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Project Runway Season 12 Episode 3: An Unconventional Coney Island

It's time for season 12's third episode, and our second unconventional challenge! Woot!

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The episode begins at 5:30 AM with Heidi going into all of the designers' apartments and waking them up. As hilarious as this was, the thing I find ridiculous is that poor Heidi had to be awake that early to wake them up! And she did literally nothing else with them until the runway. Poor, poor Hodi! (Season 1 Jay reference, anyone? No? Just me? OK then.)

Heidi tells them they are taking a trip to Coney Island that has to do with their next challenge. Clearly much later, in the daylight, Tim meets them on the Coney Island Boardwalk. They meet a guy from Yoplait frozen yogurt. Before their challenge, begins, they have to take carts of Yoplait fro yo and give it away to people. The people they give fro yo to will give them a word to describe their experience. The designers are to choose 3 words and write them down. These will define theme and direction of design. They then discover that this is a team challenge. They'll be working in teams of 2. Tim pulls out the velvet bag to choose the teams. They are: Alexander and Justin, Alexandria and Dom, Ken and Jeremy, Braden and Karen, Kate and Helen, Sue and Sandro, and Timothy and Miranda.

At this point, I was already slightly confused by what was going on. This was possibly because I knew from previews that this was the unconventional challenge, and I couldn't quite see how this whole Fro-Yo thing fit in. Since I was typing notes as they went along, I actually had to pause the show to figure out what they were actually being told. I couldn't keep up with Tim's instructions, and I type really quickly. But more on this in a minute.

They have 15 minutes to hand out samples and get words from people. These people have to be people that Project Runway got to come onto the show, because most people would just say "delicious" or something like that. After their 15 minutes are up, Tim announces that they are not going shopping at Mood. They’re playing games and winning prizes, which will serve as their materials. They each get 100 dollars with their go bank card and 30 minutes to play games.

In my opinion, this is really 2 challenges put into one. The whole Yoplait Fro-Yo thing could be quite successful as a standalone challenge, and clearly the unconventional challenge works quite well on its own. Project Runway does a lot of promotion stuff like this, like with the HP challenges, and the Garnier challenges, but this one just seemed way too forced. I mean, I can't even remember what words the teams used, besides maybe one or two teams that were in the top/bottom. And the judges didn't even seem to factor it into their judging, which just shows how completely pointless and forced this product placement was.  

Everyone seems to be having fun and getting along. This is why carnivals are so awesome. The highlight of this whole sequence was, of course, the UNICORN moment. I know many people don't like Timothy, but I just love him, and that little segment with him finding the unicorn, freaking out, and running over to win it was just the funniest part of the whole show. And the fact that he rode it around just killed me. He's precious. I also had to laugh seeing them all standing in front of the carnival with their huge bags full of prizes. They all had SO much stuff!

We got a lot of workroom drama this week courtesy of Miranda and Timothy and Sandro and Sue. I definitely think that most of the drama between Sandro and Sue is due to Sandro just not being able to compromise on anything. He has too strong of a personality and is coming off very rude. 


We get another segment of Timothy and his unicorns. Apparently, according to him, unicorns are not simply horses with horns. I think he also said that unicorns have cloven hooves, which, in case you were unaware, are not what horses have. Cloven hooves have points that are kinda like toes, but horses' hooves are that perfect half-oval horseshoe shape (go figure). I knew the stuff I learned in Equine science would help me someday!

... No, really, I legitimately took that class my sophomore year of high school. And I didn't learn anything, because I did horseback riding in elementary school.

But I digress. A LOT.

Timothy also says that he doesn't want to cut up the unicorn. And adds that unicorns are apparently more like hippos than horses. And unfortunately, no equine science knowledge can help me understand what in the world he was talking about there.

Miranda left the room at some point, and while she was gone, Timothy re-sketched and designed the look and she got upset. During Tim Time, Sandro and Sue started fighting again and Sandro was being really rude. Tim also sees that Miranda and Timothy’s look is not great.

