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Project Runway Season 10 Premiere!

I'm back! I know I only did a few episodes of All-Stars, but hopefully I'll be able to make it through more than a few on this season. I'm going to try to not be so long-winded this time around. Now, on to Road to the Runway!

Road to the Runway

Seth Aaron and Mondo!
Nick and Mondo!

Zanna starts us off in the workroom, gearing us up for the season, showing us some funny moments from casting, and telling us that Nick from Season 2 and Mondo from Season 8/ All Stars will be doing the casting. Plus some cameos from my personal favorite designer, Seth Aaron! You DON'T want to get me started on how much I love him.

The first designer up is Christopher. He has Justin Bieber on his wall (ew.) Just sayin! He loves fur. He REALLY loves fur. He had a heart attack in high school. He says that ready to wear is his general design aesthetic. My opinion- He makes some really cool clothes. I think he has great potential.

Next is Dmitry. He's from Europe and came to the US and started modeling. He's really modern and conceptual. My opinion- I liked his dresses, but not so much that innovative jacket everyone was fawning over.

Lantie is up next. She really seems to like snake skin and adding lots of stuff to her designs. She seems to overdesign a bit. My opinion- Although her black dress that she showed was really pretty, she seems to not know when to stop adding things. That's never a good thing.

Ven is our next designer. He's modern and sophisticated and LOVES red and putting rose details into clothes. My opinion- Everyone loves him- now. But my brain is screaming RUT! He constantly uses red, and puts roses everywhere. The judges will get tired of that after a couple weeks.

Next up is Gunnar. Gunnar was thisclose to making Project Runway last season, but now he's back and ready to fight. His aesthetic has changed a bit since last time. He's really got a more vintage aesthetic now. My opinion- I'm a little biased because he was my favorite last season when I first scanned over the bios/portfolios, so I'm really pulling for him now, although everyone now thinks he has an attitude problem. But his personality alone should keep him on for a good while, and his talent should get him to the end. I got a good laugh when he randomly talked about a Starbucks mocha.

Our next designer is... Anya! Zanna catches up with her in the lounge. She has a line called Anya and is now engaged! She seems to be doing very well now that she's won.

Sonjia is up next. She likes to design on a budget- probably because she's jobless. She's very bubbly and fun. She loves bows. My opinion- I haven't made up my mind about her just yet. She seems to have a great personality and cool clothes to match.

Next is Elena. She loves avant-garde, futuristic, and video game inspired looks. Lady Gaga would wear some of her clothes. My opinion- I thought her black coat was a bit too costumey, but she's really unique. She should do well.

Beatrice is next. She likes working with knits. Her looks are very simple for people on the go. My opinion- I'm not wowwed. She seems a bit too simple.

Now we have Andrea. She's very different. "Anti fashionista fashionista" is how she describes herself. Her looks are very architectural and a bit oddball. Mondo described it as modern art. If you don't get it, you don't get it. My opinon- I get it, I just don't like it. I'm not a big fan of her OR her aesthetic. She makes me think of Marla from season 2. I didn't like Marla...

Kooan is up next. He's really really oddball. His looks are really out there and kooky. My opinion- I'm sorry, but I think his clothes need to stay in video games. I think he's kinda creepy. If he was just odd, I'd be ok. But I find him creepy.
Our next designer is Buffi. She's very out there and bold and colorful. She likes mixing colors and prints. My opinion- I kinda like her. I loooove her accent. She's really funky and cool. I'm interested to see more.

Next up is Fabio. He's a freegan- he dumpster-dives for food. His designs are very conceptual and elegant. He approaches things in an organic, intellectual way. My opinion- I honestly don't think I can get past the dumpster food... but I wasn't a huge fan of his designs in the first place.

Our next designer is Alicia. She definitely has a 'tomboy' aesthetic. Mondo wants to carry a knife in her clothes. haha! Her look is definitely more masculine. My opinion- I think she's got a different aesthetic that should take her far.

