Tuesday, April 15, 2014

30 Day Top 10 Challenge

Hey, y'all! Apologies for the lack of a post on Saturday- my school's internet went out constantly and then my laptop decided to practically self-destruct. Basically, I've had trouble getting onto the internet all weekend, which- if you know me- is a HUGE problem.

Anyway, since I missed that post Saturday, I'm giving you a challenge today rather than a random 2nd Tuesday post, and then I have a fun post for you on Thursday (hopefully...). I've done a Top 5 challenge similar to this (link HERE if you want to check that out!). I tried to answer with the first things that came to my mind, so these are mostly spur-of-the-moment answers. I'm not really going to explain my answers, so if you want a more in-depth answer, let me know in the comments and I'll explain just a bit!

Day 1- 10 facts about yourself
  1. I'm a caffeine addict- generally in the form of Dr. Pepper, but also energy drinks, coffee, etc.
  2. I live with my two best friends.
  3. I work in a library!
  4. My closet is overflowing with v neck t-shirts.
  5. I love spicy food. Especially of the Mexican variety. 
  6. I play the viola.
  7. I'm a total homebody... as referenced by the fact that I blog regularly...
  8. I have an extremely eclectic iTunes library. 
  9. I went to a Pentatonix concert last month and bought a TON of merch.
  10. I just dyed my hair a deep red. It looks cool.

Day 2- 10 favorite movies
  1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. The Ultimate Gift
  4. Sweeney Todd
  5. The Truman Show
  6. She's The Man
  7. Sydney White
  8. Clue
  9. Edward Scissorhands
  10. The Rocker

Day 3- 10 favorite TV shows
  1. Project Runway
  2. Top Chef
  3. Supernatural
  4. America's Next Top Model
  5. Community
  6. The Office
  7. Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta/ Bridesmaids
  8. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
  9. The Taste
  10. Parks and Rec

Day 4- 10 favorite baby names for boys
  1. Ian
  2. Ace
  3. Jace
  4. Liam
  5. Fletcher
  6. Cody
  7. Maddox
  8. Nick
  9. Alex
  10. Jesse

Day 5- 10 favorite baby names for girls
  1. Lainey
  2. Riley
  3. Hunter
  4. Joey
  5. Emma
  6. Harley
  7. Regan
  8. Kennedy
  9. Cassadee
  10. Jenny

Day 6- 10 favorite foods
  1. Chicken tenders
  2. Pepperoni pizza
  3. Cheeseburger
  4. Chips and salsa
  5. Chicken Taquito
  6. Soft pretzels (AUNTIE ANNE'S!)
  7. Chicken & Dumplings (I LOVE CHICKEN)
  8. French Fries
  9. Mashed potatoes
  10. Rolls. Any roll. Bread.

Day 7- 10 favorite drinks
  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Mountain Dew: Code Red
  3. Cherry Limeade
  4. Red Bull
  5. Coffee- w/ mocha &/or peppermint
  6. Cherry Sprite
  7. Red Monster
  8. Mountain Dew
  9. Cherry Dr. Pepper
  10. Root Beer

Day 8- 10 favorite desserts
  1. Creme Brulee
  2. Confetti Cake
  3. Brownies
  4. Ice Cream- Krazy Kookie Dough
  5. Snickers Ice Cream Bar
  6. Chocolate chip cookies
  7. Sugar cookies w/ frosting and sprinkles
  8. Strawberry shortcake
  9. Cupcakes
  10. Basically any dessert ever.

Day 9- 10 favorite book series
  1. Harry Potter (duh) [complete. several times through]
  2. Pendragon [complete]
  3. The Mortal Instruments [incomplete]
  4. Across The Universe trilogy [complete]
  5. Divergent trilogy [complete]
  6. Hercule Poirot series [incomplete]
  7. Twilight (don't throw things at me!) [complete]
  8. Miss Peregrine's series [incomplete]
  9. Percy Jackson series [incomplete]
  10. Series of Unfortunate Events [complete]
I'd also like to point out that this is pretty much all of the series that I've either completed or close-to completed (as you can see, I've marked whether or not they're completed. This could be either because the series is still in progress or because I simply haven't finished reading all the books). But, I have several series/trilogies in the plans for this year.

Day 10- 10 favorite novels

I'm going to take this as my top 10 stand-alones. So I'm not allowed to choose a book from a series.
  1. And Then There Were None- Agatha Christie
  2. Thirteen Reasons Why- Jay Asher
  3. All-American Girl- Meg Cabot
  4. The Fault In Our Stars- John Green
  5. Brave New World- Aldous Huxley
  6. This Is Your Brain On Music- Daniel Levitin
  7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
  8. 1984- George Orwell
  9. Unsaid Things: Our Story- McFly
  10. The Princess Bride- S. Morganstern (Edited by William Goldman)

Day 11- 10 favorite actors
  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Joel McHale
  3. Jared Leto
  4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  5. Rainn Wilson
  6. Logan Lerman
  7. Jensen Ackles
  8. James Marsden
  9. Tom Felton
  10. Rupert Grint
If you couldn't tell... I don't really have a ton of favorite actors. But the top 3 are definitely my FAVES.

