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Whodunnit? Episode 4: Mountain Lyin

First of all, I apologize for getting this out on Wednesday even though the episode was on Sunday. I think this is the second week I've done this so, seriously, I'm sorry. Secondly, thanks for all the comments! I got on today to write this and my total comments had like tripled in number, so thanks a lot! I'll definitely be checking back more frequently now that I know that people are actually reading and enjoying my blogs!!!

This week, we actually get a bit more of a recap! We see everyone come down to breakfast, and then see Don and Dana realize that they are the only two with uncooked meat. Once again, Don goes into the kitchen, disregarding Ronnie's protesting. We then see him preparing his meal, and a mountain lion being released into the kitchen, seemingly tearing him to pieces. The guests all scream and follow Giles, who is wielding a tranquilizer gun, to the kitchen. The doors open, and the guests all scream. A lot of people give the contestants flack for freaking out even though they know these murders are fake, but honestly, what would you do if you saw a huge mountain lion in front of you?

They are informed that Don is dead (as if they couldn't figure that one out) and once again separate to go to their different areas. Kam is definitely at the point where he doesn't trust Lindsey, so he basically chaperoned her at the crime scene. This time, the contestants are told that there is a new area to search. Since the last known whereabouts would either be the dining room- where they were all eating- or the kitchen- which is the crime scene, there is now the option to search the mountain lion.

At the crime scene: They all notice that there isn't a ton of blood, which seems very odd. One thing that I was personally waiting for them to notice was the mat in front of the stove. In the pseudo-replay of Don's murder, it was clear to me that stepping on the mat was what opened the panel, but the contestants, of course, didn't get to see the replay. They did notice it pretty quickly, leading to one of the guys (I can't remember, was it Ronnie or Kam? I should go back and watch again) humorously pretending to be the mountain lion and hopping up onto the island and pretending to claw at Don. Ronnie also noticed that there seemed to be something inside the stove, like a trigger of some sort. 

At the Mountain Lion: There didn't seem to be a ton of information here. There were really only 2 clues. First, the fact that the mountain lion had the tag showing that it had been shipped to the mansion, rather than just wandering there... which honestly seems pretty obvious anyway. Also, they found chunks of Don's meat, which in the end proved to be more significant than I first thought.  

At the morgue: This seems to be the most significant place. They immediately notice that he has this pink coloration all over his skin, which they all seemed to be perplexed by. Even Dana. More on this later. They also notice that the Mountain Lion marks seem to be minimal, and definitely not enough to actually kill him. There's also a little bit of white powder.

Between the contestants analyzing the different areas and the riddle, the "non- cool kids" group (I really need a better name for these two groups, but it works) decides that it would be in their best interest for EVERYONE to team up against Lindsey and get her out of the game. From what we see, it appears that everyone agrees to this, but I'm not so sure about that later in the episode.

Riddle time! Contestants are given magnifying glasses and small pieces of papers with a clue leading them to the morgue. There is a tiny clue on the periodic table of elements, right across the two elements that compose cyanide. This leads them upstairs to a closet with clues on pieces of cloth. Geno discovers the clue in the library safe, showing the plans to rigging the stove to release cyanide. Right after he figures it out, Dana says that she figured out that it was cyanide, which explains both the white powder and the pink discoloration of the skin. I can't remember if this was mentioned in the episode, but this also explains the lack of lost blood, because if the cyanide killed him, he was dead before the mountain lion swiped at him, which would lead to less blood loss. (I've seen my fair share of Forensic Files...). Here's what I'm suspicious of. Dana was IN the morgue. She saw the body and the discoloration and the powder. And she mentioned something about her dad working with cyanide or something... but she didn't put ANYTHING together until after Geno solved the puzzle? Forget the dad stuff, Dana is a nurse! She should know what that kind of reaction looks like on skin, and clearly she knew all the stuff about what cyanide does to skin. So why did it take half a day? She should have recognized that immediately. Either she's trying to confuse people, or she's a really slow nurse.   

CORRECTION: Oops, just realized that Dana was at the crime scene and not the morgue, BUT her group did talk extensively about poison and the pink discoloration, so she still should've figured it out long before the end of the challenge.

