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Ranking Project Runway Designers #12 [73-84]

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with the next post in my series ranking all of the Project Runway designers! As I said in the last post, this is a new 18 post series on my blog, with each post consisting of the next 12 designers. 

Here's my disclaimer once again: Any and all comments are my opinions on them based on the way they presented themselves on the show (and of course, the way the show was edited) and in no way is a reflection of how they are in real life. The way a contestant presents themself on a show, combined with the editing of the show, is not necessarily the way they are outside of the show, and because I don't know these people personally, I can only go based off of the way they were portrayed on the show. 

Also, I feel like this is a little obvious, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. If you don't want to be spoiled for what happens in the show or what order people go home, don't read any further. Because I will mention what place the person got. And I'll be talking about All-Stars placings too, if applicable, so just bear that in mind before continuing to read on. So let's just jump right into the next 12 on the list.

84. Blayne Walsh
Season 5- 8th Place

Blayne wasn't exactly a very strong designer, but his personality made him incredibly fun to watch and hilarious with his commentary. He was just a really big personality and really fun to have around. Holla atcha boy!

83. Matthew Arthur
Season 11- 12th Place 

Matthew was one who didn't make it super far, but I liked his designs as well as his personality, so he falls higher on my list than he probably does for many people.

82. Nicolas Putvinski
Season 6- 7th Place

Oh Nicolas. Nicolas was a really big personality, and tended to be a bit over-confident at times. However, he was one of the strongest designers on one of my personal least favorite seasons, which also tends to be one of the weaker seasons as well. He brought some entertainment value to what was overall a rather uninteresting season. 

81. Chris March
Season 4- 4th Place
All-Stars Season 4- 12th Place

Chris March is a fan favorite, so you're probably surprised he's so low on this list. You'll probably be even more surprised to realize that he's my second favorite of his season. I'm sure you can guess who my favorite on that season is. Anyway, as I've said in the past, season 4 just isn't one of my favorites, partially because I didn't like the designers this season as much as I did on some of the other seasons. Chris was definitely one of the more interesting ones, but as he's still this low on the list, I still didn't love him. But he was a strong designer and a fun personality.

80. Christopher Collins
Season 8- 6th Place

Overall, Christopher was just really likable. He was one of the non-controversial people on an incredibly controversial season. He had a likable personality, and he was a fairly strong designer as well. In general, I enjoyed him.

79. Raul Osorio
Season 10- 11th Place

Raul was entertaining to watch for me because he was just so pessimistic a lot of the time. He gave some interesting confessionals, and even though he wasn't the strongest designer of the bunch by any means, he was also on one of the strongest seasons that we've seen in quite a while, so he had several factors working against him in that respect.

78. David Giampiccolo
Season 14- 15th Place

TBH, I just really loved David. He had this really interesting, rather oddball aesthetic. I knew he wouldn't get very far, because I didn't think the judges would really get his aesthetic, but I still really liked him. He seemed like a really nice, really sweet guy and I was incredibly sad to see him go as soon as he did. 

77. Alison Kelly
Season 3- 9th Place

I really enjoyed Alison on season 3. She was really likable, and constantly came off as really nice and super sweet, and she was a pretty good designer as well. The unconventional challenge curveball really messed her up, however, and I wish that I could see what would've happened without that challenge, because I could see her going quite a bit farther. 

76. Samantha Black
Season 11- 7th Place
All-Stars Season 4- 8th Place

Samantha is an interesting one for me. There are times when I really enjoy her aesthetic, and then there are times when she goes super neon or leopard print, which are two of my least favorite things. However, aside from that, I really enjoyed her personality, so she finds herself a little higher on my list. 

75. Korina Emmerich
Season 13- 6th Place

Oh Korina. I still haven't completely made up my mind about Korina. On the one hand, I really liked her. I thought that she was entertaining to watch, and I really liked most of her designs. But then there was that other side to her- the mean-spirited, very bitter side. I still haven't decided how to rectify that in my mind. Regardless, she finds herself here because she was enjoyable to watch and I liked her designs. 

74. April Johnston
Season 8- 5th Place
All-Stars Season 1- 10th Place

April is another one I have really mixed feelings about. There were times when I really enjoyed her designs, but also times where I felt that they were really weak. There were times when I liked her personality, as well as times when I thought she came off as unlikable. However, when push comes to shove, in general, I liked her and I liked her aesthetic. 

73. Jerell Scott
Season 5- 4th Place
All-Stars Season 1- 5th Place

Jerell has a little bit of everything. He's a strong designer-- something he's proven both in his original season (should've made it to the finale, TBH), as well as in all-stars. And on top of that, he was a likable character on the show as well. All-around, an enjoyable personality and designer. 

So, those are the next 12 designers in my Project Runway designer rankings! I'll be back soon with the designers who got places 61-72! Who are your favorite and least favorite people to be on Project Runway? Let me know down in the comments!

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