Day 12- 10 favorite actresses
  1. Amanda Bynes (pre-crazy, of course)
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Emma Stone
  4. Amy Adams
  5. Shailene Woodley
  6. Dakota Fanning
  7. Jennifer Lawrence
  8. OK I really need to stop
  9. Pretending to care about actresses
  10. When I only really care about the first 3.

Day 13- 10 celebrity crushes
  1. Tom Fletcher
  2. Alex Gaskarth
  3. Dan Howell (is he considered a celeb? He's a Youtube celebrity, so...)
  4. Avi Kaplan
  5. Kellin Quinn
  6. Brendon Urie
  7. Jared Leto
  8. William Beckett (he should be higher on this list, but it took forever to think of him...)
  9. Jack Barakat
  10. Dougie Poynter

Day 14- 10 favorite bands or singers

  1. McFly
  2. All Time Low
  3. Pentatonix
  4. Parachute
  5. The Audition
  6. The Academy Is...
  7. Paramore
  8. Sleeping With Sirens
  9. Never Shout Never
  10. Hey Monday
Top 10 of those is really hard because I listen to SO MANY bands that I love. Busted and Cage The Elephant just barely missed out on this list.

Day 15- 10 favorite fictional characters
Like... in books and movies AND TV? Oh goodness... Here goes nothing.

  1. Fred and George Weasley [Harry Potter]
  2. Hermione Granger [Harry Potter]
  3. Dean Winchester [Supernatural]
  4. Jim Halpert [The Office]
  5. Jace [The Mortal Instruments]
  6. Bobby Pendragon [Pendragon]
  7. Ron Weasley [Harry Potter]
  8. Sweeney Todd [Sweeney Todd]
  9. Viola Hastings [She's The Man]
  10. Jeff Winger [Community]
I'm not quite sure if these are my all-time faves EVER, but I wanted to get a good mix and these were the characters who came to mind.

Day 16- 10 favorite songs at the moment

Well, I'll do you one better. I have a pretty concrete lists of songs that I don't allow myself to skip EVER on my iTunes, phone, iPod, whatever. So here's a good chunk of that list.

  1. Imagine- John Lennon
  2. Let It Be- The Beatles
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
  4. Closer To The Edge- 30 Seconds To Mars
  5. Kiss Me Slowly- Parachute
  6. Aha!- Pentatonix
  7. So Long Soldier- All Time Low
  8. Lies- McFly
  9. Playing God- Paramore
  10. Someone Like You- The Summer Set
Day 17- 10 things you wanted to be when you “grew up”

  1. Author
  2. Jockey
  3. Violist
  4. Musicologist (ok, that's a more recent thing...)
  5. Basketball player
  6. Author
  7. Author
  8. Seriously, I've always
  9. just wanted to be an
  10. author.
Day 18- 10 favorite sports or hobbies

  1. Reading! 
  2. Youtube
  3. Netflix
  4. Viola
  5. Sleeping (definitely considered a hobby at this point)
  6. Blogging!
  7. Video games
  8. Literally anything musical. Gimmie.
  9. Book shopping- used bookstores are the BEST.
  10. Shopping in general
Day 19- 10 things you can’t leave the house without

  1. Phone
  2. Room key
  3. Fob (the thing that gets me into buildings on campus)
  4. Lynx card- FOOD.
  5. Mailroom key- it's attached to 2-4 so it's kinda part of that.
  6. My earbuds
  7. A hoodie. Yes, even in April. I get cold inside.
  8. iPod- if I'm going off campus. Need ALL the tunes.
  9. Car keys- to drive...
  10. Purse/backpack depending on where I'm going
Day 20- 10 things on your bucket list

  1. See McFly play live
  2. Meet McFly
  3. See All Time Low play live
  4. Meet All Time Low
  5. Publish a novel
  6. Write a piece of music that I'm proud of
  7. Graduate from college.
  8. Get my master's. 
  9. Meet Pentatonix (already saw them live ;D)
  10. Either bungee jump or skydive
Day 21- 10 websites you visit often

  1. Youtube
  2. My school's website
  3. Blogger
  4. Goodreads
  5. Buzzfeed
  6. Netflix
  7. Tumblr
  8. Facebook
  9. Amazon
  10. Stumbleupon
Day 22- 10 physical characteristics you look for in a partner

