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Top 9 Favorite Youtubers [Non-Booktube]

Hey, y'all! This is the sixth post in a 10-post series listing some of my favorite things. The first seven posts are lists of my current all-time favorites, while the last 3 posts include only favorites of 2015.

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So, originally, I was going to only have one list that was unranked, but I got into this list and was having a ton of trouble ranking them. So once again, I have a list of favorites, with a few distinguished as my ultimate favorites (which will be at the end of the list). The rest are in alphabetical order. It's been a while (a whole year!) since I've ranked these, and there are a ton of newcomers and a ton that have slipped off the list, so this list is very different from the ones that have come before it.

Game Theory
[first time on the list]

I've been subscribed to Game Theory for quite a while, but didn't really watch anything but their FNAF theories until about March, when I started to really get into gaming videos. I really like a bunch of their videos, and have seen almost all of the Game Theory series. I also really got into their GTLive streams, especially when they were doing the Until Dawn series. They were definitely one of my most-watched channels in 2015, so it had to be on the list.

[first time on the list]

Because it's been almost an entire year since making a list of my favorite YouTubers, I forget that this is the first time that many of my current stand-by favorites have been on the list. That's the case with Jack/Sean. I first started watching him almost a year ago, after beginning to watch Markiplier. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I've since fallen in love with his personality and his commentary style. He definitely isn't one of those YouTubers where I watch every single video that he posts (because he posts 2 videos a day-- many of which are part of long-running series) but whenever I notice that he's played a game I'm interested in, I know I have to watch it. 

[first time on the list]

Just like Jack, I forgot that Mark had never been on this list before, because of how much of a standard his channel is in my life now. I first discovered him like many people- because of his FNAF videos, and it was a good six months before I bothered to watch any of his other content. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I had already started watching him when I made last year's list, I just hadn't gotten super into him yet. But he became a quick favorite and I think that he's just genuinely a great guy on top of having a fun personality and sense of humor.

PBS Game/Show
[first time on the list]

Now, you're probably wondering why TWO channels on this list are devoted to gaming analysis/criticism. But PBS Game Channel and Game Theory are two very different channels. Game Theory tends to focus on the logistics of a game, whereas PBS Game Channel tends to look at the outside implications of the game, such as social repercussions and influences (feminism, race issues, sexuality, etc). This is why I tend to slightly prefer PBS Game Channel- I love all of the social discussions that go on, especially the feminism discussions. Either way, this has quickly become one of my favorite channels, and I'm always quick to click on a new video when it pops up in my subscription box.

PBS Idea Channel
[2nd time on the list. #5 last year]

This may only be its second time on the list, but I've been watching Idea Channel for over a year and a half. Mike Rugnetta, the host, is one of my absolute favorite humans. He's hilarious, witty, sarcastic, and super smart, on top of being geeky, musical, and just all-around super cool. His discussions are always really interesting and typically based in pop culture, which is one of my favorite things. So yeah, I really enjoy Mike's stuff.

Smosh Games/ Smosh Franchise
[5th time on the list. #2 last time]

While I took a bit of time away from Smosh this year, I always find my way back again, and this was no exception. I have watched Ian and Anthony since way back in 2007, and while I used to love their sketches, I tend to prefer the stuff where it's just them and their actual personalities (AKA the content on Smosh 2nd Channel and Smosh Games). Typically, my favorite of their channels is Smosh Games (big surprise, given the rest of this list), and my favorite series is Game Bang.

[4th time on the list. #1 (tie) last time]

I love these two. Like a lot. They've clearly fallen from my top spot, but they're still right up there near the top. The thing is that their channel tends to go through periods of really awesome videos, followed by slumps. And lately, I feel like they've been in a bit of a slump. I haven't been as excited by the videos popping up in my sub box, and I'm not sure whether that's because I'm not in the mood for it (always possible) or because their content isn't as exciting lately. Either way, slumpiness aside, I love these two and they're adorable and are right up there near the top.

[3rd time on the list. Not ranked last time]

I've been watching WatchMojo for quite a while, and even though they fell off the list last year, they got right back on, because I've been watching them a lot throughout 2015. It's one of those channels where I don't realize how much I watch (because it's on so many different topics) but then when I take a step back, I realize that I watch this channel a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Ultimate bae:
Dan/Danisnotonfire and Phil/AmazingPhil!
[5th time on the list, #1 (tie) last time]

Just like last time, I've combined these two into a single slot because they're basically a package deal. On top of that, the videos that I most look forward to from them are their DanAndPhilGames videos. I especially love Dan over Phil, but my favorite videos are absolutely the ones that they do together. I love the dynamic that they have going, and I get excited whenever I see one of their videos pop up in my subscription box. Their friendship is adorable, and I love them.

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