Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Runway All Stars- Dressing Miss Piggy

Oops! It took quite a while to get this posted from last Thursday! My wireless internet on my computer decided to crash, and it's finally working again. But on to the episode!

The Challenge:
The designers are told they will be dressing a fashionista who has had countless big name designers design clothing especially for her. (Cut to talking head interviews with the contestants, where they all incorrectly take guesses at who this person is.) After many wrong guesses, it is revealed that they are designing for Miss Piggy! Some of the designers seemed very excited, and some seemed cautious. And some shouldn't have been as excited, because they clearly had no idea what Miss Piggy would wear.

The Workroom:
Right from the gate, Kara, Gordana, and Rami all get criticism from their fellow designers on their outfits, and I TOTALLY agree. Gordana's (especially in the early stages) definitely looked like a nightgown, and even Joanna pointed that out. Ut Oh! Extra screentime+ negative feedback= recipe for bottom 3. I had to laugh a bit when Mila immediately thought Miss Piggy could use a bit of her mod aesthetic. Of course, Mila wants to put everyone in mod, so that comes as no surprise. Anthony says he wants her to look like a lady, because being a lady never goes out of style. AMEN! :)

My Mondo worried me a bit by worrying about the fact that he doesn't like his dress. Honestly, I didn't care for it too much either, but he's sure to restart whipping out fabulous creations soon :) It's also noted that Kenley and Kara are getting codependent. I think this is wonderful, because hopefully that means Kara will fall flat and get out next week as I predicted :)

And of course, I always enjoy Anthony talking about Oprah. And bacon!

The Runway:
Immediate runway reactions:

Michael- cute, and yes, Anthony, BUBBLE BOOB. But that's not a bad thing!
April- the design was very April, but not Miss Piggy, and it was really stiff.
Jerell- I liked the back of his dress... yeah that's about it.
Kara- I've never been a fan of having a cutout right below the bust, which was my biggest problem with her outfit. I didn't think it was Miss Piggy, but I'm a sucker for houndstooth, which is the pattern she used. And it looked well constructed. Kudos.
Kenley- my notes say "cute and Gorky"- stupid autocorrect!- I'm not sure if I meant quirky, funky, or giraffey, but any of those would fit.
Anthony- pretty! I liked it!
Rami- my immediate reaction was Minnie Mouse, in white and pink. Not a good first impression.
Mila- very Mila. Might work, but I doubt it.
Gordana- Not quite as nightgowny as before, but still not good and NOT Miss Piggy.
Austin- the placement of those bows was extremely bad.
Mondo- eh. I did NOT like the styling.


TOP 3: Michael, Kenley, Rami
Michael- It's very nice, and Miss Piggy says the bow makes it look like a present. The colors were really nice and I thought it was the best.
Kenley- Whimsical pattern, pink is good for Miss Piggy. All good!
Rami- I'm still confused as to how he wound up in the top. I think the shape looks outdated and old, despite the youthfulness of the fabric. But the judges love it. I thought Kenley should've been the runner up, not Rami.

BOTTOM 3: Gordana, Mila, Austin
Gordana- Pretty dress, but understated and sophisticated. NOT Miss Piggy.
Mila- Gothic? Not quite, Miss Piggy. But it WAS very Mila, very retro, and very mod (called it!). Not flamboyant enough, and not enough color for Miss Piggy's taste. 
Austin- badly placed bows and bad color combo!

And the winner is... Michael!!! Finally, the right person won! It should've been 2 wins in a row (last week & this week), but I'm glad he won this one, because the day after this episode aired was his birthday! Happy Birthday, Michael! (I made sure to wish him a happy birthday on his facebook)

Eliminated is... Gordana! I called it for the 3rd week in a row!!! Whoa!!! :)

I stand by my previous prediction that Kara is next up on the chopping block. She's the weakest one left, and is relying on a stronger designer, Kenley, to give her advice. NOT GOOD!

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