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Ranking Project Runway Designers #17 [13-24]

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with the next post in my series ranking all of the Project Runway designers! As I said in the last post, this is a new 18 post series on my blog, with each post consisting of the next 12 designers. 

Here's my disclaimer once again: Any and all comments are my opinions on them based on the way they presented themselves on the show (and of course, the way the show was edited) and in no way is a reflection of how they are in real life. The way a contestant presents themself on a show, combined with the editing of the show, is not necessarily the way they are outside of the show, and because I don't know these people personally, I can only go based off of the way they were portrayed on the show. 

Also, I feel like this is a little obvious, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. If you don't want to be spoiled for what happens in the show or what order people go home, don't read any further. Because I will mention what place the person got. And I'll be talking about All-Stars placings too, if applicable, so just bear that in mind before continuing to read on. So let's just jump right into the next 12 on the list.

24. Maya Luz
Season 7- 7th Place (Quit)

I really enjoyed Maya. She had this really cool, edgy aesthetic and a likable personality. It obviously helps that I really enjoy edgy designers, but she was just a really strong competitor. It's a total bummer that she decided to leave the competition, because I feel like she could've completely changed the way that the competition continued, because I think it could've made it rather difficult to choose who would go to the finale. I definitely think we could've seen a Seth Aaron/Emilio/Maya finale. And that would've been great. Either way, she did extremely well and I'm very sad about the fact that she quit. 

23. Jonathan Peters
Season 7- 6th Place

Oh hey, look, another season 7 person! I just really enjoyed watching Jonathan. He was super creative-- maybe he wasn't the most consistent-- but super creative. He was funny and fun to watch, especially with his snarky interviews. Overall, I really enjoyed his aesthetic and thought that he was fun to watch. 

22. Jesse LeNoir
Season 7- 10th Place

Yes, he's attractive. Yes, I'm pulled in just a little by that. But I really enjoyed his personality as well. Once again, he wasn't exactly the strongest designer on the season. And a lot of people will probably give me a Tim Gunn over-the-glasses look and judge me for this, but here's the T. I unabashedly love season 7. It's not a popular opinion, and I'm aware of that. It was the first season I watched as it aired, and so I ended up falling in love with it. So obviously, everyone on this show will be much more prominent in my mind, whether high or low. And Jesse's a fave for me. I love the challenge where he was paired with Ping. I like that he's pretty snarky. I enjoy him. #sueme.

21. Andrae Gonzalo
Season 2- 6th Place
All-Stars Season 2- 10th Place

Who doesn't love Andrae? Where my last one was controversial, this one should be pretty well-accepted. Andrae is a fan-favorite character. He's so completely over the top, so insanely entertaining, and also a strong designer. We're talking about the man who cried on the runway during judging for a literal 10 minutes. Just monologuing and crying. It's TV gold. Plus, he just has tons of smaller moments that are such gems. His silly accents, his reactions (AKA walkoff reaction above), his over the top mannerisms, he's just one of the best characters the show has ever seen. And I've barely even touched on his design ability. He was a strong designer! Sure, at this point, a lot of the things that he made on the show are rather dated, but he made it to the top 6 for a reason. He was just the total package and he's one of the reasons why season 2 is one of the fan faves. Also, he was the inspiration for arguably the best moment in PR history. But you'll have to wait for the final post for that. ;)

20. Nick Verreos
Season 2- 5th Place

Another fan favorite! Nick was a super strong contender in season 2 and it's really unfortunate that he got eliminated when he did. He was a super likable person (still a fan fave, right? At least, he is in my mind!) both with the contestants and with the fans. He totally should've made it to the finale, and he had a really strong likelihood of winning. He wasn't quite the favorite to win (again, gotta wait 'til my last post for that one!) but he was right up there. He had some great moments and some great designs and I really enjoyed him. 

