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Whodunnit? Episode 6: All The World's A Stage

First of all, yay, I got this out the day after the episode aired! I actually wrote most of it while watching and just left a bit of editing for during the post. Before I start, I kinda missed the puns this week. It took a while before Giles started on the puns. Also, is this not the absolute CREEPIEST episode of Whodunnit? yet?! Giles was being totally creepy! I almost started suspecting Giles! There was something every wrong about this episode.

So, we get a mini recap from last week. We once again see everyone sitting in their rooms. Ronnie and Kam are both reading. We can't see what magazine Ronnie is reading, but we do see that Kam is reading a book by Brian Greene called "The Hidden Reality." Is this some sort of hint or clue? It's a book about parallel universes, but the title does seem to be some sort of hint. Maybe. Anyway, once again, odd music starts playing, and he finds Sasha and Dana frozen at the piano. Everyone runs downstairs and doesn't realize they’re dead. They think they're just standing there.

Giles comes in really quietlly, and then he and a maid start dancing! CREEPY! He seems really giddy and happy and is joking around! Only a killer would joke about that!

This time, rather than having a scene of the crime, there are 2 last known whereabouts and the morgue. And apparently it’s really cold.

Geno and Lindsey go to Sasha’s bedroom. They're allowed to check out the hallway leading to her and Dana's rooms. In this hall, there is a rug with big Converse shoeprints, as well as small barefoot prints and tire tracks. The barefoot prints in the hall are also in Sasha’s room. Lindsey points out that Geno’s foot is the same size as the Converse prints. In Sasha's room, there is also a washcloth with what appears to be lipstick prints, as if Sasha was smothered/ knocked out. They also noticed that the tire tracks are darker when leaving, indicating that the cart was carrying something. Probably Sasha's body. They then discover blood in  the hall, and find an elevator only a few feet away.

Cris and Melina check out Dana’s bedroom, and are also allowed to search the same hallway. They find the blood first. They also see the barefoot prints and the converse prints in the hall. This time, however, Dana’s room is locked! They discover a metal device below the door, which has instructions for using it to unlock a door. They break into Dana's room. The tire tracks, shoe prints, and barefoot prints are in here as well. Back in the hall, they discover more blood spots, and also find the elevator. Several times, Cris tells Melina that the footprints are Geno-sized. But how does she know that? I mean, obviously, they look like the size of a male footprint, but there are 2 other men in the house. I don't even know what size shoes that my dad wears, so I'm not sure how she knows Geno's size after knowing him for what, a couple weeks?

That leaves Kam and Ronnie (my two favorites!) to go to the morgue. Kam is glad Sasha is dead, and last week he did say that he hoped it was time for Sasha to die. Both Sasha and Dana have gashes down their forearms. Sasha's is on her left arm, Dana's is on her right. Both noses have little bits of a rag or cloth inside of them. There are bags with Dana and Sasha's estate PJs inside. Dana's PJs have blood all over them, and it appears that there was a wound to her back, because there was a cut in her PJs, and blood running down her back and down her pants. Sasha’s pajamas appear perfect. They roll Dana over and find a huge wound on Dana’s back. They both agree, however, that this wound does NOT look like it could have killed her.
At the morgue, Ronnie and Kam agree to try to ice out Geno, although they have different ideas on how to do that. Kam wants to completely not tell him anything, but Ronnie wants to give him false info. I thought that they came to a decision. Melina agrees to not tell him anything, but at first feels like Ronnie is trying to mess her up as well. When giving his group info, Ronnie leaves out the stuff in their noses, gash on Dana's back, and the fact that Dana’s arm gash is on the right. As they go inside, Ronnie quickly writes/ draws a message for Melina and slips it to her by shaking it behind his back at her. I don't know if it's just me, but I found this little moment absolutely hilarious, because it seemed really obvious, but Geno totally missed it, and Melina seemed clueless. Poor Ronnie was having trouble holding it together, and seemed so anxious to help Melina. At least he's trying to say true to his agreement.

Riddle time again! They're taken to what is apparently the mansion's movie theater. Apparently, none of the contestants knew this existed until now. I find that kinda hard to believe. As they walk in, they have to stand behind really creepy fake wax figures of themselves. CREEPY. CREEPY. CREEPY.
They have to watch some sort of movie, which is their first riddle. I tried keeping up with it, but there were like 3 riddles, and when I tried typing and keeping up with the riddle, this is literally how the whole thing ended up, typos and all:
"Dopplegangers of siz I kill nad I kill til I get to one mind bending double snowmen lift of lid."
So yeah, that was a fail, and I stopped trying to keep up with the wording of the riddles. Basically, the most important part of the riddle was the double snowman and keys. Geno finally thinks of 88 keys, and is the first to do so. So, he goes to the piano and finds some scrolls under the lid. When he did this, I felt like a bit of a failure myself, because I'm a musician, and I play the piano... and I didn't even think of that at all for some reason. When I heard double snowmen, I thought of 88, but my mind went to how people get "88" tattoos to symbolize HH as in "Heil Hitler." Yeah, my brain has really random thoughts. The clue says something about performing surgery, and there is a scalpel in the parcel. Obviously, they are supposed to cut into the dummy. Geno tells Ronnie, which is not a good idea for him. He then goes to Melina, and soon all of them are cutting themselves open. FINALLY the Cool kids get the clue, and run to cut "themslves" open. They're a bit late to the party, but catch up quickly. Everyone is going to town on themselves.

