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Project Runway All Stars SEASON 2!

It's on Wikipedia, so it must be legit! Haha

Ask me questions! I like questions! I could also tell you my dream cast of All Stars, with no reflection on who's won or been on All Stars before. Either way, comments! Feedback! :) 

I may be totally behind in the times, but I happened to be glancing around Wikipedia on the Project Runway page and came across this little blurb about Season 2 of Project Runway: All Stars. I hadn't even considered the idea of having a second season so soon. I've seen many other shows do All Star seasons recently as well, but I've never seen any show do a second All Star season so quickly. Or at all. Anyway, with this announcement of a new season of All Stars, I've made a list of people I would like to see and think would do well on All Stars Season 2.

Potential All Stars

Kara Saun, Season 1- I'm guessing that by now, she has a pretty established business, since she was doing well before the show too, but if she was up for doing All Stars, she would be a great addition to the cast.

Santino Rice, Season 2- Extremely interesting, extremely talented, Santino even got his own show (with Austin, of course). He's highly entertaining and makes for great TV. He should've been picked the first time around!

Andrae Gonzalo, Season 2- "What happened to Andrae?" That's one of the most quoted lines from Project Runway! I would love to see Andrae back again. He never failed to make people laugh, and got really far in the competition.

Daniel Vosovic, Season 2- Now, I'm not sure if it would be acceptable to bring him back. Before the premiere of Season 6, they had an "All Star Challenge". Personally, I've never seen the full thing, because I don't think it's been on since its premiere. Basically, multiple designers were brought back with a simple task: One challenge, winner gets $100,000. Daniel won. So, I'm not sure he'll be able to come back (if he even wants to) and I think that his absence from the first season of All Stars is a pretty good indicator that he can't be on it. (As much as I would love to see him on there)

Daniel Franco, Seasons 1 & 2- Ok, I'm kidding about this one. But I think it would be kinda funny if they did bring him back. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring him back just for giggles. And I wouldn't be surprised if he was the first one eliminated.

Michael Knight, Season 3- He was the fan favorite in his season, he made it to the top 4, and kinda just missed the mark. He was a really strong designer, and I think it would be a good idea for them to give him another chance.

Uli Herzner, Season 3- She was a really strong designer in season 3. She was really likeable and  was a great designer. They would be making an excellent choice in bringing her back.

Jack Mackenroth, Season 4- He was extremely talented and was forced to leave purely for medical reasons. He really should have made it further than he did, and I think he deserves another shot at the title.

Chris March, Season 4- Ok, so he has his own show now and there's probably almost no chance that he would come back, but I would enjoy seeing him compete again.

Jillian Lewis, Season 4- She got to the finale and was really good throughout the season. I think there's a good chance she could get called back for All Stars Season 2.

Korto Momalu, Season 5- She got SO close to winning in Season 5, and she did come back for All Stars Challenge and got 2nd. She could do really well!

Blayne Walsh, Season 5- He didn't do extremely well, but he had a HUGE personality, and that can go really far on Project Runway. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw him again purely for the entertainment factor.

Carol Hannah Whitfield, Season 6- I think most of us Project Runway fans consider season 6 as a bit of a throw-away season. It came on amid a lot of controversy, and it definitely showed. The talent really wasn't as strong. It's my least favorite season, and I tend to forget it even exists. There is one (well 2) gem of a designer that I think shines above all the crap that season, and that is Carol Hannah. Funny, Sweet, and a great designer, she was insanely likeable and- in my opinion- should've won that season.

Logan Neitzel, Season 6- Logan is my other person I enjoy from season 6. It's partially for the eye candy, but I think he can do much better than what he presented on the show. I wanna see him on All Star 2... though I'm sure he won't be there.

Emilio Sosa, Season 7- Emilio was a FANTASTIC designer on season 7. He won a lot of challenges and came really close to winning. I'm not sure if he would jump at the opportunity to be on an All Stars show, but if he did, I would be totally intrigued.

Maya Luz, Season 7- She quit the competition because she needed to figure out who she really was as a designer, and maybe by now she has. She was really strong and could have gone much further had she remained in the competition. I think she deserves another shot.

AJ Thouvenot, Season 8- You might think he got out a bit early to be considered an 'All Star' but I disagree. Consider the situation surrounding his elimination. He was stuck with a team of huge personalities who all stabbed Michael Costello in the back, after they all said they weren't going to point fingers. AJ was the sole person to not blame anyone, yet he was the one who was eliminated. He was manipulated by Gretchen, and I really think he should get another chance to prove what HE can do with HIS aesthetic.

Valerie Mayen, Season 8- I'm not sure whether she would come back, but she started out extremely strong and then kinda started to fade. Maybe with a second shot, she could stand a bit stronger!

Anthony Ryan Auld, Season 9- I absolutely love love love Anthony Ryan and was sad to see him go (in my opinion) much before his time. He's extremely talented and I REALLY want him to come back for All Stars 2.

Viktor Luna, Season 9- My second favorite from season 9! Throughout the season, he proved how amazing of a designer he is, being in the top over and over. A small mis-step in his finale collection cost him the win. I think he deserves another shot!

Joshua McKinley, Season 9- For last All Stars, they season they pulled the most designers from was season 8, the most recent one at the time of filming (I think season 9 was just beginning to air when they filmed). I have a feeling they might take this same approach again, and why not bring back the runner up? HUGE personality, lots of talent!

So I've listed 20 designers- some because I like them, some because I really think they might be back. Obviously, they won't have 20 designers, so here's a list of the designers I think are most likely to make the cut for Project Runway All Stars Season 2:

Project Runway All Stars Season 2: Kristen's Cast!
Santino Rice, Season 2
Andrae Gonzalo, Season 2
Michael Knight, Season 3
Uli Herzner, Season 3
Jack Mackenroth, Season 4
Jillian Lewis, Season 4
Korto Momolu, Season 5
Carol Hannah Whitfield, Season 6
Emilio Sosa, Season 7
Maya Luz, Season 7
AJ Thouvenot, Season 8
Anthony Ryan Auld, Season 9
Viktor Luna, Season 9
Joshua McKinley, Season 9

What do you think of my choices? Who would you put in your All Stars cast? Who, out of my list (or your list) do you think should WIN? On my list, I would have to pull for Santino and Anthony Ryan :) See you later tonight for my review of tonight's episode!

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