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Project Runway Season 12 Episode 2: Million Dollar Runway

Welcome to my 2nd Project Runway Season 12 review! First off, sorry this review is so late. Again. But at least I'm doing it. I almost didn't actually write it. That being said, let's jump right in!

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This episode begins with a huge van pulling up to Parsons and huge muscley men get out of it carrying cases. They come out to the runway, thoroughly confusing the designers. Heidi comes out with the velvet bag (oh no!) and then the models come out dripping in expensive jewelry. The designers then get to choose models one by one. For the most part, they seem to be choosing solely on the jewelry, which is the smartest decision in my opinion. I'm also REALLY glad that Timothy was the last one to choose, because he clearly didn't care what he got, because the jewelry didn't inspire him. So for once, everything is actually fair in Project Runway Land.

After admiring the jewelry and sketching a bit, the designers go to Mood, where they get the first chance to use their debit cards. I have yet to decide if I like this new change. It adds a bit more strategy to the competition, and has the potential to prove detrimental to a designer who over-spends. I do, however, like that they are told a suggested budget, because it gives them at least SOME guidance. If they didn't have that, they could completely over-spend every challenge and run out of money. More on the amount spent when I get to the runway. The only thing that happened at Mood that was of note was Timothy going through the scrap fabric and buying that. I actually really appreciate this, because he is really sticking to his "sustainable" fashion, but it's more logical than burning parachute fabric and completely denying her model any makeup or hair products.

The workroom is never really particularly interesting for me, but there were some points that were fairly important. First of all, Helen seemed to think that she had this challenge in the bag, because evening-wear is her forte. We'll see about that. Also, within the first approximately 15 minutes, I could tell who was going home. Last episode, Kahindo got little to no screen time. Basically, the only time we heard anything from her was when she introduced herself and when she sent her outfit down the runway. This episode, however, she's quite a big focus. When you decide to use a difficult to use fabric for the FIRST TIME on Project Runway, you should know you're in trouble.

Another major point was Sue and how, once again, she had trouble with the machine. What ever happened to each designer having their name on the machines? (Also, even then, they used each other's, and I definitely didn't understand that either) If they would just each have one dedicated machine, problems like this would be alleviated. Since Sue was using black thread, and either Dom or Kahindo re-threaded the machine to be green, Dom helped her re-thread it to black. All she got back, however, was Sue's wrath. I'm not so sure about putting Sue in the top now. She seems to be getting kinda rude, and doesn't know how to use the machines. That may cause a problem for her!

Timothy also had a bit of a problem with his garment. But seriously, who thinks that a rectangle covering the model's boobs looks cute and fashionable? After Tim's critique, he seemed to turn it around and get on a much better track, although he does seem to need to ask everyone in the workroom what he should do. Helen also was having a tough time, trying to make cups for the first time, as well as trying to execute an intricate design. Not smart.

Moving on to the Runway!
Alexander: Once again, I was impressed with what he made. I thought that it looked really cool, and definitely fit his avant-garde aesthetic. And that pop of yellow was really nice.
Alexandria: Although it's a style of dress that I've seen before, I thought it looked really well made, and really pretty. She did, however, spend about 50-75 dollars over budget. And I think that was the most that anyone went over the suggested budget.
Bradon: Once again, I was really impressed with Bradon's dress. I would probably say that it was my favorite look to walk the runway. I thought the little jacket took away from it, but it was SO pretty and looked beautifully crafted.
Dom: I wasn't as impressed as the judges seemed to be. It was just OK for me. And the styling seemed really off. That headband was not good.
Helen: This was definitely a mess. She tried to do too much and ended up failing. And her breakdown that caused the abrupt pause to the runway show just shows that she's not really as tough as the exterior that she puts up.
Jeremy: Once again, I was impressed with Jeremy's look. I loved the tulle at the bottom! 
Justin: The dress was really simple, but it looked beautiful. I really liked it.
Kahindo: While yes, the color complimented the model's hair color, it wasn't made to highlight the jewelry... which was the challenge. 
Karen: Once again, Karen seems to think that making baggy dresses is cute. It was boring, and something I've seen a thousand times. And the boob area didn't fit right.
Kate: Although I wanted Braden to win, I knew Kate was going to be the winner. It was SO well constructed, and looked like SO much time and energy had been put into it. 
Ken: I actually really liked his dress! And I was stunned at the price tag for his fabric. He only spent $75! SERIOUSLY. That's just a WOW. If any of the other designers were told that they had that budget, I think they would lose it.
Miranda: For me, it was too reminiscent of last challenge's dress. The shape seemed to be exactly the same, with the same little tummy hole.
Sandro: While I wasn't as impressed as the judges, it was a definite improvement on last week. 
Sue: It was ok. Nothing terribly interesting about it. 
Timothy: A million times better than the rectangle boob! And at least this time he actually used makeup. I'm glad he's still in.




Bottom 3:



While I'm not going to give lengthy explanations of the judges' opinions, I am kinda surprised Dom didn't win, solely because Heidi was pushing so hard for her. She said at least twice, both with the contestants on the runway, and during the time with just the judges and dress, that Dom's was her favorite. 

Kate is declared the winner. Seriously, if Dom or Sandro would've won, I would be annoyed. She deserved that.

Both Dom and Sandro are in. Helen is also in The bottom two is Timothy and Kahindo, but it is Kahindo who is declared out. Timothy needs to get out of the bottom two... not by getting out, but by making better clothing.

So, there you go, that's my review of Thursday's Project Runway episode! Is anyone else already ready to see Sandro storm off the set?

Also, I'll make a post just dedicated to this, but would anyone be interested in reading a blog about past Project Runway seasons? I've seen pretty much every episode 5 times, and re-watch constantly, so I could definitely blog a season at a time if anyone wanted to read it. Project Throwback, anyone? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my late review. I'll hopefully see you back here after Episode 3!

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