Saturday, February 22, 2014

15 Day Youtuber Challenge

Hey, y'all! It's time for another One Day Tumblr Challenge! So I had a really hard time trying to figure out what my challenge should be. I started on several and none of them seemed right. In the end, I went with this shorter one because I was enjoying it, and it's shorter. Because I'm finishing this late on Friday night. Because I totally have a social life that's as exciting as every other college student's. I don't spend every Friday night on the computer, or anything...

1) Favorite boy youtuber:

Dan Howell! (Danisnotonfire) He's hilarious, and I relate SO well to him. If you don't know who he is, he's a British vlogger who's socially awkward and likes nerdy things and just look at his little precious face. That's not why I love him though. He's just so much like me, saying things like "end your genetic line NOW," "slow walking people, DIE," and "I don't like interacting with other humans." His life= my life.

2) Favorite girl youtuber

Kat! (Katytastic) She's a book vlogger, and she's just great. I really love her videos and reviews and seriously, look at those shelves! We have a lot of the same taste in books, so I really trust her opinions about books and am always excited to see a new review from her.

3) Favorite video
One, single, video? That's actually impossible. You realize that's impossible, right? My "favorites" list has exactly 200 videos on it. And you're asking me for 1. That's actually not possible. So, here's a video of my biggest celeb crush, Tom Fletcher, being as close to perfection as humans can be.

4) Couple you ship/would ship

Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz! They're my favorite Youtube couple!

5) Youtuber who always makes you laugh

I mean, there's a reason I obsessively wait for Tuesday to come around every week just to get another Superfruit video. They're hilarious and never disappoint. Also, I'm seeing them and the other 3/5 of Pentatonix live exactly one month from today. SO EXCITE!

6) Favorite bromance

Dan and Phil! They live together and even though both are clearly very straight, practically their entire fanbase believes they're together. Why? Because they're so close and so precious. These two are forever bonded by the cat whiskers!

7) The first youtuber you ever watched

Smosh obviously wasn't the first youtube channel I ever watched ever, but these two were certainly the first channel I actually watched on a regular basis. I wasn't subscribed, because I didn't have a youtube account, but I was as good as subscribed. I remember when they only had 50 videos, and when Ian H actually had real Ian Is Bored episodes. Like the one where they turned doing packages into a fun game. Or the time Anthony decided to speak weird the entire time. Go look them up- they're probably some of the first videos on that channel now... if they're still up.

8) Favorite collaboration
Joey Graceffa and anyone else. There are some youtubers who I don't really want to collab with anyone, because I prefer when it's just them and their camera. Other youtubers, however, are at their best when doing collabs (like Tyler Oakley!). But Joey is one of those youtubers who collabs great with anyone. I'd be cool with him collaborating with any of my favorite youtubers ever.

9) Pair you wish would collaborate
Dan (mentioned several times earlier in this video) and Superfruit (see ? 5). They're my two favorites and although they're from very different parts of youtube, I would love to see them in a video together. It would be so great!

10) Youtuber you've met (if any)

Well, I went to high school with Regan from Peruse Project (she was a year behind me), so I guess that counts? But we didn't really know each other though we had several mutual friends. 

11) #1 Youtuber you want to meet
I hate to continually bring him up, but Dan Howell! He's just so awesome, and I would love to meet him. It would be so cool . 

12) The biggest directioner youtuber (in your opinion)
I mean...

13) Youtuber you'd swap bodies with
I don't know...
Grace Helbig?

14) Youtuber you best relate to

Dan Howell, as previously stated, and MattG124. We have the same sense of style, including dying our bangs fun colors, as well as much of the same personality. Also, Jack Douglass from JacksFilms is a lot like me. He minored in music theory in school, and is a Grammar Nazi like me!

15) Favorite picture of the youtubers together

It doesn't have all of my favorite youtubers, but there are a lot of my favorite British youtubers in this. I think it was someone's birthday, which is what prompted the hug, but I just love this picture. So cute.

OK, so there you go, y'all! Sorry that one was a touch short: I'm just busy busy busy... and I've been spending most of my free time reading. Soon though, I'll be done with this series and will be able to resume a normal life. I may even post a challenge on it Tuesday! We'll see. See y'all soon!

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