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Whodunnit?: Episode 5: Bum Ba Dee Da

Well, there goes my killer theory!

First of all, yay, I got this out the day after the episode aired! I actually wrote most of it while watching and just left a bit of editing for during the post. Before I start, I just wonder... where would this show be without all of the RIDICULOUS puns?! Seriously, we have to expect at least 2-3 every episode! Anyway, let's get into the episode!

As we saw last week, all the contestants are horseback riding in the woods. Suddenly, a flock of birds appear and spook the horses. In the chaos, we see Ulysses slumped over on his horse, riding away from the group. He falls off his horse and both he and his horse fall into a ditch.

As always, the contestants get to choose the morgue, last known whereabouts (the horse barn), and crime scene to investigate. Since they're out in the woods, the morgue is a makeshift outside thing. While they decide where to go, Giles runs to go take a tinkle in the woods. And that's seriously how he said it. Tinkle. One thing that I thought was interesting was that Cris apparently grew up around horses, so she goes to the last known whereabouts.

Crime scene: Geno and Kam find a snake in the saddle bag. I know there are two types of snakes with this similar coloration. One is extremely poisonous, the other is harmless. I’m not sure which one this is. There is a trip wire connected to a bird cage. It seems like the horses were meant to trip the wire and release the birds to cause commotion.

Morgue: I find it really interesting Dana, Melina, Lindsey, who are my top suspects, all went here. There is a sign of poisonous and non-poisonous things: flowers, snakes, etc.- the snake we saw is under non-poisonous. And there is another one that is poisonous and similar. They see bite marks, and Dana sees one on the leg that she keeps a secret… Not sure why she thought this one was significant, but whatever.

Last known whereabouts: All horses except one are named after greek gods. The separate one is Oleander, which is also a flower. This flower was under the “poisonous” colemn that we just saw. These flowers are also coming through the window beside it. Ronnie finds something that appears to be that oleander flower that has been ground up.

During the lunchtime talk, Geno decides to come over and tries to get one of them to come over to the other side to make sure that the other two are scared. But no one goes. They all start talking about the flowers and snakes. Melina seems to be either purposely or accidentally misleading her team to think that the snake they found is poisonous, despite the fact that at least a couple of them knew the little rhyme about the snakes (red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow. Red touching black, you’re OK, Jack)

The riddle has them running all over the place. The riddle talks about the sky and says to go the right way. They have 3 trails that they could follow-red going right, white pointing upward, and sky blue pointing left. Kam takes the blue trail, Lindsey goes straight up, and Geno goes right. What I thought was interesting is that based on the clue, any of them could be correct. The puzzle said to go the RIGHT way, the sky is UP, and the left arrow was SKY blue. As it turns out, the left sky blue arrow was the correct one. It led them to a platform with several puzzles with maps. They have to use several pieces to "connect the dots" to figure out which X on the map that they need to go to next. Kam figures this out fairly quickly, and Cris follows suit. This map leads them to a shack. Only one person can go inside at a time, for 2 minutes. Kam goes inside and finds that it's filled with snakes. One by one, contestants go in in an attempt to find the weapon inside. They put anything they guess is the weapon onto a stool, and if the bell dings, they know they've found it and the riddle is over. I'm not sure if contestants were forced to finish the puzzle, or if they were allowed to follow their "teammates," but soon EVERYONE was lined up to go in. On Cris's second time in, she sees an odd floorboard sticking up. She pulls it out and finds two bloodstained nails. She places it onto the stool and the bell dings.

They go back to figure out their stories. At this point, Melina has seemingly convinced her group that the snake in the saddle bag is the poisonous one. Cris shares all of her information with her group, so team cool kids seem to be in a good place. Sasha tries to talk to Cris. Cris was very fair in my opinion. Geno only gave partial info last time, so all Cris tells them is that the info they need is in the last known whereabouts. Ronnie talks to team cool kids, and gets the same info from Cris. It seems like he might join up, because he stays with the cool kids until the bell dings. I really hope he does. I want him and Kam to be in the finale with the killer!

