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30 Day Project Runway Challenge

Today, I'm going to be doing a challenge that I actually created myself. I made it before season 11 aired, so that's not going to be included. And I didn't talk too much about All-Stars. So here it is, the 30 Day Project Runway Challenge!

Day 1: Favorite/ Least Favorite designer from season 1
Favorites: I absolutely loved Austin, and he was my choice for winner, but I did really like Jay as well. They brought entertainment to a season which, though very dramatic, was a little boring and lackluster.
Least Favorites: Vanessa was just crazy, and really annoying. Wendy was debatably worse. She was so manipulating and frustrating.  

Day 2: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 2

Favorites: The boys of apartment 35D! Danny V was my choice for winner, and he's one of my all time favorites on the show. For such a young age, he was really talented. I also love Santino. I know he was the bad guy of the season, but I have a soft spot in my heart for him. I think he's precious. Andrae also kept things really interesting. I wasn't a fan of his designs, but he's such a unique, funny and lovely person. WHERE'S ANDRAE? Nick was also great, and I love him and his designs equally. He definitely should've made it to the finale. Him, Danny V, and Santino finale= perfection.

Least Favorites: Lupe was loopy. Seriously. The only time I enjoyed her was during the reunion when she drunkenly rambled and didn't answer the question Tim asked her TWICE. Otherwise she was just annoying. She didn't even make good clothes. Zulema was also really frustrating and rude. And she hurt my poor little Nick. Also, I didn't like Marla. She's so... meek. It's the right word, it just sounds weird to use it. And her designs were terrible.

Day 3: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 3
Favorites: Say what you want about him, but Jeffrey Sebelia is also on my all-time favorites list. He came off as a real jerk sometimes, but I think he's a bit misunderstood. Also, he went from almost being eliminated in the first episode to winning the entire season with a near perfect collection. Kayne is another of my favorites. He's unique, sweet, and talks ninety miles a minute. Michael is just too cool to leave out. Such a likable guy.

Least Favorites: I seriously hate Angela. And not for the whole mom thing or anything. I definitely feel like Jeffrey was in the wrong on that one. I just can't stand Angela's personality. And her clothes were terrible. She didn't know how to make something that didn't have her rosettes on them. And she was just so clueless. Ugh.

Day 4: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 4
Favorite: I know a lot of people see this season as one of the best because how popular and successful Christian was, but he's one of my least favorites among my favorites from each season (that was confusing. Basically if I were to take my favorite designer from each season and pit them against each other, he'd be near the bottom). I do genuinely like him, but this season was kinda weak for me.

Least Favorite: Elisa was just crazy and weird. And not a good designer. Just no.

Day 5: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 5

Favorites: Leanne is my favorite female winner. She was really chill and had a great aesthetic. Kenley caused SO MUCH DRAMA but I really enjoyed her… When he wasn’t being mean to Tim. That’s crossing the line.
Least Favorites: Stella was my absolute least favorite this season. You’d think I would like her rock n roll aesthetic but really, she was annoying. Carmen reminds me of my aunt. Rather, the qualities my aunt possesses that I can’t stand. I have this complaint about many of my least favorite designers. Not that I don’t love my Aunt. I do. But there are some qualities to her personality that drive me crazy. And these are the ones she shares with Carmen.

Day 6: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 6

Favorites: Season 6 is possibly the only season where my favorite was a girl. I usually root for the guys. But I just loved Carol Hannah. She reminds me of one of my friends. I also loved Logan (eye candy, OBVIOUSLY) and although he didn't ever make anything that was really good quality, I liked his aesthetic. Christopher, the poor boy, he did well and then kinda crashed and burned and found a permanent spot in the bottom 3. I loved him though. 

Least Favorite: Irina. I can't believe she won. I was just so mad. She was rude and just... UGH.

