Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project Runway Season 10: This Week's Challenge!

Thursday is once again drawing near, bringing with it an all new episode. This week, the designers are tasked with their unconventional challenge. This season, they're set loose in a candy store. In season 4, the unconventional challenge also took place in a candy store, however that one had a lot of items such as pillows and stuffed animals that gave the designers a bit of fabric to work with. This candy store, if the previews are correct, doesn't seem to have any items like that- just candy. That should make for a really interesting challenge! I really wonder how Kooan will do. It seems like something he would be good at. I'm also interested to see how much black licorice Melissa grabs. I'm going to guess A LOT. This also seems like a challenge that might be stressful enough to, say... cause a couple designers to leave in the middle of the night. It's just a hypothesis, but if there was any challenge to get freaked out about and feel like you're in over your head, it's certainly the unconventional challenge. I can't wait to see how the designers perform. I'll be here late Thursday night reviewing the episode! You can also expect an update in the next few days about a bit of information I've discovered, as well as another with some background on me and the designers. See you back here in a couple days!

A look at some recent unconventional challenges:

Mondo's design in the All Stars unconventional challenge. They had to shop in the dollar store. I loved what Mondo did and wish it would've gotten him the win!
Anthony Ryan's design from the unconventional challenge in season 9. They had to shop in a pet store. This dress is made entirely of bird seed. It was my favorite one. He was in the top, but didn't win :(

Andy South's design from the unconventional challenge in season 8. They had to shop in a party supply store. Andy bought lots and lots of ribbon and made this beautiful dress, which won :)

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