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Top 9 Favorite Songs

Hey, y'all! This is the fifth post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

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This is the only list that is unranked. I've never attempted a favorite list for songs before because of how ridiculously impossible it is. Ranking bands or albums is a bit easier because there are less of them that you listen to on a daily basis, but there are so many songs that you know and love that it's hard to narrow it down at all. However, there are a few songs that are like the ULTIMATE faves, which I'll save for last. The rest of the songs are listed in alphabetical order.

Also, last thing before I jump into the list, this was originally going to be a top 10 list, but I just simply couldn't figure out what song to put in the 10th slot. Not that I didn't have a stack of about 20 songs lined up to consider- it's just that each of them was too this or too that, and none of them were ones I could make a definitive decision on. So in lieu of those slots, I have an honorable mentions list before jumping into the official top 9.

Honorable Mentions:
Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots (love it, but too recent)
Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots (again, love it but too recent)
Thrift Shop by Macklemore (love it but can't quite commit. Not sure why)
Playing God by Paramore (again, love it but can't commit for some reason)

Black Mamba by The Academy Is...

This has been my favorite song by The Academy Is... for quite a while, and I've counted it among my favorite songs for quite a while, but it wasn't until I narrowed down this list that I realized how much I really love this song. It was written in response to some negative reviews of TAI's debut EP and is essentially saying "who cares, I didn't write this music for you" and I love that about it.

Here's To The Zeros by Marianas Trench

When I first heard this song, I liked it, but I didn't think it was anything special. But over the past year, it's grown on me like crazy. Right now, it's my ultimate jam song. Whenever I really want to just turn on a song and drive and sing along, this is the one that I go to. Is it super deep? Nah. But it's a great anthem and I love it.

Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute

Now, I'm not super sappy and don't really connect too much to the meaning behind the lyrics, but when the song begins to play and I hear those opening piano notes, my heart swells and I immediately fall in love with it all over again. I love the way that the music and lyrics sound together, but I don't necessarily care about the meaning behind the lyrics, if that makes sense. But don't allow that to downgrade my love of the song, because I do absolutely love it a lot.

Lies by McFly

This is super straight-forward. It's my favorite song by my favorite band. It's an awesome song, and I love everything about it. That's basically the long and short of it. It's great.

On My Way Home by Pentatonix

I'll never forget the first time I heard this song. It was a few days before PTX Vol. III was released, and I was trying to find leaked versions of the songs (I know, I'm awful, but I love PTX and I wanted to listen to it so badly and I'd already pre-ordered the EP so I didn't feel bad). And this was the one I came across. I started listening and was somewhere in between frozen enthrallment and heart-pumping excitement. I was obsessed. I fell completely in love with it. And I'm still in love with it. It's beautiful.

So Long Soldier by All Time Low

When I first listened to Don't Panic, this one was actually one of my least favorite songs on the album. And then I gave it some more chances and it grew on me. It quickly became my favorite song on the album, and one of my favorite songs of all time. It's got some awesome music combined with some awesome lines and I love it.

Ultimate Favorites
(Also in alphabetical order... I can't rank these)

Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars

I've long called this one my second favorite song, but like I said, I really can't rank them at this point. I absolutely love the music and the lyrics and the way they combine into this beautiful, beautiful song, And I really like the music video too. This is another one that I just like to blast when driving. 

In One Ear by Cage The Elephant

When I thought of making this list, this was the first song that came to mind. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite song, but it is definitely one of the ones that I think of the quickest when thinking of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics. A lot. The meaning behind them is super cool, and I love the pseudo rap style of it. And I love the big instrumental chunks as well. It's a really cool combo of sing-along-ability and more complex music.

Weightless by All Time Low

For the longest time, I called this my favorite song, but once again, I can no longer actually rank these. I love the music, and I love the lyrics, and I love the music video. It's another one that's great to blast and sing along to. I just really love it.

So, those are my top 9 favorite songs of all time. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the songs on this list, and what some of your all-time favorite songs are!

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