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Top 10 Most-Owned Authors!

Hey, y'all! I've seen several booktubers posting videos listing the 10 authors that they own the most books from. Originally, I didn't do this one because I didn't think that I had enough authors to make a full list. However, upon reflection, I realized that I had more repeat-authors than I originally thought, so I decided that this would be fun. Plus, I think it's really interesting to see who will end up on the list.

Before I get into this, some ground rules for counting of books:
- Each book counts once, even if I have duplicate copies.
- Novellas in bind-up form (ex: Unite Me by Tahereh Mafi) count as one single book.
- However, novels in bind-up form count as their own separate entities. (AKA, if I own a bind-up of two novels, that bind-up counts as two books.
- Ebooks will also be included, but not if it's a duplicate.

Although I didn't include duplicates in the official count, I did note underneath what the count would be if I did count duplicates as separate books. It's a bit ridiculous on a couple.

10) Lloyd Alexander- 5 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 5
Read: 0 

Right off the bat, we have a four-way tie. Lloyd Alexander gets the last spot between the four because I own the entire Chronicles of Prydain series by him, but I haven't read it yet. I bought it because I love the Disney movie, The Black Cauldron, that is based off of the series. I got halfway through The Book of Three, and couldn't really get into it, so I just put it down. I'll get through it eventually, I just wasn't feeling it in that moment. 

9) Stephanie Meyer- 5 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 5
Read: 4 

Of the four-way tie, Stephanie gets the third spot because I've read most of her books, but don't plan on reading any more. I haven't read The Host, and I'm not sure I want to anymore, but I have read the Twilight Saga. Several times. 

7) Scott Westerfeld- 5 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 5
Read: 4 

I totally forgot about Scott Westerfeld and didn't even consider the fact that he could make it onto this list, because the only books on my bookshelf by him are Pretties and Specials, books 2 & 3 from his Uglies trilogy. However, I forgot that I had Uglies, the 1st book in that trilogy, in e-book and books 1&3 from his Midnighters trilogy (The Secret Hour and Blue Noon, respectively) on my bookshelf at home. Of the 5 I own, the only one I haven't read is Specials. But it's been so long since I read the other 4 that I can't remember much about either series. I plan to change that soon!

7) Rick Riordan- 5 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 5
Read: 3 

Finally, rounding out the 4-way tie, Rick gets the top spot because I plan on buying more of his books fairly soon. I've only read the first 3 Percy Jackson books, but I do plan on finishing the series and continuing on to The Heroes of Olympus. 

6) Stephen King- 6 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 6
Read: 1 


I'm laughing at the 666 action going on with this one, especially since it's Stephen King, the KING (LOL bad pun) of horror. As you see from the pictures above, I own Carrie, Under The Dome, and the first two books in The Dark Tower series. At home, I also have The Shining and Everything's Eventual, which is a compilation of short stories. But I've only read Carrie all the way through. I almost got through The Shining but put it down for some reason. 

5) J.K. Rowling- 8 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 20
Read: 8 

As an avid Harry Potter fan, I probably should own Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but I don't. Eventually. But I do, of course, have the entire series, as well as The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I re-read the series for the millionth time over the summer as part of my Summer Reading Challenge, and you can click here to check that out, if you'd like.

Explanation for duplicate copies: I have all the Harry Potter books in e-book form and in hardcover. When I first got the books, I got the first 5 in paperback. So 7 + 7 + 5+ Tales of Beedle the Bard= 20. I feel no guilt or shame for this.

4) D.J. MacHale- 10 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 16
Read: 10

We have another tie with 10 books apiece. DJ got the lower spot because the author at #3 has a new book coming out next month that I'm definitely, without a doubt, getting. Anyway, I love the Pendragon series. It was also part of my Summer Reading Challenge this summer, so you can click here to check that out. This series isn't super well-known, but it's one of my absolute favorite series of all-time. It's so beautiful.

Explanation for duplicate copies: I originally had books 1-6 in paperback, and re-purchased them in hardcover.

3) Cassandra Clare- 10 books (11th coming soon)
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 15
Read: 9 

Basically, I have all of Cassandra Clare's books. I would show pictures of my actual copies, but they're scattered between home and school. Like I said in DJ's explanation, he and Cassie are tied, but since The Bane Chronicles is coming out soon, and there is absolutely no way that I'm not buying that, I put her in the higher spot. Also, I read all of these except The Shadowhunter's Codex this summer, so if you wanna check out my Summer Reading Challenge, you can click here.

Explanation for duplicates: I originally had Clockwork Angel in paperback and found an inexpensive hardcover. I have e-books of City of Bones, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, and City of Lost Souls because my copies are at home. 

2) Lemony Snicket- 13 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 13
Read: 13

I have all 13 books in the Series of Unfortunate Events. I kinda want to re-read these sometime soon, but I don't want to end up changing my opinion on them, because I'm worried I won't like them as much now that I'm older. So, I dunno. Maybe they'll get re-read soon, maybe they won't.

1) Agatha Christie- 25 books
Adjusted for duplicate copies: 26
Read: 9

These are not all of my Agatha Christie books, but it's the majority of them. If you'd like a full run-down of the books in this picture and whether or not I've read them, you can click here to check out my home bookshelf tour. There are 20 books in the picture above, but one is a duplicate. I also have And Then There Were None, Evil Under The Sun, and a bind-up of Sleeping Murder and Murder at the Vicarage in physical form, as well as ebook copies of The Mysterious Affair at Styles and Secret Adversary. Of these 25, I have read 9. But since I paid like $1 for most of them, I don't feel too bad about them. I can afford to take a while with these. She has a lot of books.

Explanation for duplicates: A lot of her books have been re-named in the years since their release, so I accidentally picked up 2 copies of After The Funeral/ Funerals are Fatal.

So, there you go, those are my top 10 most owned authors! A couple of them actually surprised me! This list will probably be out of date fairly soon, so maybe I'll make another one sometime. Not in the near future. At least 6 months from now. 

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