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The Secret Lightning Scar- Chapter 6 [A Harry Potter FanFic]

“So… what’s the decision?”

Draco’s eyes were wide with anticipation, awaiting my decision. Would I give him another chance, or would I end it right there, as I had always planned to do? Even I wasn’t sure, after how genuine he was on our date. Finally, I went with my gut decision, the first that came to my mind.

“Well…” I began, watching his eyes widen even more and practically beg me for an answer. “It couldn’t hurt,” I said.

His grey eyes sparkled with excitement. “I get a second date?” he said incredulously.

“You get a second date,” I replied. “But the same rules apply, and-”

But my words were lost as he lifted me in the air in a hug with an exclamation of excitement. “Thank you,” he said as he put me down. He put his hands on the sides of my face and looked into my eyes and I almost thought that he was going to kiss me, but he seemed to think better of it and just smiled and repeated, “Thank you.”

 All I could think to say was, “You’re welcome.”

“How does tomorrow sound?” he asked.

“Tomorrow?!” I exclaimed with a laugh.

“I’m sorry, that was too eager, wasn’t it? I’m supposed to be more mysterious, right?” he said, slightly embarrassed. “How about next Friday?”

“Tomorrow’s fine if that’s what you want,” I replied.

“Really?” he asked with a grin.

“Really,” I replied, surprising even myself with my willingness to spend time with him.

“How does tomorrow at two on the quidditch pitch sound?” he asked.

“I’m always up for some quidditch,” I replied with a smile.

“Great. I’ll see you then,” he said. Before I could stop him, he gave me a quick peck on the cheek and hurried toward the castle, probably worried I’d be upset with him. On the contrary, I realized that I had a little smile on my face, which I was sure he noticed as he glanced back at me as he walked through the castle doors.

It took me a few moments to recover from the slight shock of what had just happened, but I then proceeded to make my way through the castle doors and up to the Gryffindor common room, where Harry, Hermione, and Ron were already sitting, chatting on the couch.

“Hey Carrie,” Harry said as I entered. “Glad to finally get rid of Malfoy?” he asked, a grin spread across his face.

I opened my mouth to respond, but couldn’t figure out exactly how to explain what had happened, so all that ended up coming out was, “Uhh…”

Harry frowned, a wrinkle forming in his forehead. He seemed to understand what had happened before I even said anything. Apparently, so did Hermione.

“Carrie, you didn’t agree to a second date. Please tell me you didn’t agree to a second date,” she said.

“Er…” I said this time, still unable to form words.

“No,” Hermione said, shocked. “Carrie! You didn’t!”

“I did,” I admitted, taking in their facial expressions. Hermione’s face was almost purely shock, with a hint of frustration. Ron seemed extremely annoyed. Harry, however, wore the same look on his face as when I told them I’d agreed to the first date.

“Carrie, what were you thinking?” Hermione scolded, her condescending tone bothering me.

“Just because you don’t agree with my choice or understand why I made it, that doesn’t make it wrong, Hermione,” I said coldly. “My judgment is just as good as yours, and I can make my own choices. You don’t have to agree with them.” Hermione’s eyes narrowed, and she seemed offended.

“You’ll see that he hasn’t changed,” Hermione said, shaking her head. Anger boiled in my blood. Why couldn’t she just listen to me?

“You’re not always right,” I spat at her. “And last time I checked, you don’t run my life.”

Before the argument could get any more heated, Ron took Hermione by the hand and led her upstairs, trying to get her to calm down, and leaving Harry and I by ourselves in the common room.

“I thought you weren’t considering a second date,” Harry said softly.

“Not you too,” I snapped, glaring at him.

“I’m just curious,” he said, his voice remaining almost scarily-calm.

I sighed and began to explain everything that happened on the date. Harry sat and listened in silence, nodding when appropriate. When I finished telling the story, I watched his expression, wanting to know how he really felt. He paused before saying anything, and he seemed to be trying to figure out what to say.

“I understand why you said you’d go on a second date with him, and I don’t fault you for that at all,” he said. I could tell he was holding back, because his tone was so purposefully calm and he was speaking so articulately.

“Harry, tell me how you really feel,” I said.