Day 7: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 7

Favorites: I would just like to make a note that my all-time favorite Project Runway designer won this season. Yep, Seth Aaron Henderson is my all-time fave and I'm not sure anyone could argue that he was very deserving of the win. And this was a really strong season in my opinion. It was a great comeback. I just really love EVERYTHING about Seth Aaron. I just love him. Anthony is another that I really loved this season. He brought humor to pretty much every situation he was in or when he spoke. I also really like Jesse, and loved how much he hated Ping.

Least favorite: Ping was just crazy and everything she said was just really ignorant and her designs were terrible.  

Day 8: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 8
Favorites: How could you not love the best friends? I just love how their relationship blossomed over the course of the show, and that they're best friends. They were both really talented and Mondo's quote from the first episode is one that I really love- "I believe that if you're misunderstood, you have something really great going on."

Least Favorites: How did Jason even get on the show? His designs were all terrible! And every decision he made was insanely stupid! I also really didn't like Ivy, for reasons which should be obvious. She was completely nasty to Michael for no reason, accusing him of multiple things without any proof.

Day 9: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 9

Favorites: I absolutely love Anthony Ryan. He makes me laugh, has a really great personality, and makes awesome clothes. I totally felt like he was robbed of the win this season, and I'm super excited that he won All-Stars season 2! Viktor's clothes were also really cool and I liked his personality. Josh M. was just absolutely hilarious. The GIFs that have been made from his facial expressions are just perfection.

Least Favorite: Seriously, how did Celia get on the show? She looked dead and had no personality. And her clothes sucked.

Day 10: Favorite/ least favorite designer from season 10

Favorites: I would just like to say that these are the 4 I chose as my favorites at the beginning of the season, so clearly I'm pretty awesome at this. I was really rooting for Gunnar, since I had been pulling for him the year before and he had gotten cut. Dmitry was an early standout because he seemed to make clothes that were amazing but barely missed out on getting the top 3. Christopher is just precious and a mini-Michael Costello. And Melissa is one of the few girls I have ever really rooted for. Her clothing is just so me. I love her.

Least Favorites: Andrea was SO frustrating. And then at Christopher's criticism, she gave up and left in the middle of the night. And I was seriously questioning Lantie's intelligence. I'm 99% sure she's never actually seen the show, or she would've known that literally EVERYTHING she was doing were all huge no-nos.

Day 11: Best season of Project Runway

There are 3 seasons that I really love: 7, 2, and 3. 7 was the first season I actually watched as it was originally airing, so it will always be special, especially since Seth Aaron won that season. That's also why I loved season 3: because Jeffrey won, but also because of all the fun drama that happened as well. Season 2 is also a favorite because the first episode of PR that I ever saw was the finale of season 2. And so many of my all-time faves come from season 2.
Day 12: Worst season of Project Runway

IMO, Season 6 was definitely the worst, followed closely by season 5. Neither really had a lot of memorable or likable characters. They were just ho-hum.

Day 13: Best finale decision.

These were the 2 finale decisions I cheered for the hardest, especially since I was watching season 7 as it was on, and didn't already know the result. I was just so happy that these guys won.

Day 14: Worst finale decision

I truly believe that Danny V and Mondo were robbed of the win in their own seasons. Chloe's collection was so matchy matchy that I wanted to vomit, and though Gretchen's collection was OK, I couldn't stand her at all. It all turned out OK, though, because Danny V returned for the 1 episode all-star challenge that came on before the premiere of season 6, and he won the challenge, winning 100,000, which is the same money he would've gotten by winning season 2. And it turned out for the best for Mondo as well, since he came back and won All-Stars season 1, and got 500,000 plus other huge things.

