Andrea's crazy aesthetic, they should be good.
Gunnar and Kooan have Irina, winner of season 6. I had a mini heart attack when Gunnar and Kooan got Irina. I really CANNOT stand her. At all. Season 6 I was a total Carol Hannah/Logan/Christopher fan, and couldn't stand Irina. I can totally see Gunnar and Irina butting heads this whole time while poor Kooan is left confused. Then again, Gunnar did say he likes to picture Cruella DeVil dragging a fur behind her in his clothes. And we all know Irina loves fur... and acts like Cruella DeVil!
 Raul and Alicia have Mila from season 7 and All Stars. I can already see a problem here. Neither of them have a mod aesthetic, first of all, and that's all Mila is ever going to request. I think the clothes she makes are cute, but if she's told to venture out of her mod box, it's as if someone told her she could never design ever again. Also, Raul and Andrea don't seem to be very 'formal' designers, so that's problematic.
Buffi and Elena have Laura from season 3. First of all, I'd just like to say that Jeffrey from season 3 is one of my all time favorite designers on Project Runway (he ranks #3. Maybe one day I'll post the whole list for you) so it's pretty obvious I'm NOT a Laura fan. At all. To use her own words, I think her designs are "some serious ugly." Trying to get Jeffrey out of the finale was not a smooth move, Laura. Anyway, Buffi immediately felt calmed by the fact that Laura was wearing animal print. I wouldn’t be so sure! Their aesthetics are SO different it’s not even funny. I hope she's actually seen season 3 and the way Laura dresses...
I was really happy when I saw 7 past designers, because on the promos for this episode, the only 3 they showed were Kenley, Irina, and Anya, so I figured more than one set of designers would get each girl. But having several past contestants makes it more fun!

They then take their customary trip to MOOD! Gunnar says he’s controlling (DUH.) and wonders if Kooan has even seen the Emmys. I have to concur with that. This pairing may not go so well. At least for Kooan. Gunnar probably won't let him do anything.
On to the workroom!
Gunnar definitely seems to be having a hard time. Irina is very hard to impress and Kooan is insanely impossible to understand, they are already having problems. Kooan has to trust Gunnar, because he doesn't know what he's doing. Tim comes in and tells the designers that the winner of the challenge will accompany their client to the Emmys. Whoaaa! Cool!

Christopher is honored to work with Andrea and wants to learn a lot from her, which I think is a really good move on his part. He's young, so he should really appreciate working with a more seasoned designer, but… more on this later. Elena had Buffi ironing the pleats and is rushing Buffi. They don’t seem happy…either Raul or Alicia do evening gowns. They’re both menswear designers. I don't see this ending well at all.

Melissa and Dmitry are using silk charmouse which is notorious for being difficult to work with. I'm sure they can make it work, though.
Irina is really critical and Gunnar wants to slap her and says he wanted Kenley. Dear Gunnar, please do. Just do it. I wanted you to get Kenley too.
Buffi thinks Melissa and Dmitry are a perfect pair. CALLED IT! Raul and Alicia are having issues with their print. Tim and Mila don’t think it works for the Emmys. Ut oh! Kenley is in love with her dress! So is Valerie. Chris and Andrea are having a bit of a problem. Christopher is a bit confused. He isn’t getting what they’re thinking.

“Elena’s personality sometimes seems like she escaped from the woods and she is ravenous and she will bite your head off until she gets what she wants”- Christopher Palu

Buffi and Elena meet with Tim, and their discussion makes Elena really nervous and she begins freaking out. She storms out, and Buffi declares she should go. When Elena goes back to work, she’s sewing supermega loudly.  Christopher. Buffi wants to eat, but Elena is freaking about time. I'm not sure why Christopher's quote above makes me giggle so much, but it's hilarious.

Andrea is working really slowly and it’s frustrating Christopher. He doesn’t want to be like HURRY UP WOMAN because she’s older, but he needs to say something. Kristen's favorite funny clip of the night was when Andrea was taking a long time cutting the skirt, and Christopher, in his talking head interview, he says she's taking forever. He pauses and then says "forever" much more dramatically. Then, the machines confuse her and Christopher gets more upset because she’s even more behind. She makes a joke and Christopher looks up from what he's doing with his eyeballs practically popping out of his head. Poor guy. He seems really frustrated. And somehow, he always ends up in my "funny moment of the night" clips. Not long after, Andrea messes up and begins showing everyone what she accidentally did to the dress. She’s laughing and he’s freaking out and upset. OOOOOOOOOH DEAR. 
It's almost runway time, but before we get to that, Irina throws a fit about the butt on the dress. Gunnar gets annoyed with her and pretty much tells her to shut up. Good job Gunnar. 
Runway Time!

