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30 Day America's Next Top Model Challenge

Hey, y'all! It's time for another One Day Tumblr Challenge! So lately I've been re-watching a lot of America's Next Top Model, so I decided that I would do a 30 day America's Next Top Model challenge!


Day 1- Favorite Cycle 1 contestant

I really liked Elyse because she had a brain! I also liked Adrienne and Shannon, but Elyse was definitely my favorite.

Day 2- Favorite Cycle 2 Contestant

Honestly, I haven't seen cycle 2, but Shandi seems kinda cool.

Day 3- Favorite Cycle 3 Contestant

There wasn't really a girl this cycle whose personality I enjoyed, but I really loved Amanda's look, especially after the makeover.

Day 4- Favorite Cycle 4 Contestant

This season wasn't one of my favorites, but Kahlen was really down to earth and nice. I liked Naima as well, but I thought Kahlen was much stronger throughout the competition.

Day 5- Favorite Cycle 5 Contestant

Kim was definitely my favorite contestant in season 5. She was really edgy and unique and cool. She was also really funny, and I was so glad she stayed around for as long as she did. I thought her look was really cool, and I'm sad that now, she's let her hair grow out and has a more feminine look, which makes me just a little sad, because I really liked her look during the show. But I also really liked both Nicole and Lisa as well.

Day 6- Favorite Cycle 6 Contestant

Cycle 6 is another cycle I haven't seen much of. I think I've only seen 2 episodes. However, I do remember liking Joanie. So I'll go with her.

Day 7- Favorite Cycle 7 Contestant

CariDee was just great! She was fun and kooky and hilarious, and she was actually really nice. I also really liked the twins (Michelle especially) and Megg. And I really didn't hate Melrose as much as everyone else does. But I'm very glad that CariDee was the winner.

Day 8- Favorite Cycle 8 Contestant

I really like Jael. She was a lot of fun, and I was really sad when I found out that her family recently went to the Dr. Phil show to try to help her quit her meth addiction. Her face has been totally ruined and she looks like she's in her 60s. I really hope she starts to turn her life around, because it's really sad right now. I also really liked Sarah and Brittany this cycle. 

Day 9- Favorite Cycle 9 Contestant

Jenah was really edgy, and I liked that about her. I do wish that they'd left her as a redhead, becaust although the blonde works for her sometimes, she looks totally washed out sometimes. I also liked Chantal and Heather this season. 

Day 10- Favorite Cycle 10 Contestant

Up until this point, all the girls are ones I liked, but not totally loved... but Lauren is one of my favorite people to ever be on this show. She's just so hilariously awkward and I love that she was so punk rock and edgy. Do you see a pattern here? Awkward and edgy are my favorite. I also really liked Anya from this season, because she was just so talented. I wish she'd won over Whitney...

Day 11- Favorite Cycle 11 Contestant

Analeigh is another one who I really love. I was sad that she didn't win, even though I did really like McKell. She was just really sweet and down to earth (oh hey, another thing I seem to like in contestants). I also really liked Marjorie.

Day 12- Favorite Cycle 12 Contestant 

I mean, does anyone dislike Allison? She's just so quirky and a GREAT model, and was super nice and didn't get into the drama. I mean, that's the total package of what I enjoy in a girl on Top Model. I also really liked Celia and Fo.

Day 13- Favorite Cycle 13 Contestant

After the makeover, Erin had such a cool look, and I know some people didn't like her because of how incredibly competitive she could be, but I really appreciated that, and I think she was a really good model.

Day 14- Favorite Cycle 14 Contestant

First off, this picture is one of the absolute best ever, ever, EVER on ANTM. Raina was such a good model and I was so upset that she didn't win. She's one of my absolute favorite models to be on the show. I also really loved her makeover. SUCH a transformation. She makes a great brunette. Plus, she was just such a nice person too.

Day 15- Favorite Cycle 15 Contestant

Liz, I guess? I wasn't a huge fan of most of the girls this cycle. I kinda liked Jane and Chelsey and Chris and Lexie as well, but there wasn't anyone I just absolutely loved.

