Friday, May 17, 2013

30 Day All Time Low Challenge

1) Favorite member of All Time Low
I hate to sound like a not-so-legit fan, but Alex is my favorite. I absolutely love him. (he's 2nd to top on the picture, in case you didn't know). Jack is next (2nd to bottom) and then Rian (bottom) and Zack is last.
2) Favorite song on The Party Scene
Believe it or not, I do actually have this CD in my iTunes. And believe it or not, this is the only CD of the bunch that I DIDN'T pay for. I have bought every single other CD of theirs that I own. Anyway, leaving out the songs that are on Put Up or Shut Up, my favorite would definitely have to be Circles. I also like We Say Summer and Noel.
3) Your Favorite Song on Put Up Or Shut Up
From this CD and onward, I'll list all the songs from best to worst, IMO. I don't have huge opinions on this CD, because it's not one of my favorites. I don't listen to it much. The top 3 songs are the only ones I really listen to on a regular basis.
Coffee Shop Soundtrack and Break Out! Break Out! are my favorites.
Jasey Rae.
The Party Scene and The Girl's A Straight Up Hustler come next.
Running From Lions.
4) Favorite song on SWIR
2nd Favorite CD by ATL
Poppin Champagne. The Beach. Shameless. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night). Remembering Sunday. Come One, Come All. Dear Maria, Count Me In. Six Feet Under The Stars. This Is How We Do. Let It Roll. Holly (Would You Turn Me On?). Vegas.
5) Favorite song on Nothing Personal
3rd Favorite CD by ATL
Weightless. Lost In Stereo. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame). Break Your Little Heart. Walls. D-mned If I Do Ya (D-mned If I Don't). Hello Brooklyn. Sick Little Games. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal. Therapy. Poison. Stella. Too Much.
6) Favorite song on Dirty Work
Least Favorite ATL CD
Just The Way I'm Not. A Daydream Away. Heroes. I Feel Like Dancin'. Time Bomb. Forget About It. My Only One. Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me. Do You Want Me (Dead)?. That Girl. Merry Christmas, Kiss My A**. Guts. Under A Paper Moon. No Idea. Return The Favor.
7) Favorite song on Don't Panic
This is my favorite CD by ATL.
The Irony of Choking On A Lifesaver. Paint You Wings. The Reckless And The Brave. Backseat Serenade. So Long And Thanks For All The Booze. Outlines. Somewhere In Neverland. So Long Soldier. For Baltimore. If These Sheets Were States. Thanks To You. To Live and Let Go.
8) An ATL song you can relate to
Weightless. I love the lyrics. A Lot.
9) Your favorite picture of Rian Dawson
Definitely, 100% this one. In case you don't know, Rian's girlfriend of like... forever, Cassadee Pope, recently won The Voice. This picture is Rian's reaction on the blind auditions when everyone except CeeLo turned around almost immediately. I love this picture because it's just SO precious. And it shows how proud he is, and I just love it.

10) Favorite picture of Alex Gaskarth
Oh goodness. Be prepared. So... most girls are like:
Oh yes, this is my fave pic, whatta HOTTIEEE.
But as for me...

11) Favorite picture of Jack Barakat
I love this one. It's just SO Jack. It's goofy, it's fun, it's COMPLETELY true, and he has his boner shirt on. It doesn't get any better :')

12) Favorite picture of Zack Merrick
IMO, this is when Zack looked his best. Before the crazy curls, before the super buff. THIS. This is the look he should've stuck with,

13) A written letter to one of the guys


14) Favorite ATL lyric
Just... All of Weightless I love. And of course the bridge of Jasey Rae.

15) A song you want to see live
Ooh... uh... all? Uh... idea! How many songs are on a setlist? I'll go with 12ish. I'll give you my ideal setlist. And maybe the absolute worst setlist?
Poppin' Champage. The Beach. Shameless. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night).Weightless. Lost In Stereo. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame). Just The Way I'm Not.The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver. Paint You Wings. The Reckless And The Brave. Backseat Serenade.

Worst: Holly (Would You Turn Me On). Vegas. Poison. Stella. Too Much. Merry Christmas...Guts. Under A Paper Moon. No Idea. Return the Favor.
16) A picture from a show you attended
Haven't gone to any, unfortunately :(
17) A drawing/ graphic you made related to ATL
I used to doodle all of my favorite bands' logos on this notebook, and ATL was one of the first ones I doodled.

18) Favorite piece of ATL merch you own
This poster.

19) Favorite ATL music video
The Poppin' Champagne one is really funny. I really like the Weightless video as well... and the I Feel Like Dancin' video makes me laugh a lot too. And the Backseat Serenade one is really awesome as well.
20) Favorite crew member
Matt Flyzik, tour manager

21) Favorite ATL ship 

Jalex, OBVIOUSLY. Seriously, who else would you ship? They're just adorable :')

22) Favorite ATL picture
This one. :)

23) First ATL song you listened to
I'm not sure whether it was Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Dear Maria, or Six Feet Under The Stars. But those were the first 3.
24) Favorite song to watch live
I haven't seen them live, soooo... :/
25) Favorite quote from a member

26) What ATL means to you
Uh... everything?
27) Favorite ATL CD cover
Probably Dirty Work, even though it's my least favorite of their CDs. I like that they're actually on the cover, rather than a picture.
28) Favorite ATL interview
These three are my favorites. The first is Jack and Alex seeing how well they know each other. It's absolutely hilarious. The second one is a short video of Alex and Jack (er... Ben) being silly. It's adorable. The third one is Alex and Jack (in their Halloween costumes) answering questions about their bandmates.

29) How you found out about ATL
I got into Paramore in 8th grade, and started watching a lot of their music videos on youtube, and found other bands through that, including ATL.

30) Your favorite thing about ATL.

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