Meanwhile, everyone is accusing different people of solving the riddle. Everyone seems to think it was Lindsey, but it clearly wasn't. Geno pulls some people aside and tells them the truth. He then decides to give Kam and Cris the information in hopes of getting Ulysses and Lindsey scared cards. I'm not sure this was the smartest idea. If you're going to only share information with Kam and someone else on his team, that other person better be Ulysses! Kam and Ulysses have been tight since the beginning. You're not going to turn them against each other. Poor Ulysses had such a confused look on his face when he came into the room with Cris, Kam and Geno. Of course, immediately after, Kam tells his entire group what he had been told, even though I'm pretty sure Geno didn't tell them everything, and Kam only said "there was something in the stove". Either way, he tells Lindsey about everyone plotting against her and says that he's not going to keep anything from her. Then, everyone gets ready and goes to their accusation room. 

Time for dinner! Giles comes in and tells the contestants that Dana is the one who did the best. We pretty much know exactly what happened at this point, but here we go anyway. The stove was rigged to release cyanide when turned on. This killed Don. However, stepping on the pad in front of the stove also released a mountain lion, which swiped at him a couple times before eating his meat.  

It's time for the rest of the contestants to discover their fate. Kam and Ulysses are the ones who are scared. Then, Giles gets this really odd call from the killer. He answers and puts it on speakerphone, and we hear each of the "contestants" one by one admitting to being the killer. I'm not sure what to make of this. It's just odd. All of the contestants say that they didn't say it, but either they're just doing that for the tv audience, or it's just a mashed up collection of words they said. I'm betting on the latter.  

The next morning comes, and everyone is riding on horses. Kam and Ulysses are both alive.. but not for long. Ulysses' horse heads off some random direction, and although we don't know what happens, it's clear that he's dead. Also, it looked like there was something actually wrong with HIM before the horse even went off into the... was it a ditch? I'm not sure, but I guess we'll figure it out next week.

OK, suspicions time! As Iziezi said in the comments, "Giles" didn't know who the killer was throughout the show, and he was surprised. That's going to factor into my suspicions. I'm also at the point where I THINK i have one main suspect, but I do still have some lingering smaller suspects. Keep in mind, though, I watched The Mole (YEARS late, I might add) without reading up on who The Mole was, and on BOTH seasons that I watched, the person that I thought was The Mole was actually the person who won. Oops.

Cris: She's mostly flying under the radar right now. Sure, she's team cool kids, but everyone has been hating everyone else on her team, and not really her. I think she would surprise Giles if she was the killer. I'm a bit suspicious.

Dana: Dana is my main suspect. However, given the fact that she seems to be blatantly oblivious all the time, I'm not sure that's what the killer would do. And with that, I'm not sure how much Giles would be surprised by her being the killer, even though not many have accused her.

Geno: I don't think he's the killer, just because he seems so suspicious to everyone. But I don't really like him, and I'm ready for him to go. I think he's going to stick around for a while though.

Kam: I've eliminated him from suspicion. Giles wouldn't be surprised if Kam was the killer! He was the most accused! And editing accuses him! No way.

Lindsey: Still one of my main suspects. She seems so innocent and flies under the radar, and even though everyone's mad at her, NO ONE suspects her. And yet, she's gotten by with almost no information, and last week, she won even though she didn't have every single piece of evidence that Geno and Ronnie had.
Melina:  I think that anyone would be surprised if Melina was the killer. And she's totally flying under the radar. Who would suspect her? Uh... ME! I like her, and I personally don't think she's the killer, but seriously, she seems like the absolute least likely choice.

Ronnie: Fully trust Ronnie. And I love him to bits. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm rooting for a Ronnie/Kam/Killer finale.

Sasha: I would be surprised if she's the killer. That being said, if she's not the killer, she needs to GO. I'm getting really tired of her terrible personality and attitude. She's so rude. Just go. Pretty please.

Ulysses: Well, another of my favorites bites the dust. SUPER sad to see him go. I kinda wanted a Kam/Ulysses/ Killer finale, but oh well. Poor Ulysses!

Well, that's the end of my review. What did you think of my suspicions? Am I on track or totally confused? See you next week, mortals!

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