Day 15: Best final collection
Day 16: Worst final collection

It was hard to come up with one, but since this was the one that stood out in my mind, I decided to go with it. I love Michael Knight, but his finale collection was a mess. He had a couple nice pieces, but it just didn't work for me. 
Day 17: Best elimination

It was tough actually having to pick one, because I don't usually like eliminations unless someone I really hate is getting eliminated. So I guess that the one I was most cheering for was when Ping was eliminated in season 7. She was way out of her league and didn't belong on the show.
Day 18: Worst elimination
This one was a bit easier to choose, because this one really seemed unmerited to me. The elimination of Anthony Ryan in season 9 seemed totally out of the blue and for no reason. Seriously, I liked BOTH of the outfits he made (pictured above). I think they both looked cool and fit the challenge. I'm not sure what was wrong with the judges, but it was something really bad. My runner up for this one will appear on #20 ;)

Day 19: Best “unconventional” outfit
I guess that these would have to be my 2 favorites.. BUT I love some that "technically" weren't the season's unconventional challenge, but were unconventional anyway:

Mila's burlap sack dress was AMAZING, even though I thought the huge gaping cleavage was excessive. The duct tape dress that Michelle (and another designer, I forgot who!) made in season 11 is possibly the coolest thing to ever come out of the show. Seriously. Favorite colors, favorite print, beautifully done. Like I said, these weren't technically the "unconventional challenge" but I thought they deserved to be mentioned.

Day 20: Worst “unconventional” outfit
I'm sure this is obvious, and I don't actually have to say it, but I will anyway:

This, of course, if you know how to infer, is the runner-up to the worst elimination ever IMO. While I agree that Emilio was clearly the better designer in the long run, this "bikini" is clearly WAY worse than Jesse's "vaccuum cleaner", as the judges so lovingly named it. At the same time, I feel like it would be a crime to finish this question without at least mentioning this monstrosity:

Day 21: Funniest Project Runway moment
Whenever I want a laugh, I turn on a moment from the season 2 reunion. It's the part entitled Project Runway: The Musical. It has the designers just being goofy and singing and it's beautiful. At the same time, I think the funniest single moment would have to be the "What happened to Andrae" moment, coupled with Santino's impersonation of Tim. Priceless.
I literally freaked out when I discovered that this picture exists.
Day 22: Most dramatic season
Ooh, this is a toughie. I would have to say... Probably either season 3 or season 8. Season 3 had the disqualification of whatshisface, plus ALL the crazy dramallama between Jeffrey and Angela (UGH. TEAM JEFFREY!), and season 8 had all of the drama with Gretchen and Ivy basically being terrible people and everyone except precious little Mondo hating precious little Michael C.

Day 23: Favorite/least favorite judge

Wanna take a stab at who's who before I tell you? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Michael is my favorite, and Nina is my least favorite. I always love Michael's funny little quips (or as I and other devoted fans have come to call them: Korsisms) and I think he's usually pretty accurate with his judging and I usually agree with him. Nina just seems to not like anything. I hate when designers design for her, because she simply hates EVERYTHING.

Day 24: Most controversial contestant
Ooh, this is a toughie too. I might have to go with my boy Santino on this one... but I feel like there are a lot of really good candidates. Jay from season 1... Jeffrey or whatshisface from season 3 (seriously, I forgot his name and I'm too lazy to look it up. I keep thinking Kevin but I know that's not right)... Kenley from season 5, Gretchen and Ivy from season 8...Josh M from season 9... yeah.

Day 25: Opinion on Tim Gunn
I love Tim SO MUCH. He brings so much entertainment value to the show and I almost hate watching All-Stars because there's no Tim Gunn! Joanna Coles is a very worthy replacement, but she's NO Tim Gunn.

Day 26: Do keep up with any designers since their appearance on the show?
Yes, I do! I'm friends with several of them on Facebook (and yes, I do mean legit friends on their normal account, not just liking the like page). I'm friends with Mondo, Michael C, Anthony Ryan, Gunnar Deatherage, Jesse Lenoir, Dmitry Sholokhov, Melissa Fleis, Andy South (now living as a female named Ariyaphon), Michael Drummond & Valerie Mayen. I was friends with AJ Thouvenot, until he changed his FB to a like page rather than a personal one. Oh, and I just checked, and it appears that Dmitry has now changed his to a like page as well. So I'm down one designer friend. I also follow several of them on twitter and instagram. As far as personal interaction, I've had interactions with 4 of them. One time, I thought I saw AJ on a commercial, and messaged him, and he replied fairly quickly, and we had a full conversation about it (and no, it wasn't him). Also, and this is purely on accident, my FB spammed Michael C's wall, and he didn't know it was spam and messaged me asking me not to post stuff like that on his wall. When he realized it was spam, he was totally cool and nice about it though :). Along with those, Anthony Ryan has liked a PR related photo or two on my instagram, and Gunnar liked a status I posted about him!

