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30 Day Pentatonix Challenge

I'm a huge PTX fan, and I've had them on a constant loop lately, so I thought it would be a perfect time for this! Enjoy! :)

1. How did you discover Pentatonix?
Last year, when I started college, I made friends with this girl named Sarah, who was also a music major, and she was a huge Pentaholic. Fast forward a year and we live together, she's my best friend, and has converted me... and kinda wishes I would shut up about them!

2. Why are you a fan?
In a time when overproduced, talentless singers dominate the radio, it's really amazing to see that Pentatonix are getting so much attention because each of them is extremely talented in their own way.

Also, as a side note, I LOVE Mitch and Scott's youtube channel, Superfruit. I watch it religiously and have seen every video WAY too many times. And their new kitty is adorable.

3. Favorite Pentatonix member and why

I have a lot of trouble choosing just a single member. I definitely like Scott, Mitch, and Avi the most. I watch Scott and Mitch's Youtube channel every week, and Avi is just... male perfection. Honestly. I haven't watched as much with Kirstie or Kevin, so I'm not as familiar with them, but I absolutely love Scott, Mitch, and Avi. I GUESS if I had to choose, I would say Avi, but that might change in like two minutes. And I choose Avi because I have yet to find something about him that is not what I look for in a guy. Seriously, I feel like he's the perfect guy for me. He just doesn't know yet.

4. Favorite Pentatonix moment
I feel like the only way to choose a single moment would be to choose this one. I mean, honestly, what other moment could compare, even if I liked it better?

5. Favorite over-all Pentatonix song
Oh goodness... I guess this is both original and covers. I have a list of favorites, in this order:
1- Aha!
2- Starships
3- Can't Hold Us
4- Thrift Shop
5- Daft Punk
6- Royals

I guess they're all covers, but I just really love them!

6. Favorite Sing-Off performance
Ooh... either Video Killed The Radio Star or Forget You/Since You Been Gone mashup. The bass/percussion duel in that is just perfect.

7. Favorite Pentatonix cover
Well, they're all up on #5, but I'll explain why on each, starting from the bottom going to my favorite:
-Royals- I've listened to this probably 100 times, and the original maybe 3. Mitch's vocals are just perfect on this one. 
-Daft Punk- Avi's bass parts are to die for. I feel like the best parts of his, Scott's, and Mitch's voices are highlighted in this, so that just makes it perfect for me.
-Thrift Shop- If this had been on a CD, it might have gotten higher, but their youtube video for it is just too perfect to leave it off the list. 
-Can't Hold Us- This whole song is just perfect. It's hard to pinpoint just one part that's perfect, because it's everything.
-Starships- I HATE Nicki Minaj, but the PTX version of this song is just amazing. I honestly don't know what to say other than that I just really love the PTX cover and how much better it is than the original.
-Aha!- I've never heard the original, and after hearing this one, I feel like I never have to. Avi's bass is just to die for. When he goes into that deep "Lalalala lalalala..." I just loose it. And Mitch's vocals are awesome as well. The only thing that would make this more perfect would be Scott having a lead part as well. But Avi's bass parts are what make this perfect.

8. Favorite quote from any member
A single quote? Maybe this?:
It was the first thing that came to mind, so I went with it. 
"Oh no! Mom has diphtheria again! Looks like I'm gonna have to clean the bathroom..."- Scott Hoying (in a Superfruit video) Which, by the way, is one of my favorite things ever. EVER.

9. Favorite over-all moment
I can't. I literally can't.

10. Best photo of Scott

There are so many good Scott pics, but I'm just gonna go with these. Also, a lot of my favorite Scott pictures are my favorite Scomiche pictures...

11. Best photo of Mitch
As said before, I really love Scomiche...

But here are some of my just Mitchie faves:

12. Best photo of Kirstie
So... I'm not as big of a fan of Kirstie as I am the guys... so here's a picture of Kirstie.

13. Best photo of Avi

These two pictures are perfect. The first one is the perfect attractive picture of him because I love him in beanies and plaid (because I LOVE beanies and plaid) and the second one is just adorable. 

14. Best photo of Kevin

Just him and the cello and vocals and artsiness and I just can't

15. Favorite Tweet
Uh... They all have perf. tweets... here are some faves of mine.

 16. Have you met them before? What was it like?
Sadly, I have not :'(

17. Which member would you most want to be related to?
I'm SO torn on this one. I would have to say either Scott or Mitch. Scott would be a fun brother because he's so goofy and I feel like he would be that protective older brother. HOWEVER, Mitch is so sarcastic and hipster-y like me and he's so sassy and I love his sense of humor and we would get along really well. So I'm not sure which one. But one of those two, because I LOVE Avi, but I would want to date him, not be his sister... but he would also be a great big brother and is the most like me in the group. But again, I'd want to date him, and being his sister would make that not possible. Soooo yeah.

18. Which member has the most influence on you?
Influence? Hmmm... I don't even know... Avi?

19. Which member are you most like?
As I said before, definitely DEFINITELY Avi. I've yet to find something that he really loves that I don't love. He loves nerdy things like dragons. He did horseback riding when he was younger like I did. He loves huskies and puppies just like I do, and he loves beanies and LOTS AND LOTS of food, and plaid and so many other things that I can't think of off the top of my head but seriously we have SO MUCH in common.

20. Whose wardrobe do you prefer?
Again, Avi's. But I also love how eclectic Scott's and Mitch's are. But definitely Avi's wardrobe. FOR SURE. Not just the plaid and the beanies though. The v necks, and leather jackets, and t shirts, and hoodies. Literally my wardrobe, just the male version.

21. Do any of them follow you on Twitter?
I wish. That would be awesome.

22. Favorite Pentatonix Tumblr blog
I don't have one... I just kinda follow the PTX tag. 

23. Favorite Pentatonix fan Twitter
I don't get on Twitter that much... 

24. If you could spend the day with any member, who would it be?
I feel like this is just turning into Avi-fest. But I would choose Avi, because I feel like we would have a lot to talk about, and we would enjoy doing the same things. We could play video games together and become best friends.

25. When were you the most proud of the group?
When they won the Sing-Off! But also, anytime I see them on a major media, I'm super proud of them.

26. Favorite Pentatonix gif
So I decided to only choose gifs of the whole band because I already had the chance to do each person individually... But it's also very hard to find a good one of all of them so here are a couple from their Can't Hold Us video:
Also, I love the look Avi is giving the camera when doing his low notes.

27. Favorite Pentatonix Interview
I really like any of the ones where they each answer questions about themselves and the band because I like all of the members getting to answer questions.

28. Do have any Pentaholic friends?
YES! One of my best friends/roommates introduced me to them and our other best friend/ roommate and now the 3 of us are obsessed. But I also have some other Pentaholic friends.

29. What do you think the group should accomplish next?
Whatever they want to do next!

30. List the top 5 reasons why you love Pentatonix
1- In a world of bad singers and pop singers who don't write their own music, they're AMAZING singers and write their own music/arrange their covers.
2- On the topic of arranging covers, they always have great arrangements of the covers they do!
3- They release CDs, but they do SO MUCH more. They post videos all the time, and do covers separate from their CDs, so they're always relevant and working on things.
4- They're so close, including Avi and Kevin. Even though they were brought into the group solely because of their skills, they've all become really close friends and I just love that they're one big family and that they love each other.
5- They all have really great personalities and are still so down to earth and are genuinely nice people.

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