Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whodunnit? Episode 3: Kaboom

First off, sorry about how late this is. I was travelling and didn't have internet, or the ability to watch this more than once. So finally, here it is!

We start off where we left off, with Adrianna being killed in the explosion. Everyone seems excited that Adrianna is the one who is killed, and not Dana. Before splitting up to go to the different places, I can already see cracks in the “cool kids” group. Lindsey seems to think that Kam is being bossy. 

At the crime scene: There is a huge sunburst of an explosion around the cart. There is a tree branch across the road, forcing Adrianna to go into the grass. They see a cut on the plastic of the seat. Ronnie sees a video camera, as the other two try to figure if the bomb was on the cart. Ronnie finds that the camera seems to be messed with/ broken.

At the last known whereabouts: there's a broken bowl of cereal, and the TV on. Suddenly we see Adrianna on the screen as if on a surveillance video, and then it flickers to a screen that says "drive off the property if you want to live". There are footprints on some doors. They try all the doors and realized that they are all locked, forcing Adrianna out the outside doors.

At the morgue: They don't get a ton of info. Don thinks that it was a big charge, because she's high in the tree. She's holding something like a remote, but they can't quite tell the purpose of it. Her face and hands are not burnt, but her legs are, meaning that the bomb was probably at her feet.

Ronnie and the non- cool kids form an alliance, while the cool kids discuss the details of the different areas that they went to. Ulysses mentions the fact that the game has changed a bit. Melina is told to be buddy buddy with Lindsey so that Kam and Ulysses won’t trust her. Melina, Lindsey, and Ronnie seem to have some sort of alliance. Geno points out that people that Kam and Ulysses have had pacts with are now dead. Too many crazy alliances and complications!

Riddle time! Giles says that the killer has left them an important message… a BOMB. The bomb fizzles out and is full of golf balls. They each get a golf ball that says 13 steps. There are monitors left on tables all over the house. Sasha realizes that if Adrianna ran outside, she would have to go down some steps. Sasha runs down the steps outside and finds a golf cart and a clue, that says that the click of a button killed Adrianna. The clue causes them to find a trash can full of video tapes. Everyone runs to grab a ton of them to play them. Ronnie, thinking about how the previous clue says not to "get played", looks for other ways that the tape could be a clue. He opens the top flap and finds a clue inside the tape about hot air rising. Dana is still guarding the TVs in the dining room, thinking they're important. Ronnie suddenly runs to the attic. As soon as he gets through the door, the bell dings, signalling that someone has found the solution. Ronnie is the ONLY one allowed to see the full solution to the riddle, meaning he can share it however he pleases. He sits down and watches the tv. He is told to press the bomb button, and watches as the golf cart blows up. I'm not sure this really gives us that much information. We already knew she was blown up. I guess the only thing that this shows us is that the clicker was not connected to the bomb in any way. 

Ronnie and Geno go off by themselves to try to put the clues together, and all the other people are very stressed out. There’s a whole back and forth with Lindsey and what group she’s in, before they accuse people. When they sit down to dinner, and Ronnie tells them all about the video. He says that he saw her die, but what we saw on the screen was just a golf cart sitting and then getting blown up. So was there something else on the video that we didn’t see?

Giles comes in and tells the contestants that Lindsey has blown the killer away. Now everyone is gonna hate her for playing both sides. Lindsey is also given a note about her laugh. Suspicious?
Killer placed all the items necessary to go through with the murder. Adrianna watched TV in the breakfast room. The TV switched to footage of her and then a note to run if she wanted to live. She ran outside down the stairs to the golf cart, where the bomb was left. She drove around the branch, and stopped and tried to use the clicker to leave, but the killer was watching and blew her up. 

It's time for the rest of the contestants to discover their fate. Tonight, Dana and Don are scared. The contestants are told that they are going to have a fancy breakfast in the morning, and no one is excited, and half of them are curious how to dress.

The next morning comes, and everyone except for Dana and Don sit down to eat. Dana comes in and everyone notes that she looks different, which I noted as well. At this point, I was actually curious if that little note was actually something key about her impending death. Suddenly, Don walks in as well, stunning all of the guests. They go to eat their food, but Don and Dana both have raw steaks. Giles offers them the opportunity to go and heat up their food. Dana says she'll share with Ulysses, but Don says he'll go, even though everyone shouts at him not to. As he's in the kitchen, we see a panther released into the kitchen, seemingly slashing him apart.

OK, suspicions time!

Cris: She's mostly flying under the radar right now. Sure, she's team cool kids, but whenever someone hates on the cool kids, it's Ulysses and Kam. And even though she's flying under the radar, people have suspected her. Suspicious!

Dana: She seems to just always be barking up the wrong tree and then somehow survives. It makes NO sense. And the fact that she survived instead of Don just makes me even MORE suspicious.

Don: I'm really sad to see him go. I like him way more than Dana, but at this point, I suspect Dana pretty strongly, so I guess it makes sense that he was the one to go.

Geno: I still don't trust him. Ronnie had all the info, he put it together with Geno, and yet he didn't win. Uh... what? And it seems like Ronnie and Geno are working together quite a bit. Hmmmm...

