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The Secret Lighting Scar- Prologue [A Harry Potter FanFic]

Everyone knows Harry’s story, but almost no one knows mine, although they’re almost identical. Not even I know the whole story, but I’ve been able to piece together some parts myself. At some point after attempting to kill Harry, Voldemort must have found some way to come back, unknown to both the order and the ministry. He was clearly still hooked on the prophecy, because Harry and I share a birthday. However, he obviously didn’t know the full contents of it, because it clearly states that the child would be a male. I’m not sure who helped him come back or when he came back, and I’m not sure why he went for me rather than back for Harry. Maybe he thought that Harry wasn't the correct child, or maybe he wanted to eliminate any children he thought fit the description of the prophecy.

I was 3 when he came for me, and it happened much like the night Harry’s parents were killed. After killing my parents and attempting to kill me, Voldemort’s body was destroyed again. This is where my story begins to differ from Harry’s. The Ministry arrived before Hagrid or Dumbledore could, and immediately began covering everything up so that the public wouldn’t panic about Voldemort being back. Dumbledore arrived at the Ministry shortly after and fought them over it, saying that the public needed to know what had happened, but they refused. The official story is that my parents were killed by a muggle who broke into our house, and that I was spared simply because the muggle didn't know I was in the house.

My family was best friends with the Weasleys, and they offered to take me in almost immediately. The Weasleys are my parents in almost every sense of the word, even though there has never been an official adoption. Growing up, the twins were my partners in crime. We loved to play pranks on Percy whenever we got the chance and were always getting into trouble. Ron was always my best friend, though. Ginny was cool, but I always enjoyed the company of the guys more than girls.

Growing up, I was told the public story about my parents. It wasn’t until about a year before I got to Hogwarts that Dumbledore told me the real story. He explained to me how the Ministry covered up everything. He explained that the lightning bolt scar on my shoulder was originally identical to Harry’s, but since it was fresh, the Ministry had been able to move it, although unable to completely remove it because it was caused by dark magic. Throughout my years at Hogwarts, he secretly met with me and kept me just as informed as he kept Harry.

Upon hearing the prophecy at the end of my 5th year, I was confused with how it could refer to me as well, since it was supposed to be a male. Dumbledore explained that just as Voldemort chose Harry as the child, he chose me. Because he was attempting to kill me because of the prophecy, and he thought I fit the prophecy, I became a part of it.

Keeping the truth a secret has never been easy, especially since almost no one knows the truth. Select members of the Ministry, Dumbledore, and myself were the only ones who knew. When Dumbledore died, I knew I was alone. I thought about telling someone, but was worried about the Ministry backlash. The past year has been difficult, not having anyone who knew, but I've gotten through, and for now, everything is as it should be.

Life at the Burrow has gone back to normal. Molly always says what a miracle it was that our entire family came out alive. For me, the greatest miracle was that Harry made it through alive.
I’ll never forget that fateful day in King’s Cross when I met the boy everyone talked about- the boy with the famous scar.

“Carrie, Hogwarts isn’t that exciting,” Fred said with a laugh as I walked as quickly as possible through the train station.

“At least, not until WE get there, right Freddo?” George said with a wink. Before Fred could reply, Percy butted in.

“There will be none of you childish antics now that I’m a prefect,” he said loudly with pride.

“You’re a prefect, Perce?” Fred asked, wide-eyed, “Why didn’t you say so?”

“We’ve been planning all summer! But, I guess our plans are completely foiled now that Percy’s a prefect. NOTHING gets past him!” George joked. I tried to stifle a snicker, because Percy looked absolutely enraged, red from ear to ear. He seemed to be at a loss for words and hurried forward, not waiting for us to catch up. By the time we reached the barrier, he had disappeared.

“We’ll send you back a toilet seat from Hogwarts, Ginny,” Fred said before hurrying through the barrier.

Mrs. Weasley appeared to be concerned, but simply said, “Be good,” to George as he hurried through.

“Excuse me!” came a voice. I turned to see a boy with messy black hair, big broken glasses, and green eyes. He had a trolley with a large trunk and the type of snowy owl I’d always wished for. “How do you get onto the platform?” he asked nervously. Mrs. Weasley smiled.

“Your first time at Hogwarts, dear?” she asked him, receiving a furtive nod in return. “It’s Ron and Carrie’s first time as well,” she said. I gave the boy a reassuring smile and then glanced over at Ron. He looked to be about ready to vomit, nervous about the train and school. Trying not to giggle at Ron, I watched as the boy went through the barrier and then followed him. Ron and I boarded the train and found that every compartment was full, except the one with only the black-haired boy inside. I glanced over at Ron, who shrugged. I opened the door and went in, followed by Ron.

“Do you mind? Everywhere else is full,” Ron said.