Day 27: Favorite challenge
A single favorite challenge? I don't even know... hmmm. Maybe the challenges where they get to create their own fabric? Because it kinda gives them complete and total creative control over their creation. And I feel like that allows them to be most true to themselves. But I do really like seeing what they can do with unconventional challenges as well.

Day 28: Top 5 most dramatic moments
-The finale of season 3, when Laura believed that Jeffrey had cheated, and told Tim/ the producers about it
-When whatshisface (OK, fine, I'll look it up...KEITH) When Keith was disqualified in season 3.
- When Jeffrey and Angela's mom had that big problem... again in season 3. Maybe this is why I like that season so much. DRAMALLAMA!
-Any moment including Ivy & Gretchen in season 8, particularly the Gretchen moment on the team with AJ where he was eliminated instead of her... as well as all the times Ivy was terrible to Michael C.
-IDK, so I'll just name a bunch. Season 1 when Wendy's picture was drawn on, as well as the moments with Morgan ruining everything, Season 2 with Santino being a butthead, season 4 when Jack had to quit... yeah.

Day 29: Top 5 outfits
I wrote this challenge and IDK if I can even choose 5. Oh dear. What did I get myself into? OK, I'll put 5 on here, but these were just the first 5 I thought of that I really like. So, I can't say for sure that these are the absolute Top 5. But they're rather high.
Jeffrey Sebelia- Finale collection

Jeffrey Sebelia- Finale collection

Victor Luna- New Balance challenge

Seth Aaron Henderson- Elements challenge
Seth Aaron Henderson- mom/kid challenge

Day 30: Top 5 designers to ever be on the show
#5) Tie!
Anthony Ryan Auld                                                                            Mondo Guerra

I really tried choosing between the two of them, and in doing so, just said, Ok, if they were on All-Stars together (cause they both won PR All-Stars), who would I want to win? And I sat there and just didn't know. Honestly, in that situation, I'd be happy with either winning. Both have really good designs. Mondo is super unique, and Anthony Ryan is just a cute little southern cuddle bear (in his home audition video, he demonstrated what he called a "cuddle bear" voice and it's stuck ever since). Plus he's color-blind. And is that good. 

#4) Santino Rice
Santino really created the best moments of Season 2 (again, one of my all-time faves!). Seriously, the "What happened to Andrae?!" is classic Project Runway. And the musical was mostly him. Not to mention, he's a really talented designer, and he and Danny V should've been the final 2. I'm still bitter about Chloe winning. And seriously, every time I see him, all I can see is this:

#3) Jeffrey Sebelia
I'm sure that literally everyone who has ever watched Project Runway EVER disagrees with me, and was on Angela's side and hates Jeffrey. But I love him. He made great clothes, and I honestly liked him as a person! It was way too adorable when he won and started crying and playing with his son.

#2) Daniel Vosovic
For a guy who was fresh out of design school, he did an amazing job beating out people who had been designing for longer than him. IMO, he was totally robbed of the win. He was just brilliant. And, of course, a nice guy as well.

#1) Seth Aaron Henderson

For me, Seth Aaron was the one designer who had the whole package. I absolutely love his personality. He's unique, and funny, and genuinely a nice guy, and clearly a very caring dad. Along with that, he's an AMAZING designer. His clothes were always extremely well constructed and sewn and I absolutely love his designs. I loved when he said one of his outfits was inspired by British pop punk, because my favorite band is British and play pop punk music :)

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