Melissa is next. She likes black. And lots of it. Almost to the point of being gothic. She loves leather. My opinion- It's almost as if a lot of her designs were created with my dream style in mind. Her jackets and vests were to die for. I loooove her aesthetic.

Next is Nathan. He calls himself a 'social occasion' designer. Project Runway turned his skeptic dad into his biggest fan. He knows he has to play the game smart. My opinion-  I think he might do pretty well. But I have yet to form a full opinion.

Raul is next. He says he designs for a woman who is overdressed, vain, and very confident in herself. My opinion- though he describes his girl as the type of girl i despise, I see some potential in him.

Nick's top 3: Ven, Dmitry, Melissa
Mondo's top 3: Ven, Fabio, Beatrice
MY top 3: Gunnar, Christopher, Melissa
Whew! Enough of all this introductory stuff! Now that I've introduced the designers a bit, time to get down to business!

Time for the season PREMIERE!

We start out in Times Square, right before the first runway show of the season. Everything is crazy and frantic. We're now taken back to the day before, when everyone met in the workroom. We'll return to Time's Square in a while.

As the designers enter the workroom, we're introduced to them and their aesthetic. Before coming, they were given the challenge of creating a look that describes their aesthetic. The designers meet and take in each other's designs. Right from the start, Kooman makes it obvious that he's going to be the oddball, crazy, annoying weirdo of the group. I'll be happy to see him go. Everyone takes an immediate liking to Ven's outfit. I guess we'll be seeing him in the top 3.

Tim comes in and announces that the designers' first challenge is to create a companion piece to go with their design that they came with. He announces that their first runway will be in the middle of Time Square. And everyone (especially Christopher) is now completely nervous.

They take their customary trip to Mood and Swatch makes his usual appearance, while Melissa takes us to a part of Mood we've never seen before- a room full of black fabric.

Gunnar and Chris during their little drama
Not long after returning to the workroom, we get our first bit of drama, courtesy of none other than my 2 favorites, Gunnar and Christopher. I actually found this hilarious even though Gunnar was being a grumpy. Christopher simply asks what he's doing, and grumpy Gunnar tells him he's not in the mood, and then that he's now throwing a fit, to Christopher's confusion. We learn from Gunnar's confessional that he doesn't like Christopher because they're too much alike (no wonder I like both). He then procedes to say that he can be the only star in the sky. He says it in this very childlike voice and then sighs. So basically, he was an adorable 5 year old for a few minutes. I loved that bit and watched it multiple times. I can tell he's going to be causing some drama. But I'm holding my ground saying he's my favorite. Even though he sometimes acts like a grumpy five year old. But enough Gunnar drama. Back to the workroom!

Buffi enjoys cracking jokes, to Dmitry's annoyance. He likes being quiet, and wishes other people would be too. Christopher begins to panic as the machines are giving him problems and threatening to mess up his outfit.

Tim time! He talks with a few designers and gives tips and approval, as always. Kooan, however completely stumps him. He doesn't understand the design, or where Kooan is going, and frankly, I didn't either! He tells Beatrice to play with her design because it's not working, but as she says OK, her facial expression shows that she seems to be completely writing him off. Hope that doesn't come back to bite her in the butt... The designers seem to not like Lantie's look (more snake skin!) but are very impressed with Ven's skills. And now everyone goes back to work... and we get more Gunnar and Chris drama. Gunnar, take a joke! Chris, don't try to be Santino! Ok, problem solved :)

Model fittings and a couple hours later, and they reach the end of the day and move into Atlas. The next morning, it's completely chaotic. Chris is throwing together a look at the last minute, so let's hope he has a dress with a skirt attached! The models are sent in for hair and makeup. Kooan asks for these crazy weird gold dots on her forehead. Ohhhh no...