Time to state the case! Seems like team cool kids are in a good place. Based on what I see, it seems like Dana and Geno will be scared, because they believe it was a snake.
They gather around the campfire to recieve their cards.
Cris is declared spared! This is how the murder was committed. The killer concocted the oleander poison, put nails in a board, and put on the oleander. The trip wire with birds caused a distraction, and the killer stabbed Ulysses with oleander, and he fell off the horse. The Scarlet king snake was placed in the left satchel, but the right leg had the bite mark, which should have made it obvious that it was not a bite mark.

Sasha gets a scared card and yells at Melina about it, because she convinced all of them that the snake was poisonous. Dana got a scared card… and so did Geno. 3 Scared cards! I’m starting to think that because there was a double murder in the book, we might be up for a double murder. But I’ll see in a few minutes. I think it’ll be Geno and Sasha… since I think Dana is the killer. Also, GENO IS CRYING. I never thought I would see that!

Fast forward to the next day. Some odd music plays throughout the house, and it's Geno who runs downstairs and discovers Dana and Sasha at the piano, looking like wax figures, but clearly dead! Well, I called the double murder and the death of Sasha! It should be interesting to see them try to solve two murders next week!

OK, suspicion time!

Cris: She's in my top 3 for suspects. I'm not totally sure I trust her, even though I'm rooting for her team.

Dana:Well, my main suspect has met her fate. I'm actually really surprised that she died, but since she isn't actually the killer, I'm surprised she wasn't offed a few weeks back! I still haven't let go of the "red herring" theory that she may not really be dead... in terms of the show. Since, of course, we all know she isn't actually dead.

Geno: I'm fairly sure he isn't the killer. But I don't want him tostick around for much longer, because he's smart and figures things out quickly.

Kam: I'm still sure that he isn't the killer. But I don't think he should trust his team. Hopefully, he sticks around for a long time!

Lindsey: In my top 2 suspects. She's never been scared, even when she's been fairly clueless. Not saying the killer can't get a scared card, but I still think it's suspicious.

Melina: Also in my top 2, because she seems so innocent. I think that her convincing her team that the snake was poisonous is really suspicious... but almost too suspicious. If she was the killer, I'm not sure they'd make her confusing them SO obvious. But she may be the killer! She's in my top suspects for sure!

Ronnie: My mom actually made me suspicious of him for the first time! She noticed that he was RIGHT next to Ulysses before the commotion. I don't think he was near him during the commotion, though. But I still trust him.

Sasha: I am so unbelievably happy that she's gone! I was certain she wasn't the killer, so I'm super happy that she died. She was so annoying and rude!

So, we've come to the end of my review! I can't wait until next week, as always. My way-too-early suspicion is that it has to do with an injection of formaldehyde... which should have some sort of smell to it. If Dana was still around, she would probably be able to figure that out, so we'll see how the other contestants will do without her medical knowledge! See you next week, mortals!


  1. Melina is a producer's dream. Team Geno was going to pick off Team Kam one by one (which is really boring TV). Then Melina convinces her team that Ulysses died of a snake bite when all the evidence was to the contrary and all of a sudden the alliances are almost even. I'm not complaining as a viewer but it's certainly suspicious.

    Geno definitely knew the snake in the saddle bag was not venomous - he even picked it up! This must have been edited out -

    Formaldehyde sounds like a good guess to me for next week's murders.

  2. About Geno and the snake, I'm sure he took a close look at the snake, but he was one of the ones that didn't know about the rhyme. So he probably got lost among chatter of rhymes and colors. He probably just put the colors in his memory rather than the pattern of them.

    That's a great point about Melina. As much as I like the idea of her as a contestant, I definitely suspect her a lot more now that my #1 is dead. My only problem is that the editing made her comments about the snake/rhyme extremely obvious, and I'm not sure they would edit it like that if she were the killer. But we'll see! I can't wait til we figure out who the killer is!


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