Friday, December 21, 2012

Kristen's Back... Maybe...

It's so weird to be back on here! It's been a really long time since I've posted anything, mostly because I've been away at school and constantly in my dorm's common room just hanging out with my friends or doing homework. But, I'm on break now and have gone back to my regular TV watching schedule (which currently only includes Top Chef and Project Runway. Would anyone enjoy me doing a Top Chef blog? Tell me in the comments below if you would!)

Anyway, so much has happened since my last post! First off, I was sad that my Gunnar got eliminated so far away from the finale. However, I was extremely excited that my other three favorites (Christopher, Melissa, and Dmitry) were all in the finale. At that point, I really couldn't pick a favorite, and it ended up all coming down to the shows... though I will admit, if anyone had just the slightest edge, it was Dmitry.

After watching the shows, I honestly thought Fabio deserved fourth. Not only am I not a fan of him, but I really didn't think his collection was as wonderful as the judges thought. I thought Christopher deserved third, and Melissa should've been second. At least the judges and I could agree on a winner, though. I was extremely excited for him and I can't wait until I can get my hands on his Marie Claire fashion spread.

While I'm home for the holidays, I'll be *trying* to do some blogging. Any ideas on Project Runway related stuff (aside from reviews of each new All-Stars episode) would be appreciated... maybe favorite past designers?

Soon, I'll probably post something about my opinions on the newest batch of all-stars and the progress so far. For now though, I have a post from when I first heard about All-Stars 2. I listed the designers I thought would be on, so go check it out to see how correct I was (that's also actually what I'm about to do once I finish typing this!). And maybe I can crank out a review of last night's episode. Rather bittersweet, in my opinion.

I'll be posting soon!

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