Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Runway Designers Season 10

Here are my opinions on all the designers! Who are your favorites? Gimmie some feedback! :) enjoy!

My Favorites

Christopher- He has already proven how good he is, and I already was getting good vibes from him. I really loved his designs and am excited to see how he does. I'm just sad that he and Gunnar already hate each other. He really reminds me of Michael Costello, who I LOVE. So I'm rooting for him.

Melissa- I love her aesthetic. I wear black all the time. Not head to toe black, but it's almost always part of my outfit. And I LOVE the leather vests and jackets that she makes. I hope she does really well.

Gunnar- Yes, I'm a Gunnar fan. And yes, this is his picture from last season. I just like it better. I can already tell that he may be percieved as the arrogant "villain" of the season, but Jeffrey was my favorite in season 3 and look how mean he could be. He's really quirky and I find it really funny when he gets moody, because he acts like a 5 year old and it's really as adorable as a 5 year old. I'm excited to see how mad he makes the other designers this season.

Other Designers I Like

Buffi- I like her personality and her style. She's quirky and fun and I really hope she goes far. I'll have to see more from her before I decide whether or not to put her in my favorites.

Elena- Some of her looks are super costumey and look like they need to stay in the video game that they came from. But the other ones look really cool, like her studded vest from casting

Dmitry- I really loved both of his looks that he made this week, so I'm excited to see what he makes next week. He seems to have a personality interesting enough to make it far, and good designs to go along with it.

Excited in their potential!

Nathan- From the short time he was on the episode, I liked his vibe. His looks this week weren't extremely memorable, but I liked them and think they showed potential, and got me interested to see what happens next week.

Sonjia- She seems to have a really nice, bubbly personality and like Nathan, her designs this week weren't crazy memorable, but they showed promise. So I expect her to do OK.

Middle of  the Road.

Alicia- She reminds me a bit of Julie from last season. Julie didn't do extremely well, but I think Alicia has a bit more potential. I just don't think she's gonna get really far. I see her getting out not super early, but a bit before the middle.

Raul- He seems to have problems with the time they have to finish garments. This will probably have a negative effect on him. He also seems to be about a middle-of-the-road designer.

Fabio- I just can't get past dumpster diving for food. Sorry! Anyway, he doesn't seem very memorable, even with his dumpster diving.  

Neither Here Nor There...

Ven- I'm really torn here. He's VERY technically capable and can manipulate fabric beautifully. BUT. He seems to be stuck in a rut. Everything he showed in 'Road to the Runway' had red somewhere in it or one of his rose/flower details. The judges get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. Once they get tired of it, continuing to do it will cause elimination, so he'll have to prove he can do something else.

Andrea- I really like her personality. A little soft spoken, but a bit witty and funny. She seems really technically capable. But I'm not sure how well her aesthetic or how well it will serve her on the show. It's pretty out there, but she seems to be capable of creating a more simple, yet well made design (like her original look on the first episode.

Don't Get Too Attached.

Lantie- She seems to be in a 'front-panel rut'. Although she said that not all of her designs have that front panel, every single one she's shown so far DOES have that. And if, like she said, her dresses on the first show are a good representation of her, she doesn't have much of a future on the show.

Kooan- While I personally don't like his aesthetic, he has a very strong point of view- a bit too out there and too strong. He's a bit like Ping from season 7. A very strong, creative point of view, but not one that will take him very far.

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