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Project Runway Season 10- 2 Designers will QUIT!

Ever since Heidi first announced, amid the excitement of the Season 10 premiere, that 2 designers quit the show this season, there have been a ton of articles popping up talking about the details of the mid-night departure, so I already have some suspicions as to who it could be. I'll let you know everything I have learned and compile it together and share my opinion.

We have learned from a couple interviews that Heidi has given that 2 designers quit in the middle of the night. They get up in the middle of the night, pack their bags, and are gone before morning, leaving their fellow designers thoroughly confused. She also has said that it's very early in the season, which is unusual because usually it takes longer for the stress to really get to the designers. Heidi also claims that she doesn't think the two designers conspired together to leave, though they both got up in the middle of the night and left the same, awkward, abnormal way. She hasn't revealed much more, so as not to reveal the identity of the 2 designers before the show does.

The show has also given some quality tips as to who the designers are, too. At the end of the premiere episode, when it shows what will be coming up this season, it shows a scene of Melissa and Buffi talking about their roommate disappearing in the middle of the night. During the episode, we were also given a brief shot of them entering into the apartment, and saw all the girls in the other apartment. Just as an aside that I'm not sure is important, Sonjia seems rather upset when Tim talks about designers leaving, but I'm not totally sure if that's when she was actually upset. It could be just edited to look that way.

I'm now going to attempt to be an awesome-cool supersleuth, and deduce which designers leave, based on the information I have. I think I make a pretty good case for myself :)

First off, I'm going to take Heidi's comment that it's abnormally early in the season. This may not seem like a clue at first glance, but it's actually a really helpful tip. As seen in past seasons, as the number of designers decreases, they combine rooms once they have a small enough number. Since it's supposedly 'early in the season' it's very unlikely that this would have happened yet. Actually, 3 more girls would have to be eliminated for any rooms to be combined. It's very unlikely that it's going to be an all-girl elimination for the first 4 weeks. After re-watching them move into the Atlas, here are the living arrangements:
1st girls' apartment: Sonjia, Elena, Lantie, Alicia
2nd girls' apartment: Buffi, Melissa, Andrea, Beatrice

Beatrice was eliminated in episode 1, so the only roommate left is ANDREA. While this is simply a deduction based on minimal evidence, I think it makes total sense. I also think it supports Heidi's assertion that she doesn't think they conspired together. If Andrea was the only one to leave in her room, it would be natural to think that she simply decided on her own to leave. I don't think she's the type that would leave the show, but frankly, I can't see ANY of them just up and leaving (except maybe one. That's next.) so I'm naming her as my first likely suspect.

My next person, I really don't have any evidence for, so I'll try to explain how I reached the point of naming this person.

Who it isn't:
Buffi and Melissa

Why: I think this is the most obivous to figure out. They showed the two of them talking about someone leaving in the middle of the night. Heidi clearly said both people left the same night. So if Buffi and Melissa are still there, it's NOT them.

The Least Likely Suspects:
Gunnar, Christopher, Ven, Kooan, Sonjia, Nathan


As far as Gunnar goes, I just think his confidence and determination will keep him going no matter what. He's not dropping out.
Christopher has already proven he can excell even though he's really nervous and stressed. He's not gonna let the competition beat him.
Ven is very confident in his designs. He knew his first look would intimidate the other designers, and I expect his confidence in his designs won't waver.
I don't think ANYTHING will be able to get to Kooan. He's got such a strong point of view and personality and clearly doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, which would keep the competition from getting to him.

Sonjia and Nathan are here for another reason, which is because of that shot that is edited to appear as if it is in reaction to Tim's announcement that some designers have left. Sonjia is crying and Nathan is comforting her. Again, this is only editing. But either way, I don't think it's them.

Doubt it.
Alicia, Dmitry, Fabio

I guess it could be one of these 3, but I really would be surprised.
Alicia seems like she doesn't let anything get to her.
Dmitry seems to have the passion to get him through this.
Honestly, I just can't see Fabio quitting. I have no reasoning, just my gut.

Raul, Lantie

Raul got kinda freaked out and panicked about his look. If that keeps up, he may just call it quits. This may also match with why Heidi thinks the 2 didn't conspire together- he doesn't seem to like anyone.
Lantie is the weakest in my opinion and the constant stress if she does poorly and has to rush everything and get bad critiques might get to her.

The Most Likely Suspect

In the previews, she seems to have a lot of problems and be really emotionally unstable. That, combined with what I think of the other designers, makes me think that Elena is the 2nd designer to leave in the middle of the night.

As another little spoiler, on this website, I found this Q&A with Heidi:

"Who was the contestant the judges disagreed over the most?We have someone right now, for example, but I can't really say his name. But there's one guy, great designer, but then he really couldn't make it work that one challenge so he had to go. It was only fair."

I wonder who she may be talking about! Maybe Ven? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Who do you think the two designers are? Do you agree with me? Leave comments below! :)

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