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Project Runway Season 13 Episode 2: Unconventional Movie Nite

Hey, y'all! It's time for another episode of Project Runway. If I continue doing these, from now on they'll be the day after the episode because I just moved into my apartment and finally have TV again!

Let's jump right into the episode!

As has become the norm with the more recent seasons of Project Runway, the second challenge is the unconventional challenge! The designers take a trip to a movie theater, and there they find out that they will be working in groups of 3. The teams are as follows:

Red team: Carrie, Hernan, and Sandhya
Blue team: Sean, Angela, and Fade
Silver team: Amanda, Korina, and Kristine
Green team: Alexander, Emily and Samantha
Purple team: Kini, Char, and Mitchell.

Does anyone know where these team names came into being? Because I don't remember them getting a specific name, but they ended up all having the colors... and none of them really matched their garments. I guess purple had a couple purpley colored things, but that's about it. 

Anyway, their challenge is to use the unconventional, movie related items in the movie theater to create outfits inspired by... wait for it... movies. 

Our main interesting moments this episode came from teams red and blue. Both teams were having the same problem: cohesion. Over on the red team, Sandhya suggested that they each make something and then group together and see how they could tie the garments together. Even I, with 0 design experience, know that's a terrible idea. And Sandhya had immunity from winning the last challenge. She was being really pushy with her idea, and I really hate when designers with immunity do that. There's a way to voice your opinion without insisting to do things a certain way. And then, when Hernan and Carrie tried pushing back and telling her what she needed to fix, she went and told Tim she was being bullied. Basically, she tattled. How old are you? This competition is going to devour her if she thinks that what Carrie and Hernan were doing is bullying. Pull yourself together, Sandhya!

At the last second, the group pulled together and ended up creating what basically looked like 3 versions of the exact same dress. I think they might have been better off just making entirely different looks. At least that would've been interesting. There's cohesion and then there's whatever they were doing.

Things were slightly better over on the blue team. Early on in the design process, Sean and Fade agreed that they should go the route of being inspired by villains. Angela, however, wasn't a big fan of this. And rather than just suck it up and go with what the team wanted and try to make the best villain-inspired outfit she could, she decided that she was going to do whatever she wanted. She was trying to make a really sweet white dress with flowers on the bottom. When Tim came in for the critique and called her out for hers being significantly different, her response was "well, I didn't like the villain idea in the first place." Tough luck, kid, because that's what the rest of your group is doing! You can't just do something completely opposite of your team. That's practically begging for the auf wiedersehen! Thankfully, she eventually ended up scrapping the flowers and adding on more of the weird structural details she had at the top of the dress. It wasn't great but it at least looked more villainy.

OK, time for the runway!

This time, one team will be in the top and the other will be the bottom. Before even saying who was safe and who wasn't, Heidi called out Angela, basically saying that her team would have been the top team if not for her look, because the other two scored really highly. 

Once again, the designers' looks will be linked to their names!
Top team: Silver team (Kristine, Korina, and Amanda)

Like last week, I almost feel like this team was simply the best of the worst. I feel like the Green team could have been here if not for Emily's clunker. Because no one wants to look like they have basketballs attached to their hips. This is the second week that I've been really unimpressed with Emily's work. Also, as Heidi said, the blue team would have been here if not for Angela's look. My personal favorite was Sean's. It was really cool and interesting and I have a feeling he would have won. I also really liked the designs from the Purple team, but I guess none of them really stood out. I especially liked Mitchell's dress. Super cute.

I thought Korina's look was just OK. I didn't think there was anything special about it. Kristine's look was cool, but I think that if she had spelled something out with the words, it would have been cooler. I really liked Amanda's except the part with the little ropes hanging past the dress. That reminded me a little too much of Emilio Sosa's look from the hardware challenge. Yep, if you've seen the show you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. 

I'm still having a bit of trouble with the judging this season. I feel like there were better designs that should have been here. Oh well, I'm not a judge. 

Bottom team: Red team (Sandhya, Carrie, and Hernan)

No surprise, the team that suddenly had way too much cohesion was in the bottom. It basically just looked like the same dress done 3 times. The judges made it clear that Sandhya was the worst, but since she has immunity, they have to figure out whether Carrie or Hernan is going home. 

The judges make the easy decision to name Amanda as the winner. Her dress was definitely the best of her group. After much deliberation, Carrie is sent packing. And she complained the whole way out. I feel bad for her, but she was also being obnoxious about leaving so I don't feel quite as bad as I would have. 

So, I'm going to do something on this post and I think I'm going to continue on with it this post, and possibly in the future posts. Last time I gave opinions on the designers, but this time I'm going to divide them into designers I like, designers I don't have much of an opinion on, and designers I don't like. I'll update it each episode as my opinions change.

Designers I'm liking: Alexander, Amanda, Korina, Fade, Sean, Char, Mitchell

Middle of the road designers: Samantha, Kristine, Kini 

Designers who need the auf wiedersehen: Emily, Angela, Sandhya, Hernan

So there you go, that's all for my post on the Project Runway Season 13 episode 2! Like I said, I don't promise I'll continue, but I did want to make at least one post.

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  1. Want you to know that I just read this blog post because I am only now watching Episode 13 of Project Runway. Mainly because I have to register somewhere that I absolutely can't stand Amanda, and have to mute the TV when she's on. She's not half as witty or clever as she seems to think. Instead of being so full of herself because she won -- and (over)acting like some cliched teenage character on the Disney Channel -- she should be thanking Angela for her win. Because Sean clearly would have won if not for Angela, so Amanda's flotsam and jetsam curtain dress would not have gotten any notice. And Angela, instead of crying because she was "called out," how about crying because she decimated Sean's win (the New Zealander). I loved the dress Sandhiya won for in the first challenge. Why the Judges passed over the team using CDs is baffling. I can pray that Amanda will be gone soon so I can stop muting half the show (becasue she gasses on and on), but I have a feeling I am stuck with her for the long haul. Well I know you are well beyond this and probably don't even remember this episode, but thanks for the space to rattle on a bit.


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