Krysten Ritter is the guest judge. It was so hard to actually type her name and spell it like that. That's definitely not how you're supposed to spell KRISTEN.
Buffi and Elena designing for Laura- not terrible, a bit boring. Laura isn’t a good model. At all. The dress is done and pretty, though, so that's all that matters!

Christopher and Andrea designing for Anya- slit really high, the top is messy. Their arguments and frustration clearly got the best of them.
Ven and Fabio designing for Kenley- not sure if it’s right for the Emmys but it’s really well done and totally her.

Melissa and Dmitry designing for April- top looks like it doesn’t fit great, but it’s definitely really April.

Raul and Alicia designing for Mila- Raul hit it right on the head, it’s a mess. The top is really bad and it’s just… no. the back isn’t too bad.

Gunnar and Kooan designing for Irina- if they don’t notice the butt seam that Gunnar had to put in because of Irina's whining, it should be ok and be safe. But it’s not that great.

Sonjia and Nathan designing for Valerie- it looks great! It looks great on her and it’s appropriate for the Emmys. I think they should win.

 …OR NOT. I thought the ones called safe (Laura, April, and Valerie) were some of the best!

Ven/Fabio (Kenley) and Gunnar/Kooan (Irina) got the highest scores. WHAT?! I really thought Gunnar and Kooan’s dress wasn’t that great. But ok, whatever you think guys. The low designers go back to the lounge and Christopher is upset. Andrea, however, is very easygoing about it and pretty much says, well whatever. If I'm eliminated, it's ok.

Ven and Fabio- Ven has been in the top every week! Kenley loves it and thinks it’s perfect. I’m going to guess that they should win. Even thought I like Gunnar a lot more than Ven. If they win, I think Ven will get it.
Gunnar and Kooan- Heidi thinks it is fantabulously amazing and would wear it over Kenley’s look. I'm really surprised at this. I'd wear Kenley's! If they get the win, Gunnar will be the one to go, since Kooan doesn't even try to say that he made this dress.

Alicia and Raul- Mila thinks it doesn’t fit too well. The judges don’t think it looks good at all and they don’t like the styling. Neither will throw the other under the bus. Good job, you guys, but the judges do need to eliminate someone, so that might send both of you packing.

Christopher and Andrea- They think it looks like a big Hershey’s bar. Christopher is mortified by the dress and he and Andrea start arguing on the runway. Andrea and Christopher are completely at each other’s throats, and Christopher is having an Andrae-esque meltdown. Oh dear! I’m totally on Christopher’s side here, even though he needs to keep it together and should've handled it a bit better. What she said to the designers about being eliminated and what she said to the judges were two totally different things. To the designers it was kinda like "Whatever. I'm cool being eliminated." but to the judges it was "well, if I'm gone, I've had a great time here." VERY different statements on this show. The first one is like a death wish. The more I see of her, the less I like her. She took forever and was not nice. Christopher was genuinely upset. I hope the judges notice that.
I’m going to guess that Raul is eliminated and Gunnar wins. Crossing fingers for my Gunnar!
The Judges deliberate and...
Ven is the winner. I’m not happy about it, but it was very well deserved.
Out of the bottom 4, Christopher is the first one declared safe. I think this is really significant, because if you have a meltdown and the judges aren't on your side of it, that's pretty much an automatic bottom 2. He was called safe before Andrea, which makes it clear (to me at least) that the judges believed him over her.
Raul is out! I figured this would happen.
BUT WAIT! The next morning, Buffi and Melissa wake up and Andrea is GONE. (CALLED IT!) It shows them in the workroom and it appears that Nathan and Kooan want to leave too. I’m very confused. Heidi said 2 left in the middle of the night, not 1 left and then another decided to leave during the day. Anyway, I guess we'll find out next week. See you then!