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30 Day Disney (Animated Features) Challenge

What better way to start out than with Disney?! Since this is the "Animated Features" version, ONLY Disney Animated Classics are included in this (So, not Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, etc. even though they're absolutely amazing)

Here's the list I'll be using:

1) Favorite Character: I'm surprised that this was left as open-ended as it was. Choosing a single favorite character from the entire Disney animated classics collection is literally impossible. So here's a list of ones that I really love/ my favorites from some of my favorite movies
~Berlioz- The Aristocats
~Simba- The Lion King
~Kiara- The Lion King 2
~Mushu/Mulan/Shang- Mulan
~Flynn Rider- Tangled

2) Favorite Official Princess: 

Is it even possible for anyone but Mulan to win? Seriously, she totally threw the typical feminine roles aside and got away with pretending to be a guy and was more intelligent and more capable than the men she fought beside. I love Mulan. 

3) Favorite Official Prince: 

I honestly can't choose between Shang and Flynn. I love them both. Shang was one of the first princes to actually have a character. Before Aladdin, the princes were just there to be pretty and marry the main character. Shang is intelligent, hardworking, and still nice to look at. I don't like Flynn just because he's attractive- although, yes, I will admit that he is definitely the most attractive prince. But he's also really funny and clever and even though he's a bad boy, he's a total sweetheart.

4) Favorite Heroine:

Please don't hate me for this. Although I generally deem most Disney sequels to be much lower quality and pointless, The Lion King 2 is the exception. Maybe because it only came out 4 years after the original rather than a whopping 50 (Cinderella 2&3, Lady and the Tramp 2...) This may also be me making excuses for loving a movie because I grew up with it. Either way, Kiara was 100% me as a child... and me now. I love her. 

5) Favorite Hero:
 Can you tell I love The Lion King? I love Simba. Although he kinda gets on my nerves in Lion King 2. A lot. I love him most as the little lion cub. He gets better songs then too.

6) Favorite Cast of Characters
It's a tie between these two. They have some really fun and unique characters.

7) Favorite Friendship: 
These two are just the best. They're my favorite characters in Cinderella. And yes, I do like them better than Cinderella.

 8) Favorite Sidekick:
I'm not sure if Mushu even counts as a sidekick, but I'm choosing him. He brings a HUGE chunk of the entertainment factor to that movie. You go, Eddie Murphy!

9) Favorite Couple:
Mulan and Shang, definitely. I love that they are a legitimate couple that actually fell for each other, rather than just being like, oh hey, you're pretty. Let's get married! (Aurora and Phillip, I'm looking at you!)

10) Favorite Animal Couple:
Again, please don't kill me, but I love Kiara and Kovu. Partially for the same reason as stated above for Mulan and Shang. But they totally WEREN'T supposed to be together. He was shunned, but yet she knew the truth and it all ended up happy! 

11) The Pet(s) I Wish I Had: 

Berlioz- I'm not a fan of cats outside of Disney movies, but this cat sings and plays piano. I'm a musician. I'm not sure I could find a cooler pet. Khan- I've always wanted a horse... a black one. And Khan is SUPER loyal. Lucky- I'm a dog person, and Lucky was always my favorite of the 101 dalmatians. Not sure why. Morph- Does this one even need explaining? Morph is one of the cutest things I've ever seen EVER.

12) Favorite Villain:

Scar has always (er... almost always) reminded me of Snape (from Harry Potter, if you don't know...). I'm not totally sure. Maybe it's the voice... and the evilness. IDK. I've also always kinda thought Maleficent was cool too... and I JUST found out they were making the movie about her. Should be interesting.

13) Favorite Villain Song: 
I have 2 favorites: Be Prepared by Scar in The Lion King & Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

14) Most Chilling Villain Demise:
DEFINITELY the Horn King's Death! He's super creepy already but when he gets totally ripped apart until he's just bones... *shudder* Totally doesn't belong in a kids' movie...