Cris goes for the back because there was a cut on Dana's back. Inside, she finds a clue about a hidden door and cutting a heart out. Everyone dashes out as soon as they see the clue, and Cris is the only one who subconsciously takes her scalpel with her. The clue mentions to take the scalpel and Geno and Melina both have to go back to get theirs. I'm not usre that it was actually needed, though. The "door" didn't have to be cut, right?? Anyway, Cris is the first to get to the morgue and finds a hidden door behind a shelf. She goes through this orange tarp-type thing and finds what appears to be a torture chamber. The bell dings, and the other 5 are all in the movie theater, so it's blatantly obvious who solved the riddle. Cris finds a TON of info in the torture chamber. There are 2 operating tables, with a sink between them with a lot of blood around drain. She finds another washcloth, a 3 wheeled cart, a bottle of chloroform, a huge knife, and a pair of converse sneakers that had been stuffed. Cris says that she's gone back to suspecting Lindsey because the Geno-sized sneakers have been stuffed.

After the riddle, the non-cool kids try to figure out what to do. Geno tries to get info but fails. Ronnie goes up to the cool kids trying to get Kam to hold up his end of the deal, but Kam says that Ronnie broke the deal, so there is no deal, and refuses to give him any information. Apparently, Kam was only making the deal if Ronnie completely excluded Geno from ANY info. While this is definitely more likely to completely ice Geno out, I think Ronnie's idea is more strategic. What if Geno had solved the puzzle, and everyone else refused to talk to him? They'd ALL be in jeopardy. And Geno almost solved it. I'm kinda angry at Kam at this point, because Ronnie was trying to help get rid of Geno. And if Kam had told Ronnie info, he would've shared it with Melina, and Geno would be completely lost compared to the other five. At least Ronnie is nice enough to try to figure it out with Melina. I’m really scared for Ronnie.

They state their cases. All of the non-cool kids believe Kam is the killer, while Cris and Lindsey blame each other, and Kam still blames Geno.

Kam is the winner. He gives a thank you speech, which I thought was really funny.
Now, we get to see how the killer did it. The killer took the cart upstairs and unlocked Sasha's door. Sasha was taken first. The killer stuck a rag covered in chloroform on her face, and threw her on the cart. Then, the killer broke into Dana's room the same way and woke her up. The killer stuck a knife to her back and forced Dana to wheel Sasha down. The knife did wound her back, which is why there was a gash on her back. They went downstairs in the elevator, to the secret room in the morgue. Once there, the killer chloroformed Dana as well. He/She cut their wrists and drained their blood. They were re-dressed in fancy clothes and placed at the piano. He/She then put the A/C on full blast and waited for them to be found.

The cards are handed out and Ronnie and Geno are the only scared ones this time. Giles leaves and then he suddenly returns, saying that the killer has decided not to kill anyone, and that they're going to get laid... er, 'leied." Apparently, they're going to have a luau. Uh... WHAT? I was so confused at this point. They all go up to their rooms and get dressed in these weird hawaiian outfits, and Geno seems to totally believe Giles' assertion that no one is going to die, which I think will be detrimental. I didn't believe for one second that no one was going to die. We then see some suspicious shot of something left on Geno's bed. They go downstairs and the living room has been turned into a luau! Everyone is having this great time, and Giles is even limbo-ing, when suddenly, the lights switch off and there's a large crash. We see in the dark that it's Geno who lies dead underneath the chandelier. I'm still so confused about the whole luau thing, but I'm so relieved that it's Ronnie who survives rather than Geno.

OK, suspicion time!

Cris: At this point, I don't think she's the killer. She definitely has the intelligence and the cunning to be the killer, but I think Lindsey and Melina are WAY better suspects.

Geno: I was pretty sure he wasn't the killer, and I wasn't a huge fan of Geno, because of how he was trying to manipulate Kam's team. So, I'm glad to see him gone, and it's definitely better than Ronnie dying.

Kam: I suspect him more than Ronnie, but only because of the whole book thing. I might be READING too much into this, but it seemed like some sort of clue. I still don't think he's the killer, though.

Lindsey: Still my second suspect. She just seems to get overlooked by everyone. Except Cris and myself, of course.

Melina: At this point, she's my choice for the killer. She seems so innocent, and somehow just keeps squeaking by every single week. She's never been accused by anyone. That's suspicious to me.

Ronnie: I don't think he's the killer. Although, he also hasn't ever been accused either. I think I can trust him more than anyone else in the house.

Just to speak a bit about who has accused who, I found this on Wikipedia:

Cris' Accusations: I find it really interesting that she is accusing the same person 2 weeks in a row and then changes. For Adrianna, it make sense, since she died, but it just seems suspicious.
Kam's Accusations: I think that he seems to genuinely believe Geno is the killer, so I'm curious to see who he accuses next week.
Lindsey's Accusations: She seems to constantly choose Cris as the killer, even though they're on the same thing. I think that's odd.
Melina's Accusations: I find it kinda odd that she accused Cris over and over and then suddenly changed to Kam. Maybe it was one of those "If I accuse the same person every time, it'll look suspicious, so let's change it up." I dunno, it's just odd.
Ronnie's Accusations: I think it's funny that his first two accusations were the people who died that episode. Maybe he IS the killer, and the producers were like, "hey, your choices may look suspicious, just choose someone and say them for the rest of the show." Who knows?

It looks like next week they'll be immediately going into figuring out Geno's death, which is what happened on one murder in the book. So we'll see what happens. Can't wait to see it! See you next week, mortals!

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