Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Products I Would Repurchase

Hey, y'all! I saw a bunch of youtuber gurus doing this tag, and decided to try it myself. I've seen it done a couple of ways. The one that seems to be the original way is that if ALL of my makeup was stolen, lost, burned in a fire, whatever, what 10 products I would go out and repurchase immediately. I'm also not sure whether or not brushes are supposed to be included in this. Although brushes are super important to my routine, I've never seen a video where they included brushes, so I'm assuming that I'm not supposed to include them. However, if you'd like to see me do one of these with brushes included, let me know, and I'll probably do it!

I tried to be really realistic as to which products I chose. Like, logically I would purchase all of the different steps for a full routine, but being myself, I would probably go for things I like and can get really easily. So for that reason, this is certainly NOT my "holy grail" products Also, I have no idea which of these products is most important, so I'll just do it in the order that I put it on in the morning. So, let's get started!

#1: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

Up until about a week ago, I had been using a different primer with a green tint which was meant for eliminating redness. My acne has significantly cleared up, thus making my face less red, and I'd heard this was really great, so I decided to try it. I really really love this. My skin is very soft after using it, and I've noticed that it has helped my makeup stay on longer. So, this would be a very fast repurchase. 

#2: Revlon ColorStay Combo/Oily- Ivory 110

I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. This stuff is just amazing. The range of colors is GREAT. I always need the palest shade, so I love having an actually light color. Also, it always seems like the lightest color in any given line has a yellowy undertone, but I have a pinky undertone, so that simply doesn't work. This is more neutral or pinky than yellowy, so that works great for me. Also, there's almost no way to beat this in staying power. I have combo/ oily skin, so by the end of the day, any other foundations are gone. But this manages to stay all day long. I've gone through so many foundations trying to find one that works for both my skin tone and type, and I'm so glad I finally found this. If this was stolen, I would go repurchase this in a heartbeat. 

#3: Rimmel Stay Matte- 001 Translucent

I went back and forth on what powder to put on this list. I use both this one and my L'Oreal True Match (in C1) quite a bit. At first, I thought about choosing the True Match even though it's expensive (About $9 or 10 vs. 4) because it can easily get really great coverage. But, if I have my Revlon ColorStay, I'll have all the coverage I need and then some! The Stay Matte is translucent, less expensive, and just super easy to use. So it's definitely my choice.

#4: e.l.f. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick- Black/Smoke

I strongly STRONGLY considered choosing my Mary Kay black eyeliner, because it's a really great eyeliner. However, I recently discovered these eyeliner/ shadow duos, and I feel like it's almost as good as the Mary Kay eyeliner. The e.l.f. duo is also a lot easier to buy- I can purchase it at either Target or Walmart, as opposed to purchasing the Mary Kay online and waiting for it to arrive. Also, the Mary Kay eyeliner is $12 versus $3 for an eyeliner AND eye shadow. So I'd repurchase the duo ASAP.

#5: e.l.f. compact

I have palettes that I like better, but they're more expensive. This is only $5 because each eye shadow is $1, as well as the compact itself. Some people may consider this 5 different things, but since the compact does nothing on its own, and the eye shadows were made to be put into the compact, I'm counting it as one.. I'd repurchase Pink Ice (top left), Peach Fizz (top right), and Driftwood (bottom left). I'm not a fan of Moondust (bottom right) so I'd probably replace it with Dusk or Taupe.

#6: e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

I use this every day, and I love it. I don't really use the lash side, but I use the brow side all the time. It's readily available, and super cheap, so I'd repurchase it quickly. 

#7: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm- 200 Nudetrients

This is probably my favorite lip product. It's not too thick and sticky. I absolutely LOVE the color. It's a very natural color- skintoned but pinky, and just perfect for a natural lip. I really like the formula and the amount of color. A definite repurchase for me.

#8: L'Oreal True Match Blush- C1-2

Once again, I like another blush better than this one, but the other one I'd have to purchase online, and I would probably go out and buy this one rather than ordering the other blush, because I would want it immediately. I'm not a patient person.

#9: Maybelline Volum' Express One By One Mascara

I have yet to find one mascara that I prefer over all others. Overall, Maybelline makes good mascara, and this is the one I'm using currently, so I'd probably just go and buy it again. Or I'd try out CoverGirl's LashBlast mascara, because I heard it was really great. Actually, I'd probably do that... but this is a REpurchase, not just purchase. So the Maybelline is fine.

#10: e.l.f. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick- Brown/Basic

No, you aren't seeing double! Well, kinda, but it's not the same thing! I really debated on what to put last. And I definitely thought about putting a concealer on here, but I realized my ColorStay's coverage doesn't need to be used with concealer if I'm being totally honest. So, of course, I'd want to get more eyeliner. Because if there's any beauty product I can never have enough of, it's eyeliner. And the eye shadow with it is good too, so really: WHY NOT? It's $3 and it's great.

So, there you go: the 10 products I'd repurchase first if all of my makeup was stolen/disappeared/ whatever. As said before, many of these are not even my favorites in their category, they just happen to be pretty good, inexpensive, and very accessible. Because I feel like in my life, I'd want to take one trip to Target or Walmart, purchase all 10 of these, and then just buy the other essentials and more expensive stuff along the way. 

Also, as a follow-up to this, I'm going to be doing a "Products I Regret Buying" post. That one will NOT be limited to 10 products, mostly because I regret A LOT of purchases. Oops. Anyway, thanks for reading this, and make sure to tell me in the comments what you thought of my choices. What would your 10 products be? Also, keep an eye out for the Products I Regret Buying post, coming soon!

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