Saturday, January 25, 2014

30 Day 5 Things Challenge

Hey, y'all! You have no idea how long this challenge took me, because it was so hard to choose things! You'll notice that some of the lists go 1-5 and others go 5-1. The difference I made there is that the 1-5 lists aren't really in a particular order, while the 5-1 lists are in order of my favorites. Also, I did a large chunk of this on Monday, so anything relating to "today" was for Monday. Just FYI.

Day 1: Five things you plan to do today.
  1. Finish my psych stats homework.
  2. Start on my paper that's due Wednesday.
  3. Write the Tuesday CDs On My Shelf post
  4. Do music theory homework
  5. Continue reading my January book.

Day 2: Five favourite movies.

5. This is a new one within the last year. I think it's a super cool concept that was executed so incredibly well. 

4. This movie combines so many of the things that I love in movies. Johnny Depp, gore, England, musicals, horror genre, it's just so perfect, and the music is so great.

3. This movie makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it, and I've seen it a lot.

2. A long-standing favorite. I first saw it 10 years ago in my 4th grade class and ever since, it's been one of my all time favorites.

1. I first saw this one in 9th grade, and at first I didn't think it was THAT great, but it quickly found its way in this spot, where it's been for quite a long time. Seriously, I've seen this so many times that I can quote it forwards and backwards and upside down.

Day 3: The last five songs that you’ve listened to.
  1. Molly Makeout (feat Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low)- The Friday Night Boys
  2. Show You How To Love- Pentatonix
  3. Stutter- Marianas Trench
  4. Bulls In The Bronx- Pierce The Veil
  5. Imagine- John Lennon

Day 4: Five favourite books.

5. This Is Your Brain On Music is just so interesting to me, especially since Daniel Levitin has a lot of the same ideas about music/psychology as I do, and is interested in the same things. 

4. This is that book that I first read in 4th grade and still love. I was too young to understand a lot of the stuff then, but once I did, it became my favorite book, and it's always been up there, even if it's just for nostalgia's sake.

3. I cry every time I read this. Seriously. It's such a powerful book and so emotional. You think it's just some teen novel, but it really isn't. It's so incredibly skillfully crafted and wonderful.

2. I've actually read this twice back to back in one day. Why? Not exactly sure other than that it's just an amazing book. Seriously, I love it. 

1. Couldn't pick just one. These have been my favorites for forever and will continue to feel like home for the rest of my life. When I'm an old lady and books and kindles are a thing of the past and we've moved on to some other platform for reading... if there even still is one (how terrible does that sound?!) I'll be that old lady with the Harry Potter books falling apart on my shelves.

Day 5: The last five places you’ve been.
  1. Memphis, TN
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. Aberdeen, SD
  4. Olathe, KS
  5. Tulsa, OK

Day 6: Five favourite fashion accessories.

5. Tapers/Plugs

4.Brighton charm bracelet #1

3. Brighton charm bracelet #2

2. Circular barbell earrings

1. Alto Clef ring

Day 7: Five favourite colours in order.

5. Who doesn't love a good charcoal? Or maybe it's just me because I love dark colors?

4. You may think black doesn't count, but it does. The end.

3. For the longest time, I didn't like purple. Now I really love it. Though I usually like a bit of a darker shade.

2. Teal. Yes. Love. 

1.Red has been my favorite color since I was 5. Others come and go, but they'll never replace red. Ever. 

Day 8: Five favourite TV shows.
I love a lot of shows, so rather than say the 5 I really love currently, I'll list the ones that have been constant for quite a while. And yes, they're in order.

5. I actually kind of hate how much I love this show. I've seen nearly every episode, and I've seen many of them multiple times. I'm a sucker for a reality competition.

4. I almost put this a bit higher, but then I realized that I haven't seen anything since Michael left... so obviously I don't love it as much as I used to. But it's such a great show. I love it.

3. This has been one of my favorites since I first saw it in its 3rd season, and I've since seen almost every episode except for the most recent season because I don't get Bravo at school! 

2. This show is so smart and witty and creative and I just love it and Joel McHale is one of my favorite actors and I love him.

1. I've seen every episode multiple times. I have a ranking of every designer to ever be on the show. It's not an obsession or anything...

Day 9: Five celebrities you love.
I'm going to take this as actual celebrities that the majority of people know about rather than my mostly unknown loves.

5. I'm not sure I can accurately express my immense love for Jared Leto. I feel like he's the one person who has been most successful at both music and acting. Seriously, no one else has done both so exquisitely. 

4. Joel McHale is just brilliant. Acting, as himself, he's just great. I love him.

3. Emma Stone just gets all the best characters. They're all so intelligent and witty and sarcastic and unique and she seems like such a genuine person.

2. Emma Watson is so intelligent and so classy, and I admire her immensely for how successfully she's transitioned from child star to adult actress.

1. Johnny Depp... He's just so cool. He's starred in SO many of my favorite movies, and he has the very unique ability to look completely different.

