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Whodunnit? PREMIERE!

So, my plan was to not post on this blog anymore... but I don't think that's going to happen, at least not right now. I think that this blog is going to end up just being me kinda just reviewing things, and not JUST Project Runway. I'm also gonna take a second to promo my blog, The CD's On My Shelf, where each post is about a random CD on my shelf. Click HERE to check it out!

OK, on to the main event. I was really excited to see this show, because it seemed like Clue meets And Then There Were None. And that's exactly what the show gave me! I expected it to be really cheesy, but they really kept the cheese to a minimum, although it wasn't entirely left out. I'll talk about my suspicions later, but for now, I'll just walk you through the show a bit. I will caution you with a *SPOILER ALERT* because I'm about to talk about the first death.

The contestants all meet each other and mingle a bit. They all know that they are going to compete in some sort of mystery competition, but have no details. Giles, the butler, introduces himself, and tells them that when the bell rings at half past the hour, they will all re-convene and the contestants will learn what the game is. For now, they are shown to their rooms and are allowed to explore a bit. Suddenly, they all hear a crash, and run into the living room to find the large fish tank broken, and Sheri lying beside it in a pool of water, being electrocuted from frayed lamp cords. (Quick note, in case you're unaware, this is NOT real. The people do not actually die, and the crimes are just staged to appear that they have). Giles runs in and shuffles them into another room and explains that a killer is among the contestants, pretending to be one of them, and that one by one they will die, and the remaining contestants will have to solve the mystery. The contestants will then get the opportunity to investigate either the scene of the crime, the morgue, or the person's last known whereabouts.

They break up into fairly even groups for each place. The 3 who go to the morgue discover an old-fashioned bullet in the back of Sheri's neck. The 5 at the scene of the crime discover that the fish tank's front side was the one that shattered first, and see a large round bloodstain on the rug. The 4 at the last known whereabouts, Sheri's bedroom and bathroom, discover a message written on the mirror in the bathroom (written so that it can be seen with steam, but disappears when the mirror clears). The message tells Sheri to go to the fish tank because the person had vital information for her. This is the part I found the cheesiest, since it's an old trick and no one would ever really fall for it.

The contestants all regroup to share information, and tensions begin to surface. After their lunch, they have another challenge to discover more information. They're each given a key. They notice the 13:17 on it, and start looking at clocks. Lindsey goes for the bible. They think they find the correct verse, and go searching, but Ronnie then notices the 2 crowns on the other side of the key, and looks for 2nd Kings 13:17, which gives them a clue about the east window. Ronnie looks out the window and sees that a panel is missing and that there's a plastic chest outside. When they run and unlock it, they find a crowbar and a slingshot inside. However, not everyone is there to see this, and the contestants who see it keep it to themselves.

It's now time for the contestants to go and make their predictions as to what happened, and who the killer is. They go into a room by themselves and talk to a camera, explaining how they think the murder happened, and who did it. Afterward, they all sit down to dinner, and Jiles comes in to deliver their fate. Sasha is told that she came closest to discovering the correct answer, which is this: The murderer snuck into Sheri's room while she was showering and wrote the message on the mirror. Upon getting out of the shower, Sheri saw the message, put on a robe, and ran downstairs. The murderer was outside, having taken out the window panel already. The murderer shoots the bullet into Sheri's neck with the slingshot, and it hits her spinal cord, killing her instantly. As she falls, her head hits the fish tank, cracking it. As the pressure builds up, the murderer stashes the slingshot and the crow bar used to break into her room, and then returns to his or her room, or whatever location they were "exploring". The pressure inside the fish tank finally causes the glass to shatter, making everyone run to see what has happened.

Many contestants are now worried that they will be the next to be killed, because being the most incorrect and being eliminated from the competition means being the next person to "die". The contestants are now all told their fate by opening envelopes. The card inside says either spared or scared. Only Don and Dontae receive scared cards, meaning that they are the bottom two and did the worst at solving the mystery. The guests all go to bed. They are awakened at around 4:30 AM to the sound of the mansion's alarms blaring. They all run outside and Jiles does a head count. *SPOILER ALERT* They discover that Dontae is the one who is missing. Suddenly, Dontae runs out of the house, his pajamas on fire! He jumps into the pool, but it is too late, as his body is seen floating 'lifeless' in the pool, and the promo for next week confirms that he is, in fact, 'dead'.

Okay, time for me to get into the contestants and what I think about them!

First off, a general note about the contestants in general: I'm definitely more suspicious of the ones whose jobs are not related at all to crime/ police/ investigating/etc. It makes sense to me that Adrianna, Don, Dana, Dontae, Kam, Ronnie, Sasha, and Ulysses are there. The others, I'm not so sure about. I feel like since some contestants are telling us that they're hiding the fact that they work in crime (like Don, Dontae, and Ronnie), that those who DON'T claim to work in that field may be hiding something too.

