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Ranking Project Runway Designers #14 [49-60]

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with the next post in my series ranking all of the Project Runway designers! As I said in the last post, this is a new 18 post series on my blog, with each post consisting of the next 12 designers. 

Here's my disclaimer once again: Any and all comments are my opinions on them based on the way they presented themselves on the show (and of course, the way the show was edited) and in no way is a reflection of how they are in real life. The way a contestant presents themself on a show, combined with the editing of the show, is not necessarily the way they are outside of the show, and because I don't know these people personally, I can only go based off of the way they were portrayed on the show. 

Also, I feel like this is a little obvious, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. If you don't want to be spoiled for what happens in the show or what order people go home, don't read any further. Because I will mention what place the person got. And I'll be talking about All-Stars placings too, if applicable, so just bear that in mind before continuing to read on. So let's just jump right into the next 12 on the list.

60. Anya Ayoung-Chee
Season 9- Winner

Anya is definitely one of the most controversial winners of Project Runway, and I am typically of the opinion that she didn't really deserve to win. However, it was insane to see how much she was able to do with as weak as her sewing skills were. I think that she was a little one-note, but she was fairly strong throughout the season.

59. Alexander Pope
Season 12- 7th Place
All-Stars Season 5- 8th Place

Alexander was a really interesting character to watch. He was pretty controversial (that scene in the hotel with him and Ken tho...) but he also had some really strong moments with his designs. I really enjoyed watching him because he was such a big personality, and liked his design aesthetic on top of that.

58. Mila Hermanovski
Season 7- 3rd Place
All-Stars Season 1- 6th Place

As much as I like Mila, I also have some mixed feelings on her. I love her aesthetic, and I really like her as well too... in general. There were times when she came off a little abrasive, but I don't think it was on purpose. Either way, in general, I really enjoyed Mila and thought she was a strong designer.

57. Andy South/ Ari South
Season 8- 3rd Place
All-Stars Season 3- 11th Place

Ari first competed pre-transition as Andy, and then competed again in All-Stars 3 as Ari. Unfortunately, she didn't last too long in all-stars, but I really enjoyed her on season 8. She had some super strong moments, and she was rather likable on a season with a lot of unlikable characters. 

56. Bradley Baumkirchner
Season 3- 10th Place

Oh, Bradley. Bradley was hilarious. I don't remember ever being particularly impressed with any of his designs, but I loved his personality. He was just always so quirky and funny and made all of those silly noises and gave really great confessionals. I just really enjoyed him and his personality.

55. Christopher Straub
Season 6- 5th Place

In any other season, I'm not sure Christopher would've made it as far in any other season as he did in season 6. He had some strong moments, but he was generally really lucky to make it to 5th place. I liked his aesthetic and his personality, but he wasn't exactly the strongest designer. 

54. Laura Bennett
Season 3- 3rd Place

I have such mixed feelings about Laura. Her aesthetic was definitely not my thing, but I thought that her final collection was beautiful. She didn't get along with a designer that I really love, but I loved the back and forth between the two of them. She almost completely destroyed said designer as well, but somehow it didn't infuriate me. I used to really dislike her, but I've grown to appreciate her and she has definitely become a definite favorite. 

53. Lindsey Creel
Season 14- 8th Place

I had a bit higher hopes for Lindsey than she ended up achieving. I liked her aesthetic as well as her personality. She was really chill with a good touch of sass. Plus, she had this really chill, interesting aesthetic. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite as strong as I thought she would be. 

52. Candice Cuoco
Season 14- 4th Place

I wasn't sure how I felt about Candice going into season 14. Part of me liked her, part of me didn't. I felt kinda the same way for some of the season, because she came off a little unlikable. However, I grew to like her again and on top of that, I really like her aesthetic.

51. Carlos Casanova
Season 8- 10th Place
All-Stars Season 2- 7th Place

Oh, Casanova. I love Casanova. If this were just based on personality and not design aesthetic, he would be much higher on this list. Design-wise, Casanova is simply just not that strong. As he said, he either made super grandma-y clothes or super bare clothes. There really wasn't much of an in-between, and none of it was really done very well or very interesting. However, the same could not be said about the crazy, wonderful, hilarious Casanova. He was just such a big personality and was always so funny, especially when trying to say something in English and failing. 

50. Vincent Libretti
Season 3- 6th Place

Oh, Vincent. He's another person who got this high on the list because of his personality. He was a slightly better designer than Casanova, but with just as much crazy personality. He was very kooky and insanely fun to watch.

49. Robert Best
Season 3- 8th Place

Everyone's favorite boring designer! Which is a shame, because his personality was definitely anything but boring. He was always really funny and had some really sarcastic comments. He had a couple interesting designs, but as mentioned before... the "boring designer."

So, those are the next 12 designers in my Project Runway designer rankings! I'll be back soon with the designers who got places 37-48! Who are your favorite and least favorite people to be on Project Runway? Let me know down in the comments!

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