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Project Runway Season 12 Episode 4: Tie The Knot

Well, this was an interesting episode! I barely even took notes because I was just sitting there freaking out about what was coming next!

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The episode begins with Sandro freaking out. He's cussing, screaming at the other designers, and then he storms out. At this point, I was somewhat confused, because I thought the freakout would be after the challenge, near the end of the episode. I almost thought that we were seeing the designers' lounge right after Timothy was eliminated, but I remembered seeing Sandro in the workroom on the previews. So, when they did the "flashback to 36 hours earlier," I was finally un-confused. Hallelujah. All I'm really concerned about is whether or not they're going to eliminate someone after Sandro leaves. Because clearly, you can't come back after storming off the set like that. Look what happened to Keith in season 3!

While they're in their apartments, Jeremy talks about losing his grandma. After 3 episodes of him being just a supporting character, seeing him focused on makes me a little nervous for him. Usually that either means they're in the top or going home. Hopefully, it's not the latter.

Rather than going to the runway, the designers actually meet Tim in the workroom, where there are tons of bows all over the place. Tim says he's going to introduce a special guest... and in walks Jesse Tyler Ferguson! I don't watch Modern Family, but I do know that he's a big deal. The designers are told that they have to make an outfit inspired by bowties that encorporate at least one bowtie in an unconventional way. The bowties are all from Jesse Tyler Ferguson's line "Tie The Knot," which supports equal marriage rights.

They take the obligatory trip to Mood with a suggested budget of $200. Sue spends $404 and says that’s not so bad. Uhhhh…. right. Because it's totally cool to double your budget. I'm not sure what she plans to do if she makes it very far in the competition!

All throughout the time in the workroom, Sandro is having a bit of a freakout about his stuff being too much.
When Tim comes, they have a chat and Sandro can’t understand that he has to make things he likes, and not for the judges. Also, I really loved how Sandro decided to call Tim "Top Gunn" and that before leaving, Tim said, "Be Sandro, I’ll be Top Gunn." Gotta love Tim Top Gunn! When Jeremy talks to Tim, I’m not sure whether this is going to be good or bad. It sounds like he really knows what he's doing, but at the same time it sounds literally like grandma clothes.

All throughout the first day, as well as runway day, Bradon is running around frantic trying to make a jacket. I actually wasn't sure whether or not he actually whipped one up until I saw his look on the runway! Miranda was having a problem with her shirt, so she just chopped it off a bit. It might have looked ok... if the bottom wasn't so wonky. She might be in trouble

Runway time! This time I just wrote little snippets.
Dom: I think it looks kinda cool but I'm not sure if they will like the way she used the bowties.
Jeremy: I’m worried for him. This just doesn't look good at all.
Bradon: I thought his top looked really cool, and the whole thing looked interesting with his model's skin tone.
Ken: Ken used the ties in the seams. I'm not sure that was a smart move, since his dress looks kinda boring. 
Miranda: That top looks really messed up, but I do like the jacket and skirt
Helen: It didn't end up looking as bad as I thought it would, but still doesn't look great.
Alexander: I liked the rainbow bowtie effect!
Sandro: The colors looked nice together, but I don't think the dress looked that great.
Sue: It's way too simple and the bowties look like a spiderweb.
Justin: I thought it was pretty, but knew it would be way too simple for the judges.
Kate: I like the pants, but I thought the top just looked weird.
Karen: Although the pants fit well, the whole effect of the outfit was kinda just baggy, which is what she's done on any challenge on her own. It's not a cute aesthetic!
Alexandria: I thought the skirt was cool and interesting, but the top didn't seem to go with it and just looked wrong.

After Heidi says who is going to remain on the runway, Sandro asks for feedback about his dress. Zac is especially critical of the dress, and Heidi says she'd never wear it. I do have to really commend Sandro for asking, regardless of what the other designers might say. I personally get annoyed when an outfit I particularly like or dislike is just in the middle, and I really wish I could get the judges' opinions on everything! And when a designer is in the middle, how are they supposed to know what the judges thought of the outfit?? So kudos, Sandro, for actually getting up there and straight-up asking for advice. I'm not sure why this bothered the judges. Even Tyra on ANTM likes when contestants ask for advice to improve, and she's easily upset at someone speaking out of turn. 

After the safe designers go back to the lounge, Helen and Sandro get in an argument and start screaming at each other. Ken starts yelling at him too, and Sandro storms out and just leaves. And then he smashes the camera and appears to be going to get a taxi. Before we get full details, we're back on the runway.

Top 3
Bradon: Heidi loves it and wants to wear it. They also loved the colors.
Dom: they really like all the top and the stripes and think that the striped bowties look great!
Kate: They say it's cute, clever, and modern. They also didn't notice the bowtie on the pants until she pointed it out!

Bottom 3
Jeremy: They said that the jacket was highlighting belly button, which is not a cute look. They thought it was too serious and too old.
Miranda: They said it was a non-cool 80s moment and that the top was the worst part.
Sue: They literally asked "What were you thinking?" They thought it looked messy. Keep it simple, stupid!

When Tim brings in the models for the close-up look, he informs the judges of Sandro storming off and says he will update them on what happens.

The top and bottom are back on the runway. Bradon is declared the winner and actually proposes to his partner right there on the stage! Heidi tells his partner, Josh, that he'd better say yes. Dom and Kate are both in. Heidi tells the bottom 3 that because Sandro stormed off the set, that he has eliminated himself, and all 3 of them are safe!

We then get a flash-forward to a week later when Bradon Skypes with his partner, who tells him that prop 8 has been eliminated, and then proposes. Bradon (of course) says yes, and then tells Josh about proposing on the runway. Well, at least we know Bradon will be around for at least another week (which is 3-4 challenges for us)

Hope you enjoyed this week's Project Runway review. Did the judges make the right decision? Who do you think would have been eliminated had Sandro not eliminated himself? I found it really funny that on the actual poll, Jeremy had only 1% of the vote! I think it would have been Sue, but was sure they wouldn't eliminate someone after Sandro left. Thanks for reading! If you haven't, you should definitely check out my "Ranking Past Project Runway Designers" series HERE! Hope to see you back here for my review next week! See you then, y'all!

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