Later, they're all sewing, and Miranda begins badmouthing Timothy and their dress. And when he walks in, Miranda badmouths him right in front of him. Poor Timmy. I like Miranda, but I’m starting to get really annoyed that she’s being so incredibly rude. Timothy is thisclose to quitting, and when he walked out of the workroom, I was almost convinced that he was leaving. But, having seen the previews, I knew he hadn't, because it showed him on the runway.

What he was actually doing was going and sitting (with his unicorn, I might add!) and reading the card that his model, Sophie, gave to him earlier that day. This girl is just the sweetest! I'm not sure why she wrote him a card, but seriously, how awesome is she! Last week, when he went on and on about her being so nice and giving him hugs and encouragement, I figured she was just doing that to be nice, but it seems like she's really a supersweet girl who genuinely cares about him. That's the model you want to have when you're on this show. One of the sweetest Project Runway moments I've seen!

The next morning, Miranda gave Timothy a tearful apology for badmouthing him, but Timothy shoots back that actions speak louder than words. Ouch. While I can appreciate that he was extremely hurt, and that yes, actions speak way louder than words, she seemed genuinely upset and sorry. I think she probably took time reflecting that night and realized that she had been very wrong, and was trying to remedy their relationship before sending the look down the runway. She didn't handle the first day well, but he didn't handle runway day well at all.


Bradon/Karen: very sculptural. I was excited to see this completed, but I don't think I like it. It looks like there's a huge green tumor coming out of her hip. I'm surprised they got away with that one.

Dom/Alexandria: It's basically just a blue dress with a domo face on it. To me, it looks very junior, which is something that usually doesn't go well with the judges. Which is why I was completely surprised that the judges liked it. Seriously, what?!

Sandro/Sue: even with all their bickering, I think they ended up with a good look, even if Sandro was completely overpowering.

Helen/Kate: I think I may have been even more impressed that Kelly Osbourne. Seriously, when that walked out, I decided that if that didn't win, then there was something wrong with this show.
Alexander/Justin: I liked the colors. I thought the top looked good when the jacket was taken off. But that's about as good as it got. 

Jeremy/Ken: For me, this was the dream team. And for the third week, they made something really impressive that got passed over for the top. I'm not sure what the judges were thinking this week.

Timothy/Miranda: When I saw it on the runway, I actually liked it! I really don't know why the judges hated it. Yeah, it may have been a little safe, but it wasn't the bad color pallete that they made it out to be!

Top 2:

I'm really surprised that Alexandria and Dom were in the top. Sure, it looked well-made and clean, but it looked SO junior! What are they thinking??

Bottom 2:

Once again, I was surprised that Timothy and Miranda were in the bottom. I thought that in the end, they were able to pull it off, even if they didn't get along. I thought Bradon and Karen deserved it more, maybe only because I predicted Karen to be gone by now... but I like Bradon, so I'm glad he was safe. All the Timothy/Miranda drama came out on the runway, and I did think that Timothy handled it incorrectly. Sure, Miranda messed up big time, but she seemed to legitimately be upset about it. At least, in the lounge, it was pointed out to him that he was doing the same thing that Miranda did the day before. 

Helen is the winner. Kate is in. Alexandria and Dom are in. Alexander and Justin are in.
Three strikes, and you're OUT, Timothy. Miranda is in.
Timothy goes out in true Timothy style. He says that he should’ve danced more. As he cleans up his stuff, he says that he won’t ever stop believing in unicorns and takes his cute unicorn with him.

So far, if you ignore the fact that i predicted Karen to be gone first, I've done pretty well. It looks like we'll have Sandro storming off the set next episode, which probably means he's going to quit. That's great for me, because it falls right in line with my elimination order which, in case you forgot, is this:


This gap represents the talent gap that I believe exists between those above and below...


Right now, I'm thinking that I might re-do this just a touch. I feel like Sue probably won't make it as far as I originally guessed. Helen will probably make it farther than I thought. So, here's a new, top 13 order:

9- Helen

So, there you go! I'm really curious if Sandro leaving means that a previous designer returns. Maybe Timothy??? I doubt it, but we'll have to see! Also, Saturday, I'll be posting the first section of my list of Project Runway designers from best to worst! So make sure you check that out! See you then!

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