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Ranking Project Runway Designers #16 [25-36]

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with the next post in my series ranking all of the Project Runway designers! As I said in the last post, this is a new 18 post series on my blog, with each post consisting of the next 12 designers. 

Here's my disclaimer once again: Any and all comments are my opinions on them based on the way they presented themselves on the show (and of course, the way the show was edited) and in no way is a reflection of how they are in real life. The way a contestant presents themself on a show, combined with the editing of the show, is not necessarily the way they are outside of the show, and because I don't know these people personally, I can only go based off of the way they were portrayed on the show. 

Also, I feel like this is a little obvious, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. If you don't want to be spoiled for what happens in the show or what order people go home, don't read any further. Because I will mention what place the person got. And I'll be talking about All-Stars placings too, if applicable, so just bear that in mind before continuing to read on. So let's just jump right into the next 12 on the list.

36. Logan Neitzel
Season 6- 6th Place

Am I being pulled in a bit by the charm of his good looks? Maybe a little. But he was one of the more likable people on a really unlikable season, so I'm alright with him being up higher on this list than he probably deserves to be. He isn't the strongest designer to ever be on the show, but like I said, he was likable on a less pleasant season. 

35. Carol Hannah Whitfield
Season 6- 3rd Place

Once again, a likable designer from a relatively unlikable season. Although Carol Hannah is definitely a stronger designer. I really enjoyed her aesthetic and she was really likable. 

34. Benjamin Mach
Season 11- 11th Place
All Stars Season 4- 10th Place

It's really too bad that Benjamin hasn't made it very far on either of his seasons. I like him, and I like his aesthetic, and I feel like he's definitely stronger than he ended up being presented on the show. I think it also helps that I follow him on social media and therefore keep up-to-date on what he's up to, thus making him a more prevalent presence in my life. 

33. Edmond Newton
Season 14- 3rd Place

Edmund was an overall likable person for me. I thought that he was a strong designer, thought he had a really cool, chill personality, and enjoyed his aesthetic. He isn't my absolute favorite in each of those categories, but I feel that overall, he's a pretty strong total package.

32. Alexander Knox
Season 13- 7th Place

I feel like he had more design potential than he showed on the show. I liked him a lot pre-season, and overall I enjoyed his personality and aesthetic. Unfortunately, I don't think he ended up being super strong, but I really liked him, which is why he ends up here and not any higher.

31. Emilio Sosa
Season 7- Runner-Up
All-Stars Season 2- Runner-Up

My feelings about Emilio have been all over the place throughout the years. I used to really dislike him, but I have grown to have immense respect for him. IMO, he's definitively one of the strongest designers to be on the show. His aesthetic was rather strong, his skills were unquestionable, and he was a strong personality as well. I've grown to really like him. 

30. Joshua McKinley
Season 9- Runner-Up
All-Stars Season 2- 4th Place

This is controversial, I know. But one of the most entertaining aspects of the show is the drama, and oh boy did Josh McKinley offer up the drama. He was insane, his aesthetic was way over the top, and he tended to be a bit mean, but he gave some of the best confessionals and made the show super dramatic. His chaos was a delight to watch, and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.

29. Valerie Mayen
Season 8- 7th Place
All-Stars Season 5- 9th Place

I love Valerie and her season made me both insanely happy and insanely sad. She started out extremely strong, and began to go downhill and it was sad to watch. But I loved Valerie. She was a great designer and a really enjoyable personality. Plus, she was an incredibly likable person on a drama-filled season. 

28. Justin LeBlanc
Season 12- 3rd Place
All-Stars Season 4- 7th Place

Who doesn't love Justin? Tim Gunn legitimately cried at Justin's elimination and was so touched that he used the first ever Tim Gunn save on him and everyone was glad. He was just so sweet and on top of that, he was also a really strong designer. Once again, one of the most likable people to be on this show.

27. Bradon McDonald
Season 12- 4th Place

Oh hey look, another super likable person on that season. Bradon made me very sad in the finale because he was such a strong designer throughout the entire show and then his finale collection was rather weak. But overall, his personality was great and he was super strong. And dat proposal tho. 

26. Amanda Valentine
Season 11- 8th Place
Season 13- Runner-Up

Apparently, there are actually some people who don't like Amanda, and that makes me sad. I was pretty ambivalent about her on her first season. She was fine, but I didn't care that much. Then, she came back for season 13 and I began to really like her. I really like her aesthetic, I think she's a really strong designer, and I love her personality as well. Total package, IMO. 

25. Swapnil Shinde
Season 14- 6th Place

I really liked Swapnil. I chose him as my likely winner for season 14, and it's a bummer that he didn't make it further than he did. It's also a bummer that season 14 was marred by people who weren't working up to their full potential, and Swapnil was one of them. He had just such a sophisticated aesthetic and such a cool personal style and it's too bad that he didn't try harder and get further in the competition. Honestly, after seeing the decoy collection he made, I think he could've won the whole thing if he'd made it to the finale. 

So, those are the next 12 designers in my Project Runway designer rankings! I'll be back soon with the designers who got places 13-24! Who are your favorite and least favorite people to be on Project Runway? Let me know down in the comments!

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