Kam: I still really like Kam. And I really hope he isn't the killer. I'm pretty sure that if he were the killer, he wouldn't go all out making people hate him.

Lindsey: Honestly, she's one of my main suspects. I just don't trust her. She seems fake, and how insanely coincidental is it that on the episode where the whole drama has been about what side she's on... Lindsey wins? Way too coincidental to be a coincidence, if you ask me.
Melina:  As I said last week... She still seems like a really genuine and trustworthy person... kinda. She seems to get emotional about EVERYTHING. She cries constantly. I think that seems really suspicious. If she's the killer, she's doing a great "naive" act, but I'm just not sure if it's real yet.

Ronnie: I still think that he's the least likely to be the killer. I fully trust him, and I think he's going to do well. He's one of my favorites.

Sasha: I still don't like her. I'm not sure if she's the killer or not, but if she's not, I want her to be dead ASAP.

Ulysses: I still think that I can trust him. He and Kam are my favorites, and I don't think he's the killer. So far, I'm hoping that he continues to do well.

OK, now for something that I was insanely curious about when I finished the episode... Did they leave the murder up to chance? Or was it always going to be Don? Because I feel like there are only 2 possibilities in this situation. #1- Don was told that he was going to die, and was instructed to take Giles' suggestion. #2- the murder was all planned out, but whoever decided to go heat up their food was the one who got killed. I don't think they'd leave it up to chance like that, but it seemed like an intriguing idea.

Well, that's the end of my review. I'm really excited about next week and can't wait til then. See you next week, mortals!


  1. Another article from the TV Guide where the Killer explains about Dana and Don:

    However, I think that Don was definitely given instructions to follow Gile's suggestion. Just because it's reality tv doesn't mean there isn't any direction being given or manipulation of events. Anytime someone comes late to the group, I'm absolutely certain it's because they were held back by the director.

    I noticed also that Dana looked different when she came down to breakfast, but I chalked that up to her being relieved and happy that she had survived again. (And perhaps she had already been told before going in that Don was the next victim?)

    I noticed that the way they edited the show, with the note about Lindsey's giggle, and then Kam's confession box comment that he hated her giggle, and then Don being sarcastic to Kam, Kam says "Sarcasm noted", and then Don dies the next morning... it was edited to point the finger at Kam, "isn't this suspicious?" Which tells me that Kam is not the killer.

    Lindsey's reaction at "winning" this week seemed genuine to me, her astounded "Wh-what?!" and then her embarrased reaction to the killer's description of her "annoying giggle". I think her reactions would have been different if she'd known any of that was coming.

    Also, an interesting note: I tweeted both the Killer - "As a participant, did you know you were the killer during filming?" - and all the remaining participants: "One of you is the killer. Did you know while filming?"

    I didn't receive an answer, I wasn't expecting any, but Dana retweeted my question, and Ulyssess favorited it. I don't know if that means anything or not...

    What are your thoughts?

    1. I still find it odd that Dana looked a bit different, and was sure that would have something to do with her death, but that unfortunately didn't happen.

      I feel like whenever the show is edited to make you suspect someone, that person just isn't the killer. In this case, I don't think my boy Kam is the killer.

      Lindsey seems to have bouts of seemingly good acting and bad acting... so we'll see what happens.

      As far as the killer... I feel like they would HAVE to know. Just like the mole, the killer's job is really to manipulate the game. There's no way that they didn't know.

    2. The killer knows who they are. They don't know the riddles though. And the killer can get a Scared card.

      Good blog!

    3. Also, to add to that, I found out last week that the killer also doesn't know how the crime was committed. So I feel like if the killer gets a scared card, that's not just the producers trying to make them look innocent, but that they legitimately just did a bad job of figuring things out.

  2. I've actually had a weird thought from reading the whodunnit book and realized that I'm a conspiracy theorist. What if Giles were the killer, and simply chooses someone to be left holding the bag at the end of the game and gets them to play along by blackmailing them? Technically the winner and the killer walk away "alive." Just a thought I had while wearing my "story mode glasses."

    1. Keith, I've had the same thought... but the more I think about it, the less it seems likely, because then how will they set up the next book and the next season?

    2. But one thing Giles did say at the very beginning of the first episode (since you didn't see it...?) in a voice over to the TV audience was, "I have only been working at Rue Manor for a few weeks. Although I have never met my employer, it has been made very clear that I must follow murderous orders, or my life will be at stake."

    3. I think Giles is an innocent bystander. I guess this is partially because of the first chapter in the book. But it is a really interesting theory, and I have considered the idea of him being the killer many times

  3. I actually have gone back and watched those episodes online. When you read the book everything I said might make more sense. Also think that the Dana guess is a good one, she actually has some things in common with the killer in the book...I dare not say anymore for fear of spoiling too much.

    1. Here's the link to an article from a couple of days ago that changes everything. It's an interview with Anthony Zuiker, one of the producers of the show, revealing a lot about the behind-the-scenes set up of the show and the Killer. I'm not sure who to suspect anymore...

    2. Well, when you said she had similarities with the killer in the book, I think I figured out who the killer in the book is... and that just made me more suspicious of Dana.


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