19. Viktor Luna
Season 9- 3rd Place
All-Stars Season 3- 5th Place

Viktor is definitely one of my total package people. I love him, I think he's super strong, and I love his aesthetic. His clothes are this easy edgy-casual aesthetic and they're just so cool. I also really loved him and his personality. He was a likable character, with a likable aesthetic. He wasn't my favorite in his season (next post! ;) ) but he was definitely second. And I was very upset when he didn't win, because I thought that his finale collection was fab. He was a super strong contender throughout the show, and like I said, a total package. 

18. Austin Scarlett
Season 1- 4th Place
All-Stars Season 1- Runner-Up

Once again, another fan favorite. Everyone loves Austin. He's silly and ridiculous but an absolute powerhouse designer. Simply a total package. He's made some of the most notable designs in the history of the show (hello, corn husk dress!) and he's also one of the strongest personalities to come through the show. The only reason he falls this low for me is that sometimes, he can be a little over the top. While I love a lot of the over the top designers, I also really love the more subdued, slightly more endearing personalities and he can sometimes just be a little too theatrical. Plus, despite him being a really strong designer, I'm not a huge fan of his aesthetic. Either way, I love Austin and he's definitely one of the most interesting personalities.

17. Gunnar Deatherage
Season 9- Semi-Finalist
Season 10- 8th Place
All-Stars Season 4- 9th Place

I love Gunnar. So much. I loved him in season 9 and I almost died from excitement when he returned in season 10. I loved the rivalry between him and Chris. He's so incredibly full of himself and it's hilarious to watch. Sure, he may not be one of the stronger designers to ever pass through the show, but I think that, despite his aesthetic not being my thing, he's a fairly strong designer. Overall, he's just so sassy and arrogant and it was so much fun to watch between him and Chris. 

16. Melissa Fleis
Season 10- 3rd Place
All-Stars Season 3- 9th Place

Melissa's aesthetic is possibly my favorite aesthetic that's ever been on the show. Seriously. Black is my favorite color. Her aesthetic is so edgy and really cool and I absolutely love it. All of the leather and epicness. Plus, she's super cool on top of that. She was a super strong designer on a strong season, with a great aesthetic, and a likable personality. I really don't know what else to say, I just really love her. 

15. Anthony Williams
Season 7- 5th Place
All-Stars Season 1- 9th Place

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. I love him so much. He was a fairly strong designer, but let's be incredibly honest and talk about how his personality got him this high. He's one of the most entertaining people to watch from the show. He's hilarious, he gives great interviews, and is just pure entertainment every time he's on the screen. Sure, he's not a powerhouse designer, but he had some super strong moments. His dress was the one chosen for the cover of Marie Claire, and they had to create a dual win on the Jessica Alba challenge because his dress was so outstanding. He's just really awesome and I love Anthony.

14. Michelle Lesniak Franklin
Season 11- Winner
All-Stars Season 4- 4th Place

Michelle is awesome. She was the saving grace of the teams season. If you want to think about it in the most basic terms possible, she's the more entertaining version of Melissa. They have similar aesthetics & personal styles, but Michelle has this big personality on top of that. I think I might slightly prefer Melissa's aesthetic, but I really love Michelle's personality. Sometimes abrasive, but usually just slightly goofy/awkward and I love that about her. I find her personality just really endearing and as stated at the beginning of this whole spiel, she really saved season 11 for me. Everything else was a little meh, but she was wonderful.

13. Sean Kelly
Season 13- Winner

I feel like some people might think this is a little high. And I understand. Season 13 is an interesting one, and I go back and forth as to how I feel about it. But I really enjoyed Sean. He was super chill with a really great aesthetic, on top of the fact that he was just a really strong designer. And of course, I don't think any of us will forget the rain-way challenge. That was one of the most outstanding things I've ever seen. My jaw dropped as the dress changed colors as the water ran down it. It was beautiful. And I guess I'm also biased toward him because I love fringe. Either way, he was just a really strong designer, and there's a reason he won.

So, those are the next 12 designers in my Project Runway designer rankings! I'll be back soon with the designers who got places 1-12! Who are your favorite and least favorite people to be on Project Runway? Let me know down in the comments!

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