Day 10: Five hobbies.
  1. This, because honestly blogging is a hobby even though I'd love for it to be a job.
  2. Reading. I really like reading when it's not for school, but I hardly get time for that.
  3. Youtube. I watch way too much youtube. It's probably more of an obsession than hobby.
  4. Music. And I mean the stuff outside of my studies. Because that's hardly a hobby.
  5. I don't even know. I'm in college. I barely have time for food, let alone hobbies.
Day 11: Five favourite bands/musicians/artists.

5. These guys aren't super famous, but they're so great. They haven't put out anything new in quite a while, and I'm getting very worried that they're dunzo.

4. These guys are so underrated. I feel like the audience who actively listens to the pop radio stations would enjoy them, but I'm glad they're not huge.

3. Oh boy. My roommate got me hooked on them, and I can blast their music all day long and not get bored. All five of them are so talented and can do things with their voices that I definitely, definitely can't even touch. 

2. ATL is tied with McFly for my favorite band, but I gave McFly the spot because they've been my favorite band for longer. I love the guys, I love the music, and I can't say much else. I love them, I love them, I love them.

1. These boys hold a special place in my heart. They've been my favorite band for a very long time. They've got such a great sound, and they're all genuinely great people. And Tom Fletcher is a genius.

Day 12: Five favourite outdoor sports/board games.
Well, I'm not much of a sports person, so I'll just go with board games for this one.

5. This is kinda a filler. I like dominoes and cards more than actual board games.

4. I played this with my uncle all the time when I was younger. It's super cool.

3. My favorite part was always when I got a really cool job with a good salary. I also really liked having twins. I no longer enjoy having twins.

2. I've never lost at this game. Bring it.

1. Mysteries have always been my thing, and so has this game. And all the Clue chapter books that I devoured as a child.

Day 13: Five phobias.

  1. Birds. They're absolutely my biggest fear. Especially ostriches and emus. They freak me out.
  2. Clowns, or just people in mascot suits in general. For clowns, I think someone would have to be super crazy/creepy to put on makeup and chill with kids. As far as the mascot thing goes, you just never know who's in there and I hate being bothered and they always seem to notice that and bother me. This is why I don't go to sporting events.
  3. Spiders. This used to be my biggest fear, but the other two have kinda topped it.
  4. Failure. Self explanatory, in my opinions.
  5. Large crowds/ confined spaces. I'm not sure whether I'd call this a phobia or just a hatred, but I can't stand being in small spaces, especially when it's people crowding around me. I just don't like being around too many people.
Day 14: Five people you can’t stand.
Obviously, I'm not going to name specific people, but I'll describe some people I can't stand.

  1. I've only spent time with this person once, and for a good reason. The entire time this person was hanging around me and my friend, this person talked only about him/herself and literally never shut up and pushed him/herself upon us. Vain+Obnoxious= GREAT combo.
  2. This next person, I dislike for a similar reason. He/She likes to make him/herself seem incredibly intelligent and goes to great measures to prove his/her intelligence. Plus, he/she is incredibly rude and inconsiderate of others. 
  3. A person I had a class with last semester who made some of the most ignorant comments I've ever heard. And his/her personality is very similar to those of #1 & #2.
  4. This is a person I've had only one class with, but I see all over campus. This person seems to purposely try to come off as unintelligent due to the way he/she speaks, and has a very ditzy personality that seems very fake.
  5. I work fairly closely with this person in some aspects of my life, and my problem with him/her is his/her attitude. This person doesn't show up to required things just because he/she doesn't feel like doing it, complains about everything that we do, and clearly doesn't care about what we're doing and makes it obvious he/she doesn't want to be there. I tried so hard to like this person, but I honestly just can't.
Day 15: Five things you can see around you right now.

  1. My iPod
  2. My Vera Bradley keys/card holder
  3. Half a can of Mountain Dew Code Red
  4. My Walgreens EOS lip balm knockoff in sugar cookie
  5. My earbuds
Day 16: Five favourite foods.

  1. Chicken tenders... with honey mustard
  2. Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Mashed potatoes
  4. Auntie Anne's soft pretzels
  5. Anything spicy/Mexican
Day 17: Five pet peeves.

  1. Bad Grammar. I'm sorry, but we learned the difference between "there," "their," and "they're" in 2nd grade, so I will NOT hesitate to correct someone when they're sounding as intelligent as a seven year old.
  2. People who don't pay attention to where they're going. Seriously, 90% of my problems with humanity would be solved if people would just pay attention to where their feet are going... or not going in some cases.
  3. Vanity. Seriously, if all you do is talk about yourself, I can't hang out with you. We all love ourselves a bit too much, but there are more important issues than the fact that you're going to die if Starbucks ever goes out of business.
  4. People pretending to be something they're not/ conformity. I think that one of the worst things that someone can do is to try to be like everyone else to fit in. I tried my hand at that in middle school and realized that there are more important things in life than wearing Hollister all the time. Be your own person.
  5. People who are too happy/bubbly. Even if someone isn't being fake, it comes off to me as being fake, as well as annoying. I'm not saying happiness is a bad thing, because it's obviously not, but people who are overly happy drive me up a wall. 
Day 18: Five favourite fictional characters.
I hope you realize that my entire life is made up of obsessions with fictional characters, so this is nearly impossible. Because of that, I'm just gonna go with Harry Potter fictional characters because that's the only way anyone is gonna get chosen.

