Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Movie Challenge

1) Your favorite movie
My favorite movie is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It's hilarious and every time I watch it, it just makes me insanely happy. It's just awesome.

2) The last movie you watched
Well, I'm not sure if this counts, but I watched one of the Agatha Christie's Poirot episodes last night. Technically, it's not a movie, but it's the length of a movie, so I'm gonna count it.

3) Favorite action/adventure movie
Does Harry Potter fall under this category? If so, I'd have to go with Harry Potter. Otherwise, I'd probably say Pirates of the Caribbean.

4) Favorite horror movie
Oooh... this one's a toughie because I love horror movies so much. Probably the Shining, even though I don't think it was scary. I also love Saw and The Ring... and The Evil Dead. I was impressed by Insidious, because it managed to be pretty good while being PG-13 which is rare.

5) Your favorite drama movie
There's this one that I really love called The Ultimate Gift. It's not insanely well-known, but it's seriously amazing. I'd recommend it to literally everyone ever. Another that I love is technically a drama-comedy called The Truman Show, which I hadn't seen until a couple months ago, but I fell in love.

6) Your favorite comedy movie
Well, I already mentioned Bill & Ted, so I'll just talk about my 2nd favorite movie, which I generally categorize as a comedy but cannot really be defined by any one category. It's funny, but it's also pretty action-packed, with a lot of sword fighting and large rodents. It's also very romantic, containing the most passionate kiss ever. I am, of course, speaking of The Princess Bride, which is near perfection. I love it way too much.

7) A movie that makes you happy
I guess that whenever I'm sad, I'll turn on Bill&Ted, but other than that one, Up and Finding Nemo are some of my go-to cheer-up movies. I love them, and they always make me laugh my head off.

8) A movie that makes you sad
The Ultimate Gift... this movie that I like called Breaking Free... mostly animal movies though. Like Hachi: A Dog's Tale, and Eight Below. Stuff like that.

9) A movie that you know practically the whole script of:
Pretty much any movie that's among my favorites. Bill & Ted, Princess Bride... I guess some that I haven't mentioned would be She's The Man, Sydney White, and Clue. I could recite those from memory.

10) Your favorite director
I don't think I really have one! I guess whatever guy took over Harry Potter on #3 because he turned things around significantly.

11) Your favorite movie from your childhood
This could be answered several ways. When I was younger, I really enjoyed any Disney movie, but especially Snow White. Now, if I were to look back and say which, of the movies that I watched as a child, is my current favorite, I'd probably say The Lion King.

12) Your Favorite Animated Movie
Let me just go ahead and list my favorite Disney ones.
10) Robin Hood
9) Peter Pan
8) 101 Dalmatians
7) Cinderella
6) Alice In Wonderland
5) The Black Cauldron
4) The Lion King 2
3) Mulan
2) The Lion King
1) The Aristocats

13) A movie that you used to love but now hate
High School Musical 1&2. Fortunately I stopped liking the series by the time they decided that #3 would be in theaters, but not soon enough that I hadn't seen the first 2 WAY too many times and had bought both of the soundtracks. My disney channel obsession was crazy.

14) Your favorite quote from any movie
Ok, I have 2
"Teacher: Ted, who was Joan of Arc? Ted: Uh... Noah's wife?"- Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."- The Princess Bride

15) The first movie you saw in theaters
I have absolutely no idea. I was too young to remember. I thought I remembered going to see the pagemaster in the theater, but it came out the year I was born, so I know I didn't see it then. (If I saw it in the theater, I probably saw it at one of those summer things where a certain kids movie plays every week). The earliest memory I have of actually seeing a movie in a theater is when The Phantom Menace (Star Wars Ep. 1) came out.

16) The last movie you saw in theaters
The Evil Dead. Not as good as the original, but I liked it. Hopefully, I get to see Gatsby before it leaves.

17) The best movie you saw during the last year
I'm gonna answer this 2 ways
- The best movie I saw that came out within the last year: Probably the Hobbit or Sinister. I really liked those two, as well as Dark Shadows. But I think I was the only person who liked that one.
- The best movie I saw for the first time this year, regardless of when it came out. The Truman Show and Sweeney Todd. I hadn't seen either until maybe 6 months ago and they're amazingly good. LOVE.

18) A movie that disappointed you the most
Hmmm... I was definitely disappointed by Looper. It seemed really interesting, but there were so many plot holes and obvious Twilight Zone rip-offs that I couldn't appreciate it.

19) Your favorite actor
I have quite a few favorites. I really love Johnny Depp (my favorite of his movies is Edward Scissorhands) and Joel McHale (I'm a huge Community fan). Tom Felton (Harry Potter, duh), Steve Carell and John Krasinski (The Office, obvi) are also some of my favorites.

20) Your favorite actress
I hate saying this now that she's gone crazy, but I'm a big fan of Amanda Bynes's movies, and she's been my favorite actress for a long time (my favorite of her movies is She's the Man and I also love Sydney White). I also really love Emma Watson (Harry Potter, duh) and Emma Stone (The Rocker, Easy A, The Help).

21) The most overrated movie
Hmmm... I guess the Twilight movies.

22) The most underrated movie
One that for me is really underrated is The Black Cauldron. It's one of my favorite Disney movies, but almost no one knows about it or knows that it's a Disney movie.

23) Your favorite character from any movie
ANY movie? That's a tough one. I really like Emma Stone's character in The Rocker, and obviously I'm a big fan of Fred and George from Harry Potter. I like way too many movies to choose just one.

24) Favorite documentary
Documentary... hmm... I don't watch a lot of documentaries, but I watch a lot of reality shows, like world's worst tattoos, and competitions like Project Runway.

25) A movie that no one would expect you to love
Uh... well...I don't really know. I like a lot of different types of movies. Maybe Legally Blonde?

26) A movie that is a guilty pleasure
Guilty pleasure... I guess that one too?

27) Favorite classic movie
12 Angry Men is one of my favorite movies ever. It's SO good.

28) Movie with the best soundtrack
I really love Hairspray!

29) A movie that changed your opinion about something
I really don't thinkt that one has...

30) Your least favorite movie
I don't think I really have a single least favorite. I have a least favorite type of movie though. I'm not a big fan of superhero movies. I do, however, actually like the Batman movies, though.

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