*these aren't necessities, they're just little perks*

  1. Tall guys. Yes.
  2. Cool hair. Whether because it's really unique or perfectly disheveled, I love some cool hair.
  3. Style- I like hipster, or rocker, or disheveled, just anything I think is cool and unique. Or perfectly casual.
  4. For example, plaid and beanies make me melt.  
  5. Literally any hair or eye color. I don't care. Although I'd say I tend to go toward brunettes. With blue eyes. Maybe.
  6. Glasses... sometimes. It depends how he rocks them. 
  7. A healthy weight- definitely not super muscley or even really skinny, just healthy.
  8. Depending on the guy, stubble or a little facial hair... or even a full on beard. Then again, babyface is sometimes cute too...
  9. This isn't exactly their physical appearance, but if I see a guy carrying/playing an instrument, he becomes infinitely more attractive.
  10. Also, a guy reading a book. Especially if I know and love the book.
Day 23- 10 personality traits you look for in a partner

*again, not necessities, just perks*

  1. Chill. Speaks for itself.
  2. Intelligence is literally the most attractive quality ever. EVER. 
  3. A bit of a homebody. I like to stay home and be lazy, and I'd want a guy who would enjoy doing that too.
  4. A straight edge. I don't find alcohol or drugs at ALL appealing, and it'd be nice to find a guy who thinks the same way.
  5. A love of music/ a good taste in music.
  6. Mature and responsible, but still has a silly, 5 year old side.
  7. Simply, a nice guy. That's not too hard to ask for... right?
  8. A witty/ sarcastic/ funny guy is always great in my books. 
  9. Speaking of books, BOOKS! A love of reading is also extremely attractive. 
  10. Independent. I need my alone time, and whatever guy I date would need to understand that.
Day 24- 10 favorite games

Board games? Or video games? 

  1. Spyro franchise
  2. Tony Hawk
  3. Assassin's Creed
  4. Harry Potter video games
  5. Mario Kart
  6. Sims
  7. COD
  8. Clue
  9. Life
  10. Harry Potter Scene It
Day 25- 10 things you do when you’re bored

  1. Youtube
  2. Read
  3. Blog
  4. Watch TV
  5. Listen to music
  6. Clean
  7. Eat
  8. Chug Dr. Pepper
  9. Sleep
  10. Complain about how much homework I have and am not doing.
Day 26- 10 things you love about yourself

  1. My taste in music. It's perfect.
  2. My intelligence. I like that just a bit too much.
  3. My musical talent. Which is different from my taste in music.
  4. My eyes. I have a freckle in my right eye.
  5. My red hair!
  6. How much my skin has cleared up in the past year. WHOA.
  7. Typing abilities. I'm pretty awesome at typing. 
  8. My attitude toward life.
  9. I dunno, mostly just anything mental. 
  10. Anything I like or enjoy, I love that I believe that way or like that thing.
Day 27- 10 things you wish you could change about yourself

  1. My height. I'm short. Not tiny, just short. 
  2. My skin. It's still not clear yet.
  3. My stomach. ALL the food goes there. 
  4. My financial dependency upon my parents. 
  5. Procrastination. I do it. Constantly.
  6. Work ethic. This goes along with the last one, but honestly, I don't know how to study effectively AT ALL. Or to work hard at something.
  7. Interacting with others. I tend to be more awkward than most.
  8. My hearing! Whether we're talking about my ear as in my musical ear or just my hearing in general, it could use some help. 
  9. My spending habits. I spend even when it's not good for me.
Day 28- 10 regrets

  1. Saying I loved someone when I wasn't sure. Or when I just didn't/ thought I did but really didn't.
  2. Stopping reading for quite a while!
  3. Not writing for a long time, as well!
  4. Losing touch with people
  5. Letting myself get pushed around in middle school
  6. Speaking of which, trying to be cool in middle school by wearing Hollister and Aeropostale.
  7. Not putting in the effort I should for things.
  8. Being extremely unhealthy most of the time
  9. Sleep deprivation
  10. Not speaking up when I need to or want to
Day 29- 10 wishes

  1. That Celiac's Disease didn't exist- for my mom.
  2. More hours in the day
  3. Money to pay for college/ life.
  4. A library that is mine.
  5. Infinite viola skills
  6. Get As in all my classes
  7. Infinite sleep.
  8. All the knowledge.
  9. For everyone in the world to at least be somewhat intelligent
  10. 1,000,000 more wishes.
Day 30- 10 places you want to visit

  1. Harry Potter World- especially after the new section opens!
  2. NYC
  3. London.
  4. Dallas. HOME.
  5. Disney!
  6. Colorado
  7. My bed.
  8. Minneapolis- I love the Mall of America.
  9. California
  10. Delaware- mostly for proof it's real.
So, there you go, my 30 Day Top 10 Challenge! It was a challenge. I hope you enjoyed that, and I'm sorry it was late. My computer has been on the fritz lately so hopefully I can figure out what's wrong and fix it. Anyway, see y'all on Thursday (Hopefully!).

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