Thursday, May 9, 2013

25 Songs, 1 Day

1) A song from your childhood:
Toby Keith- Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue. For some reason, I loved this song. And I didn't realize that it cussed. But it was my favorite song as a second grader. 

2) A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend:
He Is We- I Wouldn't Mind. We didn't have any specific song that was "our song" but this was one song that we usually related to our relationship. And it was the most often used one.

3) A song that reminds you of one/both of your parents:
Little Big Town- Pontoon. My dad was obsessed with this song last summer and he sang it literally everywhere he went. Well... sorta. Sometimes he just went around saying "MOTERBOATIN'!"

4) A song that calms you down:
Parachute- She (For Liz). I just chose a Parachute song for this one. All of their songs are super chill and I listen to them to fall asleep a lot. Their first cd especially. 

5) A song that is often stuck in your head:
Lately, it's been One Direction- Kiss You. Let me make this clear... I don't think One Direction makes good quality music. At all. I don't think they sing well. I don't like their fangirls (just as a side note, Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of All Time Low, AKA one of my 2 favorite bands, said that he thought a One Direction song was bad, poorly written, etc. and 1D fans told him, among other rude things, that he should go kill himself like his brother who committed suicide many years ago. WHO DOES THAT?! This is why no one likes you, 1D fangirls!!!). Anyway... all these things aside, I do LIKE their music. Even though I know it's utter crap. It's my trash music.

6) A song that reminds you of a best friend:
Ke$ha- Die Young. One of my best friends is a vocal music major and usually only listens to opera and musicals. But her trash music (like my 1D) is Ke$ha. She absolutely LOVES Ke$ha.

7) A song that reminds you of the past summer:
Jake Owen- Barefoot Blue Jean Night reminds me of summer in general... and so does All Time Low- The Beach.

8) A song that reminds you of your "first love":
Jes Hudak- It's You. I could say "see #2" but I won't. Just for a bit of background on this song, it was written for/on a tv show called Platinum Hit. It was a competition for songwriters. Jes, at the time, was in a pseudo-relationship with Johnny, shown in the video, who she met on the show and was competing against. This song was kinda-ish about him.

9) A song that makes you hopeful:
David Cook- Time of My Life. Am I the only one that thinks this sounds stupid? A song that makes me hopeful? 

10) A song by your favorite band:
McFly- Lies, All Time Low- Weightless. I have two favorite bands, and used my favorite by each. Although I call them both my favorite, McFly still beats All Time Low.

11) A song on the soundtrack to your favorite movie:
Power Tool- Two Heads Are Better Than One. My favorite movie is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It never fails to make me laugh! 
12) The last song you heard:
Parachute- You And Me. This is excluding the ones I've listened to while doing this, since I would have to repeat #11 since that's what I'm listening to currently.

13) A song that reminds you of a former friend:
Bowling For Soup- 1985. This reminds me of my best friend in jr. high. She introduced it to me at one of our sleepovers and I've loved it ever since. It's kinda funny, because this generally wasn't her type of music at all. I almost chose SOS by Rihanna, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, and any Jonas Brothers song, but changed my mind. Though we were VERY obsessed with the Jonas Brothers.

14) A song that reminds you of your boyfriend:
He Is We- Blame It On The Rain. I'm currently single, but this is kinda how I feel.

15) A song you love singing along to:
Macklemore- Thrift Shop. I generally hate rap, but I am SO guilty of repeatedly jamming to this song and I know every word. Back in like... January, I couldn't stop listening to it. When I first heard it back in the fall I hated it. But I love it so much now. I wear your granddad's clothes. I look incredibleeee.

16) A song that has made you cry:
McFly- She Falls Asleep Part 2. I know there's a better example of a crying song, but I couldn't think of it. Parachute- Forever and Always is also a good one. Anyway, this song is about a girl who commits suicide and it's just beautifully written and Tom Fletcher performs it perfectly live too. And he composed it when he was only 19/20.

17) A song that makes you want to dance:
All Time Low- I Feel Like Dancin'. This was the only song I could come up with because most of my music is headbanging music, not dancing music. I mean, even this song isn't dancing music. But it at least talks about wanting to dance...

18) A song that you love but rarely listen to:
McFly- Sorry's Not Good Enough. I could honestly say this about most McFly songs. This is why I have 2 favorite bands. McFly's music often isn't the type that I could listen to over and over and over, but rather the type where I could just turn it on literally any time ever and listen to multiple songs and be content with life. All Time Low is more of the over and over type.

19) The first song in your iPod/iTunes:
The Academy Is...- Attention. This, however, is only because I have my iTunes set to sort by artist and then by Album year, and TAI is the first artist. When sorted purely by song name, the first song is Cartel- A. I'll put both videos on here for you.

20) The last song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes:
Lost In Society- Everybody's Gone. (This is on the Artist/ album sorting.) I've literally never listened to this song, so you don't get a video. It's from a Warped Tour compilation. Purely alphabetically, Green Day- 86. I'll use that one for the video. 

21) Your favorite song:
Weightless- All Time Low. Prepare yourself. Long paragraph incoming. I was really hoping this wouldn't be on here, but alas, here it is. I claim this song as my favorite, but honestly, I don't have just one favorite. There are WAY too many songs to choose from, I mean, I have 4500 alone in just my personal iTunes. There's no possible way to pinpoint one single song as my favorite ever. My favorite by a single band, sure. But even that one's a toughie. ANYWAY, since I already used Weightless earlier in this (see #10), I'm gonna use my "second favorite song," which is 30 Seconds To Mars- Closer To The Edge.

If you're not an All Time Low fan, skip the following rant: If there are any ATL fans reading this and judging me for Weightless being my favorite... just stop. I know most people who say that are just people who "like" ATL. I know it's not one of the *best* songs by them. But there's a difference between best and favorite. And the lyrics to Weightless are close to my heart. And here I am, still a true fan. BOOM. Jalex and Riadee 5EVAR!!! OK, I'm done.

22) A song that someone has sung to you:
I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan. Ok, technically it wasn't sung TO me, it was sung as a group multiple times by me and my friends, but same thing. My best friend/ roommate is a vocal music major and I can't think of anything she's sung to me. I feel like a failure.

23) A song that you cannot stand to listen to:
Nicki Minaj- Super Bass. OK, I hope this is a music video/song, because I just typed in Nicki Minaj and chose the first thing. It looks like a music video, so I'm just assuming it is. I can't stand her. At all.

24) A song that you have danced to with your best friend:
Rihanna- SOS. Let me just clarify that this was during jr. high, with the girl I was best friends with in jr. high (same girl from #13). I can't stand Rihanna now, but I kinda liked her music in jr. high. I'm not sure what was wrong with me, but it was something MAJOR.

25) A song that you could listen to all day without getting tired of it:
Parachute- Kiss Me Slowly. It's just so chill that I could listen to it all day and still be cool with listening to it!

OK, that's my 25 Songs in 25 Days 1 Day Challenge. Hope y'all enjoyed it. I'll be doing another soon. Comments always appreciated! :)

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