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Project Runway Season 13 Episode 3: Past, Present, and Future

Hey, y'all! It's time for another episode of Project Runway. I was planning on posting this the day after the episode aired, but when I was working on it, I couldn't pull up the pages to link for the designs, so I held off for a day. Hopefully I can begin getting it up the day after the show airs, as I previously planned.

Let's jump right into the episode!

This week's challenge is inspired by Marie Clare's 20th birthday. (Which means that it's the same age as me!) The designers' challenge this week is to get inspiration from their own past to create a look that could appear in the pages of Marie Clare 20 years from now.

This episode really wasn't very drama-ridden in the workroom. I think the most drama we really got was that Alexander was having problems getting his look together. Other than that, there really wasn't much going on except the fact that we got little glimpses into everything the designers were doing. I felt bad for Alexander though. His original top actually looked really cool, and I think that if he hadn't sewn the front together, he might have had a really cool vest rather than getting a uniboob. 

OK, time for the runway!

Once again, the designers' looks will be linked to their names!
Top three: Kristine, Emily, and Sandhya

Have I mentioned that the judging is really weird this season? Because it is. I can understand that the judges thought that Sandhya's look was interesting and creative, but I just don't get how it ended up in the top. The look is very avant garde and I really can't see that as something that a large chunk of people would find appealing or would want to see in a magazine. Anyway, my favorite was definitely Emily's. Yes, it was just a jumpsuit and a jacket, but it was a super well-made jumpsuit and jacket. And in one day. I also thought Kristine's was good, but I wasn't exactly wowed by it. This was a pretty underwhelming challenge overall.

Bottom 3: Alexander, Angela, and Sean

Most of these weren't really surprising. I was surprised to see Sean here just because I thought there were some that were worse than his, but I knew it wasn't amazing. We obviously knew from the editing that Alexander was headed straight for the bottom 3. Plus, the dress was just blah. And then we get to Angela. It reminds me a lot of the stuff that Ivy made on season 8. Very bland colors, really boring, and just not cool. Nope. I didn't like it at all. 

In a very surprising decision (to me at least) Sandhya was named the winner. Sorry, I just don't get it. Not at all. Heidi announces that Angela is out. Although I think that Alexander's dress was worse than Angela's, I liked the decision. Alexander definitely didn't set out to make that dress, but Angela achieved what she was trying to achieve. 

Just like with the last challenge, I'm going to give a quick rundown on my opinions on the designers

Favorite Designers: Sean and Alexander

Designers I'm liking: Amanda, Korina, Char, Mitchell

Middle of the road designers: Samantha, Kristine, Emily, Kini, Fade  

Designers who need the auf wiedersehen: Sandhya, Hernan

So there you go, that's all for my post on the Project Runway Season 13 episode 3! Like I said, I don't promise I'll continue, but I think I'm going to keep trying

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