Day 16- Favorite Cycle 16 Contestant

Surprisingly enough, my 3 favorites were the top 3 this cycle! But Brittani was definitely my favorite. I feel like a lot of looks work on her. She had the jaw length black hair after her makeover, and has also had this supershort hair, as well as long brown hair again, and all of them really work for her (though I have to say, this might be my favorite). Of all of the girls, she was definitely the strongest model. I also really liked Molly and Hannah.

Day 17- Favorite Cycle 17 ‘All Star’ Contestant

ALLISON! I was SO mad when she lost AGAIN! It was so incredibly infuriating, because she's such a great model and somehow has been snubbed twice. At least I know I'm not the only person who hates that she lost so many times. A lot of people boycotted this show after Allison lost a second time.

Day 18- Favorite Cycle 18 contestant

There were several girls I really loved this cycle, but I think Sophie stands above the rest. I also liked Laura and Azmarie, but that was mostly for their looks. I really liked Sophie's personality though. She was really nice, and fun and quirky and I was really excited that she won.

Day 19- Favorite winner

I have to go with Sophie again! I really like her! Also, did I mention that she lived with Emma Watson for a while and is close friends with her? LOVE SOPHIE!

Day 20- Least Favorite winner
I have 2...

Whitney totally did not deserve the win. Her modelling through the competition was just average and she was thisclose to getting eliminated several times. Anya was much more deserving- she was strong the whole way through. Plus, Whitney was so fake and not a nice person.

Cycle 20 disappointed me so much. It was obvious for quite a while that Jourdan was going to win. While I do think that she was probably the best model of the cycle, I couldn't stand her. She caused so much drama, wasn't very nice... and just came off as so dumb. I'm still a bit annoyed that Cory didn't win. He was the only decent person left near the end.

Day 21- Favorite Judge

I miss Nigel and Mr. Jay SO MUCH! They were so great, and I'm really sad they're gone. Nigel was just such a staple of the judging panel and I totally don't get why they let him go. He was great. 

Day 22- Least Favorite Judge

Ugh. Janice Dickenson. Everyone hates on Kelly Cutrone, and while I'm not her biggest fan, I think she at least gives the girls equal opportunities to impress her and has actual good criticism. Janice was just terrible! She hated all of the plus-sized girls because they were plus-sized and because that's what the industry typically thinks of plus-sized girls. She disliked all of the girls who were not typical models and she played favorites rather than judging week to week. Although Tyra isn't always my favorite person, I do think that she believes in all the girls she chooses and thinks that they can break into the modelling industry, and I think she actually wants to change things. Janice is the exact opposite, and I'm so glad she didn't stick around for long. 

Day 23- Favorite plus sized model

I didn't especially like any of the plus-sized models... not because they were plus-sized, but just because I didn't like them as people. I liked Toccara from cycle 3 and Kasia from cycle 16, but I went with Kortnie from cycle 12 because she was silly and entertaining.

Day 24- Best makeover
I have several, so I'll just put them here...

Day 25- Worst Makeover

They said the long hair made her look old, but the short hair aged her SO MUCH.

Look, it's the fifth Beatle!

Day 26- contestant you loved/ favorite
Like I said earlier, my favorites were Allison Harvard, Lauren Utter, Raina Hein, Sophie Sumner, Analeigh Tipton, and Jenah Doucette. I feel like I'm forgetting some, but those are really the important ones.

Day 27- Contestant You Hated/ least favorite
Here are my top handful...
Alasia- cycle 14

Ebony- cycle 9

Hannah- cycle 11

Jourdan- cycle 20

Kimberly- cycle 10

Monique- cycle 7

Sandra- cycle 12

Victoria- cycle 19

Day 28- Someone You Wanted To Be On All Stars But Wasn’t
Raina, Lauren, and Analeigh were probably the ones I most wanted to see again besides Allison.

Day 29- Least Favorite Cycle

The girls on this cycle were OK, but I didn't have a distinct favorite and only Ann was a standout.

Day 30- Favorite Cycle

I dunno, I guess I just really liked the looks they were given, and liked the girls overall. 

So, there's my 30 day America's Next Top Model challenge! Do you like ANTM? Who are your favorite and least favorite girls? Let me know in the comments! If you like my posts, I'd love if you'd follow/subscribe, as it lets me know you're enjoying what I'm posting! See y'all soon!

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