Adrianna: Like many of the contestants, I don't like her. And I want her to be the killer. But my gut tells me she's not. I think that if she was the killer, she wouldn't have tried running things from the get-go, or shoved herself into conversations. The killer would be more subtle. Unless she knew someone would think that. However, the fact that she was convinced that the corner of that chest was involved, and convinced that Dontae was the killer, and that both were wrong... that's kinda suspicious.

Cris: I'm not sure what to think of her. I'm automatically more suspicious of her because her because she's an ex-beauty queen. Ex? What does she do now? I guess she gains a bit more credibility since her dad was a cop.

Dana: The fact that she's a cardiac nurse gives her a bit more credibility for me, but I'm just not sure yet whether I trust her.

Don: For me, the fact that he's hiding that he's an ex-cop makes him seem more credible and causes me to trust him more. I think he's definitely not the killer, but who knows, I may be totally wrong!

Geno: I don't know why, but I just don't trust him. It seems a bit suspicious to me that he would push away the alliance that Kam and Ulysses offer. It seems like he's trying to do it all on his own, and so far, that seems like a stupid thing to do... unless you're the killer.

Kam: I really like Kam! But he's also one of the ones I'm most suspicious of. The fact that he immediately jumps to ally with someone suggests that maybe he knows that everyone else is trustworthy. Or, that he just thinks quickly, which seems more likely. But it may be part of the act for the killer to come off really likable!

Lindsey: I'm actually pretty suspicious of Lindsey! My main suspicion is because of the key challenge. She didn't think of the bible until after everyone had thoroughly investigated the clocks, and other things. I know a lot of preachers' kids, and whether they believe the same as their parents or not, that bible is going to be their first thought, WAY before checking a clock.
Melina: She seems like a really genuine and trustworthy person. Her reactions to things seemed really legit, but it could just be really good acting. My only suspicions come from how entirely convinced she was that Don was a cop, even before he used a lot of cop lingo. Most people would just drop it after a while, but she's convinced even though he failed epicly!

Ronnie: IMO, one of the most trustworthy in the competition. I'm almost 100% sure he's not the killer. But he has good analytical skills and I definitely think he's going to go far.

Sasha: I'm not sure what to think of Sasha. At first, she didn't believe Dana about the bullet, but then later, she includes it and gets closest to what actually happened? I'm not so sure about that. But if she's not the killer, she's definitely a good ally to have.

Ulysses: I'm not sure what to think of him. I think I trust him, but is there really any way of being sure? As of right now, he's high on the list of people I like, and low on suspicion. But I really don't know. And seriously, who names their child Ulysses?

The other suspicions: I've seen Clue way too many times and read And Then There Were None way too many times to just believe that everything is as it seems. I still think that it's very possible that we have an And Then There Were None situation, where a death is a red herring, and someone who dies is actually the murderer, and the last two alive each think the other is the murderer. I also think it's very possible that we have a Clue/ every other mystery ending, where the butler did it. I'm not sure how much I trust Giles!
That's it for this episode! Hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what you thought of the show, the people, and my suspicions. See you next week, mortals!


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and impressions of the contestants, I think you've got a better grasp on their trustworthyness than I do. I'm definitely going to continue reading...

    Commenting after the third episode, my primary suspect had been Don. He's an ex-homicide detective, and he was coming up with nothing? And he always seemed to be following the one person who was furthest away from discovering the answer to the clues. Honestly, that's what I would do if I were the killer... Lay low and play stupid so no one would suspect me, including giving myself a few scared cards.

    And I agree with you about Giles, he was and still is a suspect in my mind. He even said in the opening sequence that he is required to follow murderous orders or his own life will be at stake. Plus, it has been advertised that there will only be 3 people left at the end: The winner, the loser, and the killer. It seems to me the only way this can work out on a reality show is if the killer is Giles. -- But then, where does that leave the show for next season? There's supposed to be another book between this season and the next.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on my theories... None of my friends seem to be as into this show and aren't interested in discussing details.

  2. This is the first time I've checked my blog all week, and I'm super excited to see someone commenting and enjoying my blog, so thanks a bunch! I noticed you commented on some of my other posts as well, so I'll definitely be checking those out too.

    For some reason, I really didn't suspect that Don was the killer. I would think that if the killer would admit to viewers that they were an ex-cop, then they wouldn't make obvious mistakes that would make viewers suspicious. I feel like whoever the killer is, if their back story is made up, they're going to try their hardest to play that character perfectly.

    I'm reading the book, and am about 1/2 way through, and from what I heard from a podcast I enjoy, the end of the book eliminates the possibility of Giles being the killer. But I haven't completely ruled out the possibility of the killer fake killing themselves off before the finale.

    Also, if you like this, I think you should check out The Mole. The entire series is on youtube, and Whodunnit? is really modeled after it. And the finale of The Mole worked the same way that Whodunnit?'s finale is going to- the winner, the loser and the mole.

    Thanks for your input! I'm about to start the Whodunnit? ep. 4 blog, so stay tuned for that later today!


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