“I respect your decision. Do I wish you’d told him that you didn’t want a second date and that he should leave you alone? Yes. To me he’ll always be that git. But this isn’t about me,” he replied.

“You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to explode on you,” I grumbled.

“No, I’m really not,” he said. His eyes were as earnest as ever, and I could tell he was telling the truth. “I want you to be happy.”

I smiled. As always, I could count on Harry to be on my side. “Thanks, Harry. You’re the best,” I said.

“As always,” he grinned. I rolled my eyes, but laughed. “So did you talk about when this second date is going to be?” he asked.

“Tomorrow,” I replied.

He raised an eyebrow. “That anxious?” he said.

“Draco suggested it, not me. We’re going to play quidditch,” I replied.

“Did he suggest the quidditch too? Sounds like your kind of date again,” Harry said. I hadn’t realized it until Harry mentioned it, but Draco had, once again, chosen a date that he knew I would enjoy.

“No, that was his idea,” I replied.

“Seems like he really wants to make you happy,” Harry said, a small smile gracing his face.

“I guess so,” I replied with a smile.

I found myself once again anxious for the date the next day. Two o clock couldn’t come fast enough, and I found myself simply pacing and twiddling my thumbs, waiting for it to be that time already. Finally, at fifteen ‘til two, I left the Gryffindor tower and hurried down to the quidditch pitch. I found Draco already there, even though I was more than five minutes early.

“At least I wasn’t the only impatient one,” I said with a smile as I approached him, broom in hand. His eyes lit up at my words.

“You were impatient?” he asked.

“A bit,” I admitted. He grinned and pulled a snitch out of his pocket.

“I figured we could play catch the snitch,” he said.

“That’s so not fair! You used to be a seeker!” I said, only partially kidding.

“Afraid that you’ll get beat, Jacobsen?” he replied with the raise of an eyebrow.

I smirked. “Never.”

His grin widened. “That’s what I thought.” He released the snitch into the air and it fluttered around a bit before flying off and disappearing into the sky.

We gave it a few seconds before jumping atop our broomsticks and flying into the sky. I floated along lazily at first, glancing around, but not making a huge effort to try to find it. I knew I could outfly Draco if he spotted it first.

After a few minutes, I spotted a golden shine across the field and saw that it was the snitch. I attempted to casually change my direction without Draco noticing, since he was a bit closer to the snitch than I was, but he sensed almost immediately that I had seen it. By the time he located it, I was already streaking toward it. I quickly snatched it up before he could even start flying toward it. I held it up with a smirk and flew to the ground.

“Beginner’s luck,” Draco said, landing beside me.

“You say that as if I’m a beginner,” I replied. “Want to go again?”

“Of course. I have to get my revenge,” he said. I rolled my eyes, but released the snitch into the air. Once again, we waited a few seconds before taking off into the air.

I adopted the same strategy again, this time flying a little higher so that I could see everything going on down below me. We’d been watching for the snitch for five minutes when it happened.

It began as a dull ache in my shoulder, and I brushed it off as a minor injury. But then, the pain intensified. It was then that I realized that it wasn’t just any shoulder pain. It was quickly becoming an intense stabbing pain.

In my left shoulder.

Right on my scar.

I was frozen, unable to think or to move. I’d known it was coming, but I’d been wanting to pretend that it wasn’t going to happen. That Voldemort was dead and gone. The ever-intensifying pain in my shoulder was my wakeup call.

I stayed in the air, waiting for the pain to go away, hoping for it to go away, but it only intensified. I could think of nothing else but my shoulder. It was incapacitating every part of my body and brain. I had no idea how to stop it, but I knew I needed to get down. I flew toward the ground, my heart pounding in my chest. I could feel the pain throbbing throughout my whole body, even though it was centered in my shoulder.

I was still far from the ground when my vision began to go. The world was closing in on me, and I couldn’t get to the ground fast enough. I held on tightly, both physically to my broomstick, and mentally to my consciousness.

At least 50 feet above the ground, the world went completely black.

Two red, snakelike eyes glared at me from the darkness.

I hope y'all enjoyed chapter 6 of The Secret Lightning Scar! Chapter 7 is coming on Saturday, May 3rd! Hope y'all are excited for the next section, because I'm excited for y'all to read it! See you back here soon!

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