5. I feel like there's so much more to explore with him... like his life right after the 7th book ended... how he really felt about the events, etc.

4. I feel like I have a bit of Luna's spirit in me... combined with all the other characters on this list.

3. Ron's so great and hilarious. I absolutely love him.

2. Hermione is just so awesome. She's my favorite member of the golden trio BY FAR.

1. Yes, they're two different people, but they're basically just a package deal. 

Day 19: Five cartoon shows you used to watch as a kid.

5. The only reason this isn't higher is because even though it's animated, I don't really see it as a cartoon... but I still watch this all the time today. Not a fan of the new stuff, but I absolutely love this show.

4. I mean, was it actually possible for a 90s kid to go through childhood and NOT watch this...?

3. Confession time- I still watch this on Netflix. 

2. I watched this ALL. THE. TIME.

1. I've always been a Scooby Doo fan, and that will never change. It's classic.

Day 20: Five things you couldn’t care less about that everyone else loves.
OK, I'm going to interpret this as "5 things everyone else loves that I don't like," because that's easier for me. I have an opinion on almost everything.

  1. Doritos. Everyone totally loves Doritos, and I can't stand them AT ALL. 
  2. Iced Tea. This is mostly a southern thing, but everyone I know absolutely loves tea, and it legitimately grosses me out. The smell makes me gag, and the taste makes me gag even more.
  3. Parties. As a college student, everyone around me LOVES going to parties, and I can't stand them. It's not my thing.
  4. Dresses. All the girls I know really love dresses and wear them on normal days, but I can't stand them and don't even want to wear them when I should.
  5. Krispy Kreme. Their donuts made me sick as a kid and now I just can't stand them.
Day 21: Five favourite words.

  1. Music
  2. Creative
  3. Unique
  4. Imagine
  5. Dream
Day 22: Five favourite gadgets.

  1. My laptop... it's a necessity for college life.
  2. Cell phone. Shocker.
  3. iPod, because my phone can't hold all my music.
  4. Kindle. 
  5. Digital Camera. Better pictures than iPhone.
Day 23: Five websites you visit daily.

  1. Youtube
  2. Blogger
  4. Facebook
  5. Netflix
Day 24: Five crushes you’ve had.
I'm not going to talk about people I know personally. SO not cool. But I'll list some past celebrity crushes!
  1. Nick Jonas
  2. Cole Sprouse
  3. Taylor Lautner
  4. Cody Linley
  5. Josh Hutcherson
Day 25: Five people you talk to on a regular basis.
  1. Sarah, one of my two roommates.
  2. Erin, my other roommate.
  3. My mom.
  4. Ethan, a friend I go to school with
  5. Stephanie, who I've been friends with since my sophomore year of high school.
Day 26: Five things you want right now.

  1. NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation. I can't buy it because I'm on project 10 pan, but I've seen a lot of people recommend it, and I love trying powder foundations.
  2. iPod. I got my ipod when the 4th generation came out, and it now tends to not work correctly.
  3. A new book! I'm not sure what, but I'm supposed to start a new book on February 1st, so I really need to get on that.
  4. A pair of size 8 circular barbells... I stretched my lobes again and haven't gotten circular barbells that fit yet.
  5. NYX makeup setting spray. I would get it, but I can't find it. That doesn't count as makeup... right?
Day 27: Five things you always buy in a supermarket.

  1. Kettle Corn. It's an obsession.
  2. Juice, because I go through it so quickly.
  3. Single servings of soup or mac & cheese
  4. Chips. More chips.
  5. Ramen. Spicy chicken flavor.
Day 28: Five favourite fandoms.

  1. Harry Potter!
  2. Supernatural
  3. Starkid
  4. Lord of the Rings
  5. Community
Day 29: Five countries you want to visit.

  1. The UK. England specifically.
  2. OK I really tried to think of places, but travelling really isn't my thing. I don't dislike it, but my type of vacation is laying in bed and watching tv or blogging. 
Day 30: Five things you can’t live without.

  1. Oxygen
  2. Food
  3. Liquid
  4. Blood
  5. A body
You didn't actually think I was going to get deep with that one, right?

OK, there's my 30 Day 5 Things Challenge! I hope y'all enjoyed it! If you like my posts, I'd really appreciate if you'd subscribe/follow, because it lets me know y'all are liking them. Hope you enjoyed! Comment, comment, comment! I love feedback! Thanks for reading, y'all!

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