15) Moment that makes you laugh til it hurts:
I tried to find a video of this, but completely failed. If anyone knows where I can find one, please comment a link!!! Here's a small bit of the audio that I found: 
My favorite funny moment is in Aristocats. It's right after Amelia and Abigail save O'Malley, and Dutchess is trying to get O'Malley to be nice to the annoying geese. 
O'Malley: okay, okay, baby. Hiya, chicks
*geese giggle*: We're not chickens, we're geese!
O'Malley *dripping with sarcasm*: No! I thought you were swans!

Maybe it's just because I love sarcasm, but that bit always cracks me up. I love O'Malley.

16) Moment that makes you cry your eyes out:
The end of Mulan where she brings the sword and medal to her dad and then Shang comes and it's all happy! It makes me cry every time!!!

17) A moment that scares you:

The witches in The Black Cauldron always freaked me out! They were creepy!

18) Moment that makes you mad:

19) A Moment That Makes You Happy:
Could this be any more vague? Disney is MADE to make kiddos happy! There are WAY too many happy moments to pick just one out of the bunch! I REFUSE.

20) Favorite Musical Number: 
It's not necessarily my favorite song, but it's my favorite combo of song/movie... Scales and Arpeggios from The Aristocats. I love Berlioz and Toulouse dueling on the piano and the paint and I JUST LOVE IT, OK?!

21) Favorite romantic moment: 
THIS. If you don't feel like clicking the link, it's Love Will Find A Way from The Lion King 2. Kiara and Kovu just give me too many FEEEEELS!

22) Favorite Ending: 
I love the ending of The Aristocats... But Mulan's ending is absolutely perfect too. 

23) A Line That Inspires You: 
I'm sure if I dug, I could find something a bit more inspirational, but I'm just gonna go with my classic saying: HAKUNA MATATA!

24) The First Movie You Remember Seeing:
Well... I watched A LOT of Disney movies when I was younger, so I have literally no idea what came first. There are 4 that seem to stick out as being very early in my childhood: 101 Dalmatians, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. I know that Snow White was my favorite when I was really little. And that I called everyone idiots when I was 3 because Cruella de Vil called everyone idiots.

25) Underappreciated Movie:
The Black Cauldron wins this one hands down. Most people don't know about it, and many that have seen it don't realize it's a Disney movie. But I think it's brilliant and it's in my top 5 Disney movies of all time. It's really dark for Disney, so I can understand why it's not as well known, but being an 18 year old with a love of Disney and horror movies, it works for me.

Just a note prior to these next 4 questions:
The next 4 questions deal with the different ages/eras of Disney movies. I had to Google these, because I was unsure of the dates on the different ones, so this is what I came up with. 
Golden Age: Couldn't get a definite, but presumably anything before 1977. I think this is a bit too broad of a time period (SO many classics) but to each his own. (also, apparently, in general, this era was from 1928-early 60s. But may be different for Disney)
Dark Age: 1977-1988. Presumably named because most of the movies in this time period are not as well-remembered as other periods
Renaissance Age: 1989-1999, so basically The Little Mermaid through Tarzan.
Millennium Age: I think this one speaks for itself.

26) Favorite movie of the Golden Age:
I'll answer based on the two different possible scenarios. If we're saying that the Golden Age ended in the early 60's, then I would say Cinderella. (Alice in Wonderland and 101 Dalmatians are close). If we're assuming the Golden Age stretched all the way to the Dark Age, The Aristocats is my favorite hands down.

27) Favorite movie of the Dark Age:
Definitely The Black Cauldron. That movie actually kinda fits with the age because it actually IS really dark for a Disney movie. But I love it so much and it's wayyyy too underrated. 

28) Favorite movie of the Renaissance Age:
This is the most difficult, because this is the time I grew up with. 3 of my top 5 Disney movies ever belong in this one: Lion King, Mulan, Lion King 2.

29) Favorite movie of the Millennium Age: 
I just recently saw Treasure Planet and fell in love with it. I also really like Tangled.

And Finally...
30) Favorite Movie:
Gonna do my Top 5. Here they are:




And #1...

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Comments appreciated. No rude comments though, please. These are just my opinions on the movies... I know many people will disagree with me.

My next challenge will probably be something that doesn't require pictures. Because they're a bit of a hassle to get on here. See y'all soon!

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