Runway Time

L to R: Patricia Field, Lauren Graham, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum

There are two guest judges today, Lauren Graham (an actress, for anyone who doesn't know), and Patricia Field, the first ever guest judge from season 1. Because there are SO many designers, I won't go into every outfit. I'll just touch on the top/bottom and the ones that stood out to me personally.

Ven's Designs

Ven- obviously, his top was beautiful. But personally, that's the only bit I liked. Maybe it's just cause I don't like pink. Or white...

Beatrice's Designs
Beatrice-  She said that her first look took her 4 days. How?! It's an awful-patterned scrap of fabric that gives a poncho (EW!) feel, paired with a basic, boringboringboring dress. Her second look was better. But that's not saying much.

Lantie's Designs

Lantie- Her first look wasn't too bad. But it still had that panel in the front that didn't look good! The second look was awful. The snake skin didn't go with it at all and the dress looked poorly made.

Andrea's Designs

Andrea- Her first look was cute... but that second look... Atrocious. I really hate when designers make clothes poof out like that in awkward spots. It really doesn't look flattering. And in this case, it kinda messed the dress up even more!

Christopher's Design

Christopher- His gown was stunning. I couldn't complain about any part of it. It was just gorgeous. The black cocktail dress was really pretty as well. I wish the detail showed a bit better, though. It was hard to see all the work he put into it.

Dmitry's Design

Dmitry- I really loved both his gown and the second dress he made. I was surprised he didn't make the top 3!

Kooan's Designs

Kooan- His looks were both really kooky and really out there, and NOT in a good way. The jumper and shirt under it did NOT go together. Like I said before, put the looks back into the video games, kay?

Gunnar's Designs

Gunnar- I didn't LOVE his original outfit, but I did like the top. The dress he made was really cool and pretty and I liked it! It was funny how he was kinda grooving with the music :)

Melissa's Designs

Melissa- Lots of black and leather, which I love! Both looks were really great.

Judging Time!

Top 3: Christopher, Melissa, and Ven
Bottom 3: Beatrice, Lantie, and Kooan

Kooan is the first to face the judges. They don't hate it as much as I do, but instead find it intriguing. They want to make sure he's not making it a joke.

Melissa is next to be critiqued. They get her vibe and love the black but hope all her stuff isn't just black. They think she's really cool

Beatrice gets to go next. The judges don't like either outfit. They thought the cape detracted from the simple dress and that she didn't make her aesthetic clear.

The judges next go to Christopher. They love the gown and the cocktail dress, but think the detail on the dress is a bit lost. Michael doesn't like the styling.

Lantie is grilled next on her snakeskin... flower... garden. Yeah... Anyway, the judges notice that she always has a panel on the front, and I notice that she's wearing the dress from casting that I liked. It also has a panel in the front. Too many panels, too much snake skin.They think she's more of a stylist than a designer.

Ven is the final designer. The judges think he did a great job on the suit, especially (surprise, surprise) on the flower top.

I'm hoping for Chris to win, and Kooan to be eliminated. But we'll see.

Chrisopher is declared the winner! Yay! He does a little victory dance, while the camera cuts to Gunnar's confessional where he says he doesn't like Chris's arrogance. [insert record scratch here] Uh, what? I love you, Gunnar, but you're forgetting your own arrogance! It's just my luck that my favorites don't like each other...

Ven is in, as well as Melissa. Kooan is also in. Lantie is declared in, which means that Beatrice is out.
Beatrice is the first designer to be out!

So, here ends my very lengthy first PR season 10 review! It should be about half this length next week (maybe even smaller!). Before next week's episode, expect a post containing a ranking of the designers. Usually, I would list them from favorite to least favorite, but since I don't know too much about them yet, they'll be grouped up... groups like'favorites', 'close to the top', 'middle of the road', 'least favorites', etc. Also, anyone reading this, please share it with people! And comment with suggestions, feedback, ANYTHING! I just want to know what you think. If you read all of this, Thank you! You're awesome. I'll be back with another post soon :)

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