“Not at all,” the boy said. In fact, he seemed delighted to see other people. Ron and I put our trunks in the rack and sat down.

“I’m Ron by the way. Ron Weasley,” Ron said.

“And I’m Carrie Jacobsen,” I added.

“I’m Harry. Harry Potter,” the boy said. At those words, I felt the colour drain from my face as my stomach dropped and my heart skipped a beat. The boy I had heard about my whole life, the one with whom I had so much in common, was right in front of me and had no idea of our connection. I saw Ron’s mouth hanging open and hoped mine wasn’t as well.

“Do you really have the scar?” Ron asked. Harry lifted the hair off his forehead, revealing the lightning bolt that was etched into his skin. Suddenly, my left shoulder felt itchy.

“Wicked!” Ron exclaimed. I found myself subconsciously touching my shoulder, and put my hand down as quickly as possible.

“So, are you two- er- friends?” Harry asked, snapping me back into reality.

“Well… sort of,” I replied slowly. “Siblings is more like it.” This seemed to just confuse Harry  further, so I explained. “My parents died when I was three,” I told him, leaving out all details, “Ron’s family took me in.”

 “Oh,” Harry replied with a frown. “I know how that feels.” I wished so badly that I could tell him exactly how similar our stories were, but Dumbledore’s warnings were ringing in my ears.

“Yeah, I know” I simply said, giving him a tiny smile. Just then, the door opened and a girl with long brown hair entered.

“Has anyone seen a toad?” She asked. “A boy named Neville’s lost one.”

“No, we haven’t. Sorry,” I replied. I noticed the girl’s eyes widen.

“Holy cricket! You’re Harry Potter!” she gasped, sitting down. She then turned to Ron and I. 

“And, you are?”

“Ron Weasley.”

“Carrie Jacobsen.”

“Pleasure. Well, I expect we’ll be arriving soon. You’d better change into your robes,” She said as she stood and walked to the door and then turned to look at Ron. “Oh, and you’ve got dirt on your nose.”

The next half hour went by all too slow and all too fast all at the same time. I soon found myself outside the Great Hall, waiting for the sorting ceremony to begin. An all too familiar boy with white-blonde hair stepped out of the crowd.

“So it’s true then, what they were saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts,” the boy said. “You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.”

“I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks,” Harry replied. I smirked. The blonde boy looked furious.

Before he could respond, I jumped in. “Just shove off, Malfoy,” I said. He looked at me, seemingly amused, and paused before saying anything.

“Looks like the cute one’s got a temper,” he smirked. “I like that. And you know my name. Impressive. Why don’t you come hang out with me and my friends instead of these filthy blood traitors?” I was disgusted with his blatant superiority complex, but he seemed rather pleased with himself, giving me a wink to cap off his egocentric proposal.

“If I were you, I’d watch the way you talk about my family, Malfoy,” I replied angrily. It took him a second to connect the dots.

“Ah, Carrie Jacobsen. The girl the Weaslebees took in,” he said.

“Are you unable to run your mouth without insulting someone?” I retorted.

“Are you incapable of showing respect?” he replied, taking a step toward me with the same smirk upon his face. He was now only about a foot in front of me.

“You don’t deserve my respect,” I replied coldly.

“We’ll see about that. I’ll give your temper a couple days before it crumbles and you come running to me,” Draco said, his smirk irking me more and more. “Though I daresay I’ll miss it. Feisty one, you are.” A quick raise of his eyebrows and he was gone.

“I give his ego a couple days before I hex it out of him,” I muttered. Harry snickered. “Honestly, could his head get any bigger?” I asked.

“Don’t jinx it,” Ron said. I grinned.

“This is turning out to be an eventful first day at Hogwarts,” I laughed.

“It’s about to become even more eventful,” Ron said, nodding toward the doors to the Great Hall. McGonagall was coming to take us to be sorted. Finally my trek through Hogwarts had begun.

Now, seven years later, everything is just how it should be. Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I are the best of friends. The four of us are heading back to Hogwarts to finish our final year- the one we never got, thanks to Voldemort. This year should go peacefully… but then again, when has a year at Hogwarts ever been peaceful?

I hope y'all enjoyed the prologue of The Secret Lightning Scar! Chapter 1 is coming on Saturday, January 18th. Here's a brief little teaser for chapter 1...

“So…” I started, “Where have you been all summer? I was hoping I’d see you more now that you’re not living with the Dursleys anymore.” Immediately after the words left my mouth, Harry frowned.

“I told you, I let the Dursleys out of hiding, and I’ve been at Grimmauld Place,” he replied. He spoke so deliberately that I knew immediately that he wasn’t telling me everything.

Hope y'all are excited for the next section, because I'm excited for y'all to read it! See you back here soon!

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