Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Secret Lightning Scar- Teaser [A Harry Potter FanFic]

Everyone at Hogwarts let out a loud cheer as bits of Voldemort swirled around in the air. The battle had been won; Harry was triumphant, and Voldemort was dead. Even those mourning the loss of loved ones were cheering at the death of the most terrible dark wizard in known history. Everyone celebrated, everyone cried tears of joy, everyone laughed and embraced one another, and everyone had a new-found sense of safety.

Everyone except me.

Because I knew the truth.

Voldemort couldn't die.

His horcruxes weren't all destroyed.

My lightning bolt scar on my shoulder had finally stopped throbbing for the first time in a long time. But I knew it wouldn't last forever. I knew he would once again be back. He may have killed the horcrux inside of Harry, but the horcrux inside of me was alive and well. Without a doubt, I would be in danger once again.

Only I knew the secret.

Harry Potter is the boy with the famous lightning scar.

My name is Carrie Jacobsen.

I’m the girl with the secret lightning scar.


Hope you enjoyed the teaser and are excited to read the first part, which will come out Saturday, January 4th! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the teaser. Hope to see y'all back here Saturday!

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